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  1. Deb T

    Tell me why this sh*t is just a video on how the ravens are gonna run these dudes out of the stadium and what the jets could potentially do to stop it lmao

  2. Your Mum

    Am I trippin or is that Mike Keith in the background at 5:56

  3. a.gon

    Wheres the mnf game?

  4. Robert Bohnaker

    Why are the Blues Brothers doing football commentary ?

  5. Patriot751

    Steve Young could of been a great NFL running back. Moves nobody ever seen !!

  6. Chris Heuckkk


  7. Ryu Hayabusa

    Dallas gets blown out, and Cowboys Nation gets their Christmas present early when Garrett finally gets fired on Monday. Merry Christmas Cowboys Nation!

  8. YoungGhostTMH

    Damn that missed FG by the 9ers killed them

  9. Patriot751

    Amazing story !! Both real pros. I would of demanded a trade if I was Young. He wasted alot of years sitting the bench. Both hall of famers !!!

  10. YoungGhostTMH

    Damn how many times my 9ers fell for that same ass fake hand off jackson run. Like wtf

  11. Mr. Fahrenheit

    8:32 anyone else notice the lone cleveland guy

  12. Jacki Marshall

    38 broncos 24 chiefs..go broncos..


    I’ll admit it at the start of the Steelers season I was one of the people making jokes about them but now I am such a fan of them they are so likable and really do feel like a family despite all their setbacks they’ve really turned it around all hail the duck!

  14. Parzevel The Blunt

    We are banged up a bit on defense. Can't get caught sleeping this week. Treat Atlanta like a playoff team and shut down Ryan. Come on 9ers get that W.

  15. Falconsfan408

    28-24 falcons

  16. K Zotto ·

    my favorite running back coldest dude out

  17. Nate Huynh

    This is like the worst commutators ever.


    28 22 Texans

  19. Ildar Galiullin

    TITANS WILL WIN no chance for texans. TITANS/OILERS the best 34-17 TITANS W

  20. Topdamdroppa

    Hopefully my Texans crash and burn down the stretch so we could get this bumbling idiot and his old ass geezer calling the defense out of Houston.. I predict texans 10 titans 40 in another embarrassment

  21. ed hanes

    Can we PLEEEASE have an easy game???? pretty please

  22. J El Native

    Jags should just clean house smh

  23. Fred Castro

    I hope my cards win this is the only game they have a chance to get one more.

  24. Johnny Figueroa

    Eagles go 9-7, beat Seattle in the wild card, then beat the Saints and then beat Vikings in the nfc championship game again. Super bowl versus the ravens and win it all let’s go!!!

  25. OGMEMESGOD 700


  26. Tommy Maurice

    48-17 Tampa

  27. Bob Luatimu

    2019 Jimmy G.Q 11-2

  28. Rare Cheeto

    We got all these high hopes cowgirls fans in the comments😂

  29. Screwie Louie

    Dislikers mother's are hoes!

  30. Daniel Sahagun

    21-14 raiders

  31. Daniel Sahagun

    28-20 cowboys

  32. Daniel Sahagun

    28-17 texans

  33. Daniel Sahagun

    20-17 colts

  34. Daniel Sahagun

    35-21 seahawks

  35. Victor Allen Jones

    Extend it to 14.

  36. Daniel Sahagun

    31-21 vikings

  37. Michael C

    Great game .. bad pass interference no call .. lol

  38. Daniel Sahagun

    33-18 eagles

  39. Daniel Sahagun

    38-10 ravens

  40. Daniel Sahagun

    39-19 patriots

  41. Destiny

    Texans just had a hiccup, were up there and hopefully not going anywhere. If not the shitty coach gotta go

  42. Daniel Sahagun

    24-14 giants

  43. Tom Jenkins

    Who let the sweaty T-shirt wearing fatty on the air? Get this unwatchable loser off this show.

  44. Daniel Sahagun

    24-21 packers

  45. Daniel Sahagun

    35-14 chiefs

  46. Victor Allen Jones

    Patriots may not even get a 1st round Bye.

  47. Daniel Sahagun

    28-14 falcons

  48. Daniel Sahagun

    35-0 browns

  49. Daniel Sahagun

    21-14 bills

  50. Drake Quevedo

    My 49ers did a lot better than that

  51. 889976889

    How do the Texans shock the patriots then got stomped by the broncos

  52. SangheiliWarrior

    The crazy thing is the Broncos actually have a huge chance to win this game. With the way the defense is playing for the Broncos and Drew lock having a surge on offense lately. It'll be very important to for them to run the ball

  53. Mike Roberts

    Lamar 0-2 to mahomes

  54. Michael Zerwas

    We must block Bosa that's the main matchup to watch if we can slow him down we win...oh and the Vikings need to stop Chargers run game

  55. Betty Better

    This Is where the Steeler playoff hopes go to die... can't wait

  56. helicopter weewee

    Eagles 17 Deadskins 14

  57. Michael Tipler

    Cynthia, you say you vane from farm folks, but you didnt know what :heys in the narn" mesns, what the he'll were you doing. Surely not any farm work, about the same thing your doin there huh, not much, But cha look good girl.

