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  1. cHOsWIz

    Ray is blackmailed her

  2. Comiclover261

    bagel holes.

  3. Puzzlick

    Just imagine if leafy pulled a scarce and came back out of the blue

  4. Jeremy Firth

    2:33 gayest thing I've ever seen

  5. Logan Clark

    man said i will spit on you bruh

  6. aTTV_ Pali lel

    U still post???

  7. Franklin Higgins

    Nobody: Keemstar: Fake Fake Fake Everything is Fake

  8. iiover Seer_X

    Some body send me her nudes

  9. Emmanuel Cruz

    Who the fuck is buying keem cosmetics?

  10. Juancho The lizard

    Quit it with the moral of the story bullshit

  11. Stephon Hughley

    i've never witnessed someone be exposed so hard until today...

  12. Jxyden_ o

    Faze banks will never find a girl like allissa she cares for him and faze banks keeps on saying I love you but he doesn’t really mean it like if you really love someone that much then why would you cheat on her on the first place it just makes no sense

  13. L E M O N

    He cheated on this 😇 and looks like this 👺

  14. Dawson Bowman


  15. thebest1yet 253


  16. ohZeevz

    You guys should cover the Wraithella story. She’s an apex streamer who claimed to be mute and said that her mom was sick to get lots of donations from the apex community. She later got exposed for not being mute at all or even being a girl. Nobody even knows who really runs that account. They also faked kill and damage records🤣

  17. A Jager Film

    Your just mad because mr beast is is better than you Why you mad

  18. Saikou *

    4:44 I actually forgot I was watching dramaalert for a sec lmao

  19. Williams Espinoza

    *Who even gave her that dog.*

  20. PrimeTymeMusic

    Oh deer🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Navid Deres7

    Oh yeah yeah

  22. Che By

    damn. dude kelvin went from selling cinnabons at school to getting whooped for being drunk and dumb. can't say this is the first time he did this lol..

  23. Life Of U &. A

    Jake thinks he can fight jj

  24. Jay Jay

    Faze Banks looks exactly like the type of person to cheat. He’s a gamer who thinks he’s a gangster 😂

  25. Emanuel Ismerio

    Laughing so hard crying emoji Laughing so hard crying emoji Laughing so hard crying emoji

  26. Nick SNF

    You pedifile

  27. Emanuel Ismerio

    Ksi: *Sorry about your dog, bro* Also Ksi: *YOU'LL BE KONG AND I'LL BE THE COYOTE*

  28. 10000 subs Without a video

    That’s such a weak, let’s get right into the news

  29. Coolnate347 Nathaniel

    You already have one soldier and I'm ready for the war

  30. AC BeefTurkey Gaming

    Shit! I can't believe it's been 2 years!

  31. Pattogo 8

    2:10 the moment you've been waiting for

  32. Adam Contreras


  33. S t r a n g e .

    Most of these comments have no brain cells

  34. That Crazy Goose


  35. Andrew Gomez

    How old is that popcorn?

  36. foxyplayzz2016

    X died the day this was posted

  37. Dijar Goxha

    Hus whatchin this in 30000

  38. YeaiMeanYeah

    This was literally the wrong guy, idk who he is but thats that guy my brother didnt need to fuck with.

  39. Daniel Ramirez

    Keem just mad that MrBeast has more many than him lmaoooo

  40. Irish Stevo

    LOL the pink is "Jakes Secret" LOLOL

  41. Waylan Mui

    Stop fucking interrupting him. you can tell it's pissing him off too lol

  42. Golden Rose


  43. Golden Rose


  44. Golden Rose


  45. Golden Rose


  46. Golden Rose


  47. Golden Rose


  48. Golden Rose


  49. Golden Rose

    Me trying to make it 10k comments

  50. dogey1 kanoby

    Next up on drama alert keemstar shuts his damn mouth

  51. Isaiah Keene TV

    *He shoulda been feeding lifting weights instead of feeding deers Lol* 🤷🏾‍♂️

  52. STORM


  53. Saxon 35

    Who remembers when he used a stone picaxe for breaking a diamond

  54. Carolina Rebel

    12:52-what’d he say? HE FUCKED HER IN THE ASS?!?! LMAO I DIED!!! 😂😂

  55. Cant Mew it like me

    This dude is so corney

  56. Razor jaw86

    Keem: Shouts Alissa’s tweets down the mic Also Keem: Plays sad music and normally reads out Banks’ tweets

  57. Razor jaw86


  58. Ricky

    If mrbeast is fake you are so dumb

  59. Corn Forest

    If you were around when faze was still in the NY house you’d know Banks is a crazy bastard.

