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  1. Slide_intodoseDMs 420

    2:22 yes please

  2. Cancel_ReflekZz

    Who is in 2019?

  3. Rdcworld2

    Lyrics Deji:Amazing Grace. Ksi:Amazing Grace! how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found Was blind(cries) but now(cries) I see.

  4. mohammed arif

    looks like all of them idiots where wrong

  5. mohammed arif

    ksi i love the vids and i love you so happy you won both of you are extrely good boxers

  6. TheMinecraftBoys


  7. FDoublee

    2:30 you can hear the autotune

  8. Philip Williams

    JJ.... its been 8 months.... When's the next one?? Hahaha

  9. Lucern N

    8:51 if you call someone a snowman if they are white thats racist, not only the n Word.

  10. Leon Anderson

    If you want salt then play For Honor

  11. CHIEF

    come back

  12. Atomic Ace

    When a black man see chicken Me:OMG oh great I hear peeps Peeps:I smell chicken Me:its my chicken Peeps:its the chicken or your life

  13. Asna


  14. Lord Gonk Droid

    16:21 I hope he knows, that "joke" was pretty shit. Well, if you even wanna call that a joke of how bad it was.

  15. Thomas John-Engebreth

    Get outa here racist white boy

  16. Not U

    Amlucid? At 9:48

  17. Christ Smith

    People from America rooting for ksi

  18. Stop motion camotion

    you got pubic lice

  19. Thomas John-Engebreth

    Did My Phone Freeze? 4:11

  20. Lord Toski

    *Jj sneezing* Me:"bless you" Jj: YoU'rE wElCoMe

  21. Twin Savage

    Fuck u ksi Logan was going to win but he was not felling so good Logan Paul is fucking 💯% better than you 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  22. Twin Savage

    Fuck u ksi Logan was going to win but he was not felling so good Logan Paul is fucking 💯% better than you 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  23. viiv xps

    Yo did this just turn into a reaction video?

  24. Connor Da bus


  25. WOLFY

    KSI says "I fucking hate him" 3 times=wise words

  26. Jeremiah Griffin


  27. Leon Anderson

  28. Mr. Soccer

    Ksi only has watched super

  29. ItzJustKian

    I don't get why people like Logan he looks like a duck. LOLXXX😜

  30. Mubeen Nadeem

    Who laugh when jj laugh

  31. SMHSISAAC !!!

    Oh yea yea

  32. Mr. Soccer

    Post already u twat

  33. Blenard Gashi

    Ksi open a show called cringe show with Ksi

  34. Elize Nienaber

    5:45 its the mouse cursor

  35. Ruby Andrade


  36. Janice DeSorte

    6:30 me running after my bus when late for school🤣🤣🤣

  37. 703 Jay

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  38. Josue Rodgers

    you suk

  39. Rishi Kulkarni

    He is not a clown, he is the entire fucking circus

  40. Mobile Exo


    1. Mobile Exo

      He showed some hair...

  41. High k

    Ksi : I hate cats Also KSI : has a song about being like a god cat

  42. Team Ciam

    Oh yea yea

  43. J 0712

    Oh yeah

  44. Waran Kenyi

    When Vick sees a 12 year old 1:58


    you're so annoyiing

  46. Julius Barber

    4:50 get the tissues ready

  47. Fortnite Crazy

    Everyone in comments begging for likes

  48. infinite shadow

    Even though I’m white I’m still dying because of when he said it’s only white people 😂

  49. André David Lebeau

    Ksi should make or play with coryxkenshin

    1. André David Lebeau

      Make music with coryxkenshi

  50. curtis gwata


  51. Mr.gaming Vlogs

    Do a rap battle with NLE choppa

  52. ORME

    why does his laugh make this 10x better 🤣

  53. Vinne production

    Logan looks like dress up as some one died

  54. LXD- Fort

    Bulking time

  55. Travis Wagstaff

    JJ "IM SO WEAK" Also jj wins a professional boxing match

  56. Pure Genius

    Hi guys check out my LTsel channel

  57. Faetor 4

    This video was disturbing

  58. 999 Ghosty

    Swiss cheese Swiss Cheese

  59. Yadriel Alvarez

    Bro he lost for the 2 elegal punches

  60. Sam Dawson


  61. AlfaAsiaten

    Ksi said viddal wouldn't hit 1 mil, but he close now. Lol

  62. Abigail Wright

    Three or two years ago you hair look like a drill with a big forehead

  63. SNTZ Skulldoe

    Oh yeah yeah


    So ksi brother made the meme

  65. Vortex Blink

    The good thing is u did get em next time

  66. dick head

    Not even u nigga ur a fucking pussy u fucking loser

  67. BRYDOG

    Who's watching this after JJ won?

  68. これが読めたらおめでとう


  69. Claire Speight

    And you think you can beat tommy fury a actual pro

  70. Joshua Bruce

    Man he really likes making videos about winning against Logan he should rly just drop it

  71. Vewayy

    10:25 when you realise that you forgot about your gaming chair

  72. Toussainder Amsterdam

    K S i ksi

  73. Rayan 16

    Ksi I'm back 1 vid later auh mr youtube I don't feel so good

  74. Kidry2

    8:05 came true 🤣

  75. Hexter Vargas

    Bro Logan was going to win aight stop acting like you all that 🤦🏽‍♂️

  76. squidy barnacles

    That moment at 5:13 absolutely killed me

  77. StephCntral

    19:30 looks Ksi got really bored at that point 🤣

  78. Jennifer Leslie

    Ok dude u won good job nobody cares .If it was a mma fight u be crying

  79. Maritza Rojas

    its a kawii food game. please try it thanks but you dont have to

  80. Jace Seward

    2:32 when you go on furry affinity for the first time

  81. Gisli G Sigurdsson

    Dont talk about Alisson like that KSI

  82. Korede Ayileka

    6:57 oh really 😂🍆🍆

  83. Kamila N.

    You're so stupid... I think Logan made a good job summarising the fight. You should be neutral like him and not... omg..... I can't, too much cringe

  84. Bela Cardoso

    This vid was planned because Ksi bro when u said "So where am I gonna get salt u said The gaming community way to fast

  85. Kamila N.

    Omg I hate you so much XDDD

  86. Asdruubal Playz

    3:41 gibber.

  87. xd_ryley King

    Your trash 🗑 Logan Paul is better

    1. 10k subscribers with 0 friends Challenge

      Are you mad Mr. forest lost😂

  88. paradox boyle Scanlon

    Bro shout me outI need subscribers

  89. BND

    If ksi would be a fish he would be a mahi mahi 😂 If you dont know how they look google it its worth it

  90. Angie Boyle


  91. Angie Boyle


  92. rlh gaming

    What happened to rulem sports

  93. Owen Is a dipshit

    Diss track on pewds

  94. Grace Jones

    i got really excited when the girl said her boyfriend's name was daffyd. welsh gang rise up


    8:42 the guy will glasses look 👀 like Nicolas Pepe 🤣😂 👍 if you agree

  96. Rio 1

    Even as a huge ksi fan, Logan took his loss very well and so did joe weller I don’t get why you don’t respect them both ? I think your probably just a sore winner 😂

  97. Kaidon Muir

    15:00 she was walking because it never said she was in a car it just said she was learning to drive

  98. DanielsCollection

    god this is difficult to watch. Close ur mouth u when u chew u dog

  99. Matias And Ledion D

    Hello you fucking twat Like to undo

  100. IIwashere

    Ksi : im naked 12:24 close your eyes and listen