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  1. unknown_ nerd

    Anyone else notice the dumnial is wrong?

  2. HeroicSlayer528

    Petition for the sidemen to go on the real chase

  3. Cold Collision

    When the boys think they can go to bed without goodnight kisses 1:18:35

  4. Lachlan Simmich

    Outro song??

  5. juliane

    why is no one talking about 8:16 ???

  6. Msavvyboy213 0826

    All those memories of W2S 7:00

  7. logan marshall

    good to see jj is back bulking

  8. Cold Collision

    Anyone else like that they include their cameramen instead of just having them on the side and they have the fun? Much love

  9. Dickhammerbush

    Dare is A monki on de cah

  10. Mosketball


  11. mal 23

    I liked it more when they only film them selfes. Still good vid tho

  12. TheBeastBossGamer

    3:30 juice WRLD be like Srry

  13. Zuhaib Ali

    9:46 does anyone know what he means by that

  14. MFA Zombie_SlayerYT

    Is it just me or is there a lot of ads😭😂

  15. Pizza Stix

    I would have aced that Christmas quiz. My mom never stops watching movies and talking about Christmas

  16. Mathew Shircliff

    Vik is trash at soccer

  17. MintyMango 11

    I want to do this so ba

  18. JonzMC

    Ethan with the goat was to funny

  19. Murat Bakış

    Enes batur çakma 😖


    Ethan is class 🤣🤣

  21. Jason Ulriksen

    Am I dumb or in the trivia part second questions the answer is tinsel and Harry but balls and he somehow got it right?

  22. MintyMango 11

    1:13:37 best thing ever

  23. Navie Ramirez

    Nobody: Honda civics at 3 am: 1:03:48

  24. Naunihal Yadav

    no one else is triggered he split the pole at 7:27

    1. Naunihal Yadav

      and 9:46

  25. T.O. Styles

    Tobi genuinely concerned about Ethan and Vik spoiling their appetites was great.

  26. Cian Leonard

    *Press F to pay respects for Blitzen*

  27. Kanes Kreation Of Life

    Wtf is Harry doing at 7:50 😂

  28. TheAdvancedGuy

    Is that nick crompton filming at 17:53 ?

  29. Aatif Mahmood

    Still hate Vik

  30. Adapsty

    Did anyone else get scared 8:14

  31. Aqixe O

    Love the video

  32. xSnelling97

    I’m not gonna lie.... Josh is starting to look like a Poundland version or drake

  33. petyu3

    Assault on the camera man.

  34. Jordyn Nexus

    This is really good but I think it’s too soon after the last $10000 vs $100 or whatever it was. Just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️

  35. BreconOfficial

    nobody: toby: 9:30

  36. ukg corky

    wow ksi just refiued a sandwich and there are ppl out there that wud stab him up for that sandwich

  37. Zain Mohammed

    It's funny how Vik is not in the thumbnail

  38. Cherubin Musangu

    Do a part 2

  39. No Videos with 100,000 Subscribers

    {\__/} ( • - •) take one please / >🍭

  40. Itsyehippo HD

    “And our driver is brown” Harry -2018

  41. Kiwi Boy

    Can anyone tell me the song from the outro, please?

  42. Moozy Villa


  43. Fagdalf The Gay

    Phil sounds like a teacher from harry potter. His voice just rises like he's lecturing those little wizard brats.

  44. Beerus The Destroyer

    The rides they went on were so small

  45. SplittsXSecond

    night going to lie here cuzzie wuzzies, the sidemen for the most part are pretty stupid.

  46. Desean Dennis

    Is it just me or Tobi was listening to t’avais Scott “ Highest in the room”🤔

  47. remdog gaming

    JJ be looking like juice wrld

  48. JaySauxy

    Tobi is such a nice guy

  49. Minifie Life

    8 to the power of 2 like 64 dislike if 16 ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️

  50. Mkl Grc

    3:51 had me dying

  51. Citris _ Mario

    whats the ending song?

  52. Alexander Acosta

    Faze:😴 Sidemen:😲

  53. thesonicyipee

    Whats the song playing at 27:43 through harrys speakers? Thanks in advance

  54. Jai Alfred

    Bambi 💀💀

  55. Cassius Colaco


  56. Georgevita

    Josh: Name a milk based christmas beverage Everybody except JJ: Egg Nog JJ: Baileys

  57. leftnutdangler 83

    24:59 the best

  58. Laura Fente

    i thought the santa was josh

  59. MX Di_273

    Do $100,000 vs $10,000

  60. Max K

    Harry Should Go to the glass table and sing little boy

  61. max monaghan


  62. Beast Is on drugs

    Nobody: Simon when he throws the rings Sidemen :Moooooooooooooooooooooo

  63. Landon Rollins

    Anyone else hear highest in the room

  64. OwenisNot_aTryhard

    Harry looked so disappointed when tobi got 2 points

  65. bunie ugwunze

    One of my favorite Sideman videos

  66. Jack McMonagle

    Me: who's watching in December Everyone: does not care

  67. Betz Gaming

    This is without a doubt the best video on the entire internet

  68. Luis Angel

    We need some soccer/football vids man

  69. Kodimus_ Prime_G1

    Love these videos 😂 also what’s the song at the end?

  70. Jamez bullock

    More ads on this vid than a free movie on cable

  71. Erik Harrigton

    57:44 London's most wanted criminal gang

  72. Viherk R6

    not once did i get bored, so entertaining

  73. Alola Rattata

    Bell Boi Coffee B.B.C

  74. Literally A Melon

    I love how after Vikks second KSI goes “wus goin on, wus goin on”

  75. Alex Jackson

    Tobi is such a nice guy

  76. tbhitslois

    why is harry dressed like he's a deliveroo driver

  77. Conor Fully loaded

    Red team be living like Richie rich

  78. Babadee

    who else thinks that KSI's chef sounds like Jerry from Wizards Of Waverly Place?

  79. W5G

    The sidemen should roast their mates now!!!

  80. IC 1

    Harry has worn it in two videos.

  81. Asha Samuel


  82. II zEnzY II

    12:16 Ethan be sounding like a star wars gun lol😂😂

  83. Amarius Sekajipo

    I'm going to keep this roast short and sweet like vikk

  84. Nathan Mansfield

    Viks Felix navidad wasn’t more Indian than it was Mexican

  85. Morez T8T

    6:16 - 6:30 Look at Vikk's face when he realises his partner's cover is blown and desperately tries to save it.

  86. Clorox Bleach

    48:06look at jj 😂😂😂😂

  87. Nye Reh

    Yo he has the childish merch

  88. Splash Hesse

    47:22 I’m dying

  89. Kai Martin

    where was Phil

  90. Bridger Freeze

    Can someone tell me why Simon looks like and sounds like Arthur from Arthur saves Christmas

  91. Ruben Samason


  92. Giovanny123

    1:21:22 nice timing

  93. cc 477tiger

    ??????? SONG AT 12:14 ?????

  94. Bob Ross’s Dad

    JJ getting left hanging at the end and Ethan getting run over 🙌😂

  95. Raul Preciado

    Ethan reminds me of Gru from the Despicable Me 😅

  96. kelly raffertyupo

    26:00 had me dying

  97. e 5

    Wise Words

  98. Evan R

    When Harry crashes into the tree hahahahahahaha

  99. pyscho kid

    Tobi is the most respected person in the group

  100. Yvng Josh

    Anyone else think the Santa kinda sounded like Trump?