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  1. Ena Kiseky Arrow

    ... Fighting, Fighting.

  2. Anel Luis

    Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave App tik tok --- GDA

    1. Sheila Alisyah

      Anel Luis done ! Hwaiting

  3. Anel Luis

    Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave App tik tok --- GDA

  4. Athena Maxima-1


  5. Sandra Wünsch

    I'm really emotional after watching this because it reminds me of my dad and how much he loves and treasures this song.

  6. Anel Luis

    Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave App tik tok --- GDA

  7. Anel Luis

    Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave App tik tok --- GDA

  8. monsterbh

    Son tan hermosos LPM. Mi OT9 😭😭

  9. Anel Luis

    Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave

  10. Athena Maxima-1

    Recuerdo que cuando leí la letra de esta canción en español, me puse a llorar............

  11. Syasmita Maudi

    Are there Indonesian people here? Where is the cafe's address ?

  12. love uaena


  13. razorback9999able

    Girls Generation: Oh yeah yeah yeah Maximilianmus and his goons: Oh yeah yeah Razorback: ................

  14. Nini Ninii

    EXO forever

  15. Sydney Stylites


  16. Suho Leader

    Who’s here before 40M?

  17. Nini Ninii

    EXO forever

  18. Kande ẸЖỖ

    بطه كاي المثير

  19. beyi bil

    gue kesini liat lagi setelah sekian lamanya cuma karna gara2 debat sm adek gue. lupa lg posisi chanyeol, debatlah kita

  20. Nini Ninii


  21. Kande ẸЖỖ

    تشانيول عملاقي الحلوو

  22. Nini Ninii


  23. Nini Ninii


  24. Nini Ninii


  25. bts exo living

    Omg they will come back on 23-12-19 with reve festival day 3

  26. Nini Ninii

    Xiumin I miss you

  27. L 95

    I love this song i love Exo!!

  28. Nini Ninii

    D.O I miss u

  29. Athena Maxima-1

    CHEN 1 BILLION!! estoy tan orgullosa de tí , gracias por esta hermosa canción mi ángel♥

  30. Nini Ninii

    CHEN hot

  31. Nini Ninii

    Kai the best

  32. SiriusBee Stars

    5.224.070× 12:22 12/12/2019

  33. Athena Maxima-1

    CHEN 1 BILLION !! Congratulations! my love♥

  34. Nini Ninii

    Baek Hyun

  35. Yuliana Sarah

    Ilove exo

  36. Nini Ninii


  37. multiluvs

    his voice is so beautiful🥺

  38. exol ananya loves leo

    "SHUT UP AND GO AWAY" the most iconic line to HATERS

  39. juanjo fabiano


  40. juanjo fabiano


  41. Baekhyun Joker

    Each members of exo are talented

  42. juanjo fabiano


  43. Jaki Yissel Paz

    Necesito saber si nombre en serio... 😍😍😍😍

  44. diitavampire

    soooooooo freaking funny to see this without even english tittle for LUNA's name. proud to read these english comments. glad that f(x) members already left this kind of agency. the only reason i shud thank this agency is for finding and debuting them, my ultimate fav girlgroup so i can know them until now. i love f(x).

  45. i miss minseok


  46. Baekhyun Joker

    I wish this mv was longer

  47. harli Gomez

    Continue to explore my Indonesia proudly and cheerfully

  48. L B


  49. jashney and jessel's vlog

    So nice

  50. juanjo fabiano


  51. Baekhyun Joker


  52. exol ananya loves leo

    This song never gets old It's still the BEST SONG in KPOP

  53. aeri_ htth


  54. juanjo fabiano


  55. harli Gomez

    I really love my Indonesia and super junior

  56. juanjo fabiano


  57. Sofia Inayah


  58. Mira Kim

    CHEN 1 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!

  59. princess donna

    Im crying ot12 foreveeeeer

  60. Nafiseh Mahmodzadeh

    4,400,000till dance practice come on why are you so lazy

  61. Jaehyun Chan


  62. triskim

    любимые мои

  63. Mariluz Morales Gomez


  64. Dphaannn

    Two months after the song debuted, I still have it on repeat this day

  65. brit

    she's so sweet :c

  66. GOMBALL95

    I want a puppy!!

  67. Thanh Nguyen

    Taeyeon is my Queen

  68. jung jeon chikal


  69. L B


  70. Rio Escarlan

    3:08 looks like lay!?

  71. Harshitha Reddy

    4th win let's gedit

  72. Harshitha Reddy


  73. exol ananya loves leo

    How many international EXO-LS are here???!!!

    1. Anel Luis

      Vote for EXO App SMA --- k wave

  74. Shiva Chaudhary

    nice video, good looking guys.

  75. i miss minseok


  76. triskim


  77. Amy Li

    this song is so catchy and so unconventional i love how rv can pull off the best concepts

  78. Ena Kiseky Arrow

    Suju, fantástic!

  79. Firda nurfa

    Stay stream guys❤️

  80. DarkNeko

    Pasichi punchis punchis jaja

  81. Peachy Milk tea

    Omg! Our handsome Jaehyun 😁✨

  82. 이승준

    나는 처음 그기사를 봤을때부터 3일간 생각이 많았다 그의 열정적인 팬은 아니었지만 노래가 나오면 찾아 듣곤 했으니까 .. 그냥 좀 명예도 부도 다가졌고 그룹도 안정기에 들었던 사람이 왜 그랬을까 역시 보이는게 다가 아닌 거같다 진짜 행복했으면 바라는 사람이다 연예인의 죽음이 나에게 영향을 준건 처음이었다 진짜진짜 그곳에선 행복했으면 하는 바램이다

  83. Ena Kiseky Arrow

    Wonderful : )

  84. KOOKED

    Kainin üstündeki ne ya

  85. It WaS sO eAsY

    Day 43

  86. Steve Michael Harriston

    Did you notice that at dawn the videos play faster than usual? Jaehyo(Block B) the most handsome of the K-pop lol Sorry

  87. It WaS sO eAsY


  88. Ena Kiseky Arrow

    Let's go, Fighting, Fighting. \(^ - ^)/

  89. so ma

    Congratulation Chen . #Chen1billion

    1. exol ananya loves leo


  90. Sofia Kim

    7.5M ♡

  91. yeni ja

    Yang ditunggu😍

  92. i miss minseok


  93. jose luis quezada gutierrez

    Solo necesitamos esforzarnos mas exo-l.....vamos todo por Exo ellos se lo merecen

  94. I am mizz JAE, an official EXOL

    I came here because I want to somehow relax :) EXO-SC is <3

  95. i miss minseok


  96. I am mizz JAE, an official EXOL

    Just us 2 <3

  97. so ma


  98. Christin Dohrmann

    I love the members so much and I love taeyong and haechan ❤️❤️❤️haechan and taeyong are sooo cute 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️