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  1. Solomon


  2. RIP Fat E Eway Gang

    Dude got the best job in the world

  3. RIP Fat E Eway Gang

    🤣😂🤣🤣🤣cold 🐭yung I just ☠

  4. nick_philips

    Josh Allen: Oh, let me get out of your way, good sir Killed me 😂😂😂

  5. Nyjah Montgomery

    When you step on a lego 15:04

  6. Ashanti Nyongo

    Lin Sprewell King Melo Porzingis

    1. aekara1987

      No Ewing?? You must be a youngster.

  7. Chris Knight

    Man fat Joe looking hella ugly in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  8. Jibreel Polk

    Why y’all do Patrick like that damn 😂😂😂😂

  9. Bilal Uddin

    The fact that they put Rj over jr and Larry is disrespectful

  10. El Jefe

    Nobody gives a damn about the Knicks

  11. Drink Your Nail Polish

    Wait...I thought he died like 5 or 6 yrs ago...

    1. Ike Miller

      that was his dad i think

  12. the brothers darke

    i wonder when he seen his grandsons he still thought blue birds should hang with blue birds

  13. Cedric CYH

    J.R is clutch??? u right but how about that 1 time...

  14. Miguel Alicea

    Lin J.R Carmelo Porzigin Ewing

  15. Matthew Murray

    Why fat joe look like that green ghost from ghostbusters in the thumbnail???

  16. Luke Walsh

    Lin Spree Melo Camby Ewing Disgusting team

  17. Weston The Great


  18. Man Man

    No camby who took on twin towers single handed. Spreewell?!

  19. Stranger Stranger

    Where Derek Harper at?

  20. Shukri Mohamed

    I would love to see Mbappé play for Liverpool not now but maybe one day

  21. Xigbar? As If

    Why is Marbury even considered for this?

    1. Ashanti Nyongo

      Xigbar? As If true true

    2. Xigbar? As If

      @Ashanti Nyongo Sure, but I don't think his best years were in New York. It's a shame he didn't play in today's game where high scoring point guards are more coveted.

    3. Ashanti Nyongo

      Cuz the knicks ass, but Marbury was cold back in the day don’t sleep

  22. Nolan Lake


  23. Donny D

    2 likes no views

  24. Kiwi Jones


  25. Zachary Snyder

    Gronk do media now.

  26. Servant to Be

    Dont let the negativity ruin you kid...and more importantly dont let the hype ruin hard every day and one play at a time...

  27. Tiago Caruso

    You may not like Neymar as a person, may not want him dating your sister, may not want him as a friend, but you may not dislike his football.

  28. brooke geary

    The NFC east sucks

  29. Serafin Moreno

    Part of a documentary haha. After spying the 1-12 Bengals I'm sure the Patriots will win this Sunday.

  30. Young Raikage

    Neymar and Mbappe go to Madrid or Barca together 😭😭football will never be the same

  31. Jason Rankin

    Dunk & Rob yo son!

  32. A-Y 03

    Karrueche tran is so cute😍🤗

  33. Sean Beechey

    Josh Allen: let me get out of your way. Damn that's cold

  34. kid with a smug hat

    lol I just noticed how inaccurate the nfl teams’ logos are on the quarterbacks’ sweaters

  35. kid with a smug hat

    0:24 I just realized Marcus Peters was pouring Beer on his face, behind Gronk

  36. Trillest509

    Sweet 😏🕹

  37. igor martins

    Bom demais

  38. Murphypro


  39. Kidknapped

    I love how they had MPJuiceman chugging a beer in the back and the Bills DE reading the Ravens playsheet

  40. Boo Battle

    Bowling Ball in Bell locker lol Brady in his Uggs Lamar in front of whole AFC

  41. D. Mat.Zero6

    Honestly i was expecting a spy gate comment.

  42. andrew greene


  43. FGK ______

    3 state championships before his junior year? Did he reclassify or play up or sum?

  44. Cod_y890

    Let me get out of your way there young man 😂

  45. robert shuman

    KY, says they have a 7ft player from the Philippines? I'm confused? Who will own them? 23trilion $,we are seeing empty seats,in Rupp. You better hurry,we may be at war,full time. PUTIN/TRUMP 💜2020

  46. Gaming With junior

    Why Neymar have to die

  47. Aysha Akter


  48. King.K The Best

    "Fine, a no look photo!"😂😂Mahomes never gets old...

