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  1. kerrie j

    Sub-sea-quent 😂😂😂

  2. Rmanb66 V

    If you’re scrolling down I respect you and you won’t step on a lego

  3. Some 1

    Hehhe, you lost

  4. Lachlan Brophey

    U losing 2 points wasn't the reason u lost u shouldn't have been given the knockdown KSI destroyed u

  5. Lmao Yuboi

    You literally could have whooped his ass, you look like u just didn’t care

  6. James Adenopo


  7. p m


  8. Brad Williams

    The excuses about you being sick make you look so petty. Big L

  9. Hayden Weyers

    Bro ...I fucking love you

  10. Techno Gamer

    Logan actually took an L When he accepted Raid of Legends as a Sponser..

    1. Vivan

      That, I actually agree with xD

  11. teran nakai

    Nostalgia kicked in when “Help me help you” came on ❤️🙂

  12. IndianNaruto

    You weren’t doing anything cause you were scared simple as that

    1. Vivan

      This is so funny I can't stop laughing. Absolute madlad

  13. Aman Beg

    Who edit ur videos bro

  14. PinpointGaming2


  15. Lism


  16. Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO:*

    "Congrats KSI" Me: *starts giving respect to Logan* "You can see my eyes, I was sick." Me: Jesus man.

    1. Vivan

      Yes. Always love these copy pasted comments. Very original. Here. Have a candy, kid.

  17. Julian Legge

    I want to hit a pumpkin but I live in Fort St. John

    1. Julian Legge

      ya got get some beer on your

    2. Julian Legge


  18. Rmanb66 V

    Dont shave the beard Logan

  19. Dominic Lau

    Make more vlogs vids

  20. Lanbert Bo

    Take the L

  21. Omg Its Jokerr

    Logans knockdown happened because he grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his head down while throwing multiple uppercuts which IS ILLEGAL in the sport of boxing and then add you hitting him twice in the back of the head while he was falling to the ground and it was the Illegal second uppercut that caused him to fall in the first place. If that ain't 2 points deducted than idk what is, good call bu the ref in my opinion

  22. Zul278

    Logan you're a clown. Shouldn't really have made the excuses and you would have won the UK's respect

  23. yild_

    can you plz start vlogging again

  24. Matt Cola

    I’m a KSI fan but wow a lot of boxer should be like Logan being humble

  25. Grace Wooten

    Why am I just getting a notification just now..

  26. Rasmus

    ive been watching ksi for 8 years, and truly wanted him to win, but beacause of him i started watching you and tbh you have matured like crazy over thees 2 years, love what you doing logan and thanks for 2 great fights :)

  27. Editing Beast

    Dude your eyes are always purple

  28. Itz L1ght

    The amount of excuses dude jeez take an L with pride

  29. anibal rodriguez

    Let's Go Champ

  30. Marlene Morales

    Ayooo good morning logang what’s poppin coming back 2020 im so excited !!!!❤️

  31. Llamasshine

    I think they should have a mma fight

  32. HamPs

    I just hope everything gets alright in 2020 for Logan.

  33. Mehjabeen Khan

    Hi logan , I missed you and now you are back. Keep it up bro.😊


    Love you bro no matter u loose😘

  35. Endla Sanjeev

    need that vlogs back ✌🏻😁

  36. James Knight

    Bro yess I missed the vlogs so fucking muchh ❤️

  37. FranaPeaXD

    it's sad how logans past videos in the past *3 months* are all about KSI

  38. Jake is here

    Logan you should try mma i think you be pretty good at it

  39. Pepper


  40. Jeppe 23


  41. Exhaviz

    Raid shadow legends😂

  42. Daniel Kipp

    Get in the octogon

  43. Brooke Manzo


  44. FaZe Goku

    All the people that dislike the video is a virgin and likes Shawn Dawson and James Charles

  45. Gregory Clark

    I will never subscribe to you

  46. Panda 123

    Yo JJ won on the 9th of November not the 12th of December

  47. angie bianchi

    love you babyyy hehe

  48. Sedona Anderson

    Who else cry?

  49. Leonardo Calzadilla A


  50. CallMehCarter

    Oh no... he partnered with Raid.... and to be fair. I was on KSI's side but I thought you were going to win. GGs Logan.

