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Kakoa is our Agouti Siberian Husky & Sky is our Black/White Siberian Husky

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  1. Zymon Castronuevo


  2. KC Tales

    Hey i got a question How does it feel when you give your dogs with treats but your hand sometimes bite them? Does it hurt?

  3. Lucy-Marley Anne Hope Andrews-Le Roux

    Poor dogs you should have gave them something to snack on

  4. Lucy-Marley Anne Hope Andrews-Le Roux

    Maybe if y’all do the food thing toy thing siren thing and howl yourself

  5. Sauron Mordor


  6. XxMoon SkylarXx

    The dog : runs Camera : lEtS gO aSmR

  7. Novalee Faillo

    0.00000001 does not refer to themselves as the mother/father of their dog/cat

  8. Original G

    They censored the pugs ween LMAO

  9. Bts TikTok

    My mom dose not let me to buy a puppy dog

  10. FightingDopamine Levels

    Huskies are more sociable and like learning, Malamute is and incredibly loyal and have more guarding tendencies. This is a unfair game to the loyal guard dog!

  11. David Likar

    She is bestūüíĖ

  12. zak morgan

    So cute!!!! 40 seconds btw

  13. FightingDopamine Levels

    Ohman pls be carefull with that for dogs way to caffeinated drink. Dogs cannot metabolize theobromine and caffeine as well as people can. This makes them more sensitive to the chemicals' effects.

  14. Dastan Lok

    When I fake my death my dog will step on me

  15. Christian plays

    Sky's watermelon is much bigger than kakoa

  16. xNight Starx

    Ecpeacily huskies

  17. xNight Starx

    They are so cute! I luv dogsūüź∂ūüź∂ūüėćūüėć

  18. Christian plays

    Kakoa is so smart

  19. Johnson Masunu

    Sky is smart and can understand and that so mean of you (Idk Know Your Name) Me and My freind wish that we'll get a husky one day and a pitbull. ūüôā

  20. Christian plays

    Sky is the cutest

  21. Lulu12 Lola

    LMAO to funny...kokoa n sky ordered pizza .....hahaha and ma Bird waits for me to com home from work n giv her food...Wen she sees me she jumps on to me.lol

  22. Franco Franco

    ning√ļn comentario en espa√Īol...

  23. Chou Tzuyu

    I'm here thanks to Twitter. Thank you Twitter, i guess... lmao

  24. Gabi Salazar

    Sky is so cute

  25. Althea Nagales

    Kakoa is good at 8 and 9 cooool

  26. SCP-096 With internet access

    And here I am eating Ramen Noodles you can get at 7-11

  27. Shannon Cantik

    Kakoa is kinda careless

  28. saleem pendu


  29. Leanne Flores

    The poor pug

  30. cheyanne Reis

    sky is saying best!!!! <3 u so much Xoxoxoxo

  31. Joshua Godson

    So cute lol love it ūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ąūü¶Ą

  32. Olivia Galvez

    Why your husky says yes if he is a troublemaker

  33. Cacti watermelon

    limes are toxic to dogs and can cause illness

  34. šŅĚŤ≠∑Á䨄ɩ„ÉÉ„ā≠„Éľ„Āē„āď

    soooocute!!!! and little funny!!haha

  35. Service Point & Training Center

    very cute dog

  36. Izabelle Motz


  37. KoiruezOwU

    Sky isn't dumb she's sky

  38. Mr.square

    Dogs have a really good nose

  39. Terrance Sweetney

    Dude! Those lil pups can jump REALLY high. My dogs are either to lazy: Chester: Uh, why? Marley: *snore* OR, they cant jump high enough. ;-; Marley: boi do i like like a athlete Chester: can we go through and then one dog will be like: Sugar: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE DIS >:D wow ;-;

  40. Jas mak


  41. Allie's Art

    They are both so pretty!

  42. Rudder Lidia

    make more fucking vids

  43. LD Power

    Aw she helped pick it up

  44. SSB Gogeta

    Kakoa and sky got some hops

  45. Sweet Candy

    You need to scare her more than ever

  46. Kathy Durante

    I just love how dogs doesnt care how you look as long as you're their human, they recognized him and totally forgot he had a creepy af "face"

  47. elma hoizumi


  48. Armour Bespoke

    I wish my both the dogs also ate fruits and vegetables ūüėĒ

  49. Lazy Toast

    My dog hates water and my dog can never stand still XD

  50. T Kemnitz

    Sky is cuter

  51. Thays


  52. Darius poitras

    I really like your huskies

  53. Luz Martin


  54. Luz Martin

    Also know as DOG LIFE

  55. Spinel Official

    Actually dogs can see red, it’s proven by when dogs look at a cut they know ur bleeding

  56. Luz Martin

    You spoil your pups too much lol more spoiled than me

  57. Luz Martin

    These puppies are more spoiled than me when I was younger lol #spoiledpups

  58. Carmen Robles

    I know what to name her name her or him Jennifer if she is a girl if he is is a boy name him carl

  59. Carmen Robles

    Dont lien to them your not dumb cuz i like the lazy contest your smart and cutes dog :3

  60. Luz Martin

    When one says just a taste they eat like more then half of the treats on first round lol

  61. Cornelia Whitfield

    Oh nooo this just omg there too cute ūü•į

  62. Sandra Roberts

    r u really on vacay or is that backround photoshop?

