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  1. Wessam Hamadneh

    " It's amazing the difference an inch makes "

  2. payrim Dwein

    51:20 todd

  3. PUBG BD

    The voice of them are veryyyyyyyy similar

  4. Mike MUC

    How much does it pay to sit for more than an hour in such an ugly and obviously uncomfy chair? They are ugly as hell. I will never get why people are willing to pay fantasy prices for low quality toy chairs, when the same money would buy them used professional high quality office chairs. This junk is obviously aimed at ripping off young adults that are trying to by status. If you are really into "sporty" chairs, just build one using a real Recaro seat or any other racing seat. Even normal car seas make far superior alternatives. These junky China copies are just a pain in the eyes.

  5. sadman

    My case is more expensive then my graphic card

  6. PrimoBasilisk

    Imagine watching ASMR with these

  7. Maddy

    thank you!

  8. David Millar

    Xbox 360. What happened to versions 2-359?


    "Apple doesn't look so ap-PEEL-ing anymore" - Anthony 2019

  10. Charles Sami Amyouni

    Its a PC = Powerful Console. Microsoft called it Series X because in Japan it will be called the "Dreamcast" - Power Your Dreams.

  11. Bryanna Stander

    ISPs in the US still sucks, we can't even get 1080p video uncompressed due to regional monopolies.

  12. Hermenegildo C

    Spain 15 euros 27 GB plus unlimited callas

  13. Kars Postema

    It would be interesting if you make a PC with XBOX OS on it... And controller drivers

  14. Sett Hardth

    Watching this over a year later...... Anthony rules.

  15. Cichlid_Visuals

    console peasants want to be pc so bad, i see tons of "setup" posts with keyboard/mouse and monitors hooked up to consoles lmao

  16. Crypto For The People

    The only thing that actually matters is that you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that the Father raised Him from the dead. Then you will be saved from the consequences of your sin and will be united with God. Romans 10:9

  17. Mihajlo Je

    Redragon kumara for $30 is for me very good keyboard

  18. Aravind Ashok

    do you guys think linus describes his dick to yvonne as he described the motherboard at the end?

  19. Astref

    So that what project scarlet was ?

  20. Will Croston

    I love Scrapyard Wars. I wouldn't say I'm tired of the series but this season wasn't as entertaining. And honestly, that's on you guys not the viewers. I would like to see Linus vs Luke vs Anthony. Small budget, must be overclocked, and must be all used parts/homemade. Best benchmarks wins.

  21. Irate Frogger

    Electricity bills probably like 25k a month lol

  22. luckyson13


  23. Radix Lecti

    Would be cool if it had the option to boot into windows or a slimmed down Xbox gaming dedicated OS

  24. Jessy Terpoorten

    What about a case

  25. John Bales

    I surprisingly like it (though can understand why the wife might be P-O'd with this impulse). However, if this is indeed the only one of these produced, it could very well be an investment which collectors would pay serious money for in the future. If you question this, watch some episodes of "American Pickers" and "Antiques Roadshow".

  26. Devansh Jangid

    Still waiting for the time when even the WAN Show is in 18:9 aspect ratio....

  27. Mike MUC

    How long will it take to root it?

  28. logan holmberg

    Lol I thought you guys were going to trash it but the second I saw the new xbox I immediately thought "the tower of power" but Maybe I just a Sega fans boy. lol.

  29. Paul Recker

    That’s so cool

  30. Highdega_Chronic

    Oh my if only

  31. intel i9 9900k


  32. Roger Schooneveld

    Xbox looks like a Lian Li mini itx PC.

  33. Mireneye

    What if I target 1080p? Can I effectively run the ray tracing features of the card on that? If so then I think it might be the card for me.

  34. Leon McInnes

    ZeroLatency VR, one step closer to Ready Player One.

  35. Craiz

    Here in Germany.. I'll get 300k/bit max when using the BEST mobile connection I can buy here(Telekom aka. T-Mobile). (4G)

  36. Corey S

    The XBox commercial is trying to evoke the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  37. Adam Burhop

    why are you wearing sandels and sock??????

  38. James Demaine

    5000 US cities? Please define the word city...

  39. Tuman WK

    Suggested names: XBox One+ X Series, XBox Omni Series, XBox "I hate my job Series X" Waiting to see how they name the other 2 consoles in development. Indeed, whispers from deep inside Microsoft suggest a "family of devices" is on the way. Does that mean multiple Xboxes? Another rumour has also suggested multiple consoles are in the pipeline, a high-end one called "Anaconda" and an entry-level one called "Lockhart". The same source says a third Xbox is on the way, code-named "Maverick", which will be for streaming games only - which sounds like a successor to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Well, it is a "series", after all...

  40. Labolas2Glasya

    Linus....Linus, when u ask a companie to not produce a pile of shit. and they do that for a price wich no normal human being could pay, its still a pile of shit. just satrisfy one customer desire does NOT completly negate everything else. thats not how this works. and btw you cant be serious aboput the cheesegrader lookin "sexy" no ones's gonna believe you that

  41. santhony

    You haven't been to MY house.... LOL

  42. MaximumDoog

    Floating logo so that no matter which way you turn it its facing upright, yea?

  43. Roswell Crash

    Was my first thought, looks like a Corsair One.

  44. pumpuppthevolume

    the Xbox should have a switch... switching between windows and Xbox.... completely separate

  45. Edwin

    Would a big AirCooler, like a Noctua nh-d15 be comfortable for one of these?

