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  1. Jacob Snodgrass

    Garry Harris traveled

  2. Julio Sula

    I bet as soon as we got Kawhi Lakers fans were like “We don’t need him, he’s not even that good”

  3. Dean Peterson

    Is Superfan always talking to the bench or who he talking to when he is looking over that way?

  4. Alpha Bro

    Rookie of two years lol

  5. Slaviša Jovanović


  6. Terrella's ORBIT

    (Jordan 4 clippers pack )would be tight with same color from Jersey

  7. S T

    What are rookie bro...😱😱


    Where is gianis?

  9. Bo Rood

    LMAO! Lonzo Bust, worst player in basketball history!

  10. Hoopers Alley

    Bucks aren’t playing this time around. What’s wrong with the pelicans, I thought they were supposed to be the dark horse

    1. iihyperz

      Hoopers Alley was Zion playing? I’m not into basketball at all but ima be a bucks bandwagon lmao. I watch the nfl but most of my friends like basket ball so they get mad whenever I say my favorite nba team is the best

  11. Rick Danner

    the Cs #12 Williams can someone explain to me why he gets so many minutes?

  12. cascisa22

    Plays a bit like Lou Williams

  13. bigheadkulaff

    Bucks in 5 2020

  14. enlighten1 enlighten2

    If Orlando didn't had there main player on an injury list. They would have beaten the Lakers... Cause Orlando almost took this game... But there missing their power forward man.. And he's actual scoring average is 18' points per game

  15. 88GURP

    8:02 is already in the X-Files

  16. Cornrow Wallace

    Holy Mother of God

  17. Margie Long

    How crazy is Devonte Graham's shooting tonight! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  18. ssimpson11234

    Damn another loosing season for the pelicans

  19. Trevor F

    Two of the biggest slumping teams in the west and surprisingly it wasnt completely boring

  20. Khari Gaynor

    Ja got some SERIOUS dog in him!!!

  21. Jomar Taluyo

    Back to back win by hornets congrats


    Hmm, play #3 though... NBA basketball rules, Section F, Article 13, part 7, amendment b.5: The number of steps a player is allowed to take without dribbling while on a fast break is in direct relation to the difficulty and skill required to complete the play. b.6: The referee's discretion, combined with the reaction of the involved players can thus add an additional 1, 2, or 3 steps to the normal allotted 2 steps.

  23. Theogbillbill

    16. Baby for the 414

  24. kastador69

    Fuck yes Canada, Fuck Yes!!

  25. Pokemon breeder

    When the bulls announcer says whites first name sounds like Kobe. I'll be great if he reached Kobe greatness

  26. Analog Clock

    I want to see this team beat the Lakers a week from tomorrow

  27. Gustav Kass

    Wow... One of the greatest court flyers of the NBA

  28. xXBobbyXx86

    4:01 fugging double dribble(illegal drible) by hawks bro

  29. EpicReignKJ

    It's what we do. #BuzzCity

  30. Fine Supplements

    Thank God Kawhi GTFO of that Canadian hell hole

  31. Andrew Tan

    Vintage Toronto Raptors Court and Jersey...

  32. Onetime 4-Real

    It's no coincidence that Avery Bradley comes back and the Lakers' defense stifles the Magic and keeps them under 90 points. The last few games the Lakers' defense gave up way too many points a game.

  33. Hoop Juice


  34. miopera40

    The knicks should be downgraded to college league, they don't belong in the NBA

  35. Lam Dang

    NBA USA 🇺🇸 bon bay la bon 😋 Money 💰 con te hon con cho tau cong China communist nua ??? Suck ... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎👎

  36. Likey Gaboutou

    1:21 Baseline jumper is BUTTER 😂😂

  37. Issachar

    That first assist from lebron to green to open the game was nasty

  38. Samuel Smart

    Man, did you guys see that steal and assist by Westbrook at around 5:32 in the video? Dude is such a stat padder. He gobbled up 2 stat points in less than one second. Why does he pad his stats like that?

  39. Lai Le

    So disappointed with the Suns, they don't deserve to make it to the playoffs losing game like this. I hope DeAndre Ayton can save the Suns, he is the only hope to lead the Suns to the playoffs this season. I'm starting to lose faith with this team particularly losing a game like this one where they should of prepare a better game plan to ensure a win.

  40. erick moss

    Don't under estimate the heart of a true chicagoian...

  41. impekabLeTV

    Lou Williams too good man.. too good.

  42. Black Spiderman

    I'm glad the NBA are putting out highlights. And pretty good highlights for that matter.

  43. Jacob Lubic

    I mean dudley did his thing

  44. Beaware0_o

    Baynes should quit playing Bball after this wow.

  45. moses layani

    They should have put the dddddaaaaaaaaammmmmmm vine clip

  46. KingBlaze

    If you came across this God bless you🙏🏾! 👇🏾👇🏾 Bless me with a sub😌🙏🏾💖

    1. Nash's #1 fan

      I was about to comment you're such a cool person but bitch hell no. Using God for subscribers what a joke lmaoo

  47. Mohammad Abdullah Bin Abuzar

    Cava tryna look like a whole new nba team so the dont get criticized 😂

  48. Vaporizerrr

    MVP type play

  49. Rain Storm Polgadera

    I thought those footprints led to Kawhi's deadly luck right corner spot. 😆


    Ja Morant will win the ROTY Award and MIP next year.

  51. FidelCastro_of_the_StripClub

    Lol one Nets players on the bench already knew what it was on the last shot.

