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  1. Mystiqueivy

    Oh yeahhh i cant believe she didnt tell him the guy from troom troon being named ben too lmaooo

  2. rihanna kemp

    you could go into your peely bag and the first to gradients that come out you could mash them together into one nail art and do that for all 5 of your nails btw I hope she sees this

  3. m i n i p e a c h

    Why do I keep watching this even though I know what’s gonna happen

  4. SpaghettiNerd 2019

    7:00 You're giving me war flashbacks... But in my case if you forgot the paper you might as well say goodbye to everything

  5. Adella Mills

    I was not ready for that montage at the end

  6. Mystiqueivy

    Im so glad she didnt do them on ben for a change! Poor him haha! I also had more comments but ive forgotten them since i watch this, damn it! I really should just comment immediately as im watching, that ways fresh and i dont miss on sharing my fave bits haha. Love you guys ❤

  7. Alicia Kuh

    Who else thinks that Cristine needs another cat or needs a kitten This who all agrees⬇️⬇️⬇️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Lynne McGee

    Safiya! I've done eyeliner on the train too! lol

  9. Emma Bell

    6:10 champagne part

  10. J o c e l y n C r u z

    15:13 lmfaoo 😂😂

  11. Lynne McGee

    Nails on the subway? I've done this! lol lol

  12. AJ Conner

    boxer braids

  13. Regina Hayes

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that someone left their dog outside in the snow?!?

  14. krzygoomba

    ITS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE Like what do you mean by its not a problem anymore?????

  15. Staci Dean

    Some cats can go bald. But it’s if they’re a haired cat mixed with a hairless. On rare occasion as they get older certain spots can lose hair

  16. Elizabeth Rahaman

    Well I want for Christmas is my too front teeth

  17. Candy Edwards

    Holo it’s me! You need to use the bigger holes on the cheese grater & Beynnnnn Mozzarella cheese is delicious I know it taste nothing like bananas!

  18. Fernando Petronilo


  19. Leila Bear

    Love ur vids

  20. K Love

    haven't you all ready lost your mind

  21. Leila Bear

    Her nails be looking like the camera on the iPhone 11

  22. YoutubeCommenter#1234

    Who narrates those videos? So annoying. It's like watching a PBS show.

  23. Dad Goes Fishing


  24. Fernando Petronilo


  25. THE MARKERS By malaika


  26. Loveless6676

    Use a dremel not a drill 🤣 I'm a little shocked the hole punch worked lol

  27. Anna Viciana

    Menchie's a SAVAGEEE

  28. Grace Friel

    Christine: Did you just say your favourite colour is rainbow Yah Cristine: HaVe YoU hEaRd Of HoLo

  29. Elizabeth Lawson

    10:00 I think they don’t look too excited because they can’t move their faces with all the Botox. The plastic is strong with these ones.

  30. Nicole Saslow

    She says she lost her mind in this video, but I don’t think she ever had it...

  31. Erin Baldry

    Not sure if I want to live in a world where Ben and Christine reproduce. Imagine mini Christine going round shouting “DaAaAaAaAaAaAaAddd”. No body is safe... Jk jk jk This is a joke not a hate comment. Love you Christine ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ xxx

  32. Kaitlyn Sams

    “I hate my self”

  33. Victoria Vicens

    I need more from Jen!

  34. R M

    Menchie stays with the mommy while filming and Zyler stays with the dad during his film days😍

  35. ellyberry

    Thanks for including what cat brush you used and where to get one!

  36. Maggie Neff

    Anyone watching in December 2019?

  37. Kpop Is a beautiful mess

    You need to cover that wheel with holo

  38. Elizabeth Lawson

    I’m in college! I’m actually working on my second diploma. I have my diploma in General Arts and Science and I’m almost finished getting my diploma in Early Childhood Education. I might even be going for a third diploma after this one 🤷‍♀️👩‍🎓👩‍💻

  39. _I_Need_Some_Bleach_

    What if my nails are blue/purple? Am I a smurf?

  40. Bry K

    This video was posted on my 11th birthday

  41. Bella Mary

    2019 anyone??

  42. Κάτια Μαυροκεφάλου

    11:11 reminds me of "Pieces" by Sum 41 a little bit tbh 😂

  43. Steve Ashby

    Hi. Ive jzut been watchong 5 minute crafts (not hating) and had to stop becausr ths nail hacks were so offending! For example, chrome powder being called holo! Like if you get annoyed by things like this to xx

  44. Benson Boi

    ben-ana cris-tea-n

  45. SOPHIE.ALMONTE 101837

    At 8:24 she said top coat, ALERT THE CHURCH ELDERS!

