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  1. Ray Tay

    💰 this guy runs game FR

  2. A.N.E

    Stranger things feels

  3. 인HYOR

    am i the only one who feels Stranger Things vibes?

  4. Clark Brown

    The quality of lyrics to qualify of production on this tune tho

  5. Lil.pixso

    I love his songs

  6. Duru

    Best weeknd song

  7. jax tyko

    weekend to all artists pack ur bags for a weekend cause am heartless #bangeragainnagain

  8. Beats Corner

    Subscribe to my new music channel for underground and unreleased music

  9. Daddy Jr


  10. Daddy Jr

    Cats f

  11. Jonathan Samuel

    im mad that this isnt on spotify anymore

  12. fairblaster 909

    That's so cool!!!

  13. girlfromthecenteroftheuniverse

    Never disappoints :)

  14. katyrebel18

    Metro Boomin killed the beat

  15. Anninha borges

    Algum Brasileiro 2019 ❤️

  16. Wairimu Mwaura

    This song should be on La Casa de Papel season 4

  17. French Bulldogs Espana

    This guy can sing, still some good artists out there :)

  18. Hailey Kell

    You can't just put this on spotify and take it off like that :'(

  19. M Vivid

    Something is wrong with LTsel. It's only count my views

  20. Buxxel


  21. Jamie Polanco

    The Weeknd-The way you work it Girls-Omg YASSSSSSS QUEEEN The Weeknd-Relax

  22. gangster458

    We all mentioning weekend but let’s not forget about metro

  23. One of those things

    He back now lets hope he stays back and doesn't die

  24. Levi Oliveira

    Quem gosto deixar link ☝️💗

  25. Tamrat Gebriamriam

    I am proud of my ethiopian brother 😀😀😀

  26. One of those things

    That uncle at the wedding

  27. realacidic

    He said 👅🐸

  28. Bella Cendrillon 25

    J'aime trop la musique😍😍👍 il reste juste le clip

  29. Gh Xtra

    Who else thinks and believes Weekend is the most Incredible Goat 🐐 ever.

  30. Sibelly

    When the Tesla hits

  31. Enrique Harker

    Stranger things anyone ??

  32. Levi Oliveira

    Quem gosto deixar link ☝️🔥

  33. Idriss Maiga

    December 2019

  34. robertino gitano

    Good vibe &feeling about this song👍

  35. JacobSalinas1

    Bro you sound gay

  36. cintya siqueiralemosbarbara

    Prefiro a versão do windersson kkkk


    The lip sync

  38. Nazzy Productions2364

    I get why circles is no.2 but why is this shit number one instead of all I want for Christmas is you?????

  39. Levi Oliveira

    Parabéns Pela sua música 👏👏👏💗

  40. Troncreeper

    why didn't he shoot?

  41. Levi Oliveira

    Quem gosto deixar link ☝️🔥

  42. mark Bettencourt

    Me getting Mac Donald’s with my Minecraft girlfriend and the boyz

  43. B. Gerov

    Producer: How high do you want to look? The Weekend: Yes.

  44. Stephen Maza


  45. Dolph B

    This song is unstoppable to listen.

  46. Moh dz

    Nostalgic 80' song 🔥

  47. jervon spencer

    Never need a bitch, Im what a bitch need🔥🔥

  48. Robert Justice

    cant go a day without listenin to dis song

  49. Skylair Starwalker33

    33 superman , 33 is not NUMBER

  50. Sara Rahtz

    Cruisin with asap looks like the most fun of all these shots 😅😍😍

  51. Nazim Uddin

    Abel been into Merc for ages , now he got a fat cheque and probably a free car 🤣👌👌👌👌

  52. Chaeli Bear

    Well that was plot twist

  53. Steve Rogers

    And in the end they both lost their fights

  54. SAN-G

    Svemirko vajbs

  55. Zoxeo

    0:23 saddest moment

  56. İLike2SpamL2

    Girls name: Kristine froseth i Think

  57. Juan Marcos

    E de novo o satanás em seu video clip

  58. salah fn

    I want anyone to subscribe to a channel. I want your support and encouragement. Thank you

  59. salah fn

    I want anyone to subscribe to a channel. I want your support and encouragement. Thank you

  60. salah fn

    I want anyone to subscribe to a channel. I want your support and encouragement. Thank you

  61. salah fn

    I want anyone to subscribe to a channel. I want your support and encouragement. Thank you

  62. cristian bautista

    Que nivel🔥♣

  63. Someone in the world

    Makes me think of "halfway there" by big time rush

  64. Natalia Argalska

    How many more comments comparing to MJ

  65. Isaiah Jones

    Gonna be a banger in the club

  66. Replicated Media

    expected travis scott after liking the toad

  67. Swati Kishore

    Where was this shot?

  68. Michael Sommermann

    I love it😊

  69. Patrycja Dx

    This sound reminds me Blade Runner, i just love this song ! 🧡🧡🧡

  70. Dan


  71. Elif Oymak

    Now im in love with this song :))))

  72. King Street Pilots

    Fear and Loathing on the Weeknd...

  73. Wairimu Mwaura

    This is my best Weeknd song ever xo

  74. Gina Wong

    80s vibes

  75. Timothy Davis

    15k people have hearts

  76. Evellin Tarcyla



    Cade os brasileiro em 2019 🇧🇷

  78. Эльчин


  79. Reece Dean

    That was a very great thing gg to creators best vid/song

  80. Hey fellow watchers

    Who missing his hair 😭😅

  81. Tarini Walia

    Bruno mars?

  82. Julian Gutierrez

    1.4 b daam

  83. Elijah Taylor

    He took some major lines for this video u see the way he puffing that cigs face numb asf

  84. Tim Schuiling


  85. Sid Sharma

    I hope you don't leave us too, Abel.

  86. Cassandra Velazquez

    I live in Las Vegas and my main concern and question is how he got Fremont Street and that one casino that I can’t remember the name of right now to be empty

  87. Blastsblue188

    Reminder Dont Do Drugs Kids

  88. H.B.K Pr1nce Johnny

    beautiful song i love it

  89. Adamek Music


  90. dafeejiro

    If only Naruto knew he only needed to lick a toad to go Sage mode.

  91. Adamek Music


  92. Larissa Costa

    Gosto assim era nova, cabelo novo, conceito novo Artista q inova é outro nivel👏👏

  93. T 888

    Are they sith lords?

  94. flexafil

    лайк кто после сережи мезенцева)))

  95. Donald Ferr


  96. unknown

    Que pedo el payday 3

  97. Faith

    Stranger Things soundtrack pls


    Best song ever from him!

  99. Donald Ferr