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  1. Geneto is here

    Welp time to strap dual wield miniguns on this thing and probably some serious armor plating. Alphabet bois beware

  2. Juan Álvarez

    Oh so in this case you can put a 1699 MacBook Pro on performance and then say, but you can get the air. That’s what you done on the dell

  3. Hassan Qayyum

    Her: Well this be used for military? Him: no no this is for logistics *Cuts to guy in suit installing missile*

  4. Little Townie

    It could be good in natural disasters, moving rubble and help sort supplies.

  5. Joseph lettrich

    So LTsel is now making it illegal to question why do all these tech companies rob us of our first amendment

  6. Quantum Baboons

    Ripley - "Where you want it?!" Apone - "Ha Ha, Bay twelve, please."

  7. Shaman Shetty

    Me clapping cheeks like

  8. Mike

    It’s also missing Dolby Atmos sound on my Xbox One X

  9. JUR O

    Why...this..guyyy alwaysss...tallkkkk like ...this👏 The snow has a nice texture to it...when a reviewer get placed at a snow mall and start reviewing snow Next at cnet.....ibiza..fun,drinks.halfnaked womans...but the sand has the rough texture..i dont like sand its rough gets in everything and the water is a bit to salty for my taste..😂

  10. m77ast

    For the guy below - ours has 256GB SSD. The thing is HP is easy to upgrade while Apple, Microsoft is impossible. Easily upgrade to 32GB ram - I mean the thing is a monster.

  11. Larry Bobarry

    Not a hologram but mind blowing

  12. brian appshole

    do we get a pwoer morpher to sign me up yo! go go space rangers!

  13. m77ast

    This person should be fired. She has no clue what she is talking about. Was she fired by HP or something. If all you want is to give a negative review - please don't waste our time. You dont like the way it looks - good for you --- but we do thats why we are on your channel... If there is something wrong - e.g. it doesnt have this or that, or heats up etc - then we are listening. And as regards the 4K screen - we have the 4K version.

  14. W D

    It must be REAL GOOD if Bridgette gets that emotional!

  15. Jessie Millano

    Apple: Poor people cannot afford these. Crowd: Woooo...

  16. lehi weed

    I'm coming for you Megumin!

  17. DeadRaymanWalking

    I remember seeing this machine just about everywhere since 1989. I recall playing the game numerous times at either a roller rink, or at the Strong Museum of Play. I'd like to see Arcade1UP make a Sunset Riders arcade machine.

  18. Edwin Jansen

    And kills a man in one minute....? :P

  19. Raul Valverde

    engranajes no muy complicados para favorecer produccion en blokes por otro lado la combustion necesita oxigeno diesel calentr el gas para su combustion tiene k llegar antes de las valvulas oxigeno para mejor combustion y mas caliente

  20. Raul Valverde

    lo mas importante es k el calor k produce la combustion no se pierda y se proteja en todo momento recargar bateria tambien con frenadas por inercia

  21. hanad276

    Yea I will review something I cant even use...review TVs next without seeing the picture

  22. dog times

    Wow guys this minecraft x tesla collaboration its so great

  23. Anthony Lobino

    SCV good to go sir!

  24. ColombianLove41

    Does anyone know if you ask it how to spell something, it shows it on screen or just speaks the spelling to you? thanks!

  25. ColombianLove41

    Does anyone know if you ask it how to spell something, it shows it on screen or just speaks the spelling to you? thanks!

  26. John Jackson

    Awesome 👏🏼

  27. Noochie XD


  28. Rahul Jori

    This situation faced by Pichai is just like my job interview....

  29. Fredrik Karlsson

    didn't like battery test when the resolution is different and the brightness is different if u run 4k against 1080p is not fare.

  30. Araceli Macias

    Yo tengo uno pero no es de lo mismo es rojo Apple Whast 8

  31. Rose Bush

    Slipped on the waxed floor at work and landed on my back. My head hit my backpack which contained my computer and metal water bottle. On impact my screen must have shattered by the force applied to it sandwiched between my weight and the upward force of the water bottle.