  46. Bunny Me

    Random Question(But useful info to me): What brushes are you using? My cat hates the brush I use

  47. KandiSharkz

    Watching it so I can use my holo taco properly <3

  48. briennabradley

    The latex dryed out! NOOO


    btw ch is A letter in the mexican alphabet im pretty sure

  50. Chloe Schuster


  51. Maira Schroeder

    My ears are bleeding but I can't stop watching/ hearing 😂😂😂

  52. black-alpha-wolfie No.1


  53. Daisy Mae Wilde

    Should you remove the dirt form underneath the nail because I work on a farm and I get dirt underneath my nail

  54. Irene Wu

    Wasn't she 30 last year?

  55. thewrongalice

    She kept the cat hair she brushed into a ziploc bag. We will call it... the Brushy Bag.

  56. Art Kat

    !!!!!!!emosewa era uoY

  57. Sienna Rose M

    You need a sunbeam snake... look it up. They are H💿L💿 🥰

  58. Eggo

    What’s peel porn?


    I’m new hear... why are her nails orange?

  60. Francesca Dezi

    Is that a prototype for one coat white on Cristine’s OtHeR HaNd?? 👀👀👀

  61. Kraken YH12


  62. Baba Yaga

    I'd love to be pampered like that, but HELL NO paraffin on the skin !!!????????? Are they insane ??? This is one of the absolute WORST THINGS to do to one's skin !!! I'd prefer being flogged...

  63. Stefanie Hase

    Is that a soon to come holo taco one coat white on your other hand?😍

  64. Heshw Qsam

    Gays my under wear is holographic olala

  65. Diletta Macera

    Cristine you need do react to the 5 minutes crafts video with nail hacks

  66. Gabriel Paddock

    12:59 Cristine's dad missed a perfect opportunity for a dad joke "Holo hungry I'm dad"

  67. Polly Gardner

    I love u

  68. Bread Cat

    I swear one day you're boyfriend is gonna turn gay cause of you 😂🧡

  69. Kutie kittie

    My Brain: 4:27 Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: iTs ThE vInE

  70. : D

    Cat voodoo

  71. Charis MW

    Honestly, send him my way! He’s older than me and cute! 😂😂

  72. Cindy Rowe

    I mean home is where the heart is🐈

  73. Josh Novotny

    i want a cat cafe in the us

  74. XxHorsie GirlxX

    Hi Christine (without the ‘h’ 😏) just wondering if you ship to the UK??? Love ur vids btw xox

  75. Hope Hartman

    I bought some holo taco polishes and I'm really pissed off about how great they are. how am I supposed to buy from another brand now?

  76. AciD Parrot

    Can't order "David's Tea" cause I live in Russia, life is pain without cotton candy tea :(

  77. I like pineapples and grapes

    Okey, did ANYONE else Immediately have a flashback when she said One direction at 9:40?

  78. Jacie Harlamert

    Oh my gosh! My grandma has the Same book! Haha;)

  79. Madison Reis

    next video: making nail art brushes with my own hair and ft Beeeyyyn losing his mind

  80. Fiona Öööh

    plz do a try dumb makeup hacks on simply facelogical plzz

  81. Clara ok boomer

    My favorite cake was the watermarble one💓💿🤗

  82. MamaSheCrazy

    I am getting hives watching this

  83. Kira VS Bela GAMING

    Kristine do part 2 of this video,plsssssss!

  84. ju ju ju Jules

    👱🏻‍♂️ 👔 👖 🍌 Benana

  85. Lola jane

    That actually happened. This woman was in a coma and was presumed dead and when they had her funeral she woke up and she got so scared by the sight that she had a heart attack and died.

  86. Megs

    Hey Cristine! I live in Ottawa and I love your videos! The Feline cafe is my favorite place! It's such a wonderful place and they do great work for so many kitties! So nice to see you support them and seeing a person I enjoy watching at a place in my home that i really love, was wonderful to see!!

  87. Marine

    Damn the cafe's cats are all models wtf

  88. The Queen Mimi

    i feel so stupid i have been watching you for sooo long , i think its from when you used to make nail art , and I DIDNT KNOW ZYLER WAS A MALE LMAOOOO

  89. Jeks Jo

    Ben with his tea spill oooff🥵

  90. Julianna Hivick

    "nail polish, tea, BEEEN, and cats" but what about tRoOm tRoOm

  91. Aiyanna Todd

    There is a frozen yogurt shop called Menchies

  92. I'm a PotATo

    2:46 OMGG CHAT NOIR!!!