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  1. FireFly Epic

    Why did you not cool a PC using the Dyson?

  2. Rory Miller

    The cooling better be good on that thing I mean come on

  3. Richard Dececio

    Imagine not buying second round in CS, when you got MVP, I want a series of Linus learning CSGO to Gold Nova

  4. Josh Bennett

    He built an Xbox. Lol

  5. Richard Mullon

    You guys seem to have more know than the basic. I’m looking for beginner setups

  6. Rhakesh G


  7. Will Jones

    Why on Earth didn't he go with either of the 13in MacBook Pros? They're both less expensive than the Razer and fix one of the two problems he had with the Air and include a better screen, speakers, and gaming quality.

  8. alex garry


  9. Bubbles_myway

    NOW that’s gotta be cool rite ??

  10. CyberPirate2008

    Not the greatest sponsored video. I would have liked to have seen you guys custom make the bottom part of the fan and intergrate the PC into it. Obviously Dyson did not pony up a huge amount of cash for this to happen. One day I wish to be rich enough to afford a Dyson fan and vacuum.

  11. TakeMyTags


  12. Jimy 630

    3:02 hurts beacuse I’m Canadian 😢

  13. simon A

    I gf has this fan and it's TERRIBLE. Fan is noisy af and filtering is designed so u have to change the expensive hepa filter often. Only good thing that is fine is the heating.

  14. Bruno Rantin Po

    "We but the pc beneath the air purifier." Well, that was an anti climax 🤣

  15. Electric Boogaloo

    The pc is powered by babies

  16. Davis Pennell

    anyone know what type of tv that is?

  17. Tin Boiter

    How a bout a fish tank PC. That would be a huge reservoir.

  18. Mark Meripa

    Does anyone else get the "unboxtherapy" vibe in this video?

  19. P H

    Quality content thanks :)

  20. Sean Tobeler

    Anyone else hear a high pitch frequency white noise in the background on most WAN show episodes or am I crazy? I feel like the mic setup is messed up. Only videos that make my ears hurt are some WAN shows.

  21. NaraWyatt

    Linus you’re great

  22. AxellSlade

    That's how we cool our PCs in Brazil's summer.

  23. im a kid

    Linus Linus... WHY DID YOU FORGET THE DAMN RBG!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

  24. Gothan Blast

    Me: Cool down pls PC: Reverse card

  25. Tix F. Robux

    2:53 the rss cushine is an AirPort card cushine

  26. Caroline Couture

    I use make but I want a pc

  27. Mohamed Magdy

    So no one is gonna mention that Linus is wearing socks and sandals, huh?

  28. weijie wang


  29. じゃん りっくLittleBertz

    lmao i saw a pulseway ad with linus in it and watch all of it (not a segway but a legit ad lmao)

  30. Roberto Lopez

    I never really comment but wanted to share this tip for Linus’ lapboard: If you take an old mouse pad and cut 2 strips and glue/Velcro it to the top and bottom of the mouse area of the board it will greatly cut down on the mouse sliding off the board every time you have to move. Hope it helps!

  31. Eran Badit

    Fake news. Almost every modern CPU can run Crysis without a GPU. Proof:

  32. Scooby's Scoop

    My goodness, please trim linus being confused. We get it, he is an idiot, don't need the choppy, over edited video jump cuts.

  33. Myk TA

    Its fun to build a pc but the only thing that frustrates is me is cable management TT_TT

  34. Lightzpy

    Wonder if this could have been used with an integrated gpu that's water cooled and a cpu cooler for better specs

    1. Lightzpy

      If anyone knows let me know

  35. Devin

    Sorry, imo this would have been pretty legit if you built this in the fan so it was cooled by it. But this was legit just an ad

  36. Ev R

    Liquid cooling isn't meant for a single computer. Liquid cooling is what they use for "super computers" and even those also have fans as well because you really get sand out results when both are working together. No reason to pick one over the other or spend extra money. If you really want to stand out install both in your computer. None of this is debatable. My career is running around the country fixing and setting up computers that run entire buildings.

  37. Alienware

    0:57 GTX 2080ti?

  38. Rumsy z

    Im not happy ur happy

  39. Mr. GreenCheeks

    can i have a good laptop for gaming? I cant play any games... only minecraft works but at 30 fps

  40. XumeHD

    can we make crazy straw style water cooling tubes a thing please?

  41. Ivan Kolić

    I don't like these videos where it's clear as day that Linus had minimal participation in the project and he just reads the script that someone else wrote.

  42. ViZioN kubuss

    7:40. Sandals and socks that’s a mad combo

  43. Nick Plays

    brUh that's a DySON FaN

  44. Krykul

    Summit1G has entered the chat

  45. Jonathan__Anthony

    It would be better if they took the concept of the glass that turns opaque and used it for this. Like if the screen was off it’s just a window but once you turn it on the backside turns opaque and the tv/games show on the other.

  46. Majesty D

    Lmao dumb but hey I guess some people want a fan on a pc

  47. Zong-QI Wu

    Is Linus get hearted on he hand? right hand

  48. Murat Can DAYAN

    upss. as you mention.. in this particular way like you did build the system, you just basically carry the cooling ingradient through the pipe but not the heat that it has. exposed copper pipes, as a really good thermal conductive, release back whole heat into the room before it reaches to the radiators outside. just cover whole system with foam and tape in Linus style, like air conditioner pipes has. =)

  49. Harry Mcdowell

    the hue the ecosystem is just better

  50. John Tisch

    Linus can afford 10000 PC but cant get a better haircut lmao no hate i love you're videos you're the one who inspired me to build my won PC

  51. Vitor Leão

    Those cards where useful to repair shops as spare pieces.

