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  1. Arthur WL Ng

    I like bron bron bron that move!

  2. A Mac

    Javale McGee has exited the chat

  3. Ethan Armstrong

    I’m glad at least they all had 3 no brainers with LBJ, KD and Curry.

  4. Jason Zhang

    The biggest joke on earth, #RMBJ, #Shaqin a fool lol

  5. Elvis Morris

    A hack issa fawl

  6. Ricardo Rico

    I-10 goes from California to Florida😂 am I missing something here?😂😂

  7. Tonirudyp

    I go with lebron

  8. Samuel Westknee

    This is how you respond to criticism - you take all in, analyze what you can do, do it and get better. not like most "stars" these days with some passive aggressive cry baby, victim mentality BS and not even trying to get better.

  9. Deadmanlyndon

    i just became a fan of Joel, i really hopes he is being genuine and that he truly achieves the true greatness he has in him

  10. SoHo Don

    Kenny dead wrong coming on national tv with that fake modded hairline 🤣🤣

  11. Manraj Chana

    Ahahaha shaq took straight shot at draymond and mcgee

  12. Luopanda

    mad respect booster right there, student of the game, ego aside, respecting the greats

  13. Austrin Alick

    We got keep in mind his background and where he's come from. Even Dikembe and Hakeem were Africans, simplicity and humility is in their blood so criticism is always welcomed and acknowledged, unlike many other countries in the world especially the superpowers.

  14. multyz1

    We seems to have lost the culture of listening and showing respect to our elders in this generation. Every criticism or an advice is not an insult to our character and as people we all need to learn to accept and even welcome criticism and take advice because it will make us better as people. My dad used to day "yes age is a number but the number of times an individual has seen the sun rises and sets counts." We can all listen and take advice from our elders because they have seen the sun rise and set much more than we do. I'm proud of you Embiid, keep on listening because that's how you'll learn to be great.

  15. G.I. Jake

    If anything lebron ain't a fool, hes a g for getting away with it.

  16. Edwin Karani

    Thanks Barkley..

  17. Edwin Karani

    The best NBA center the last 2 years and currently.

  18. Dominic Cropper

    Felt like Shaq was throwing shade at Karl towns or megee lol

  19. Pow Pow

    Shaq taking shots at magee talking calling they’re mama

  20. hunter12182

    2:38 Shaq still throwing shade at JaVale lol.

  21. danny phenton

    Kenny’s reaction when they edited in Lizzo twerking 🤣🤣🤣

  22. i I

    Respect to Joel a grounded brother

  23. Dmitry Nutels

    Blake Griffin? What, there is a position "Equipment Manager Hitter" in Kenny's 5?

  24. Daniel Perpetua

    Hater shaqtin pak u

  25. moto37

    Everyone liked his response

  26. Mighty WhiteE

    Lebron was strollin down memory lane,eh..

  27. Ace Benson Ledesma

    What happened to the cocky show-off Joel Embiid???? TBH, this is the first time I saw Embiid talk and act like a cute little puppy

  28. Chuck Buncie

    Curry_ Kobe_KD_James_AD

  29. ThrillerALi

    Shaq wanted all the smoke!!! 😂🤣😂🔥🔥⚡️⚡️💨

  30. Tasty Stew's

    That LeBron one was pure genius loll

  31. Eric Jung

    Honestly didn’t expect Joel to handle everything the way he has recently but glad to be wrong, and I respect him not only as a player but as a man, the way he takes ownership and stays humble. Keep it up G

  32. dablocishot77

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that there is a guy somewhere on camera with a pink Hoodie under his Celtics Jersey.

  33. Anthony Paez

    Tht bbw was crazy

  34. Jason Johnson

    Jojo is gonna be a champion in no time!

  35. brandin nay

    Smells of fake news.

  36. brandin nay

    He’s just saying what they want to hear. Not certain its genuine.

  37. Blair Calaway

    Ben Simmons needs to be traded..

  38. siena mora

    Lbj haha

  39. Brevin Pascua

    Criticism ? Turn it to motivation Joel . I mean they're legends and also great big man . So if I'm in your situation I will listen and take my game to the next level

  40. ramesh anand

    Shaq with the subtle Javale McGee burn

  41. Desmond Riley

    You want to laugh Check this out📽>>

  42. D'Andre Jones

    He the little brother bascially this how its pose to be🙌💪

  43. Emjay Jay

    Love that Joel takes criticisms by heart and use it to be better each and every game. Philly has a lot of potential to take it all this season, Joel and Ben just needs to take their game to the next level and I think listening to the greats who have done it all and won it all is a great step to be better

  44. Mr PancakeDemon

    I remember when this guy was an emotion filled rookie who needed to get out of his own way and just play ball

  45. Lurkzor

    Thankful that Kawhi humbled this guy. Last year was his worst attitude

  46. Mateo Clivio

    Now this was a real DOG, why you think the league is in trouble because he ain't in charge anymore, now we have a dude that can't even speak right, his idea of making the game more fun for cassual audience, have been killing the NBA game, a game load with dunks, defense and flashy stuff, when l was a kid that got me, now you see teams shooting under 38% and still score 120, the 3s, the new rules and the no defense era is Silver's masterplan to make the NBA look like My Little Ponny