  58. Humphrey Family Homestead

    To be honest, the best part is Jason Witten breaking the trophy!!

  59. fret

    2:24 if Anthony miller wasn’t walking and blocked one of the defenders

  60. Weese Bowski

    It’s time to TITAN TFU! #👑Henry

  61. DJ Chill Will

    Once the punter passed to the placekicker, I gave the video a huge thumbs up.

  62. Mordecai

    I love this commercial, but I swear the NFL has it out for the Vikings. How could you not even mention Randy Moss? I mean it could have been perfect. After Peyton Manning threw it, you could’ve had Randy literally Moss someone.

  63. Toby Schneider

    Wow, booing Tom Brady at half !!! Man has brought your franchise 6 super bowls and has taken pay cuts for 15 years, what an ungrateful fan base. Patriots will go back to a crappy franchise after Brady retires.

  64. cedric williams

    GO HAWKS!!!💙💚💙💚

  65. DJ Chill Will

    I love watching winston get sacked. If you do too ---> 0:26, 4:24, 5:33, 6:22

  66. Cody ALLCAPS

    I’ll take the Ravens with the upset this week 107-6

  67. Erick

    Where he been lately

  68. Dominant Persona

    11:25 talking about BBC while the female co host is grinning crom cheek to cheel

  69. elver galarga

    Mike Tomlin is the coach of the year , when you lose you’re QB/RB/WR AND DEFENSE STARS and still manage to stay alive in the playoffs chase THATS coaching !

  70. Devil- Tovar G


  71. RVA Josh

    I'm a Raven's fan but goddamn I love hearing Mike Tomlin with his players

  72. Ryan Someone

    26:33 I think we need to change this now...

  73. Phoenix Antone

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM A PATRIOTS FAN...but they got robbed on a few TD's. Still 😊 about it tho

  74. Lethal Weapon

    That music though

  75. Sunset

    oof feel bad for that kid at 3:18 holding out his hat and pen, waiting for someone to sign yet i don’t think anyone would-

  76. Clement Capelle

    Boston Scott balled out!!!!

  77. Hector Bautista

    Sweet james!!!!!!

  78. Farva Mo

    Mike Tomlin showing what he can do when he has selfless players

  79. Andrew Sercer

    FAMILY ON ONE !! .....

  80. Carlos Inda

    Not a Steelers fan but i would run a brick wall for Mike Tomlin. What a coach.

  81. Dude Number 1

    Fortunately for the Raiders, they’re playing an even worse team.

  82. Dylan Cannon

    This game was a big reason the Oilers moved to Tennessee

  83. Jamel Macon

    My barber is a better NFL analyst than these clowns

    1. The Ukrainian Intellect

      Calm down there Jamel.



  85. Dude Number 1

    Let the Tank Bowl begin!

  86. Shawn

    Pats fans still crying after the shoe switched feet lmao

  87. Merciful King

    Bruno Mars, the only man in this world who is worthy to replace Micheal Jackson.


    I beileve in carr

  89. Logan Dill

    Prediction: Texans Win Division Titans Season Standings: 9-7 Texans Season Standings: 10-6

  90. Gabee

    We gonna look back at this laughing how lamar got picked so low

  91. PT Parker

    4:04. It sounded like bill said my pleasure. There for he secretly works for chick fil a. No wonder there closed on Sunday🤨

  92. Z.Z Shirer

    No game is better then when both teams not only really want the win but are also having a lot of fun going for it.

  93. joseelno1

    I was 15 yrs old .it was raining in Southern California.winchells donuts had just introduced the jumbo donut.i remember not believing my eyes and eating my big donut and feeling lonely and sad

  94. Kaick

    6:19 who is this guy? What's his name?

  95. Texas Trill 713

    Texans all day Watson is a magician!!

  96. Fullmetaljango

    9:47 tribisky servin up some hot turnovers

  97. cory silva

    and that smile at the end; what a cheating MF'er........ he knew the guy was coming. That little prance with the right foot wasn't fooling anyone

  98. Marquies Johnson

    He's so underrated and it's crazy because not only can cover outside but he's one of the best nickel Corners in the league as well so he's just a overall great DB

  99. Daniel Pennington

    This has to be the sickest game for Houston fans. I just hope these 2019 Buffalo Bills can dethrone those hateful Patriots for the AFC East Title!

  100. Matthew Jacob

    Vikings one was not fair at all there was a bad call I remember anywasy the lost their next game and have never one the superbowl sooo