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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Twist Super

    Джакс:"Я Джакс стою в горах!" Кейтлин: " С оружием ближнего боя..." * facepalm*

  2. Arsenio Wallens

    Next champion will have 40 abilities with a different HUD which takes half of the screen


    seems like a comeback chanpion for faker revival

  4. Yavor Stamov


  5. Hugo Aviator

    Can we reach 300M Before 2020?

  6. ZwiebelNinja

    2:59 <- click here for instant eargasm

  7. Wa Du

    Meanwhile, Mobile Legends finding a way to copy this champion.

  8. 미쳐버림

    와 에코!

  9. Aaron

    I wonder what Boss his theme is going to be.

  10. Bryan Kaung

    When will event start1

  11. João Gabriel

    Uhhh que vocal

  12. AlyGhostface

    I'm sorry but this champion is so overloaded Phreak didn't drop a pun for a solid 3 MINUTES.

  13. my nightfury form

    Hammer of dawn anyone?

  14. ZTH Zed

    Lmao this video is 4:20 minutes , coincidence? Think not

  15. Dusan Bursac

    I just have to say how terrible this new champion designers are.

  16. Jasper Harri FLIERMAN

    I like how both the Lunari Champions have vocal singing for their themes

  17. Arm-and Spencer

    It's nearly 2020 now, we need another K/DA song

  18. Dallas Scandling

    Diana probably feels pretty cheated only getting one weapon

  19. The Creed

    Me: It will take me ages to learn this champ Random player: Lvl 7 and 1M points in just 3 days after release.

  20. Levian Leviathan

    Just got this guy. Holy **** he is so complicated, but so worth it.

  21. Exo_Eve

    This is such a bop. With so many people and names attavhed to it and the spanish!!!(I live for that). How have I been sleeping on this for this long!

  22. Dragon Master

    How i plqy aphelios: ''So anyway i started blasting,,

  23. Paul Tran

    Reminds me of bionicles

  24. Praveen Madas

    Came from ATHENA gameplay 🔥🔥

  25. Best MOBA Nguyễn Vũ


  26. Arm-and Spencer

    Looks like an anime opening

  27. Myriam Thabet

    Can we have the soundtrack without the singer ?

  28. Martine Extreme

    wheres ma boi yasuo

  29. Joshua  Dougherty

    Riot is going Casey Anthony the way they love killing their own game

  30. Miguel Carlos Olivarez

    Is this champion mute or something?

  31. KAZU 001 CHAN

    Please Rework Shen

  32. fakhrusy Syakirin

    Giorno jax confirm

  33. giorgos andreatos

    Next champion: transform into any champion u want in the game and have all their abilities

  34. Harro Bye

    Wonder if its same singer as dianas theme but doesnt sound like it

  35. Barrowwille

    Anyone here after Aphelios release and his amazing theme?

  36. Sin Valenciano

    Autobots Roll out!!

  37. Demon Angel2001

    Can we get this on spotify god it's so good

  38. oni chaaa

    It's almost billion views

  39. TobiramaTime

    Wow its not 2 hours long

  40. Solar Eclipse

    H A I W O W N O T A L O T O F C O M M E N T S . . .

  41. Andres Pozo

    I miss a lot animated and music login :c

  42. James Winer

    Sup Dyrus?

  43. mother3isg

    dr phil

  44. Jeff

    Like si lo vez en enero de 2020

  45. wiktoria kłos

    I mean he's never... *Alune*

  46. RayddenPrimeTV

    Ok, i understood nothing ...time to just spam q, w, e , r randomly 😏

  47. Bolat Ussenov

    Sett demo ver.

  48. ProudEnder

    *remember switching your weapon is always faster than reloading*

  49. Anshul ve

    imagine this champ in low elos xD

  50. David Cassion

    Aphelios:Exist Assassins: ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES

  51. ReikaWolf

    Well I guess I ship Riven and Draven now lmao. That was great!

