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  1. Psycho Dolly

    I Honestly Dont See Whats Wrong With Selena's Wig 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  2. reeya vk

    i'm like super obssesd with tay just fukin love her somuch

  3. Juliete Nicolas

    This is so relevant to me RN lol

  4. F dL

    The evolution of Taylor Swift, next time we know she's an alien...

  5. Niel Gomez

    Now this is how you make an ICONIC music video.

  6. Geck Ly

    The best performance in 2019

  7. Andrea Ketola

    Love the scene when she gets her first guitar 💕 it

  8. Fira Sefirna Ananda


  9. Hennia Thoi

    So cute Taylor Swift 😙😘😚

  10. Paul Fisher

    i have epilepsy n this is my song!!

  11. r r

    I'm with u even if it makes me blue ❤❤❤

  12. crystaltownaz

    Taylor's so boss, she's not afraid to share the stage with other divas!

  13. Naomi Gissell Pacheco Coto

    thing number 3214354 that will never happen to me

  14. Aya

    She sign of HOPE for people

  15. Melissa Nance

    Who else wants to see Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift together on a song so what's the deal Taylor

  16. fabuluv

    When I'm angry from now on I'm gonna yell "je suis CALM!"

  17. Danielle

    The ballet number while she sings lover is just magical

  18. Mr Carson

    I said this the first time i watched this video, and i’ll say it again, Tan France is angelic holy F*CK

  19. Randy White


  20. Hitmarker. exe

    RIP Shelby Cobra

  21. Sachie Kerker's World

    “All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey still Undisputed

  22. kimmy cuthbert

    Katy and Taylor are BFF Burger French Fries =BFF

  23. Ghita Leleczi

    Super Sing

  24. Randy White


  25. Rolf E Sonnerup

    her best song.

  26. Denise Dickmann

    Love Taylor!

  27. KuririnnotKrillin

    Literally never heard of this song

  28. Randy White


  29. Raj Realizer

    That's very nyc

  30. Tasmiyah H

    ahhhhhh all three amazing artists

  31. pream ดรีมดํา

    พระเอก หล่อโคตรๆ

  32. TheMetaMovie

    wow great video, 1 billion views..

  33. Devi Ramcharran

    Tswift😍 love this performance

  34. Quỳnh Anh Đoàn


  35. Randy White

    You are one beautiful Lady. 👅🐾🦅🇺🇸💙🤪

  36. Ken Swift

    Happy birthday Taylor💖

  37. Anonimo sad :'v

    Anyone else listening to the old songs, before this ada is over?

  38. Jannie Dei

    am i the only one who thinks that guy in an acoustic guitar cute?

  39. dec

    Country Taylor > Pop Taylor


    I do love him...

  41. María Maya

    Can’t believe I’m turning 22 today, time flies 🥺

  42. E Hicks

    When Taylor speaks the truth.

  43. Keith Cook

    No caption on this video

  44. Bhushan Pardeshi

    Best song 💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Akima Arnold

    wow how does she move around like that? 3:11

  46. Tala Kandil

    This has 2 BILLION views wow Taylor

  47. *LemonBerry*

    I love the ding before the courus. That's one reason I love this song.

  48. Mifsiya Promi

    😐😐😐😐Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is AMAZING,AWESOME,FANTASTIC

  49. Igor Gallo


  50. Slightly Above Average

    My ex girlfriend sent me this almost 10 years ago after we broke up and hearing this still hurt 🥺

  51. Daniel Briones


  52. Kayla Vo

    I love this so much wow wow

  53. Araceli Lozano

    Brendon has the best voice

  54. Matrix YEET

    2019... i'm listening to this now to say goodbye to childhood.. ;-;

  55. Charles Pamani

    advance happy birthday Taylor ..we love you..I'am one of your top fans ..stay health and pretty 😍😘😘😘🎂♥️

  56. Entire World

    Must admit - she deserved it👏🏻

  57. Akima Arnold

    i love taylor swift she's so cool and pretty! =)