  60. Cheesey Quackers


  61. {Sad super man}

    That intro killed me

  62. gary spooner

    imagine putting the tag "comedy" after filming a dead body

  63. Alex Geoffrey

    Not even 1M views , you suck old man

  64. Perunamuusi On hyvää

    I was too late so couldn’t buy it

    1. Perunamuusi On hyvää

      Alex Geoffrey how much do u sell it for?

    2. Alex Geoffrey

      Perunamuusi On hyvää I can sell to u

  65. Kevin Photography

    Moral of the story: Don’t Get Drunk Thinking You Can Beat Up The World

  66. Stupid Toons


  67. Christian


  68. Bethu UnLtd

    Bro SERIOUSLY? Jimmy is a great guy...he would NEVER do that. Look at the looks on the people he gives the free money to.....that's what he do it for

  69. Jason C.

    He knew it was a flop before he got there so he himself called the bomb threat. He knew Drake and none of these celebrities were going to show. To create a dilemma and be the savior of it . On top of that, he’s losing it again.

  70. Taylor Made

    You look so damn stupid dude....so cringey

  71. John Vave

    Love it how his trying to make beast look bad for views😂

  72. King0fDepravity

    Wish you weren’t a bias piece of shit. RIP my fallen switch brother

  73. Cosmix Grizzly

    5:34 is what you came for

  74. Nolan Hughes

    I mean there are so many ways to look at this. Its his and the cops fault. Cop shouldnt of just randomly shot. And the kid should have never done that.

  75. Zach Downs

    Did anyone else notice the Juul beside Keem's mousepad?

  76. Farhan Shahriar

    Mrbeast did not give out fake money!

  77. I’m Cracked

    You wrong for saying Jake should be in special ed😂😂🥶

  78. ian

    tanginamo chismoso wahahahaha

  79. Jacob Garcia

    Coming back to this parasite fuck years later with more life experience I now realize Keem is the worst type of person. He’s ruined countless people’s career for self profit without an ounce of remorse. He deserves to be ruined more than anyone he has ruined. Absolute trash.

  80. AwesomeSergio69

    Who’s here after the new LTsel policy?

    1. Thanos Is gamin

      What’s that

  81. N G

    It's so sad because the girl sounds very mature, smart and well spoken at a young age, so to think she was manipulated like that... He deserves everything bad that comes his way.


    This guys a fucken clown lmao

  83. Jiles Haselden

    Shes not even that attractive, its mostly makeup. You kids are fucking wack nowadays.

  84. Easymusic Android

    Lets go right.. Into the nudes...

  85. Zaka S

    This guy sed Ama smack the Nature out of you😂😂

  86. ForReal Nard410

    *Damn they were tellin on everybody!*

  87. SharpRazor

    Look at L for lees video about this situation it’s clearly fake.

  88. BlueChicco22

    In this vid @KSI is good to @Loganpaul And they had a boxing match

  89. Unleashed3D

    I love how nobody is actually noticing what this guy is doing with marketing cosmetics lmao

  90. Ishi Duck


  91. Dennis Wolf Cyclist

    So leafy basically didn't really care too much of fancy things? Well isn't that one of the best youtubers then? That yeah, you make fuck ton, and then don't even live the rich lifestyle because being materialistic makes you actually depressed.

  92. TVFandaShow

    Why am i still getting hate?

  93. ButeraOrgasm

    Even tho I started disliking him, I can’t help but miss him tbh.

  94. Odyssey Virtual Entertainment

    keemstar himself

  95. Mark0502

    Ok, so the reason why the argument really started was because the owner of the restaurant didn't want the chairs or whatever getting dirty. So instead of handling this like adults and maybe calmly talking to him, he films to get clout. I don't watch brother nature so don't tell me I'm defending him because I'm a fan, I just think filming him instead of helping the restaurant owner wasn't the right move. They even fought inside the restaurant and got the restaurant even more dirty, he even spilled drinks on his face also making the floor dirty so I only see that he made this way worse than it should've been.

  96. Shprqness

    Being gay is fine, dressing like a woman as a man is not.... deal wid it

  97. shadowdippin

    This interviewer oblivious

  98. Prepyism

    whos here in 2019 almost 2020!

  99. miamiwax

    If anybody wants to know what a Miami accent sounds like..