  51. BenGunning06


  52. FranaPeaXD

    sorry kids... Santa don't exist

  53. Its Syirah

    The last part is funny "I got a gf... That's a lie" 🤣🤣🤣

  54. Agustin Zarate

    I sneezed so I couldn’t watch the video

  55. Daniel Carson fortnite

    Please don’t do mma keep doing boxing

  56. Sangay Gyatso Bhutia

    4:26 I was looking where to hit? More like looking where to kiss 😂🤣

  57. Aeroriteri YT

    The outro had me in tears

  58. 6ix8ight5ive

    Waiting for KSI’s reaction to this💀

  59. dexter dexter

    Logan u rock

  60. Rizzy

    TBH another match 😂😂 but clearly invincible

  61. sanjay smoky

    logan u rocks

  62. Uno Reverse Card

    It’s been a month dumbass why you just uploading this

  63. toocheep4u

    Good job buddy. Love ya, and best of luck. :)

  64. Ward

    Your so early

  65. MiKe JoNeS

    Dude you held him by the back of his head and uppercutted him..... should have been 4/5 points deducted.

  66. TGF Rucker

    Make logan Paul great agian

  67. Mohd Saad


  68. TGF Rucker

    Yay!😀😀😀😀 more vlogs

  69. Savage Scavenge

    He called out that ref big time! That ref did make a few big mistakes. I agree. But still a good fight.

  70. WobblesTheSecond

    Look at this dude.

  71. LBcomedy

    You should have told the commission you sneezed three times

  72. jose luri zavala

    Who else randomly just remembered about this song and came to rewatch on December 2019?

  73. Timo Cruz123

    Luv u brah

    1. vasav katyal

      U gay

  74. Pure Water

    That outro music tho. Wow 2016 vibes

  75. mk

    That came very fucing late..

  76. Rahmatiah Nurul

    that help me help you song aaaaaaa!!!!

  77. Gentle M.

    Thanks logan for bringing back ur vlogs ....missed it ....and truly love ur vlogs man ....✌️ Whatever was the result of the match....u r still the strongest man in youtube bro... ' be a Maverick ' 😎

    1. vasav katyal

      Shut up

  78. Average Guy

    He’s trying to make you feel sorry for him because he got a paper cut on his foot

  79. jose luri zavala



    even tho u lost the fight against ksi but u are still the best youtuber

    1. vasav katyal

      Well NO He's just a nonce

  81. Marco and Eric vlogs

    Logan Paul bro me and my brother have balls and talent. We can do tons of shit and we don’t give a fuck if we get cought or sum. I feel like we can be be a good part of your vlog and this can also help out our careers. We’ve been a fan of you ever sence you were on vine. If you see this bro, please check us out. That would mean a lot 🙏🏽🔥

  82. batman w

    Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Old logan coming back😭😭😭love it but please fight more people

  83. AJ Ward

    You should’ve won


    Holy shit like weeks passed and he still making vids bout this

  85. Amrita Sohal

    He needs sponsors cause be broke

  86. IndianNaruto


  87. Average Guy

    Boom bitch!!! KSI for the win

  88. David Norman

    MMA is the real fighting! That would be the best decision for you.

  89. rahul aggarwal

    Love u logan Logan paul win that fight for logangsters

  90. Fross

    Blah blah blah stfu

  91. Baylin Costa

    Congrats on 20 mil am I late

  92. Laurel Matson

    When Maverick was still here my brother named his bird Maverick after your bird and so his legacy lives on.

  93. Veronica Greene

    I’m excited 😀

  94. TheBlasianKing

    so mature about it, proud of you logy <3

  95. JRH

    I didn’t dislike you because I like KSI, I disliked because the raid shadow legends ads are giving me ptsd

  96. Daniel pinto

    I miss logan


    back to lit outro with why don't t we!! Pls do daily vlogs my man!!

  98. Riley Haynes

    Just me or was anyone else getting worried that he quit LTsel, glad your back man keep it up

  99. Jesus Del Villar

    Bro what happened with the olimpics? I wanna see you in Tokyo 💪🏼

  100. roofcup

    You didnt lose because of your foul play you lost because you were worse just face up to it sheesh.