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  1. Raj Sitaula

    He’s on top 50 trending for a day now

  2. Adith GM

    Subscribe, thanks for watching, Peace✌️

  3. Kid Fury

    How much did that cost?

  4. Adith GM

    MKB doing a ton of 'HD' Videos that's MKBHD🔥✨. So I came back in time to coin this name, so that you can use this name in the future.😜

  5. Castro2ube

    Bill nye is the coolest guy ever

  6. Jeremy Joyce

    What about left hand users how to use the power button

  7. Arianit Krasniqi

    all the money to spend just to send emojis!!!

  8. Greatone999

    When do you send it back ? Or did you buy this one ?

  9. nahog99

    I would never ever buy this but man... Apple knows how to package a product and make it look amazing.

  10. Notus

    It looks like a hand held vacuum

  11. Spandan Nautiyal

    There should be an option for double like

  12. tikendra mehta


  13. Adith GM

    I like LTsel's new sort option

  14. Weltschmerz von Gavagai

    but when he talks about UBI he suddenly became an idiot righ? LOL

  15. Fari Fairis

    Meanwhile, Telkomsel: laaagg..!!

  16. Forbid Iglooz

    Hehe if U buy this phone you'll still have to deal with androids new 144p screen resolution!!

  17. Fil Magnoli

    Yup ... it did change my life ... forever! I tossed everything I played with at the time (commodore) and bought a Mac ($4K without and hard disk) and then later an Apple Laserwriter ($10K) ... never looked back and fought the Windows versus Mac fight for years to come ... sales, service, support, evangelist for the cause... MacWorld Expos in Boston and SanFran for years ... it was awesome!!!!! Love the show, many chuckles at seeing reactions from people who weren’t even a thought at the time (yeah, that’s you lol). Look back into Xerox Parc to see where a lot of what went into the Mac, ergo everything else that came after it from every other computer manufacturer, came from. lol ... OMG the warehouse tour takes me back to my service days. Ciao for now .

  18. Dipto Sarker

    I hope you give a "Marques score" to every phone you review from now on.

  19. Yiwan Ye

    this is a Gen Y test

  20. Venkat P

    You say that is a geek bench score? My ryzen 1700 can score that

  21. TheAverageJoe

    For that price no floppy drive pfffffft

  22. Mitternacht Angel

    PPL (we) are broke, that's your answer lol

  23. Saad Anees

    Only one questions: Can I play games in it?

  24. Yasin Latif

    Mac wouldn't be invented if it weren't for Wonder woman in 1984

  25. Scan End

    Watch your gender binary language please Bill.

  26. Alex Hellstrom

    Mark ass brown knee

  27. Mehmet Ay

    15 yıl sonra görüşürüz ..

  28. Erich Wetzlmaier

    Congratulation for paying 5x the price of a regular system that can do the same.

  29. Ali Almudeer

    My first phone was the ipod touch 4

  30. yungtoiletwater

    Basically a cheese grater with wires inside

  31. Rodney Remington

    And made in America.

  32. haha funny

    So close to 10 mil! Good job bro

  33. thunder2.0

    Can it run in minecraft and crisis on dual screens though

  34. Ash Plays

    I love how every year passes, all the specs just go up

  35. Of Two Lands

    That is one powerful machine for sure.

  36. Aku Kal

    6 gang where you at?

  37. Katzen Hai

    Mark Ass Brownpee

  38. IAmCPK

    I need 3 lives to buy this

  39. Alejandro Perez

    Please check if you can game on it! I'm curious to know how well the games will work on the new Mac Pro

  40. Airwave 494

    Almost $73k when fully maxed out with 2 monitors & all extra options (2 software, VESA mount adapters, stands) selected. 😱

  41. Bezzo

    Now we just need you to make a review on the $1000 stands.

  42. Kouroosh Mousavi

    This video was amazing, I really really miss the old days, I wish it was me touching and experiencing those old day tech, it could be like touching my memories ♥️

  43. Omat Vargas

    What is this dinosaur for?

  44. Tamal Samanta

    3:17 ... "VeRy NiCeLy EqUiPpEd" :) Rewind 10 secs, n get the specs for yourself...

  45. TEAM6USA

    I also use one these gigantic cheese shredder in my kitchen.

  46. Blackmolly 98

    So, gaming mac?

  47. irfan taufiq


  48. Alexander Nørgaard

    what are your two monitors names?

