I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati

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  1. Kathleen Tyler


  2. Kolbie Jones

    You should do an updated video on your favorite primers!

  3. Malon Diabate

    Hi Tati just want to know when your palette gonna be available

  4. cugliarim

    Your eyebrows are 👌 in this video

  5. Nancy L

    When they look at each other and tell each other they genuinely love each other's products and that they value their opinions because they are actual friends, it's too sweet!

  6. spook show

    We need a restock of your palettes!!!!

  7. Nguyen vu cong Minh

    Have anybody seen the lipstick of JSC behind here

  8. kait schoen

    she looks like a vampire. not in a bad way.

  9. Aaa Bbb

    Why are you so perfect?😍😍😍

  10. Sara Marie

    Love your videos

  11. Sara Marie

    So fun

  12. Patricia Mcilroy

    Love all this! Please do more demos together!

  13. Susie G

    Tati, where are the descriptions listed of the products you used? Normally you put it in the drop down box! Guess I have to pause the video each time to write down the products. 😏

  14. Sarah Han

    it makes me cringe when I see youtubers pounded beauty blenders into cushion pacts.

  15. Nafisa Usha

    Wow he did sooo AMAZING

  16. D

    Here a year later 🙃 to share that the hourglass veil translucent setting powder, the smash box halo hydrating perfecting powder, and the cover fx powders are all talc-free. Generally, cover fx, jouer, and hourglass are throughout their lines but many highlighters and blushes from other brands are as well. ABH has talc-free eyeshadows (singles and modern renaissance at least) and the ColourPop super shock shadows are as well. Even eliminating talc from my ingredient list has always helped me maintain a slightly more manageable collection

  17. Karina Larsen

    Love the lipstick you're wearing 💜💜

  18. Mz Josi

    wow he is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS

  19. somebody you know

    Is this just a tinted moisturizer then?

  20. Kelly Lund

    Watching this too late at night because the drugstores are closed. But this makes me reallyyyyyy wanna look at the Physicians Formula display!!

  21. Petra Hernandez

    I really like your Gucci makeover it was so beautiful and I can see me wearing that with a nude lip

  22. anna conigliaro

    Can you do a video comparing the sixteen hours and up longwear lipsticks

  23. Ally Wang

    Just saying that it is past midnight and I haven’t started on my homework yet, and I have two tests today and a project so wish me luck

  24. Hannah DuPré

    This sale is just what I needed to be able to afford your vitamins and boosters on halo I’m soooo excited I put it on my Christmas list too hopefully to get extra!!!

  25. Abigail Snyder

    Really only went to this for the foundation 😒😒

  26. Jocelyn Cruz

    Does anybody know what lotion or bronzer she uses? Her skin always looks luminous

  27. Oksana B

    He said, ‘I thought you had gas’’ teehehehehehe 💕😝

  28. Maria Esqueda Garcia


  29. CaitlynMD'Amico

    that blue looks so good on you and that LIPPPPP

  30. angeljenn8469

    I love how honest you always are you are just so down to earth and that’s so rare these days. Thank you and woo hoo got my message today my Tati pallet is on it’s way yayayaya SO EXCITED!!! Xoxo

  31. Alli Butler

    How did it wear? That’s the most important thing & you left it out!

  32. Farhan Islam

    Where did u buy this mirror?

  33. Olga Zuluaga

    I wish I had sisters like Tati and Erika!!!

  34. Lisbeth Lopez

    my problem with some eyeliners is that some stop working when you have concealer on the eye or eye shadow

  35. Oksana B

    I can’t wait to try his palettes. I should be getting mine any day now. Got 4 of them. I’m a kid in a candy store when my hands are on them 💋🥰 I’ve liked Scott and his work for years, mostly cause he’s been the man behind one of my biggest icons, jlo 😍🥳⭐️

  36. geroshi11

    You look great without make up, but that's my opinion. You're are much clearer without it.