  52. Matthew Corcoran

    This dude is going to be nerfed into the ground

  53. Zahid Hasan Zidan

    I actually thought this was a login screen.....................

  54. Mrtaco Trần

    Can i ask Why Jax Are Master of Weapon but he dont have many weapon like aphelios?

  55. Nick D.

    2:15 Wow.. a Room reference in a champion spotlight...

  56. thuy phuong

    Aphelios ad Sona sp Club silent 🤐🤐🤐

  57. sunbearable

    sad moon boy

  58. Dia

    This song is perfect, But imagine if it was sang by Billie Eilish

  59. bro guy

    you guys should really concider making a RTS or maybe a turn based strategy game, Like different factions have different percs and stats and stuff like Noxus or Democia and maybe they have preexisting relationships to eachother bassed on the lore, maybe you make one but constantly update it like you do with league already is. just a recommendation I would definitely spend money on something like that Cant wait for the FPS and the Fighting game


    WTF Is this the singer of ornn theme?

  61. Adrien Desautels

    k thanks but also what?

  62. dsadasdsa fesdaFSDF

    still doesnt have vc for Mac

  63. guan xian Song

    You need a PhD to play this...

  64. cmstair

    me watching this video: Aphelios does what?

  65. TODhaseo

    Literally No one: Not a single Soul: Not even riot themselves: CertanlyT:*snorts a line of coke* 5 WEAPONS BRO

  66. James Wang

    I’m gonna be honest, after 4:15 I fell asleep

  67. badescu bogdan

    Riot get this on spotify

  68. NIg ga

    this dogshit reinforced the OP or dogshit no in between champion/rework design meta

  69. AnubisFox chaosmoon

    *Devilish bows* nice beat

  70. Cedric Sy


  71. 4KGaming Murphyslaw

    Did anyone else hear him say “waining phase” instead of laning lol

  72. Dongie Dela Cruz

    When is this releas in the Philippines?

  73. Dan Cahill

    I really wish today were April 1st...

  74. Ronald Fernando Alarcon Carrion

    Wtf? Es igual a la de frozen II ,así que de aquí la sacaron ..

  75. badescu bogdan

    Its soo goooood

  76. Jesse Flint

    introducing our first champion designed by IKEA

  77. Sauce

    Why does this remind me of evanescence?? 😂

  78. Active Relax

    Riots you sick. Do not want to try to make balanced champions?

  79. Jakex

    4:05 "which grants him soft poke and sustain during the waning phase." xd the waning phase

  80. Source619

    Invoker for people without fingers

  81. JadrianMc


  82. 8SH0CK8

    Nice, sound unique and i like the vocals.

  83. omgasmallbox

    Riot, just split this guy into 3 characters already.

  84. Jakex

    then theres zac in the game

  85. Donovan H

    League needs to chill...

  86. Delta Mezzo

    This sound familiar...where did I heard it before

    1. Ally The Amazing

      It was in his teaser

  87. Paranormal

    i was about to buy him after i saw nightblue playing it, but after watching this, i guess i'll just stay playing simpler adc's

  88. MixRedo


  89. Anoop Vinod

    Im confused

  90. KevinCS

    Nerfeen esta cosa pls

  91. AzureAiluren

    Jesus. Yet ANOTHER banging groove from the League music team.

  92. Tyler Furtado

    Those people disliking this video are obviously Solari.

  93. x40havoc

    Aphelios and Sona?

  94. Quý Dương Tăng Ngọc

    Champion Spotlight : "How many puns will we have in this video ?" Riot : *YES*

  95. Wireless Killer

    Any plans to add this to Spotify?

  96. Rommel Ramirez Donguines

    Now that's a real weapon now! Hahaha gundam frame JAXUS-01

  97. shadow N.K.H

    Jax main??

  98. Rui_Vuusen

    Alright, i finally have a reason to commit suicide, this champion has broken me mentally

  99. Hằng Nguyễn

    *jax* I am a joke to you

  100. Low Key

    He needs a cinematic, it sounds so good.