  63. žßĪžēĄÍĻĆŽĮłŪčįŪčį

    ūüôÄ Hi! If i would try it to my Bichon and poodle. They would not stay in front of Pie face game. I tried a cup game recently to them but not that easy. ltsel.info/video/vaizdo-irasas/Z2GGqYhqeGOteao.html

  64. LondonGrace Dysarz

    That was sooo funny when kakola react to the prank also I‚Äôm not sure if that‚Äôs how you spell her name ūü§Ē

  65. Sierra Villegas

    My dad has that same mask but the jaw broke

  66. aury goode

    sky is way too cute to hate !!!!! do not let them cut you down sky !!!!!!!

  67. Sandra Roberts

    Kakoa: awh this is easy *slides under* Sky: HOW U DO DAT?! *tries to slide under* I cant do it- KAKOA ATE MA TREATO

  68. Diana Molina

    Xd so cute

  69. Ch4nge

    We need more of this

  70. Ch4nge

    This is one of the best things I have ever watched. I am... *AH* *SLIPPERY* *SNOOT*

  71. Jocelyn Hinojosa

    How does yhat huskt know what say ?!?!??! (MIND BLOWED)

  72. Lazy Toast

    Thats so cute

  73. White Ranger Tiger Power

    I can’t sad boi sorry it happened

  74. Mackenzie Helb

    Awww so cute I want one nowūüėĚ

  75. TheGratefulAbba

    DOGBI OPEN UP 0:07

  76. Sassy Sister


  77. Clara Maria Topala

    My dog wouldn't pass, u wanna know why? *I don't have one!*

  78. Alyssa Sykes

    I want them to have puppies!ūü•ļūü•į

  79. Alyssa Sykes

    I want them to have puppies!ūü•ļūü•į

  80. SSSabrina

    The mean comments and dislikes are cats. ūüźą

  81. Cashman Drummer

    [ ] ok so it all starts with God creating everything and then people sinned then everybody sins now people have to face eternal punishment called hell, but God sent his son Jesus down to earth and he died on a cross to save everyone so they don’t have to go to hell, only if they don’t deny him and ask for forgiveness, then Jesus went back up to heaven and he said he’s coming back soon, the Bible seems like it’s to good to be true sometimes but prophecy is coming true now, the Bible said Damascus will be turned into a ruin and now Damascus (modern day Syria) is a broken down ruin, the Bible said that they will build three temples before Jesus comes back and now there planning to build a new temple, that bumps my faith up to hear prophecy is coming true. But Jesus will take up all his followers to heaven when he comes back, have you asked God for forgiveness for your sins?

  82. Shadow Wolfy

    I like how the subtitles said: well. There was dis one time..

  83. Samantha Lopez


  84. candied clown

    Pugs shouldn't exist :/

  85. Aliah Battle

    Sky did better

  86. gacha Alice tv

    Omg i wish we could tran our dog to do that but he's to oldūüėĘūüėĘūüėĘūüėĘūüėĘūüėĘ



  88. Lina XxxberihoizZzz


  89. Remington Fry

    Can y’all make a video of Kokoa and sky playing the ps4 that’s was in the living room

  90. Josue Ramirez

    I love ur vids there funny

  91. Ashlynn Welch

    For all of those haters out there ur just jealous

  92. keemoify

    When it comes to looks the husky wins all day. Very pretty creature

  93. Eddie Chan

    At first Koloa was probably scared bc when they howl there whimpering (whimpering is technically howling they usually howl when there sad) and when they whimper they are sad so he probably thought something was wrong

  94. Nick cottreau

    why are people so mean to sky

  95. Nick cottreau

    you: i found a website that said its pretty sure to get your dogs to how and talk

  96. Kitten life

    Miss Kokoa here is st the start like: DUH FUUUUUUU-

  97. Kitten life

    Sniff and short, sniff and snort nothing more.

  98. Nick cottreau

    your huskeys are soooooooooo cute

  99. Mississippi and Ohio Does Pikmin

    Lvl 1-2: both make it Level 3: one makes it Level 4-6: both make it Level 7: one makes it Lvl 8: both make it **visible confusion**