  37. Amy N

    I have never fast forwarded Tati but this video was rough

  38. cool videos

    Yall moms really use makeup cant relate

  39. Shila Marie

    Oh my goodness he is sooooo sweet!!

  40. ML Boone

    I have this and I just gave up and use it as a straightener

  41. Katie Brennan

    Idk why but you look more like your sisters with the darker hair and I love it! But it’s not just the color change it’s just accentuating you’re features 💜

  42. navaly_v1630

    thank you for this video. This is the video i'm looking for TT. i just used mine today and used two colors hehe. thank you so much for the pretty looks!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  43. Charlotte Emetom

    First mistake...she parted horizontally..after the lady just said "vertical"....but believe or not...not everybody is a good parter.

  44. Susan Cossette

    your eyeshadow is tragic and distracting.

  45. Erica Copper

    Erika forever! I live for her! I wish you had her and Scott alternate every other month visit.

  46. mollyjane01

    Tati, what is that LOVELY purple shade you have on your nails in this video??!!! I need it in my life!!! 💜💜💜

  47. Carol Chappel

    Ok. I’m never buying anything else but yours. Firstly. I know how picky you are. Secondly I don’t need a ton of palettes. Lastly. I’ve always loved your channel. You’ve been a huge eye opener. Thank you for this. I will admit. I eat meh but my water intake I do not play with.

  48. Amberlynn Morris

    I definitely want to try the contour stick out! Just hope they have a few more lighter shades! Love you Tati💕

  49. Mgpef 02

    Sometimes I think you go a little extra with all those steps but nurse Erika looks beautiful!

  50. Ichraf Ftouh

    The blush is patchy

  51. Maddy Johnsen


  52. Annie Christian

    Tati, are you uploading three times a week ?

    1. LizziChi Ⓥ

      Not lately. 😕

  53. Jenna R

    I love Scott Barnes!!!!

  54. Jennie Siegel

    That reckon concealer is my holy grail and I love the foundation too- they are coming out with a GlOW version of the foundation and I am so freaking excited for it! ❤️ Always here for the drugstore videos. 😘👌🏽

  55. Amy Cross

    “I just keep putting on more and more makeup...how bout that?” Story of my life...😂☺️

  56. THE JRO

    Tati-- you are so GOOD. Just a GOOD person all around. And I really fuckin love that. It’s a pure thing, and you can feel it. This industry has a tendency to be superficial and full of people that are just... uncool. And you are NOT one of them. 👏🏼 Just wanted to let you know. You are loved. 😇😘😘

  57. Samantha Chicca

    You can really tell he was a fine art major - he knows what he's doing! Just like painting a picture...

  58. Nafisa Usha

    What was the foundation brush and blush brush you used? Also Erica did a great job, she looks amazing!

  59. Karen Chikodroff

    what was that foundation brush?? i loved how flawlessly it covered without moving the contour. i want to snatch that for myself for christmas!

  60. Jessie Reinke

    I was a little worried with the contour but DAMN GIRL you’re a makeup wizard! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS

  61. clarise jackson

    Jaclyn hill=hard pass. Absolutely never would I trust her brand!

  62. Stella Yates

    Double Wear is the only foundation that stays in place on my skin for any length of time. I try other foundations occasionally but I still return to it

  63. Liz Finkel

    I wanna know what nail polish she's using 😩

  64. S.E Metcalf

    I’m so used to seeing Tati with eyeshadow on her lower lash line. She looks so different ... not in a bad way though

  65. Melissa Autism Mom1


  66. Schrutefarms1208

    Wish you woulda hit that blue Tati!

  67. Melinda C

    Bwahahahaha. They work for me, too, except that the liner has to be about 6 inches thick, and I look like I have black eye shadow. In fact, you can't see the lashes for the liner. They REALLY need to come out with a liner that isn't so difficult to work with, and then that would really be a miracle. So far, the liner sucks.

  68. Sarah Stubbs

    I just got mine today!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Already in love!!!