  32. P&S Productionz

    This man is choosing 5g over our human protection id rather my skin barrier not be effected at all then for my skin to be half penitrated🤦🏾‍♂️

  33. Vault Bean99

    Oh my God it's happening!! Whoo hoo!

  34. Wojciech Dabrowski

    Roblox-Themed car. *itensifies roblox blocky cars* hehehehehehe

  35. Theodor Gonka

    Can you please tell me whats that song 0:34


    Average human with exoskeleton vs professional strongman. Who wins?

  37. Dakotah Bishop

    Yeah I'm gonna wait for it to come to about (250$. 300$) cant pay for a phone that much Like wth

  38. Gilberto Tiny

    Iron Man Armour is sooner not just fiction.

  39. Joshua Pace

    That's awesome engineering but ultimately redundant with fully autonomous robots (that can move like humans) on the way...

  40. Camaro Rick

    Can I rent one? Salvage yard is having an "all you can carry for $60" Show up in this Carrying 20 engines

  41. gamester1416

    I would but I don’t want to buy a new phone for that service

  42. likepick 8326

    My phone just became transformer

  43. Inquisitor Maddox

    Put some thick plates on it and you get a powerful weapon



  45. Zion Child

    This mall will go bankrupt in 4 years.

    1. JUR O

      Yeah creating a mall without shops is like bacardi with only cola


    Can we eat¿

  47. Antikia

    This is such a classic Boomer vs. technology situation ahaha

  48. Clive Sinclair

    If you use an Android and an iPhone, then you only have one choice. If Apple made their watch compatible with Android, they would sell a huge amount more.

  49. franki3Ru550

    iPhone changed the cellphone industry..

  50. bang turden

    design reminds me of LOREMO.

  51. H U E P A G E

    Pollution... pollution 🤔

    1. E L

      Okay and

  52. imachynn

    January 2020.. That's next month! In a few years, they will be able to do the jobs themselves, sans the human operator.

  53. franki3Ru550

    Lmao touchscreen was unique back in those years 😂😂

  54. stizzl

    looks exactly like the Exosuits in Live, Die, Repeat or was it Edge of Tomorrow? Damn, that was bad marketing..


    See only how many dislikes...... World is nationalist and THAT'S GOOD

  56. Péter Zoltán Szobos

    This comment needs likes to be disliked when it becomes famous

  57. 1fsttoy

    I want to work for CNET. This video looks so fun!


    0.38 their policies are for only libtards

  59. Edward Passagi

    man I can see workers getting less fit for doing this job since it won't be as physically demanding. they might even need to consider developing an XL model for this

  60. Danny’s Reef

    this guy looks like lex luthor on supergirl 😂

  61. WOPPER

    Not for the military he said... thats why they have a missile for testing.

  62. From New Age To Jesus Christ

    Well at least we now know the actual identity, of one of the primary representations of The Anti Christ.

  63. Aurelio Aguilon

    That's the fusion of the tab to the phone, the fusion of the watch to the phone coming next ☝️

  64. bumperxx1

    Even if object's that are 100lbs and this machine makes it feel as if its 12lbs, Constantly doing the same actions over and over and over will still result in injury if not properly done. I didn't think I saw the gentleman Practicing eurgamonics and proper lifting Techniques.

  65. Jake Bealing

    What the? This is completely safe for work and totally acceptable for kids to watch. Why the warning at the beginning?

  66. Lenard Regencia

    I need this EXO-suit to lift a Cybertruck.

