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  1. maia suthisan

    Hcygcuhcg fi. F. Dxtm nvrfdc u gyvig

  2. Cutecatlover100122

    Wait they can’t have a drink but they can have their phone?

  3. Nylah Dixon

    Where is Vicky I miss her to

  4. Dahlaxy!

    just thought i'd point out the fact that at 12:30 (the two pictures) the first picture, the girl only traces like half of her real lips, and in the second picture, her full lips are filled....

  5. Nizam Mohammed

    I am 9 years old this is my dad phone my phone battery low

  6. Erum Mehmood

    Well actually the less glitter the more better

  7. Salma Sultana


  8. Sera Xiong

    LITTERALLY she only does one eye of eyeshadow!Ok let's go!! BRUHHHHH

  9. Erum Mehmood

    Can I hear all of y’all’s real voice please and thank you!😏😏😏😏😏😏

  10. Erum Mehmood

    Can I hear all of y’all’s real voice please and thank you!😏😏😏😏😏😏

  11. Grace & Sana vlog


  12. Strawberry Hawaii And Earthling

    1:10 - 1:45 isn’t lipstick for your lips? And plus isn’t lipstick bad to put on your eyes?

  13. Dad Dad juju

    Watch all of these dump you tube people woohoo

  14. rflor5045

    Need I have long hair cuz I'm the older sister and my little sister has short hair and I'm like to live like this and then when I search up one two three go sorry but your visit my favorite LTselrs then I'm like OMG I didn't know they made this and now you guys have talked people versus short people issues I saw your first video of that and now I'm seeing the second one and I'm like oh I've needed this cuz I'm taller than her my little sister inside yes so now I'm so happy right now love your number one fan a wild lion

  15. Kelly Larson

    I dont like mangos

  16. Elizabeth Priest

    No love this haha 😂 👇🏻

  17. Teresa Westphal

    Why can’t you talk

  18. eliz wehrli lps for fun vids gaming vids

    5:50 thats exatly what our art teacher teached us, *hOw OrIgInAl??*

  19. Masonbarker Games

    This is amazing thank you now I will be the most popular kid with this

  20. Silly Sydney

    I’m AMY but can not relate too much of those

  21. Chris Monzon

    Chris and mom was the way way I got my car 🚙 is a way for you guys I don’t have my mom to do that so I’ll have my phone ☎️ was a great 👍 I got a good way of being able to see my mom mom and mom mom I love you mom and mom mom I love you mom and mom mom I love ya mom and mom mom I love ya mom and mom mom I love ya ya mom mom and mom mom I y I have to go to get to the new car and get back in the



  23. Joselin Reyes

    I hate you Bella

  24. Arnel Mercado

    Troom troom vs. 123 Go!

  25. Deyanira Castillo

    What kind of school doesn't allow drinks !?!?

  26. Lilys side


  27. Juana Juarez

    I am the late one but i dont act like that

  28. Michelle Maseko

    There is a farter,a popular one,the late one and the borrower


    Cyber_expert01 on instàgràm restore my instàgràm account 💯

  30. Natalia L

    How come you are not allowed food in class but you are allowed knifes

  31. Bafrok Duske

    Very good 👍 galak jana

  32. Shishter Shook

    I love those shoes ❤😘💓💝💝💓💖💞💕

  33. Victoria Pisu

    Did she just eat the paper with bubblegum or something 🤔🤔

  34. Jeremy Javier

    Babe You are ugly

  35. Michelle Maseko

    I am the junk food lover and the messy eater

  36. Allan Manlapaz

    This happens to my friend's mom once.😟

  37. dogs in Forever Lily and Maggie we love dogs

    I really love your channel ❤

  38. lstoimenov

    Is that permanently

  39. Sophia Avila

    Why did Emma put her nose up

  40. لمسه فن Lmsa Fn

    i like 123go😍👍 i live in Egpyt🇪🇬 i can speak English and Arapic😎

  41. Alayna The gymnast

    That didn’t make sense because you’re not allowed phones in school

  42. Jenna Pritchard

    Eeeewww was that the same gum

  43. Elizabeth Womble

    3:27 XD

  44. Tiffany Douglas

    I hope y’all had got to get some money from you today

  45. Sierra Ridley

    You are so gross 🖕

  46. Danielle Tochterman

    When she was getting ready I liked the reality one more because you should love yourself the way you are. And the outfits was cute to me

  47. GamingLaniyah

    Long hair but not that long

  48. Ryann Bibb

    Yes please I want to see more beauty hacks if you agree put a like. . ........THANKS!

