I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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  1. Dedi Pratama

    I need subtitle Indonesia, but i your fans

  2. Jakub Gruszczyk

    4:15 Apple pencil PRO

  3. KuroKami Ku

    Can you update us on the numbers? Are they selling well? 😍 I ordered mine from Germany 😁

  4. The Golden Statue

    Who sees the tutorial but doesn’t do them?

  5. fernanda so

    texting like this was actually pretty fast if you had the practice... but i cant say i miss it hsusbdjsks

  6. Tratack

    5:17 the satisfaction

  7. WhaleTank

    Can you two PLEASE collab with wheels2walking??

  8. Gerardo Gutierrez

    This man has so much love for her it’s beautiful

  9. Noah Rimmer

    I don’t think anyone scratches their phone that bad, and most people have a case, so plastic isn’t a problem

  10. SidGamer777

    Why I'm alive I can't afford this, it's my dream and this guy ....😤😤😢

  11. Checkers Furry

    Tour tourturing basicly a baby...it was just born!!!!

  12. rydude998

    This probably would come across as more genuine if you didn't monetize the process. Also, holy shit you can see the oxidation in in the inlay, this is terrible. What a half-assed project for your wife and an excuse to make money off her suffering.

  13. rpaull3

    I would recommend you don't buy junk made of glass

  14. JimbyTheBlueFox

    I'm gonna get the a70

  15. Drone Moe

    I think I missed a video. Did you do a bend test that I did not see.

  16. Illuminati aqi

    If only this video wasnt 10mins long

  17. Talus St.Germain

    It's just the same idea as the 2ds, I honestly didn't get the point of that thing

  18. D Washy

    Why am I here

  19. JeraquinnsStuff

    this is slowy killing me

  20. Miguel Delos Angeles

    It’s better just making apple fix it or getting a new phone because the laser cutter is $2,000

  21. Attraction Spot

    5G for T-Mobile dropped December 6 2019 so we can already use 5G on our Galaxy Note 10+ 5G already and it will only get better with the merger with Sprint. Also the button to the left isn't comoletely a power button to turn off the phone. It just turns on and off the screen and holding it activated Bigsby. To turn off your phone you have to pull down your notification drawer and press the power button and select if you want to restart or power off. For that scenario of the phone frozen up where you can't access this you have to press the bigsby button and the volume up and down buttons all at once and hold them. You can use that button to turn on the phone though. I do like though you now have to hold the button to access Bigsby so you don't accedently press it and launch Bigsby.

  22. Siva sankar

    wait where the fk is the concrete????? I have never seen such a roof slab

  23. Wilbur Whateley

    Apple home buttons always... ALWAYS... crap out.

  24. Attraction Spot

    Samsung will fix your screen burn in at their repair locations for free or at least they did for my friend. His problem was that he had the setting on that while plugged in the screen would stay on and he would fall asleep with his screen on and keyboard opened. I haven't had this issue maybe because I get a new Note phone each year but I also don't leave my keyboard sitting open for long periods of time. I do my best to minimize it when I'm not typing.

  25. Umair Javed

    I hate iphone

  26. Team Void Gaming

    No one: Literally no one: Zack: Here’s an elevator I built in a living room for my beautiful wife.

  27. Two Seasons

    You are awesome for making this for her. Bless you guys!

  28. Danny Devito



    Kinda cringed when he kept his finger in the trigger well at time when he wasn’t shooting

  30. zNaxx'xx

    Jerry: Fixes iPhone for 20$ Apple: Hold my beer...

  31. Flix

    ...... you not gonna..... are you gonna buy that thing?! You gonna do a drop test on it maybe a burn test to oh how about a bend test!

  32. Cody Patino

    It should be LEGAL

  33. Jonathan Argueta

    Se quema cuhh 😂😂

  34. Team Void Gaming

    Now build the Saturn V with Cambry please

  35. Aidan Best

    Roses are red violets are blue i have been click bated so have u

  36. Colin Threewitt

    u do not know this yet but soon u will be happily married

  37. Cringyblues


  38. Logan Sylvester

    Musk's GTA lll shtty graphics truck will never win my heart.

  39. Christopher Parent

    For real the fan is good you can put it to max and your phone will go to 30 celsius to 25 celcius in 10 min. And it pretty décent you have a plug to charge your phone with the fan while playing so the baterie is fine the x mode add more pressure on the phone but not that much. The only thing that scared me with that phone it water and the screen cauze the screen is a reparation of 200 buck. And the phone is not waterproof but splash proof so i will cry if i drop it in my toilet lol

  40. Taheer Burhanwale

    I ❤️ mi

  41. It's Our Channel

    I have done a similar project without any fancy tools but looks great, i will share on twitter if anyone wants it.

  42. Christina DeVries

    I am watching from the United States.

  43. Mauricio Horvilleur


  44. Anthony Tan

    It's so ugly,the shape of the car is like a box.

