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  1. proofbreal

    Goddamnit Billie boo when we gonna talks lol AHHHHH

  2. Friends Don't Lie

    People usually tell me I look like Shalissa

  3. colbie hart

    Billie: "I don't have a boyfriend! Also billie, right after saying that: * hit's wow *

  4. Johni Anthony

    Lana del Rey? No? Ok I’m the weird one

  5. KeneSuperStar

    Where is mariahs dream lover? Outfit?

  6. chding zuure

    “i’m boutta turn 18-tingle” Drake :👀

  7. Kaksha Mhatre

    IDK why I feel sad after this

  8. shriyanshG

    What lenses you used to shoot this?

  9. cupofshutupjuice

    Nice to know crap comes in three different shades.

  10. primate924

    My favorite film of the year. These two are brilliant

  11. idkman09

    I’ve never seen game of thrones or any other movie with her in it... but I’m completely in love with her eyes smile and eye brows. She’s a cutie pie


    When she said a friend of mine died in June I cried no cap cuz it was x

  13. Kiiki Williams

    Does anyone else notice she totally outs then music industry

    1. chding zuure

      Okay 22k people who disliked this. you will meet your doom after i watch this.

  14. Jacob

    This movie is a transitioning point in Hollywood movies, bet you money.

  15. Aaron Pope

    So no cardio got it

  16. Thadius Beatbox

    Holy shi# she is young af

  17. Arantza Ximena Ibarra Limón


  18. Fnaf ARok

    Rip 😢

  19. king bing

    Cockroaches are a bit too much man!!!

  20. Brattyhedo Queen

    I'm 44 and I know who Billie Eilish is. I llooovvveeeee heeerrrrrrr 💓 wish I had her spirit and drive when I was her age

  21. rainy luv

    i didn't notice the water came out of flower

  22. Amanda W

    Magic & Goosebumps. I'm obsessed...

  23. Sam Galloway

    she lowkey cute.... i'm under 18 i'm allowed to say that.

  24. Bolsh

    now what kind of crack is vanity fair on..

  25. HauntedBoyMH

    Rihanna? R u serious? Where's Gaga and Cher?

  26. crcoghill

    ....THIS IS SO INTENSE!!!!😰

  27. Skeeter NYC

    You can keep Meryl Streep. She should've won for 'Frances.' Jessica Lange is the greatest female film actor of her generation.

  28. Giulio Marino

    I understand there are so much pop stars who deserve to be in this video and that it’s too much effort to put everyone but I was waiting for Gaga, I mean she’s also a fashion icon and it’s been skipped... 😒

  29. Viktor Morra


  30. CyDotes

    I will rate this movie 11 out of 10.

  31. Nick Knittle

    Who cares. He's a human being. Why not do a video on what I do on a day to day basis? Celebs and rich people are worshipped like they're gods. We all go in the grave at some point. Billionaire or not.

  32. cb7pwn

    "reviews survival" .. this idiot would get people killed in an actual survival situation, if hes anything like in his show...

  33. alon rimon

    Canadian slang ? You mean like Allah uackbar ?

  34. Aatala

    Yesss ma’am. I adore David Bowie

  35. Jack The Mysterious

    Michael Cane was my favorite one by far

  36. btsarmyzona

    Is it just me or does the blonde on the thumbnail look like Emily Deschanel???

  37. Rebecca Jones

    Rest in peace Caroll Spinney You will be missed

  38. esgardo borges

    Y a lady gaga me la meto por el culo?

  39. Sara G

    Whatever this is, you win. Lol

  40. Benjamin Goodell

    William Eyelash

  41. Gregory Albert

    I love Dan - Wa gu

  42. Nathan roman

    He one played the bird and now he is flying with the birds rip caroll spinney thank you for making my childhood come true people say the childhood is coming to a end but it won't end cause it will never die in my heart

  43. quinn b

    Woosik: "Humble, ordinary..." Joonho: POOR lmao

  44. Elias Klingbeil

    4:24 bro that even hurt me

  45. Nat

    The weird thing is, is that the voice actor literally died shortly after this was made. Kinda strange but sad at the same time.

  46. blkey

    tennis is dope ngl

  47. Chaotic Sonic

    I'm starting to understand youtube recommendations. I needed to see this.

  48. Rxyalty Antoinette

    No AALIYAH?🙄

  49. Pilot

    she looks like a dirty cucumber

  50. donofrio cabseki

    when you see more fingers than there are up, than you have double the vision.