  67. Leppard

    Put a turbine on it, so it can charge the battery as it flys

  68. Andrew Greening

    He can’t even look at the camers

  69. OSAMA أسامة

    at least the wheels are still round

  70. Sewer Tapes

    I love how the guy said it ONLY costs 100k/year. You have to look at it from a logistics company standpoint. This robot does not replace a human worker, and in fact slows down the human worker so less work can be completed. Combine that with the fact that human labor for these kinds of tasks ONLY cost about 19k to 20k/year. They aren't going to sell many of these things.

  71. MaRcO DoMIngUez

    I've been having ATT 5Ge for over a year here in LA and i don't get nothing lower then 70mb

  72. Matt Stiles

    Yall gotta get my invention on your channel Instagram themagicresonator

  73. Isaac Faith

    100,000 a year😢

  74. GreenCut Arena

    Beware of Amazon Subscriptions fraudulent practices. They signed me up and charged my credit card to Amazon music by picking up the word "yes" on Alexa when looking for music on LTsel. I asked customer service why it was so easy to accidentally sign me up and not so easy to cancel in the same manner. The Agent said that's the way it was built and hung up.

  75. Jonathan Dye

    My experience with TMobiles new 5g is pretty decent, I have the one plus 7t pro McLaren. I am getting good service in the few areas where 4glte was a dead zone. The speeds aren't overly impressive but that's not the point to a low frequency band, it's about the coverage and penetration. I am thoroughly happy with the 5g I'm getting. It is a little inconsistent currently but that is to be expected as the network is barely a week old, it will only get better, especially after the Sprint merger, and they open up mid spectrum 5g.

  76. Jake Jada

    Wow it looks almost as easy as just using your own body

  77. Sebastian Szefer

    It’s not military use but why they test it on military stuff like amo cases hmm

  78. Shahfiee Bamadhj

    Reminds me of alien 2 movie.

  79. VeroMithril

    How come everything science fiction is turning reality lately?

  80. ßřäwł şťäřş YT

    But Miku is a hologram and has sounds

  81. tilintolon1029

    This is awesome! Can't wait for this to be mass produced and weigh only few pounds 👏🤞😁

  82. Dylan Power

    Watching on my silver Xs max

  83. MrSimonj1970

    We've had several of these in Britain for more than 20 years, and that's in the Western Hemisphere BTW!

    1. E L

      MrSimonj1970 here’s a cookie 🍪

  84. xbr123

    Don't be scared by the price. In two years many phones like this will come out at reasonable price. Thankfully, Motorola instantly killed monstrous Samsung/Huawei foldable phones(?) that don't even fit anywhere.

  85. Alan Roberts

    Personally I'm ashamed of my country that it has to be the first to militarize space. Funny, we didn't need s space farce before the inferiority of trumpty dumpty. Dump.Trump.

  86. Ben Hendricks

    Don’t be evil disappeared

  87. Rahul raj king

    Which is best leptop dell and hp iPhone tell me



  89. The Scrimmiest Bingus

    $100,000 a year for one unit? Yeah, these will never see mainstream use

  90. Gordon Tubbs

    Just imagine mounting a couple M134 miniguns on this thing! WAR MACHINE ANYONE?

  91. Dougal Tolan

    90 kilos at a snail pace and desperately slow tool change. 2 people can run rings round this thing.,

  92. Brad Krauss

    Stole this idea from Hideo Kojima in death stranding.

  93. Gerald Capo

    Can u do hot showers test I’m afraid to take my pro Max in the shower cause of the steam not taking the chance on a 1249 dollar phone 📱

  94. jacaughron55

    I have it to post things for me buuuuuuut I have to lift things for it......

  95. Larry Krusieski

    logistics wins wars, so I could definitely see the military wanting this

  96. Niko Turunen

    no hyi vittu

  97. Pak Busu

    what about the simultaneous exploding + burning lithium ion battery ?

  98. JNoir J

    Now FedEx delivery people can carry even more packages at a time. Keep on keepin' on!

  99. Bass Family

    I think i saw this type of plastic in my tv

  100. ehaitem

    Origins story of Ironman detected.