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  1. Iris Carr


  2. Peris Wairimu

    Y'all even laugh alike daaamnnn👀

  3. Nevaon disapp.

    Theres people that can bearly a food or a home for themselves ect n would absolutely lovee to have stuff like this n yall are being mad ungratfull is sad even if yall got money 🥴💀💀Sad ..🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Adriana Chernik


  5. Kylie Sullivan

    Burger King


    9:20 had be dien laughing when he started laughing 😂

  7. Ashley Ramos

    New I phone 11 pro and a walkie talkie..lmfao

  8. Wendell Plummer

    I have the same iPad and I’m using it right now

  9. Makayla Parson

    I did

  10. peachy queen

    At 16:28 you can see biannnnnca did the middle finger

  11. lesliethebadgir 1

    Bro I don’t see a problem with a android

  12. marsela geshtenja

    I use my phone

  13. Wendell Plummer

    7:52 Biannca gets a iPad!!!

  14. Kiera Lee

    I just subscribe and turned on the post notification and team Bianca all day every day

  15. Saima Ahmed

    I use my iPhone

  16. gwen stanley

    but i love them a lot

  17. Amanda You

    Who’s my phone


    His breath stank 😂😂

  19. IG Sway_IOS

    Team B

  20. Rebecca Burum


  21. Jayden Garza

    mac book pro or i phone 11 and yall should do a challenge for who gets cheap car for the day or expensive

  22. gaming channel ahmed


  23. gwen stanley

    the way she says sandwich.... SOMWICH

  24. OPN SBS


  25. Yanilett Rosado

    I just noticed that you guys were wearing PJs from target the Grinch when I saw your video

  26. Randy Marte

    B is mad loud😂😂

  27. Wendell Plummer

    I use my iPad for my alarm

  28. monica ramos

    Ew when she said “Biaaaaaaannnnnncccccaaaaaaaaa” I left right away

  29. Adorsha Walker

    I use a iPhone and that’s on me PERIOD

  30. Sasha Holloway


  31. louvina cary

    I do not like it

  32. Kyashia White

    I use my phone

  33. kelcie maguire

    Turned on evrything followed ur facebook and insta everything can i have a give away plz and a shoutout love you prince family x

  34. supreese frazier

    You ungrateful Damienj

  35. Markia Turbe

    I have the same tablet just like d

  36. Chandanee Jubraj

    LoL 😍

  37. Marlen Garcia

    Do part 2 plz

  38. Lailah Patton

    I just use my phone

  39. Slim Noodles

    Oooo bop it😍 I used to play with that when I was a little girl

  40. vidania Cruz

    Oh my god oh oh my god oh my god oh oh my God

  41. Kimberlie Sonnier


  42. Alicia Fisher

    Yes team branica

  43. J Kiyah Jordan

    Can I get a post novation shout out and team BIANCAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  44. TreTon Henderson

    I’ll take the PS4

  45. Alexis McLaughlin

    when y'all were playing with the bop it y'all looked like parrots dancing from Minecraft😂

  46. Nalita Kirton

    did it

  47. Summertime Knight

    In the water

  48. Simone Gordon

    team b all day every day😍😊💕💕❤

    1. Simone Gordon


  49. Aunica Leal-Willis

    Kyrie *

  50. Amir Dickerson

    I use my phone as a alarm clock

  51. Patricia Moore Willis

    Team Damian

  52. Barbara Dortch

    Damien u can't say swallow on LTsel I don't know if u know that

  53. Ashlyn WIghtman


  54. Wendell Plummer

    I’m just glad that Biannca is not even thinking about any pain!

  55. Arnold Bernard

    If your a fan of the prince family like it up below👇

  56. Mona Gomez


  57. Kellzi The savage

    I am dead he really put the frozen pizza on his heart and tried to do CPR

  58. Derrti

    Team biannca period

  59. Joyce Jones


  60. Larissa Kelly

    I used my phone

  61. C Smith

    do a prank on your wife by you being missing

    1. Alexis McLaughlin


  62. Ishmael Thomas


  63. Patricia Moore Willis


  64. Aaron Hill

    Prank Bianca

  65. Becky McDonald

    Those toys are hard to play you guys are funny and the best family ever love you guys 4life!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😍😍😍😇😇😇😁😁😁😊😊

  66. Christopher Horton

    Aloha that means hello

  67. Queen_. Naryeja

    Damie Just jealous

  68. Kala Malcolm

    Yow, I need that tv for my room 😩😩🤞🏽

  69. kay baker

    Every like I get for this is a prayer for Bianca 🙏

  70. Brooklinn Rush

    Team biannca pooh

  71. Tapanga Yang


  72. loveforever loveforever

    Post notification

  73. Marcus Caldwell

    How much money did you guys spend on this video???

  74. Tashanna Stephens

    i follow

  75. Shemar Cameron

    I Use Phone As An Alarm Clock Everyday

  76. blake payton

    That was not funny they want to see you get hurt that's

  77. Jboy !


  78. blake payton

    That was not funny they want to see you get hurt that's crazy

  79. blake payton

    That was not funny they want to see you get hurt that's crazy

  80. Ashton Roberts


  81. blake payton

    That was not funny they want to see you get hurt that's

  82. Meme Pods


  83. French Honey

    I use to play wit the bop it in elementary i love bop it

  84. blake payton

    That was not funny they want to see you get hurt that'scrazy

  85. Aysia Lamar


  86. Girlx_ Queen

    I love how they have a vibe playing bop it game 😂❤️❤️

  87. Kylee Segars

    Don't even have an alarm clock to say song I do have a phone out of stolen music

  88. Kimonie Moore

    Some people not even to get anything moral of the story be grateful cause unun

    1. Kimonie Moore


  89. Cirley Escobar

    10:40 his face lmao 😂

  90. Samantha Alexander

    25:08 Biannca throws it back hard as heck

  91. claudine geddes


  92. Marium Tajarat

    Done x

  93. Dominic Homer

    Team beanca I followed every day on all socials plz I wanna win I'm in a bad situation my foot broke I'm spending my time in hospital pls help me

  94. Ronisha Peters

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 pray for them

  95. Efia Serwaa

    can she sit down for long with that surgery?

    1. Gabby & Erin

      Efia Serwaa she prob has the butt pillow

  96. Thee Cassidy Rae

    First off, I LOVE YOU GUYS! Watch you faithfully and on post notifications. Shared your Facebook. Liked & Followed. I would really love one of the PS4s. I wanna surprise my man and I know he would love it. We’re looking to start a LTsel soon. Keep us prayed up! Thank you!!

  97. tenander ayee

    Use my phone

  98. Brooklynn Love

    Noooooooooo he didn’t get a puzzle lmfao

  99. VicToMeyeZR

    a rolex and a normal watch

  100. Miski Hassan