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  1. Jean Pierre Polnareff


  2. MarC k19


  3. anton sheets

    Why, every lime i here about club panguin, i have to remember that it went down on my birthday

  4. Marlon Co

    Pewdipie sucks so much

  5. Xx Zu.uu.u xX


  6. Ulises

    Dear future generations, I’m sorry you couldn’t see this epic war... PewDiePie always the best

  7. Justin Ward

    Pewdiepie: Road work ahead? Noah Schnapp: uh.. yea, I sure hope it does.

  8. Nathaniel Lawson


  9. Oskari Heiskanen

    Throw the doll in lava in hell

  10. Court_ Moral

    I will comment the letter E for every like this comment gets. And 2 E’s for each comment.

  11. Luke Medley

    when he's saying ping pong while placing mine carts Pewdiepie = Ingvar

  12. llTurtlell KG


  13. Егор Фролов

    я русский здрясте

  14. Samuel ASMR

    #1 For Gaming hmmmm

  15. Court_ Moral


  16. Court_ Moral


  17. Court_ Moral


  18. Nika Chitidze

    He literally threw away a fcking black lens that shit is a 1% drop...

  19. Ulises

    Who is here one year later? PewDiePieIsTheBest

  20. Court_ Moral

    Well now I need to comment. Please don’t like this I don’t want notifications.

  21. BillNyeYourAbout ToDie

    I was born on my birthday

  22. xXJay SniperXx

    When T-series will get defeated I bet That T-series buy viewers. Who Agree anyone?

  23. kerttu soramäki

    This is so much better than the reall 2018 rewind

  24. Sammy

    *_I was the 1 hundred-thousandth like, so I had to unlike to get the dislikes to 1,099,999 to set it to 1M_* _Satisfaction_

  25. Severi Kautto

    Pewdiepie should react to the Minecraft animationlife Full movie. By: Black plasma studios

  26. DeathShadowZ

    Doesn’t know the breakfast club....

  27. Fix58 playz

    Cangaro ha 😅

  28. Watti the bro

    Baba Lasagna has more likes then congrats and the earth LMAO

  29. nelly chitsunge

    i love when u film this

  30. KC Lynch

    Mad lad flipped the face

  31. Cosmo Collison

    It got 200,000 likes

  32. Togapower

    I love how he selected non binary for gender 😂

  33. JacobPlaysStuff

    100 million in a few years. *Yaaay*

  34. Dead Uterus

    "If this video gets 200K likes were doing it again" Gets 500K Very cool 19 year olds

  35. Linteresting

    when you realise this is probably the last time we are gonna hear felix's old intro in this decade

  36. Asha Bisht

    India always wins

  37. Kristoff Anderson

    Minecraft Pewds: frick jeebaleeba Terraria Pewds: F**k s**t

  38. Hello _

    Do you know who joe is??????????

    1. Hello _

      Hahahahhahahahahahhahaha lolololololol

    2. Hello _

      Joe mama!

    3. Hello _

      No who is joe???

  39. Kredzii Gaming

    We will dislike not because its a stupid rewind we will dislike because 😌😌😌😌 We Enjoy it 😁😆

  40. Cheer up with Cherry

    Who have never buy pewdiepie merch????

  41. Junko Enoshima

    Kinda hoped that they were gonna make a reflection of the last 10 years of LTsel because of the decade ending n stuff

  42. Akidsameon

    He need 3 more seconds to get to 20:19 minutes . If he do so this will be The Perfect LWIAY

  43. bleach is tasty

    I hope a kirby game massively explodes for the entire year...

  44. Grace Joyce


  45. Ezio Auditore

    Play rl craft pewds you will love it!!!

  46. Tate Eh

    It’s from my hero academia

  47. The Saucy Tiger


  48. CrazzyPanndai

    my cat look at what I was watching now he loves you

  49. Banane Rama

    Wow. He really is using the same face every thumbnail...