  49. Camus

    can you play super mario bros 3 ? :-D

  50. E RAM

    Lamest generation of all-time! F* y’all are morons 🤦🏽‍♂️

  51. T D C

    who else wanted unbox therapy-lewis hilsenteiger

  52. Sivabalan Arumugam

    0:19 she's gorgeous😍

  53. Matheus _

    It’s 13.333 dollars in Brazil 😔

  54. AzRuLz YuuKi

    I like how ijustine got excited about everything Apple device does, even booting😂

  55. ngb09229

    Awesome Awesome Awesome job!! Great show

  56. Faiyaz Hasan

    All that i feel, he needs some rest.

  57. Do not sub to me or I’ll tell your mom

    Daahhhh it’s rewind time.

  58. Kingdrosive 3

    For that much better be able to create a robot and walk my dog

  59. Kai Ruffin

    Me over here with my intel core 2 duo

  60. Prameshwor Xatkuli

    MKBHD travelling with Mac pro I can see that.

  61. subhan afzal

    can u plaY FORTNITE ON IT

  62. Dominic M.

    Watching this video on my Note 9 in 2019... we've come a long way man!

  63. Draft Videos

    this is a 40k computer

  64. Matt Fuller

    $52k wowzer

  65. Suraj N

    hey mark can you able to test any model training (machine learning) because i have to compare it with my 256GB ram pc Marques Brownlee

  66. mnk47

    1180 its hi? Lol big lol

  67. MediaCastleX

    Ooo... Where can I get that case? 👀

  68. Atharv Patawar

    Others: Let's keep the device aside, let's check the accessories first. Marques: Let's keep the accessories aside and first get to the Mac pro.😄 That's why I love his channel. Good job Marques.

  69. Bami klaal

    Casey: "We need to dress the part" -Proceed to both leave their Apple Watches on their wrists

  70. zShadyPlayz99

    MKBHD : completely flat... Apple : well, yes but not for long

  71. VICE

    384 GB of RAM are you serious about this.

  72. Jovonn Avalos Channel

    My friend said meet my new girlfriend 😂

  73. Moran Monovich

    This thing is beautiful

  74. Jose Lopez


  75. Ayo


  76. Jovonn Avalos Channel

    I like it in videos but in real life like EWWW

  77. fauzi d fauzi

    are you gober??? or gerobak driver?

  78. Jacqui Penar

    Apple used to have a godly keyboard. The best layout in my opinion. Kinda like hhkb

  79. Lewis Johnson

    Processing content faster than it should be consumed should always be the standard.

  80. Illustrating with Graham

    Marques, it would help fellow Content Creators if you could speak out about the burning issue of COPPA as many of us face an uncertain future. Your voice could have an impact on LTsel's choices such as introducing a 'mixed content' category solution which is allowed by the FTC or an age gate for content. Thank you.

  81. Royaltybloodline

    Piece of shit

  82. TheCoopaTroopa

    8:31 3 gigabytes a second is pretty slow the Corsair Force Series MP600 2TB Gen4 PCIe X4 NVMe M.2 SSD can hit over 4 gigabytes a second

  83. Febrian Santosa

    Come here for watch Papin

  84. Lewis Johnson

    384GB of RAM has me sweating

  85. Lil Yeet


  86. krish arts & photography

    Nice & Thanks :)

  87. Shiku R

    Was waiting for the blaze it comment at 9:14

  88. Evil Chameleon

    What an overpriced, pointless piece of shit. If you buy this, you're an idiot and might as well dive head first into an empty swimming pool.

  89. Patar D

    Beautifully said!

  90. Raunak Gedam

    Gaming dude ☹️💓

  91. ProDynamix

    Marques, What are you using to record your voice when you make theses videos? I don’t see a lab mic on you. Is it a boom mike or a shotgun on your camera? It is incredibly clear.

  92. Argy Rizky

    I comment on 12 December 2019 while Marques aleready livin 24 december 2019.

  93. Icey Stormy

    Mac cheese grater

  94. ba55letmysoulfly

    this thing is jokingly expensive... but dang it's a work of art!

  95. Andrew Thomas

    Best thing to test with it is: how much more did you pay vs an AMD machine with the same specs.. I'm gonna guess it's somewhere around 2 to 3 grand.

    1. Jacinto Fernandes

      Snazzylabs has a video. A $4k machine beats it.

  96. Chipy

    At first I thought it was a cheese grater made by apple

  97. mjsolomon

    airpods worked great with my Samsung phone. But I guess I don't know what I was missing. I am big on ipads and love macbooks, but will always be a Samsung phone person!

  98. Lil Kame Z

    He ordered it because he knows the truth, it's actually a transformer.

  99. All in one

    You 2 get married

  100. RenderUntoSeazer

    I read that the VFX for interstellar were made with actual data from black holes, and that that type of resources aren’t typically available for scientist regularly, because of cost constraints. Do you think this mac is a step closer to getting the type of power as used in the movie, for hard science for scientist with limited resources?