  58. Chalem Vandhana

    💝This is what, true lover ❤️ forever 💝

  59. Ajith K

    Those who think this song deserves 1 billion views thumbs up 👍


    Wow oh yeah 떨리는 마음 터질듯한 my heart 넌 꿈에서 본 예쁜 색깔의 art 눈이 부셔 brown eyes 같은 곳만 맴돌아 조심스레 네게 다가가 입맞추고 몰래 난 도망가 상상 속 미로 Baby 너는 아름다운 world Va va va va va 넌 vacation 속삭이듯 기분 좋은 question 하루 종일 play 'love' station 입술 위에 달콤한 dreams Hey 반짝이는 you're my style 투명하게 make you mine, mine Hey 넌 나만 아는 jewelry shop 내게 어울리는 style, style You're so stylish 모으고파 mileage Wow 용기를 내 make you mine, mine You're so stylish 너로 꾸며 buy list 내게 어울리는 style, style 결국 사랑에 빠졌나 봐 어디 있을까 wonderland 나침반 대신 need your direction 따라가 check it once check it twice 하지만 잃지 않아 keeping my brightness 호기심은 나쁜 게 아니야 그래서 결국 찾아 냈잖아 도착했나 봐 welcome everyone 우릴 축하하는 탬버린 Get get get get get your attention 터터진 버블 속 superstition 시작해봐 Play 'real' station 나만 알고 있는 현실

  61. 유니스Yuniseu

    Anyone watching this in 2019? I just love Taylor so much!

  62. Khalit Al-hasim

    You belong w me!

  63. yojana aryal

    Congratulations for 1B views ❤️

  64. Spandana GH gowda


  65. Lance S

    I just really discovered you today. I'm glad because your singing makes me happy. Now I think I will buy one of your signature guitars! If I do...I want you to touch it and I want your real signature 😎😇 That would be AWESOME!!!! Way AWESOME 😎😘

  66. Gabriel Cross

    It's my birthday today and I'm finally 22! I'm very glad this song is the first one I'm listening as a 22 year-old guy!

  67. Zachary Mckenna

    Tbh ima boy but I like the old Taylor than the new one

  68. do hien

    Her voice i think it the best in the world

  69. DJ Ashish😎


  70. Lance S

    I love you Taylor. Beautiful voice😎

  71. Marcos Vinicius

    Só quem vai vê em 2020 da like

  72. its_me112

    😶 isn’t Harry and zayn friends anymore... if they r wow low zayn

  73. daniel martinez

    Instant classic

  74. Forever Señorita

    I'm here waiting that taylor is going to be the best humb mother, and all the fame se has she deserved, i hope she one day get married and have beatiful kids


    Happy Birthday to Taylor Swift 30th Birthday Anniversary 1989 - 2019

  76. Gómez L.

    De las mejores presentaciones que he visto, definitivamente es "Artista de la década", marca un precedente en la industria musical incluso para ella misma, fue increíble.

  77. Lynxes are cute ;-;

    “HeY kiDs sPellIng iS fUn”

  78. cata tonini

    idk why but i remember Archie and Betty w this, but them i remember that Jughead exists so nah

  79. Moriah Friedman

    The end was ADORABLEEE

  80. Fabiana Oliveira diniz

    4:08 someone please tell me the name of the song?

    1. KaanaLen

      Blank space

  81. Alma Martinez

    Esas canciones las pones mi mami por eso me la se

  82. Diana Rincón

    Gimnasia con cintas

  83. YatoChama

    That guy was in hannah montana right?

  84. Humberto Junior

    You are my love Taylor Swift!!!❤😍

  85. Mei Darika

    Thank her parents for this video 🥰😍

  86. chemi l

    One of the salient features of her personality is her connection to roots and family values

  87. The Barry kids

    I love your video's and this song

  88. Xiumin Xiumin Ko Ko Bop

    I will be turning 23 this coming December 30 and I'm listening to this song non-stop lol

  89. Mickey Garlock

    I'm a 62 year old man, this happened to me 30 years ago (my wife did it) I never got over loving and losing her, and never will.

  90. LG SK


  91. nman4k

    1:55 = Best part

  92. Nadia Pereira

    Amooo essa música ♥️😍

  93. Bindu Mohan

    Im addicted to this song

  94. Z andG

    Came here from watching a string of Harry styles videos

  95. sharath

    0% twerking 0% nudity 0% drugs 100% toxic relationships

  96. raceymugg

    Her voice is amazing in this song, especially the lower parts

  97. Pharmacist Sarah

    I'm 25 and i still love this song

  98. Shannon Springer

    I love you Taylor Swift

  99. Cami_2006

    I love this video clip so much!

  100. Charlie Gist

    Well I’m 22 today lol ... I came here