  50. SkidDesigns | GFX

    Loved the brute honesty in this vid pewds keep it up ur my fave youtube atm

  51. Свръх аз съм


  52. Christine Loader

    that faces he made when he said treeson ugh 😩😏

  53. Бокложан Бумбрович

    8:18 PEEPEEPOOPOO!!!!! (I am from Russia blyat)

  54. XeNo Viper

    The anima it's from is my hero academia (boku no hero academia) it's a great anima and u should watch it trust me

  55. ShadowGaming TV

    #2 trending for Gaming Category - Entertainment

  56. baseer8000

    Thumbs up if you want Pewdiepie vs T series 2020

  57. turbo toco

    Ok boomer

  58. Pradhyuman Yadav

    What is matter with so many ads...

  59. Retierashia

    How do people not recognize him?!

  60. Sheldon Hall

    Questions in thumbnails dont bother me usually. People are naturally curious and sometimes I like to binge on a video that is educational or informing. Nothing wrong in that, the "budget v-sauce" channels are Today I Found Out, Top Tenz, and Business Blaze. Same creator. All 3 channels although very "youtube conformed standard" by its appearance are actually decent but there are a kot of similar styles and content. I try to keep my repetitive content subscriptions to as few as possible.

  61. Lourenço Chambel


  62. kay ierah

    LTsel forgot to put how much "adds" they put to every video on tje whole year

  63. Citrus lime

    I have a question?? Does Felix not like Azzy i apologise in advance if I've offended anyone

  64. 탈론장인

    노무현은 살아있다

  65. iAxylia

    It's spelt Vy and pronounced like Vee


    Pewdiepie video get boring and boring to boring because his face thumbnails...NO REACTION!!!

  67. Confuzed??

    Is it from Fullmetal alchemist??! This guy's trynna to trigger all the weebs or what

  68. maxence duval

    Pk il mes ses titre en fr

  69. KevNev

    Isn't this part3? He uploaded the other video the other day

  70. My Secret Account

    Back when Pewdiepie was kinda cringy

  71. Evan Kitely

    Felix seems like he’s being more genuine recently and I’m here for it

  72. Me Me

    weres terraria

  73. Wertys

    how do pewdiepie videos always go by so fast

  74. Muhammad Grill

    Me: follows Pewdiepie’s location of India 3 days later Me: Got an F for geography

  75. Kirsty Louise Wilson

    cant tell if sarcasm, please do another rewind

  76. Leroy Kips

    Year review rewind time evrybody hit or mis 😎😎😎👍👍👍💩🍌

  77. william ways

    Well tell me why pewdiepia bact to millions and PewDiePie change and tell me what happen so that I know

  78. Hampus Josér Berglund

    Jag är full

  79. Duane Vargas

    Also The 102 million subcribers is good but I prefer 101

  80. Jharna Das

    Pwediepie wants 1 million dislikes but here he got 4.4million dislikes

  81. kay ierah

    Facebook made this kind of throwback better than that lmao

  82. green tea

    Me: I love pewd, him like a bro to me Also me: *get 0.00001% boner from the female version of pewd* what have I become....

  83. Ghosty Gamer

    He's sooo punnnnyy😂😂😂😂😂😂😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  84. Tashrif gaming and vlogs

    PewDiePie is the best just to let you know I am from Bangladesh

  85. Harley Barbor

    Beter name: poopdiepie

  86. Lady Stardust

    Hey man, Club Penguin dying was the most emotional thing ever. That was my childhood.

  87. Billie

    Acacia is pronounsed as "Ac-ai-sha" its a savanna south african tree lol

  88. Ruchi Awasthi


  89. thatguyjeffery

    Me: watching: Pewds :is this from full metal alchemist Me: loves my achedamia / offended

  90. you don't need to know my name

    I seriously want to slap the 13 year old but maybe I am the bad one to think that but I got so angry on her like seriously

  91. Kiranraaj Sekar

    Everybody smash dislike until he brings marzia in the next video!

  92. Giogi Lupin

    4:15 you mean ceo ?

  93. Danny N

    did he dis suzy lu

  94. gingergreninja 420

    its from bnha

  95. Sebastian chaves

    If we're even still here

  96. Mad MouZ

    If pewds just uploaded this 4 days later, this would be in the LTsel Rewind2019

  97. Sam Livingstone

    Make a long sword they are better

  98. Hampus Josér Berglund

    Nice svensk låt

  99. Jens Vegeby

    Grov it out

  100. SodaPressing

    Yoooo that's Kuru HS facepalming 😄