  52. Jack McGrath

    This guy is going to hurt himself

  53. Call Me J. R.

    Team not even fully healthy, we still miss players💪💪💪

  54. Truth Be Told

    Where is Larry Legend!?!

  55. anthony cheesman

    Imagine the narrative on rose if he didnt get that pity mvp award in 2011

  56. bordiguy

    KCP low key playing really well this season.

  57. KING- KSM


    1. malik gilmore

      Nigga we know what it mean

    2. KING- KSM

      Rookie of the year

  58. To Pi

    Terry ain’t that scary Rozier. Still is a back up

  59. P99 Medina

    21 career 50 point games..(4th all time behing Wilt, Mj, Kobe)...hes also 7th all time in triple doubles with (42)..Wilt had 118 -50 point games!!! Mind blowing considering 2nd place is Mj with 31!

  60. Alexander Lopez

    I was there # Zach Attack

  61. Flex Buffchest

    Went from "Who he play for?" to "DEVONTE' GRAHAM!!!". Lol

  62. Abeselom Alene

    After all hes put up with and worked for with okc he earned the right to leave

  63. TacticalPower88

    This youngin trying to get paid, thats how you do it kids lol

  64. christian tagapan

    why they just let Harden penetrate that easy and the endless repeating of stepback 3

  65. Aaron Presley

    Imagine having Aaron Gordon and not fully using him in 4th quarter

  66. damian castaneda

    Most of the comments going to be people who don’t watch basketball cry about “how many ft, fa %, ball hog”. Quit crying already Jesus, at this point you hate his greatness honestly and are in denial. Don’t foul him if you don’t want him to shoot free throws? U crying about flops yet makes his 3s and gets no calls? He is boring to watch? You telling me step back 3s from far, drive in dunks, euros , 1 of the best handles in the league is boring to watch?? So many kids love to hate cus everybody else is. Sht is amazing honestly, never seen anybody else do it like him

  67. dinodude18

    Imagine not calling AND 1 for a rookie getting mauled by Aaron baynes

    1. Philosophy Philms

      Flagrant 1 plus dunk

  68. King David

    Damn Houston, struggling against the Cavs... SMH! They just do not wanna play defense! They lucky the Cavs were throwing the ball away in the end, unlike the Kings who bust they ass the other nigh!

  69. Bo Rood


  70. Hoopers Alley

    Great reception from the crowd 💪 he deserves all the cheers

    1. james Atama

      Load management kawhi doesn’t deserve 💩

    2. Tony Iyke

      Hoopers Alley the fans kept it classy 👏👏

  71. Amrit Sohpal

    Trade Lowry, dudes garbage

  72. Gonja Sensai

    He was wating for this body all season.

  73. _ iAnonymous! _

    Baynes stay getting dunked on😭😭

  74. Brett Mccleary

    AND 1 first

  75. Jaylen Cotton

    The time frank wants to play decent and make his shots everyone else wanna play like garbage. This is a game I thought they would win forsure. The suns still are going to be 6th seed. I'm calling it #weakassLost

  76. H D

    Court & Raptors' jerseys look like VC & TMac from NBA Jam 2000 (N64)

  77. Gonja Sensai


  78. KingDon

    nasty, should have packed with the left tho

    1. ep1

      KingDon nah he fell cus baynes basically undercut him

    2. KingDon

      @E Gully yeh I agree but I think he wouldn't have fallen so awkwardly if he had packed with the left

    3. E Gully

      Naw bruh, switching hands made that WAYYY nastier

  79. G N

    Utah needs to play like this when they play the Lakers when they play the Clippers when they play Milwaukee and other teams this is how they need to play they'll have a much better chance of beating those teams they've already beaten Milwaukee once and they have yet to beat the Lakers then you to play like this against the LA teams especially and against Boston to Philadelphia they beat the 76ers once

  80. adicktouz

    fuck this videos.. this channel need to know how slowmo the video

  81. SD.

    Poor Baynes on the receiving end again... 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  82. 213

    Clippers now have the best record against winning teams at 8-4. **

  83. Ulbert Alain Odle

    Bruh they really get demolished by pacers w/o oladipo

  84. Christian Bernhard

    The Holiday brothers are so fire. That father has some A1 genes

  85. Leonard Williams

    Devonte is soo fun to watch. Deff taking 📝 lol

  86. Laced Bacon

    Hope Book's wrist isn't injured

  87. Bronkingston

    Where’s the foul 🤔

  88. CanonSoy Y

    0:53 is it me or did i hear "OH SHiT"

    1. JackGeezy



    That boi kept running back to offence he didn’t want to wait around and get flexed on

    1. Ninja Warrior

      @D.J. Keegxn

    2. D.J. Keegxn

      I just took that in Man wanted no smoke 💨

  90. Pherez Goldz

    He gon break his legs when he continues with this stupidity .You can't dunk on everyone like that smh

    1. E Gully

      It's not his fault that he got fouled on that play. He beat his man, and dunked.

    2. Ninja Warrior

      @Lil DGabriel

    3. Lil DGabriel

      But that boy just did 😩😩

  91. Proxima Irrelevant

    Not first

  92. Conscious&Crazy

    And 1

  93. Andre' Wilson


  94. Jawan Peyton

    This nigga just Baptized his ass

  95. Amir Daniels

    Baynes almost undercut him

  96. Mark Bernadel

    Want to dunk like the pros click the link below

  97. LA Vibes

    I fucks wit ja but he ain't gonna be around that long if he keep tryna dunk everything dude the lightest player in the league

  98. DirtyJohnJones

    Ha, he looks like 21 Savage... Oh the dunk was crazy too.