  49. Bennett Krogh

    No longer Brady in front of afc

  50. Daniel S

    Shouldn't Josh Allen and Nick Bosa have the baby rookie voices?

  51. Alex Strat

    This actually looked really tasty out of then all.

  52. Lamona Maxwell

    Karrueche is the cutest, she looks relaxed and happy, that's beautiful.

  53. Antonio Castano

    Foles’ cleats at 0:20 😂😂 you know what they say about big feet...

  54. AmstradExin

    wat is this

  55. Benjamin Grosss

    "If that's the dumbest thing I have to deal with, sure." *Good God my sides* 😂😂😂

  56. Landon Bowersock

    every body say 69!!! what does that mean??😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. tishtash321

    Serge is so fucking beautiful it's ridiculous geez

  58. Albrecht Schöbel

    Goofy ass twig 😂

  59. Tyrrell Hueston

    " Girls Love Our D cuz of Long , Cox " LMFAO

  60. Sham Kala-Kadima

    Lol peep all you lame ass white dudes & self hating niggas in the comments who only think he was cut because of his cant be nothing else but that. 😂😂😂😂. U niggas is sorry

  61. Hendrix JCS10

    Everybody say “69”!

  62. Adrian White


  63. Kevin Juice

    My Favorite Part Is Always The Endings 1:03 😂😂😂😂

  64. Mike

    Westbrook cant use his left

  65. Marlboro Man

    So vain... 180 pair of shoes, ridiculous.

  66. Sydneywhite White

    Go go go kid..

  67. Adrian White

    Sad truth... Matt Stafford has balled for the lions with nothing to show for it😢😢😢

  68. Dancing Dak's Greatest Hits

    So I just noticed how these are both of Jordan's teams and the craziest finish occured on the 23rd on November. Wrap your head around that.

  69. FuriousMan226 Videos II

    The snitch I know be like: 0:56

  70. deklined

    Duck Hodges may be the most adorable nfl player in gridiron heights history. Besides kyler Murray football baby of course

  71. G.o. 1330

    Also btw its cool how u see the hit and like a second later you hear the boom... down to the details

  72. Nathan Davies

    Where all my Delaware people at?

  73. WebDev

    I don't get why anyone would want a shoe room or even more than a few pairs of shoes. Bizarre..

  74. Miles Tails Prower


  75. My Channel

    Black people are sexy

  76. markie Brummett

    should of had bibi jones for playoff picture day. however, it probably wouldn't be called such

  77. Masego Itshepeng Mfoloe

    Who's here after Mourinho has been appointed as Spurs boss?

  78. Jef Nguyen

    "Aww they told me there was going to be a goat here." Got me weak lol

  79. Colonel Henry Gaming

    There’s a tag on the camera that says bengals spy camera

  80. Clarke A

    Damn you did my man Brees dirty lmao

  81. Justus Weiß

    Wheres zac taylor😂

  82. Raul Olivas

    Broncos >1% chance to get in!!! Keep the dream alive!!!

  83. Aaron Bonilla

    Crazy how he talks about “the walks” since he was in SU, and now he talks how those walks still help him.

  84. Alan Davies

    This is STUPID

  85. Michael Scarn

    This isn’t funny

  86. Underrated 77

    I dont wanna say too much but was not expecting Ali grandsons to look so different. This is weird

  87. JusAjFresh

    Why lol

  88. Omega8kilo

    They never show LJ any respect 🤣😂

  89. Jossue Sandoval

    Y’all ain’t gotta do Brees like that 😂😂

  90. Thanos Log

    “quit school” - wise words form mark ingram 2019

  91. Shalamar Man

    These commentators want so badly for their opinions to matter . LMAOOOOOOO !!!!!

  92. Brendan Haran

    The Pittsburgh Tomlins

  93. Binniam Eskender

    The most stupid edit I have ever seen

  94. Blackstorm2848


  95. G P

    Needs some muscle

  96. James Riley

    I wanna be, I wanna be like...Mike

  97. feller3

    Good for you bud! Keep it up!

  98. Evan Gray


  99. banjo Spelee

    New Big Kevin Durant🤟🤟🤟

  100. Ron Mac

    Jimmy wants all the smoke. .