  51. LEON

    2000s should be Lady Gaga, Beyoncé is the second one. But Gaga change the Pop music style when she Arrived. Even Beyoncé and Rihanna started to dress more exotic and dark. Until today we have singers inspired by Gaga, like Ava Max and Kim Petras

  52. David Light

    Not ferner ferener git it right. Stove up means stopped up.

  53. LaShia Johnson

    uhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhaaaaa

  54. Scarlet

    God he’s a dweeb I adore him

  55. Melinda Mo

    that person who got that tattoo bout to start crying

  56. Gundam Is better than Transformers

    Rest in peace you living legend and my childhood

  57. YokozoBitches

    She's so cute

  58. Dorothy Young

    Tall poppies = high falutin

  59. ㅇㅇㅈㅎ_ㅎ

    빌리 행복하자..❤️

  60. Edward Chamberlin

    Of COURSE Drake is “really nice” to a teenage girl.

  61. ꧁apricot꧂ • 10 years ago

    Woah. He is REALLY British

  62. Kaitence Paystrup

    Billie is still a single Pringle

  63. Natalie Mae Tan

    What an amazing process and it's so amazing and lovely to hear how you guys create and breathe life into these characters and stories through your music!!

  64. Lauren DeLaGarza

    She looks like Cassie Randolph

  65. TinyRocket

    Lost girl in satanism ring

  66. TheBatpugLord CM

    Big Bird asked what a lie detector test was at the beginning of the video. Meaning they took him to this interrogation room, hooked him up to this machine and didnt even tell him anything about it.

  67. Bionik Games

    6:15 “Barry what in the fuckin world is goin on here”

  68. PaperxMario

    Industry plant strikes again

  69. Jordan Joestar

    "i can be your friend" Local government agent intimidated by a Bird being interrogated for warcrimes in 9 different countries.(circa 2019 colorized)

  70. laura tune

    he's got a very soothing voice.

  71. Kjng 19

    They actually hate each other wtf

  72. PastorJuan

    R.I.P 😭

  73. Spilled Milk

    "how many doors have you breaken down?" Big Bird: *heavy sweating*

  74. Karen M.

    Was the NPH show ever taped for dvd?

  75. Solanglo for the win

    Okay 22k people who disliked this. you will meet your doom after i watch this.

  76. dayanara

    rip big bird 😔😭💕

  77. Emily

    20:01 she put it better than I could ever put it.

  78. Kaff231

    Oscar press announcement: Joaquin Phoenix for Joker Joaquin: One small thing.. when they announce me as the winner..can they introduce me as Joker..

  79. Chong one

    I thought she'd say "hey I'm Vanessa Hudgens and you're watching Disney channel" and I'm not sure why I was surprised she didnt

  80. stupidpothead

    wiz fire

  81. yeah ok

    6 and 8'2" this is wild.

  82. Honourable Squirrel

    This could have been very very funny god dammit

  83. Maia Kolbuck

    omfg shes so realll

  84. SeanTheOriginal

    Anyone who believes a shiny, translucent rock is worth $100,000 deserves to be robbed.

  85. Nick Ritchie

    1 week till she is 18

  86. joel rangel

    Mark Cuban needs to be on drink champs

  87. Sheridan Eng

    I’m sorry, Rupaul wakes up at THREE?

  88. Russian doge

    Hes good

  89. Almighty Chika

    watching this made me lose breath 😭😭

  90. RandomBlake

    R.I.P Caroll Spinney😢

  91. Be Lieve

    Thankfully they didn't have to go with an alternate ending for this movie.

  92. Ali Ahmad

    These guys are absolutely hilarious !!!!!!!!!

  93. 1Direction 4ever

    @11:27 is sooooo me

  94. PolliitoAle

    ...look, i love Rihanna, I do. But she has not defined this decade.

  95. Gordy

    I’m so glad she mentioned Save The Last Dance!!! That’s one of my favorite movies of all time!!! 🤩🤩🤩🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  96. Tamerra T

    I’m somewhat obsessed with him 🤷🏾‍♀️

  97. Sokhun Son

    This dude is a good liar.

  98. Paul T Sjordal

    I wish the regular Hollywood people would learn that one of the things that makes these Marvel movies so good is that the characters have real character arcs instead of being the same person in every movie.

  99. HarleyJonesTV

    you honestly killed this video though ltsel.info/video/vaizdo-irasas/qnlkja2Dn5m0ir4.html