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  1. Xxgacha WolfiexX

    What happened to the other rat

  2. Oc8

    Don't stick your head too deep in the deep fryer.

  3. Brianna Finch

    Nooooooooooo Chris D:

  4. Gᴜɪɴᴇᴠᴇʀᴇ Lᴀʟɪsᴀ M. Bᴀʀᴏǫᴜᴇ

    _This Video is a _*_COMEDY_*_ to Me_

  5. Olivia Ramirez

    Next I married a apple for its taste

  6. Lpsdeergirl XD


  7. Boy Gamer3

    The bonus story is the worst

  8. Cytrynka Cytrynka

    I saw second stry before

  9. Isidora Spajic

    Everything,everything This movie is so similar !!

  10. Elissa is my name


  11. Neeshaan Rameez

    I feel sorry for u fefe. Whush u a happy life from now on ☺️😘

  12. Vivianalallalalallal Lala

    Just what the f..

  13. Hermilo Garcia

    I found Daniel cohn's birth certificate under my bed

  14. XCityOfClockWorkAngelX

    This reminds me of the book turned movie of 'How To Eat Fried Worms' lol.

  15. Xxyofcknz xX

    At the start u say ur name is Phiphi but near the end u say ur Elise

  16. Tania the fairy queen

    The second story: she is a spoiled kid


    Who would believe this

  18. noRthern wOLVES

    The people are so dumb sometimes.... if this was all true either police and/or ambulance and/or fire trucks would be there already, instead of keeping them there for days... this is such bullshit

  19. Anja girly

    2019 I married a tree 3019 I married a toilet white pooo on it

  20. حسن الامير العاشق


  21. kaouter dah

    Girl: there is nothing I can do Plastic surgeons: am i a joke to you ?

  22. Jaylina Aroko

    This somehow reminds me of Cinderella

  23. 미나

    just imagine her family watching this

  24. Deradji Ouafi

    My story

  25. Jayden Anderson

    Is that flowey the flower from undertale in the painting?? 4:19

  26. Ocean Pawz

    Am I the only person that doesn’t say annoying

  27. oscar owen

    The only problem in the every story is that the divorce in mom and dad

  28. gummy notBear


  29. Jacob Smith

    Wanna know what's weird I thought Bill Gates was like the 2nd richest or something like that

  30. Khushi !!!

    The second story was Soo nice

  31. Aleah Knight

    "Its all Lily's fault!!" She didn't ask to be kidnapped and could have been raped and you just blame her!?!?


    Yup. This girl is a gold digger.

  33. Noah Bear

    Scorions,snakes etc are not poisonous they’re venomous

  34. Jonah Connell

    Ointment, more like aloe

  35. William Ouattara

    That is Gay not ok

  36. Adanester

    Do you want to be male or female

  37. Connor Westbrooks

    Girl: dies Also girl: oh heck no. Not till I tell Chis

  38. Claire Wheeler

    0:23 Luigi? Dat u?

  39. Llama Lad

    When the free Big Mac leads to a kidnap.

  40. Maxwell Hannan

    2019:I hid in my BFF bedroom to hear the most shocking truth 3019:I hid in my creepy stalkers text book on the same page we were on!!he never found me??!!

  41. Annelien Van Tonder

    I'm sorry you lost your hand and i wish you the best of luck

  42. Om Leakhena

    Yeah because you are stupid

  43. Keira Hebden


  44. Chris Robson

    the second girl's voice is sooooo annoying

  45. hello dude

    Tbh i hate these part 2 videos

  46. Marcus Alexander Sinchioco

    I think so

  47. Marcus Alexander Sinchioco

    Your not the reason your mom died because the haved a baby

  48. Brayden Lobsien

    Wtf is this

  49. nadia amr

    The next story: *iam a nerd so i married a book*

  50. Chloe Linsangan

    You are an lucky

  51. Jen Gurule


  52. Naya Catty

    4:19 Flowey? 🤣

  53. marquelr1

    Yes yes they can

  54. moonlighttheshewolf AJ

    Thumbnail: sexy girl, with a bag on her head. