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  1. Hana St. Claire


  2. Princess Kekahuna

    I finished it in over 10 minutes

  3. some dude

    anyone who has a tsa key can open it? thats really not secure

  4. Xxtavşan israxX

    2015: cmon man its a horse 2018: *_cMoN mAn ItS a GoAt_*

  5. ριχlgυи 1964


  6. Schewn

    isnt this against the rules?

  7. Dark Wander

    Unbreakable aye.... Challenge accepted

  8. CuB-03

    Fact:Fastbreak383 always appear in every burning questions

  9. Gumbo Wumbo

    I thought this was a joke but no it isn’t smh 🤦‍♂️

  10. Abbi

    Don't get me wrong, I love their videos and I am a big supporter of how inventive they are... But some of their products are soooo wasteful and unnecessary (a bubble wrap suit???). ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯ I would love to see some more needed or effective products that serve a purpose higher than "just because", I know they could do some amazing amazing things with it.

  11. Audii-Kun

    0:10 It's not urine if it fizzes.

  12. ChanceOfOne344

    1:31 Johnny wants to *know your location*

  13. YungChopz

    Vat 19 CEO and viewers: the biggest sadists in the world 7:33

  14. Dragon Heart

    People should just use ink for pens and not for electricity. We don’t wanna ruin the environment, do we?

  15. Meme and me Mememe

    ERIC!!!! YOURE BACK!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️💛🧡💚🧡💚💙💜🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💙💛🧡🧡💜🖤🖤💛💚🧡🖤💜

  16. Lizards are cool

    Could I use my fingernail

  17. Dragon Heart

    5:54 I see you were using the drawing game called “you doodle” I know because I use it. Cool.

  18. Milky Strawberry -Chan

    3:02 I was born at 2010!! (^_^)

  19. Charles Ford Jr

    Okay but throwing half of a football is different then throwing a whole one.

  20. Rebecca Ramirez

    R.I.P grant Thompson who died in a paragliding accident

  21. ChocoNut

    They must be so patient to make all of that giant gummy pizza

  22. Isaac Eow

    Epi in 2020 : Jamie : so there’s this thing called getting fired

  23. Andrewskibruuh

    Who else would frickyticky the thumbnail icky

  24. ZJG2007

    has anyone realized that every "hiding in plain sight" video, danny wears the same cap

  25. {Itz Chortnie_Playzz}


  26. TheHaiGuy321


  27. Nooby Man

    0:19 very dumb P2 the size of hole katana boi

  28. buanalangitbiru travel

    Is it me or the other scene is actually from their products,while the real is 100% real shot of the film

  29. Ang Simon

    Why do all Americans want to puke when they cat a century egg

  30. Cookiewolfie Nomnom:3

    I know my mother can eat this without a wince not a single scream or whatever she’s magic I was left in tears!

  31. SparkieBoi

    We are literally watching ads that we enjoy

  32. NotSquidy

    Diabetes: Am I a joke to you?

  33. The Gacha Samu-ri

    Next we need portable 4-Square.

  34. Erwin Rommel

    4:56 ah yes, the floor is made out of floor (puggy productions, please don't accuse me, we have the same idea)

  35. Ned Dale

    I think he’s in the blue tarp

  36. Atka Miscellaneous the Alpha TrainWolfDog

    1:10 ok, classic mistake for all ball players lol!

  37. Dragon Heart

    Who does the voice in the intro again???

  38. Ned Dale

    Look at the Security cameras

  39. Dv Eis

    All the gummy bears cost more than the expensive patrone

  40. Some guy

    Nobody: People with ollyball: I laugh a the face of consequences

  41. Ned Dale


  42. Julian Cardinal

    Who did these guys not age one bit in the future !?!?

