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  1. AE Dogie

    Fam where is it I looked everywhere and couldn't find a thing

  2. MurryCoolz HD

    3:32 Where’s the beating?


    Person above me has clicked this video

  4. Alex Gutierrez


  5. Vedant Totla

    First and last Lolll

  6. John Wick

    KSI is Now A Literal King

  7. AyooJon

    Did they settle the beef

  8. Dr. D4nk memes


  9. Nicholas Grogan

    Fuck yea bro. I love this video. I'll support you.

  10. Nicholas Grogan

    It's cool that you seem so grateful for your life man. Good for you. I hope good things keep coming your way. It seems like your working hard.

  11. Spectxr_Clipzz


  12. Electric Knight

    Dad:Shut up you a mistake KSI:🥺🥺🥺🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭2:02

  13. III Z


  14. Nifemi Joseph


  15. hshwj yeet

    First second third fourth fifth

  16. Anthony F


  17. Mystic

    Wow jj’s tits 😍

    1. Mystic

      Ahaha jk

  18. Satwik mohanty

    The Punjabi song is good

  19. Teagen Slattery

    He said congrats and you sing about 2 points you got fuckin lucky my man or you would’ve been screwed over if it wasn’t for the tap on your head

  20. Chris Rios.

    Last like if you are last

  21. Konny

    Holy crap I’ve been wanting to know how to do this since u released this thx.

  22. zendo__ 13


  23. Jayden Nihilist


  24. Rocking•Cory •Editz

    Soooooooooo Jj 1m likes where that video

  25. George Stevenson

    bruh if I could have told what the fat ranga looks like in the present day bruh

  26. Solfur-_-

    Ok ya ya

  27. Ninja Sws


  28. Tong Cy

    Is that the mask i think it is?

  29. Broadzy


  30. Turtle

    0:30 *Sandy: "DID SOMEBODY SAY BOOM!?!?" *pulls lever**

  31. hentaitacos

    First and last and third and second and nineteenth

  32. blackie reviews

    He really started crying 😂

  33. louixxv 101

    I like some comments lelelelel

  34. louixxv 101


  35. Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi

    Damn this really was a year ago

  36. Chimp In Gaming

    Ok I think we can all agree that I'm the 141,600th comment

  37. Turtle

    The person below is also me

  38. Turtle

    The person above is me

  39. Burnside X


  40. K DM


  41. omer Baig

    Mom is too nice

  42. Babatunde

    3:26:57 he was wearing a bandanna 😂

  43. OG BlackGamer


  44. HerbertHoover

    38’s my favourite number

  45. Ninjaprime 2

    K S I the king of boxer

  46. Kwihad

    KSI actually usues as many airhorns then as Morgz does now.

  47. THE G.O.A.T CJS

    I’m am not going to lie this was lit

  48. Peppa Pig

    If you comment anything about being last you’re ugly teehee I’m a actually last bitches

  49. macj.419


  50. That One Kid


  51. Mazin Rejabo

    Logan paul.must think this a video game its not bitch.

  52. Purkz

    Why is this still a thing

  53. ツSokahツ

    The people here v are straight the people up here^ are gay

  54. Edilson Mendez

    The way jjs dad used the lyrics from mom was dope af 😂

  55. Guest

    Shut up black guy

  56. Trey gohn

    A year old and the comments are still popping

  57. The Rogue Assasin

    2 years ago.. XD

  58. Specxy

    Jj tries so hard to get this video to 10 minutes lmao

  59. Ariana Barksdale

    This hella trash I’m sorry only parts that are lit are rick Ross and lil baby.

    1. Dovlock

      Shut up

  60. The Wild Bear


  61. gaming 4 life


  62. The Assasins

    Look at Simon😂😂😂

  63. trashhh man

    obviously everyone knows logan basically won

  64. trashhh man

    tbh he acts like he knocks logan out or some shit- logan basically won the fight, he just ruined it for himself so like.... wtf?

  65. Peyton Klus


  66. Specsy

    Comment on my channel.

  67. Harry Ralph


  68. Swagger101 Gaming

    Not early

  69. Elijackz Cummings

    I don't like Pokemon go either like if you hate Pokemon go or comment if you like Pokemon go

  70. Pako Arnaud


  71. Mark for the win

    this song go crazy ksi

  72. Patrick Hebenstreit


    1. Patrick Hebenstreit


    2. Patrick Hebenstreit

      KSI-Two Birds One Stone (Official Music Video)

  73. Raawi’s Diary

    Nice raps absolute shit

  74. Patrick Hebenstreit

    "TWO BIRDS ONE STONE!"-Patrick W. Hebenstreit(Jetnosthai, Jetnosfreak, GREYSTONE)

  75. Kurt Landenberger

    Not gonna lie but Ksi I’ve seen better swings from a paraplegic

  76. ManNaim

    Hello im frum india and i hate gays

  77. Zayy GGoat

    Your trash Jake Paul one actually

  78. Jake Aguirre

    piano notes are Ab/G# C Ab/G# C# C Ab/G# C

  79. Realy

    I'm 1th 2th 3th..... last

  80. It’s your boi Killer

    Love you videos ksi.

  81. Mystic Raider

    I didn’t think you could run that fast not going to lie

  82. Patrick Hebenstreit

    10:35 AM 12/12/2019

  83. Neel Nair

    I read the title as black

  84. Og | Real Rat


  85. Mr Green

    Last of the last

  86. David Dobrik .

    Yes he is

  87. David Dobrik .

    The guy above me is me

  88. Keith Laurie


  89. James Davis

    7:42 he looks so stoned 😂😂

  90. James Davis

    My guys defo stoned of the loud ganja

  91. Jayson Abueva


  92. Ivunskydathird 123

    Love the beat

  93. Melissa Nuñez

    Karius: I'm gonna catch this ball "drops it" Shit

  94. Vic Bucks Sucks dick

    JJ: *Stands Deji: He’s making fun of cripples

  95. Memeskuteer :3


  96. Olly Owens

    600 thousand JJ where you at 👀

  97. Sp00kib0i

    “Stan Lee did Not Die for This..!” *Amen To That*

  98. Criseyde Reynolds-Preville


  99. krishna mohan

    Not last

  100. SMD d