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  1. The Legend

    2019: yeti 2049: thanos

  2. The Morsa

    00:14 F

  3. AlexcraftedRD

    9:30 arrow firing 9:33 spear showing then 9:35 still show arrow

  4. bitch! like my comment

    K but whats retreat?

  5. Cing Caden

    Please release a new clash a rama best series out there

  6. rs creations

    Make a movie please

  7. umer binzia

    Th 7 with archer queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Ayush Singh


  9. Thoảng Nguyễn

    0:11 royal champion is FAT

  10. Charles Henriquez

    2019: town hall has infierno towers 2023: builder huts have infierno towers

  11. Sans the skeleton

    What the heck is happening to the game?

  12. Johan Joestar / Nightmare_001-II

    Hard for me to believe that the Builder Base is over 2 years old, and the Builder Master got a robot building half a year ago

  13. Noob kUnjan

    CoC :- chief were are you now? We want you !! Me :- sorry. I have a mission!!! Called freefire 😎

  14. Esteban dinoxde

    Nosé ustedes pero estaría padre ver un serie con esa animación en 3D como Clash Of rama estría chido

  15. Ali Zia

    The game. Is broken

  16. Giải Trí Channel

    Người Vietnames đầu tiên!!! COC

  17. Rice Is Nice

    Global chat😐

  18. zack hacker

    0:30 sorry my friend

  19. Umesh Garode

    0:07 Goblin 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Frank G

    I'm th 10 :o

  21. thiên phạm

    K mở lại kênh chát thế giới đell ai muốn chơi nữa

  22. XT_NighTraiN 7804

    That voice crack at 0:14 though😂

  23. thiên phạm

    Hhl13 mạnh z

  24. SYQ M3ltRubik

    She Just Clapped That Kind So Hard

  25. Juen Bong

    Just realized the Lumberjack part is a reference to "Spongebob vs the Patty Gadget"

  26. PanDuh Gaming

    sc should remove peoples name we attack only in the legends league because top players who dont deserve to be at the top are getting free defensive wins, yeah youre good at attacking but other players are too. so how is there such a huge gap between them and fair players. just an idea. how does someone get 30 defensive wins when thats not even average. idk but its not fair. why even try when it demotivates players to even push. i think its all to do with having the same name, maybe just hide it until after the attack is done? would that be an idea to even try? other than that update is awesome.

  27. Evolved Primate

    Now this is the cringe

  28. Brayden Ramey

    Great update👍

  29. Brandonjoon

    Barb king cheating on the queen tho

  30. Rythmatic Attacks bro

    If you think they should let royal champion be level 50 like l V

  31. So So

    Over powered

  32. EpicGaymer

    The clash of clans storyline is incredible

  33. N

    So Archer Queen got cheated right

  34. un known

    I updated it and they say coc has stopped how to fix it

  35. un known

    I updated it and they say coc has stopped how to fix it

  36. Future Billionaire

    This is literally the funniest video they have ever made 😂

  37. Virupangouda Gouda

    I love clash of clans so much

  38. Clunge Umbrella__

    He stay cheating on the Queen

  39. Sebastian Verdugo Cota


  40. Zach

    I'm just happy that Renee 'Sid the Sloth' and CarbonFin the 5 year old aren't commentating! Great choice!

  41. kooline garcia

    amazing song

  42. kooline garcia

    baby dragon he got builder cme back

  43. arisha maynam

    Royal campion has no power

  44. Marc Jose


  45. FR1LOCk

    Hogs @1:20 are impressive

  46. I can explain my profile pic

    Archer Queen *THICC*

  47. Michael N.

    WOW! I’m very impressed

  48. Стрелок Меченый


  49. MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾


  50. -_- Lighting -_-

    Can you guys add a thing we’re we can have back are old decorations if we removed them Plz like so they can see

  51. Isaac Josafat Guillen


  52. Mightyjoejohn

    how come they never add the archer queen to these short animations? We only get barb king ):

    1. Black Dynamite

      Mightyjoejohn yeah would love to see her in one of these vids

  53. Mu Ri

    Alguien mas cree que ahora los juegos películas y todo en general le dan preferencia a todo lo que sea "femenino":'v

  54. Jose Paramo

    They have a rushed base


    combo royal champion with arcer queen. its better

  56. Juno Perkedel


  57. Anson Wu

    Yeah, I am retreating

  58. Lewnis Belkebir

    My dad was named Rocky he was born in 1945 or 1946 and I was born on 1975

  59. Sivaprasad Warrier

    You shall try El primo as the new troop instead of yeti

  60. Sivaprasad Warrier

    Not much hitpoints

  61. Jake's YT

    Barbarian king: Reatreat......ATTACk Queen: *targets walls* Chapion : being op Grand warden : HOHOHO *SNORTS*

  62. Fear Elemental Gaming

    Still got a sense of humour after all these years.

  63. Andi Ilham

    New player coc will never enjoy this game.

  64. Seafoox animations

    18:29 somehow his hat isn’t recked Then it is Hm

  65. Tom Malewar

    *Wait! Darian looks way better in this video.*

  66. A J

    A humble request COC , Please don't bring new TH . Let me finish my TH with all at max level . Man I started this construction work during my 10th grade public exam and now i completed my 4 year UG course. Still you guys have no plan to give me a satisfaction...oh well an endless journey 😆😆 8 years still under construction..

  67. Aaron Lewis

    The barbarian king 👑 was killing me 😂😂😂 this whole time 😂😂😂!!! But the royal champion has saved the day in battle.. the way she high five herself was funny 😂😂😂!!!

  68. gustavo moneyiro

    why didn't the queen pass

  69. Abdullah Tasnim

    Royal Chamption: exist Me: trying to get my barbarian king to level 15

  70. dave westcott

    1:30 why do you have a grand warden because I just saw you are th 7

  71. gustavo moneyiro

    Pq a rainha também não apareceu

  72. David Cortez

    (Supercell) COC you guys need to make a real movie of COC..many will watch fun with many characters 👍and many great ideas can apply

  73. Silly Swinub

    if you could subscribe to me guys I would love it

  74. حسوني لحربي


  75. lonni gaming

    Who’s here after they released healers in the arena

  76. Milkinho YT


  77. Pickle Person

    New ship???

  78. Arab Show

    2019: meet the new hero 2090: meet the new coc

  79. Night Shade

    They finnaly talked😌

  80. brayan Vásquez

    Que gran video y esta bien tocha la royal champions

  81. Welton Silva

    Rei barbaro machista

  82. Mylena Neto


  83. Uriel Calcaneo

    Where is her clasharama version

  84. Is a bell

    Love th13 so far

  85. حذيفة الجدحي

    عرب وينكم

  86. Hasindu Anushka

    Today is my birthday. Please wish me.🎂

  87. Nico Robin

    Vácuo é feio

  88. De Boi

    If anyone does not understand at 1:46 pause it and you can see that the goblins know Jaakko is listening

  89. Brock Hultman

    This show is historically inaccurate.

  90. 9all

    Everyone’s daddy gonna be buying them gems

  91. Snickers bar

    Basically the cold war

  92. Irfan Iqbal

    Just went up ha th13 here we go

  93. pajaro :v

    16 que sad

  94. iikingxxii l

    0:30 me cuz I have no freinds

  95. nerdgmr

    Archer queen get jealous

  96. Exodus ChezAndBubble


  97. James Montealto


  98. Little Airplane

    Poor barbarian does any still use them?


    What sad XD like min 00:15