  47. Louie Pons Araña

    I wasn't called??? Wow lebron bron

  48. R Dub

    Kenny got that Doc Rivers look

  49. Brian Mitchell

    Shaq with the Javale shade again 😂

  50. tobertitus

    As a basketball fan, this interview was fun to watch

  51. Diego Rameriz


  52. Diego Rameriz

    Javellllleee Mcgeee weak asf

  53. enkadu007

    Idk why he tatd his hair on Kenny, you looked straight with a bald head bro makes his head look dirty

  54. Jose Baez

    Well i think there is clearly much appreciation going on here. I appreciate TNT.

  55. Amircat

    Kenny’s been bald for like 30 years lol this hairline thing is super weird

  56. Ivan C.

    Man Kenny is annoying sometimes lol

  57. Adviser To

    Ok boomer.

  58. AssholusSupremis

    that shot at Javale McGee for calling his mama

  59. Franky Valdebenito

    At 0:33 idk if ur MJ, u slap me and ur getting the hands

  60. dennis Paguirigan

    Congratulations to everyone in inside the nba. Awesome awesome awesome

  61. John Henry Uyan

    I know lebron already explained what happened, but I think lebron was distracted by the 2 guys that got tangled under the rim 1:35 i don't know but maybe he thought there will be a wistle?

  62. Rich Joy

    Chuck definitely has a big bet on the 76ers to make playoffs haha

  63. da noony

    Shaq was kinda right when he said Serbia. The answer was the Balkans and Serbia is in the balkans.

  64. Rich33

    This is what the greats should do from jump.. sometimes all young players need is that lift from the vets this was great to see!

  65. boatsNjose

    these guys can cure depression.

  66. RE H

    This dude is just great! Gotta love em

  67. Wong WeiYin

    Classy response from Embiid. He was modest humble and respectful and went out there to proof himself.

  68. No Game No Life

    Players this days need to distinguish the difference between criticism and hateful comments.

  69. Almog Avraham

    Joel sit down, this is an intervention.

  70. kristophlynch

    If they challenged Giannis like this hed average 50

  71. Jake Penaloza

    What about Kobe Bryant?????

  72. Rap’Bunny

    Beal thought he was Clarkson lol

  73. Surgical

    Curry Kobe The Claw Dirk Duncan Game Over

    1. less kiss

      Next will be top 100 players in 2046

  74. RunningP123456

    This is riveting TV. Doesn't happen like this for other sports. Humble is a good look for Embiid, good for him

  75. Camorree Tinsley

    I know Lizzo was gonna make it. I knew it.

  76. yap dem

    Respect Embid for not taking it personally, or calling his mama

  77. Juice 423

    Look in your left pocket look in your right pocket you might find some change

  78. KING ACE

    Kenny got the Ghost of haircuts past on his head.

  79. Joseph Silva

    Curry Harden LeBron Kawhi Durant

    1. less kiss

      i think you could play Duncan at centre even though he's traditionally a PF. Kobe,wade, Durant. Lebron and Duncan or Kobe, Steph ....

  80. Survival

    Bro the Hornets arena where are all the people at?!

  81. Joseph Silva

    Philly had no idea they'd have a top 10 player in this man. Count your blessings

  82. Eddie Torres

    lol love seeing the shell shocked reactions from globalist media .

  83. Dokun Akintola

    Shaq dissing Javale McGee 😂

  84. Iking Little

    Good riddance go Knicks

  85. NSH JSH

    Shaq and Chuck really has high hopes for Joel that's why they go off on him when he plays down. Embiid is the only bigman that 90's bigs can be proud of today.

  86. Alexander Ortigoza

    I really wish Embiid joked a little bit and said something like “ I take both Shaq’s and Charles critism as a sign of motivation and why wouldn’t I? They’re Hall of farmers, each have an MVP award and they both combined for 4 championships and 3 finals MVPS”

  87. code smoke

    That's beautiful man

  88. Corey Denis

    shots fired at javale and howard lol thanks shaq

  89. Paul Goblet

    This is good stuff.

  90. Understanding 77

    Very humble, I’m a fan now ! 👍👍

  91. J Ac


  92. Blueline335

    Kenny “I played with Olajuwan” Smith

  93. plantec smiths

    38 every night lol..28 is more realistic

  94. Theo Workman

    Who misses seeing and Captain Obvious for the whole first half of these videos? 🙄

  95. Kevon Thompson

    Kenny got the Tory lanez kit 👀

  96. LogicTech

    kenny needs to shave his head

  97. Blake Ward

    David Stern drinking the water will never die

  98. 뱀파이어

    what happened to devon??? i thought he was big guy ! he got smaller~ is he 5'5 ??

  99. Erick Socgfack

    Embid the best!!💪

  100. Llort Ong

    Shaq then starts to sing the Canadian national anthem, as is the tradition!