  52. MuahMan

    For me: 1 a. Microsoft Surface Headphones 1b. Sony 1000's 3. Bose 4. Beats

  53. Allen Hong

    3:22 Fan grills or fan girls?

  54. Brendan Tisch

    Id like to see a roundup of the explosion of crazy cheap "one handed keyboards" that have flooded the market. I've been using one all throughout college since they can sit next to a laptop very easily. Its niche but the designs are wild.

  55. Tanish Arora

    at this rate, there is going to be a pc in everything in the future

  56. I0NE007

    2:30 Hold up! Is that the default Windows Vista background!?

  57. Samuel Petrovich

    Pretty sure you had 30 days to use an unactivated copy in Win7 (I haven't checked to see if this is true in 10, but I'm sure it is), and I doubt you're running one hardware ID for longer than 30 days in your line of work, so really it's covered under the EULA anyway. I worked at a computer shop for a few years and we used fresh, unactivated installs all the time for our test stations.

  58. supersimon126

    *Watching in 2020* "Balls to the wall 18 core workstation." 18 core... .. *Laughs in 3990x*

  59. Ricardo Triães

    From wan show in 2020

  60. Myk TA

    What if AMD will release a Threadripper 3999X special limited edition cpu 64c/256t

  61. Dr. Najeeb Ullah Qadir

    What base does linus use as a keyboard base and mouse surfave i want it but dont know what its called so i have been using an old tile or cushions

  62. Dave Plsek

    Dyson sucks ... and blows

  63. VeviserB

    Also could be used in a conference room or lecture hall with a small rackmount media unit.

  64. AlphaVA

    Still got that Laszlo opening

  65. Zalog

  66. suzuki400boi

    Anthony is the James May of LTT

  67. Zerdical

    in soviet russia, gaming pc cools you!

  68. G8M8N8

    this, is really bad. Dyson just wanted to sponsor.. ehhhhh........ ... .. . ..

  69. gowron277a

    Wish I could buy one to bad they don't make them anymore.

  70. AccountWasHacked

    Like the movie "Short Circuit?"

  71. Sizzlik

    They use likes

  72. Conservative Canuck

    I just found a security flaw with this phone.. I can bypass lock screen passcode and fingerprint easily, in fact too easily, with no tools... Contacted Huawei, bitches better pay me or the world gets to see how

  73. Naram Brikha

    This is why I go to MicroCenter every day...just in case a tech god wonders in giving away free computers

  74. Marcel Charland

    You built a base and put a dyson on top... can you do a plant next? or shoe rack.

  75. Silver Spoon

    I have ADHD I need this..

  76. MrJibJub13

    broooo 18:13 hole in shorts.

  77. distelmarc

    Nice rack.

  78. Bre4dly

    linus lesbian tips

  79. The GamingWolf87

    The gaming PC that cools you down and your room.

  80. Nano Tox

    4:35 Either you are using really expensive filament or your employee ripped you of :D

  81. Spuzzell

    I'm disappointed Linus partnered with such a right wing Brexiteer company as Dyson. Sure a lot of people simply don't care, but you should.

  82. Zulu Works

    Put a Roomba under that ish and we got a deal

  83. Kelzan Lienbre

    pretty fucking stupid video, fucking dyson ruining ltt videos

  84. WaFfLeFuR

    Alexa, Blow Me

    1. Playz Blaze


  85. cleadge

    that silverstone thing. my brother actually uses one since he is confined to bed due to his dissability.

  86. Grand Cayman Tech

    Yup.those gaming brains need cooling.

  87. DatBoiAlan

    That's a FAN?!

  88. superdude123032

    Dyson may be able to justify that price point if it came with a pc preinstalled. Otherwise, it’s basically a space heater for the 1%.

  89. arsnakeheart

    Linus, given that you probably have quite an international audience, couldn't you use normal units instead of "pounds"?

  90. The Minimum Wage

    It's more for music studios than servers really

  91. Illuminationsfromtheattic

    I want to build this!

  92. Archie Palmer-Phelps

    Yes Linus, very cool, but....... Why?

  93. Steve O13

    Please no more dyson please

  94. Bumblemax

    No one: wireless earbuds - meh but good sound Apple: hey let's make our own version of the same thing and sell it for 10 times the price Btw apple is shit

  95. james mahal

    What material are you printing with for that failure to be worth 20 bucks???? A 1kg roll of standard 1.75mm pla in the UK is less then £20, that failure is at most worth a £1-2 of material and electricity and thats being generous

  96. Wolfie Wolf

    So a computer under a fan... maybe if it was inside sure. Cant help you with that one man, that's a shitty sponsor no matter how much they paid

  97. 37 pirate

    I'd rather learn DVORAK

  98. Ben 590

    I love the windows vista background at 4:28

  99. Kelly Shenanigan

    It's made in Austin and thus, qualifies for government work where literally no other company currently does anymore (thanks to a Trump EO). Buy Apple stock, shit's about to get weird.

  100. Felipe Modesto

    hahaha fuck me that's my exact build. XD