  45. fernanda so

    ok, the phone is not practical at all, but it looks so cool. i would feel like a futuristic hacker with one of those

  46. Amaze Cal-gar

    Jerry make a 8plus durability test

  47. C Bros Entertainment

    Where apples iOS devices beat android devices is in their support, even iPhones like the 5 still get minor updates and the 6 still gets a fair amount just for iOS 12. Androids updates are not as frequent and because they are innovating quickly the new tech quickly becomes old tech. No one can argue Apple is just sucking your money up however they have the balls to do new controversial stuff that others won’t, take google pixel for example, they used to boast about the headphone jack now look at them. All in all phones these days are so similar in specs and performance that it really doesn’t matter which you get, each has different advantages and drawbacks.

  48. Craman The Salmon


  49. sbzkillz The random dude who plays games

    "Bones are bones and bones can break" -zack 2019

  50. Amaze Cal-gar

    Jerry make a 8plus teardown

  51. fernanda so

    i have to say i'm less anxious abt breaking my switch after watching this

  52. Your boy Ibrahim

    Can we get a tear down

  53. Sulliver Vittles

    I don't care if your name is Zach. Your name is now Jerry.

  54. Dark Knight123

    ¨ looks like pikachu and a block of cheese had a baby¨

  55. Dark Knight123

    Iphone 11 pro max: ¨nah, you are paying $1000, who needs the headphone jack?¨ Ipod touch: ¨hold my drink¨

  56. FireMcFire

    I was just thinking the whole time... WHY CANT YOU JUST PUT A NON SEE THROUGH CASE ON THE I-PHONE???????

  57. Robbie E

    Buy Samsung- says this AD

  58. Preston Howard

    This hurts me

  59. Ty

    The pillow was 300 now it’s 40 dollars on amazon😂😂

  60. King Sungkar

    Request redmi note 8 pro durability test. Thanks Zack

  61. Official_lowkeyx

    i asked my parents last month if i could save up for an iPhone XR because i have the 7 that i got 3 months ago (i was grounded from my phone for 3 years i’m 12 so i just got my phone back) anyways so yea.. i only have $132.70 :(

  62. JuiceJuice

    What happens when you put your finger on top of the phone then try to eject the camera?

  63. Kaliya shea

    Me watching this video screams in poor😔😔😖

  64. Kamath Verse

    No wonder Jerry skipped over that girl. Broke a phone on the 1st second of the 1st date. 😅

  65. Jack Adams Daniels


  66. M 2311

    what are you doing¿😑 If you don't need it give me 😎

  67. PriKoLog 15

    Please test NOMU S50 PRO

  68. D00MTR33

    Sad that my LG v30 has a smaller forehead than the pixel 4.

  69. Jake Corcoran

    Lol he said you can sell it and get yourself a real phone that's great

  70. Go Cardi

    My dad built an elevator in our garage it’s very helpful for groceries

  71. 410GoGuard

    It can't stop a Ak round

  72. Ramsey Alshamaileh

    ***Gmail email instant notifications*** Make sure all related Google apps are up to date. Make sure "sync" is ON Make sure good has permission for push notifications

    1. Ramsey Alshamaileh

      Google has permissions*

  73. Zelex

    You know something's good when this guy can't Get into it

  74. E C

    When companies are suppose to provide you a quality of life but instead gutt you for it.

  75. vro

    uh..... screen cracked

  76. FoRsAkEn Clapz

    I just like watching him pulling off the wrapping of the box and the phone

  77. Toxy

    thanks will make it much easier to make in to cars

  78. Arron Tan

    Well done 47

  79. Plague Doctor

    Ok this looks ugly

  80. Maddie Retherford

    Omg this hurts me so much

  81. Lamonsoff

    They going to be fucking and they’re kids finna come through the elevator

  82. darkDeath912

    The iRoach 6+

  83. Christoffer K

    I must ask.. How does this work in the states.. if you are either born without the possibility to walk, or victim of some accident and linked to a wheel chair. Dont you receive any form for echonomical support ? I mean, are people either expected to go out and buy an elevator, or having someone carrying them around? The very idea of both are so far out I hardly can wrap my head around it.

  84. Zac Schmude

    Your favorite quote by Harrison Ford?? Lol love your channel man! Keep it up!!

  85. jonathan30193

    I've seen literally EVERY SINGLE video sense about day 1 ... this one really really hurt to watch ...

  86. MD5S JT

    Well it didnt save me

  87. Yxf3y

    This hurts

  88. K MH

    Hey Bixby, explode

  89. lp700

    This is what i did on humans in my first year med school.

  90. The Seattle Someone

    Switch to apple

  91. En4cer2K9

    "Why haven't you gotten a new phone?" Because I break them all.

  92. Adel M

    Jerry rig the house

  93. Rick S.

    Awesome video, great couple! Merry Christmas :-)

  94. Jobione Gaming

    Zack, "local" youtube engineer, help his girl

  95. Jobione Gaming

    No offense Jerry:it makes my hair stand up on the end Me: 👀

  96. chris hopwood

    Cant wait for the teardown video. Though if you want to do some real off roader get a defender or a discovery.


    LoL its my drime to get this ipad and u had just broked it lol 😭😭😭😭 Why God..

  98. Arsene

    How much is it

  99. m0d

    How does a 220 dollar poco F1 with last year's flagship specs with a plastic body not break and a 750 dollar metal body phone break at 4 points?

  100. Lou

    I see scratches at level 4, in this video 1:43 right under the number. That is in concert with the thousands of complaints about the pro models scratching easily.