  46. Big Semmo

    Don’t forget Linus spent money for this 😂

  47. Liam reynolds

    So is Microsoft using Apple's stupid naming scheme now?


    But what happens when one of the se cards go missing

  49. Henk Potgieter

    you have a lot a money. why don't you help me out so i can take my ex girlfriend to court to get rights to see my child

  50. Giacomo Tontini

    Would be awesome if they gave the ability to boot on windows and use as a traditional pc...

  51. ColdBoi

    linus got the "ultimate riding experience" (with a guy)

  52. Baron Clime

    Apple honestly has a hard time competing in apples to apples (pun intended) comparison. You can get much better performance 99% of the time on other hardware ( to the best of my knowledge) . I do like many of the things Apple does in their products and I wish Microsoft would do some of the same things O/S wise. For the money which is what matters as long as you aren't trying to keep up with the Jones's a regular pc is all you need.

  53. i ate bambi

    Well done guys, funniest video you have made. I'm sure James enjoyed it the most due to the amount of jokes you recycled

  54. B Š

    thats not a console thats a pc

  55. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Any new crap you buy today will be worth $100 on eBay in 5 years.

  56. Walter Marcus

    when u realize the 8700k u bought 8months ago just got stabbed by a 10th gen i5....-_-

  57. Epic Businessman

    No colour pls

  58. ColdBoi

    what's up guys linus is gay

  59. NE GONZA

    Gas is not a fluid..

  60. rayzimmermin

    Xbox Series X can be shortened to XBSeX

  61. JustAndrei(YTB)

    The new xbox is a shit.And no it isn t a pc.If thr new xbox was a pc it must work to make documents,to edit videos and so on bit it doesn t.And there are many aspects that are required to be a pc.

  62. McBobtheruggaman

    That trendy Hitler isn't very good at building PC's.

  63. A. Nilla-or

    10:46 of course you are, you're in Singapore. it's right there on an equator, mate :P

  64. iRoyTV

    what brand RTX 2060 is that? i want the kind of style of GPU and i don't know where to find it

  65. Frustrated Desi Engineer

    India uses this one, because it cost just 2$ here. with bulk orders going far cheaper than that.

  66. Dan Green

    "How does it feel to pe one of the recurring faces second only to the host on Gam Awards?" WUUUUUUUUUUT???

  67. HighNoon

    Oh and BTW just think about everything on one cluster like you say, means one system broken ir down and Everyone has to stop playing 👎🏻

  68. Levente Krisztián Büte

    "Hey, Colton, you blocked my 5G so I block you from the LMG staff member list. You're fired!"

  69. JesterHell999

    As someone that only plays single player if streaming is required then I will stop playing games.

  70. TheDouser

    I like the idea of consoles being PC's now. That would mean games do not have to adhere to the weak specs of consoles as much which means better looking games with more features.

  71. Soivet Creeper

    Most important it runs minecraft

  72. David N

    What happened to a PIA rep coming on the show to discuss?

  73. HighNoon

    Sorry i disagree on streaming being the way it is, people will move on rather than sliding down a hill to jump to a wall run then jump on a rope only to have a stutter in the stream and die because you miss the rope , in tomb raider there was on spot playing where you just knew it was streaming and i hated that, streaming is for yuppies who know nothing about gaming, and they need to just go buy a stadia and tell me how cool it is.

  74. Yusri Amilkassim


  75. Soivet Creeper

    Ima sell my ipad and psvr and buy this

  76. Mikko Saarinen

    If the new XBox would actually support USB and Bluetooth devices and HDMI-CEC I would be impressed. They have been around since 1996 and 2008, but still not used properly in the current gen console.

  77. not a profi

    Artificial coma device. All this is pointless w/o toilet auxiliary.

  78. intel i9 9900k


  79. Yeet Man

    This guy is a douchebag

  80. Jubo Kim

    I used this tip today Dec 13 2019

  81. Sightseeing

    So is LTsel ALL he uses this for? Is this like a production office for movies or something?

  82. Thomas Anderson

    Any thoughts on CyberPower PC?

  83. Santi Cazorla

    But can it run cs go?


    It's not a pc get over it, maybe pcs look more like consoles, you sound butthurt

  85. Greenest Hue

    As a budget gamer I hate when new consoles come out. Have fun having a GTX1070 as the minimum requirements.

    1. Cory90

      It’ll probably be a gpu worse than that.

  86. Stuart Moore

    Replicate this performance with a PC and then work out the price difference and then you'll learn why it's not just a PC...

  87. John Gordon

    This report is susceptible to interference by jealous carriers thus is not accurate

  88. tekgeekster

    Bless amd for offering the cpu upgrade program, or else it would have taken me forever to get my pc up and running

  89. D J

    Sorry Linus, but the LG OLED65PUA now with G-Sync destroys that crappy IPS Asus monitor 😉

  90. PotatoGamer555

    that robot voice legit makes me tired and its 3pm so i aint tired

  91. Joshua Cairns

    It looks like my router...

  92. intel i9 9900k


  93. ForgottenT

    This is WiiU level bad naming. Sorry hun we got Xbox X at home, ahaha.

  94. -C3sium

    Look at that luke's carry

  95. Ben York

    It sure is now

  96. Felix O'Keefe

    What's new. The original Xbox was also just a PC.