  49. Michelle Maseko

    His manacure is so nice but on a guy it's ugly

  50. haven carter

    who has red toilet paper?

  51. Allan Manlapaz

    Emily eats a burger with a fork?!funny!😁

  52. Michelle Maseko

    The boy in the class is so cute

  53. Axl Cox

    I love pranking my friends

  54. Olivias Do stuffs

    Lanas fucking ugly

  55. Danielle Tochterman

    “Stuffing you’re face with food may have been a good idea but now you’re jeans don’t fit” are you calling me fat?..

  56. The Galaxy With ASMR

    Omg stop copying troom troom! Yous are such copyright’s >:C! Meanies

  57. Danielle Tochterman

    You’re phone keeps on falling cuz it’s leaning on something round. It needs to be something flat

  58. Youngkyung Seo

    There’s a point where if u put to much make up on u look ugly 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  59. Heather Pittman

    LOL surprise I love you too and I have a lot of LOL surprise dolls because they're so awesome I was playing with them this morning

  60. Heather Pittman

    1 2 3 go I love your Channel and when I watch these hacks I want to try the shoelace one because I don't know how to tie my shoes yet

  61. Aralyn Ortiz


  62. Zeinab Chahrour

    Am I the only short one In the comments

  63. Tida Kharkamrai

    I hate Bella and Olivia

  64. J&J Challenges and pranks

    I’am the cheater

  65. Emily Jones

    123 is the best

  66. Emily Jones

    123is the best

  67. JamesM14 774 Meerkat

    Are they twins

  68. L Begum

    I just want to see who is saying all of the stuff and thier real names cause i know they are not real pls like

  69. Jason Helms

    Not Olivia

  70. Jason Helms

    Emily is the one that took the chips

  71. raj Obroy

    3:33 Silly nose

  72. Tegan McL

    Just awazvggtrrwanted everyone else is fine damn chairing has raw

  73. Jacklyn Luong

    i was

  74. Emma longton

    Good one 123 go!

  75. Besto Baby

    I like being small because when I play Hide and seek with my older brother I could hide in tiny places I have four people in my family they are Dad mom and my older brother and me

  76. Casey Mccreadie

    I’m a junk food lover mmmmmm

  77. Melisa Kocaj

    What's is your favorite food 😂😋😋😋😋😂😂😂😋😂😋😋😂???????????coment please

  78. Elle Coombes

    I a big foodey but l skinny who argree to put a thums up

  79. Megan White

    Probably Amy I am quite tall

  80. tititi358

    both im so both 😂😂

  81. Sarah Kiser

    I am allergic to latex.

  82. Rainbow Drops

    we love your channel we just started ours

  83. Jessica da boss

    Is anyone going to talk about the lips at 12:29

  84. Saif Khan

    I 🧡 poo 💩

  85. Harir Ahrar

    When Sofia said the place never get cleaned and when she pulled that water prank on Lily it was her fault because she made the place even more messier

  86. Alexa Galaxy

    Yes, I definitely forget about my cat that went missing and all i do is ask it how did it get in the keyboard

  87. Bez Bezzer

    I hate the big girl

  88. Madeleine Lewis

    Im friends with the popular girl in my school

  89. Rahim And aleena vlogs

    X eee x

  90. MilkNCookies UwU

    They just expet that you have a stapler . U DONT NEED TO LIKE!!!!

  91. lele pons fan

    The girl that was wearing that light blue dress is from groom groom and 5 minute crafts

  92. Aminate

    im gonna make a bet and whoever loses has to watch a 123 go video

  93. Маша

    Love your channel

  94. A person I’m a hole

    2:47 You have to be a level 100 thief to pull this off

  95. Maria Herheim

    Im both like if youre both 👇🏻

  96. Aimee Jordan

    Aimee is my name though

  97. Saykeh Glay

    I have a sibling he is so annoying 😭😒

  98. FluffyMarshmallowsBunnys

    Where small I am SMALL PUT SMALL VS SHORT VS TAll

  99. Shireen Mohiadin


    1. Shireen Mohiadin