  69. rexaholic

    Tati’s makeup looks SO GOOD here!! I couldn’t stop looking at her eyeshadow

  70. Kim Waite

    There are block chain companies (specifically VeChain) who are investing in tech that will help control counterfeiting around the world. Hopefully we will have more tools to combat this problem in the future.

  71. A B

    I loves this video. You and scot meshy very well

  72. Danielle Howe

    This is a great review despite you not liking most of it!

  73. Amryn Lee

    Yes so helpful !

  74. Courtney Lyn

    Side note, your hair looks so silky and chocolatey, I want to pet it lmao

  75. robin rizzo

    I watched the doc and it was mind blowing. Please don’t buy counterfeit makeup.

  76. Nadine Alkharrat

    I see 5 pallets in the back can i have one :(

  77. Lydia Wilder

    Same! I am also independent. I always feel bad when someone gives me something on does something for me. Like, I don't have anything for you, I'm sorry! Its like a burden!

  78. Andrew Torralba

    OMG! why am I barely discovering this channel now?! Love, Love, Love!

  79. Monique Tibble

    Revlon has a candid foundation in a glow formula. I’m excited for it

  80. Sadeem 02

    I want to order halo but I can’t because my country (city : Kuwait 🇰🇼)is not in the list please deliver to Kuwait 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I neeeeeeeed your proooooooduct 😭😭

  81. Lee Golder

    With her darker hair, Tati looks like Erika and Sabrina's triplet

  82. Sami Warren

    Adorable love it.

  83. Vicki Grimm

    You are just so sweet to watch. Honest is especially why I am drawn to watch you..thank you. 🌼

  84. Sami Warren

    Beautiful makeup. Wish I was that good. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. B

  85. Noor Fatima Ahmad

    You look stunning 😍😍😍

  86. Noelle Perez

    I wish somebody was this thoughtful with gift giving to me ... I just get clothes that don’t fit and stuff I would never wear 😩

  87. Kitty Mama

    Is the lack of color match between the foundation and her skin tone intentional, a problem with oxidation or a trick of the camera light? If it's really that big a color variance in real life, this could be a reason why the foundation didn't go on as well as it might have. I would have liked to see a review where she stated what her prep was - did she use sunscreen, serum, primer, et al? It's fine if she did use those, but prep certainly affects product performance. This looks like a dewy, full coverage liquid foundation. It would have been interesting to see how the brush performed with matte liquid foundation or a lighter coverage product choice instead. However, that might be considered too in-depth a review. The original consensus and Artisse directions were to apply product directly to the face, rather than to the brushes themselves. Applying it to the skin allows one to use less product, and consequently the application will require far less blending to achieve the desired final look. Her coverage looks a bit heavy. More product on the face, more blending required. It would have been interesting if she had addressed why she applied the product this way instead.

  88. GMS5 Mcqs

    Don't Use this around cops...!!! 😱

  89. Yoly Field

    What do you suggest for something that will stay 8 to 10 hrs , UV protection!, and spray for face with UV.

  90. Alexa Marinacci

    none of these are new

  91. Julie Robinson

    I love the "Tati Special" :)

  92. M&S RC racing

    omg that was not a review that was someone who likes to talk

  93. Suzy Q

    Luv your videos; very useful, very helpful. You have gorgeous hair and skin , btw🤗

  94. M&S RC racing

    omg just stop talking and get to the hair dryer..

  95. Faranak Peart

    I saw the documentary!! My God. Everybody should watch it. Thank you so much <3

  96. Carrie Cox

    LOVE the closer look in detail! Thanks!

  97. carey grandon

    Off topic but I just received your pallet today and it's the most beautiful pallet I have ever seen!!! I am so excited to play: ) Thank you!

  98. Labinzel 3712

    I have the gray comfy too and it's amazing everyone should buy it

  99. Darah Greenwald

    3:10 me being all sweet after sleeping with my mans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Joe Lee

    Question: How do you feel about La Roche C 10? On a side note, personally, I keep a spray/mist bottle filled with 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol around with a roll of paper towels for underarm b.o. emergencies...just a thought.