  43. Zoie rose

    So hopefully you have that slime 😉

    1. Zoie rose

      Agree to agree

  44. Zoie rose

    I'll lite you're house on fire 🔥

    1. Zoie rose

      Agree to agree

  45. Zoie rose

    You probably think I'm weird but I'm not trust me. SIKE 😋

    1. Zoie rose

      Agree to agree to agree

  46. Zoie rose

    I love slime and fire 😍🔥👌

    1. Zoie rose

      I guess I agree

  47. anji goul

    Me after my dad left for milk



  49. EXO Fizzy

    I got the night ball and the desktop punching bag

  50. Ggg Hhh

    99% of this channel is just ads

  51. Z I M O N

    I died laughing at 0:41

  52. limen

    the fact that jamie pronounces double like devil is both funny and annoying

  53. John Nguyen

    Can I buy a pass back plz

  54. UnicornGirl3980 Playzz

    video has a baby shark soft toy ad of baby shark =-=

  55. Thehider 1234567

    The mistake was the colour.

  56. Turtle Count

    Me: so the rules are 4:46 - 5:50 Friends: huh?

  57. MoonChildxo


  58. MoonChildxo


  59. Wandering Legend

    The host looks like the fucking deformation in the ice age movies,

    1. Wandering Legend

      I have realised it was sid,

  60. MoonChildxo

    NO 12

  61. MoonChildxo


  62. Thehider 1234567

    Spoiler! Wait, Jamie and Danny still could’ve lost if they hit one of the blues in,

  63. Andrew Schmidt

    You should make one twice that size!

  64. Sasuke Uchiha

    I can finally play catch with my dad

  65. Diamond Ax Jax

    Finally, a ball for everyone on the internet

  66. Minda Verville

    Abc 2018

    1. Minda Verville

      I mean 2019

  67. The plague doctor :::::-

    I miss Eric 😢

  68. Chris Ivan

    Wtf did I just watched multiple ads for 15 minutes straight?!

  69. •Sakura Niko•

    Who else loves BT21 and noticed kelsey wearing an RJ shirt

  70. Lee Balansag

    1:35 : *exists* Me:

  71. Lone Wolf Horizon

    3:11 thats gumballs first best friend before darwin right?

  72. Ice Bagel

    I’ve seen the spike ball one at my school... h u h

  73. Blue diamond creepypasta’s 23

    I don’t like it because it lets you have the power to hurt someone badly on their special day

  74. Nick

    Don’t but this it’s trash

  75. Danielle Kirby

    Not in class!? But I wanna get revenge on.meh mean bossy ANNOYING teacher mrs. Crossland

  76. Wandering Legend

    I would swallow them like a *bean*

  77. El Fro

    I’m Australian it is pronounced canbra

  78. Clarita Molz

    Ahh Ohh Ahh ohh

  79. Mohamed Al Alous

    Thank you very much for this, I am at home and I have a disability and I need additional income and through this $4312 I got $ 1564 and this site is amazing

  80. Diego Guzman

    Stop it with that Nicolas cage pillow

  81. Spikey Sings

    One day Your see Jamie giong into work with a notepad of things Danny can do

  82. Rebecca Ramirez

    I love how 2 adults are playing hide 'n seek

  83. Hypnawtic

    2:25 How Tom Brady Trained 2:03 How Patrick Mahomes Trained (Not trying to start any beef chill out)

  84. Bobby Duncan

    Where'd he get a Tommy gun

  85. Cool kris

    Do more hide in plain sight

  86. Cody Chong

    What happens if someone has two bonus gives

  87. Joey Xl87

    Make the titanic out of pinblocks!

  88. Proton Gaming

    How to make a simple game better? *LASERS*

  89. choco choco STRAWBERRY

    5:52 why didnt you use the flashlight that can burn it?

  90. The Buendia family

    Jamie: it said he's a better business than- ArE tHoSe DoNuTs

  91. Herb Deiters

    Your videos are so satisfying.😲😲

  92. Rebecca Ramirez

    Jamie can't go a day without his poking stick XD

  93. xKor

    If you have a pass back, then you have no friends.

  94. NoName UwU

    “Im gonna go with "shutters"?” *"Shutters?"* *THEY'RE LUSCIOUS CURTAINS!!!*

  95. Thebeast84

    It’s pronounced canbra

  96. The Incredible Narwhal

    But water isn't wet.

  97. It's Lula

    "Ah, it's blue" "I'd just drink water all day"

  98. Rebecca Ramirez

    the screams of a god 4:07

  99. Akshay Naidoo

    All the sour things you tried now eat it all together with an embery tablet

  100. FF5615

    So the olly ball is basically a advanced beachball