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  1. Anna Tytula

    Dog ❤️

  2. Tanya Veloz


  3. Thalia Somnuk


  4. Romis TV

    Its my sister

  5. lil' nerd


  6. Piper Crosby

    Haha funny I have both and neither of them want to be by me

  7. Adela Spiodic

    Whoof i like dogs so so so cuteee☺

  8. Ivana Zivanovic Poluga


  9. Nana Meskhidze

    I have glasses and my life is horrible. everyone wants my glasses for photo or to be beautiful... it means I am cool girl in class😎

  10. coole poestijger


  11. Adrian Lizancos


  12. Laura Mejsnarova


  13. Annmarie Avison

    I am a dog person thanks for asking I love your videos too

  14. qing na meng

    Did anyone notice when the French fries came n and I saw a duck behind the bench

  15. Diana Sopkova


  16. art Meherpur

    my best friend is sometimes a monster for me and sometimes a well - wisher for me but she is best . and her name is Cynthia .

  17. Beata Szasz

    I have a dog Mini

  18. Laia Serrano Daroca


  19. Mina Kojovic


  20. Uni uni

    My friends names are Jagoda and Justyna

  21. nouzha ait amar


  22. June Arizmendiarrieta

    Woof 🐶 UwU

  23. Anna Rivera

    I am a dog person i have 3 dogs

  24. Itz PastelCokie

    woof!dog person

  25. Nelly Kozah

    I found chuck at 2:02 on the bed!

  26. Carlos Puertas Baena

    I popular l🧡ve 💋💋

  27. Hiiri 123


  28. Sharon Sykes


  29. Ghusoun Mokbel

    I Love Dogs

  30. Reni Hyska

    Well everyone can have their best friends , but for me my BEST SISTER is Leona🥰🥰😜


    Anyone love dog like

  32. ania alpska


  33. Dzejla Dizdarevic

    Im in grandma's house now🤗

  34. mehtap Çembertaş


  35. Jolita Lunskienė

    CAT! MEOW!🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈

  36. White fam

    Woof = reply Meow = like

  37. Alexa Galaxy

    My friend loves sport but she isnt this bad!

  38. Lovely Pumpkin UwU

    Woof and meow meow

  39. Arjan Gjyshja


  40. Arjan Gjyshja


  41. Carolina Rusu


  42. Teddy Ruxpin

    Meow x3

  43. Miia Lappalainen

    Anna is so beautyfully! 😍

  44. Elena Gheorghiță

    Meow No matter what,im a cat person

  45. Gacha Cokye

    Who say to dog won is idiot and stupid who say to cat won is princess and Quuen

  46. Kelly Macdonald

    I thought the funniest was the first one but the funniest student was the first student

  47. Γιωργος Κωνσταντινου

    Πολυ ωραιο

  48. Banessa Navas

    my dog chew on my notebook

  49. kejsi drazhi


  50. Clara Ann Scales


  51. Wiktor Cackowski

    2:55 🥣 3:00 🥕 3:05 🌶️ 3:08🥦

  52. Nourin Hanan


  53. Veronika Brousek


  54. Fatma Pınar


  55. Shamim Ahmed

    Lea is very beautiful ❤️

  56. Cindy X


  57. Fatma Pınar

    Im the nora

  58. Dimitrichka Pancheva

    My best friend's name is Floria

  59. Selina Bouhajra

    I online have a goldfish

  60. Ana Anakandelaki123

    I have 3 woof korg ☺️☺️☺️

  61. Gaming With Sabby

    No no no no no

  62. Pooja Salve

    Awww woof

    1. Banessa Navas

      Awww woof

  63. niyah and kendalle baby


  64. GalaxyCat Banana

    Btw meow

  65. GalaxyCat Banana

    Why dose this tell cats are worster 😒

  66. Klejda Dervishaliaj

    Nora is intelligent and beautiful Anna is beautiful

  67. Punya Kumari


  68. MarinaBear !

    Dogs are better cats leave hair on shirt and they are very sly and they poop smell very high

  69. SnowLili 22

    I am a dog person!!! If you are to like !!!

  70. Tranberg

    I have two cats but I like dogs more

  71. Nedjat Useini

    I love 5 minute fun and anna like

  72. mariana monteverdi


  73. flamingoteams unicorns

    I am cat person 😝

  74. geeta KAHAR

    please make a video on if unlucky was a person.

  75. Noises of Life

    Who else love this fun vids? :)

  76. Shalini Kumari

    Hey i am am wizards

  77. Naomi Sanow


  78. Fhjg Xfhg

    I like the long nails

  79. Neha Shrivastava

    BTW Luv u alll very much anna nora lea and EVERYONE Keep uploading these vids to make ua laugh Love you from INDIA😘

  80. Neha Shrivastava

    Guys please reply when will u upload the new video (Excited very much and waiting for long time)

  81. Ayesha Baber

    I'm a meow Any one else who love cats hit like

  82. ANA 67 7

    Like Ana Coment Nora

  83. Mekhalasri RAJENDRAN

    Wht is u dont hav a best frnd??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  84. Mia Hertzberg

    Dog persion

  85. buda lover


  86. Naj GamerZ

    I can MEOWING!!!!!!!!!!! And the neighbors heard me but did not know that was me!!!!!!



  88. Meera Chaudhary


  89. Bazlur Rashid


  90. nihal ather

    I am mixture of both

  91. sarah games

    Medeea is my bff

  92. Manisha Singh


  93. Naveen Goyal

    Dog person

  94. Thomai Gaki

    Anna looks so CUTE😺😍

  95. Bogi sso


  96. Zarina Y

    Manar en Rania

  97. mohosin khan

    I can do all

  98. mohosin khan


  99. Jimin's Jams

    Woof(' w ')

  100. Sara Player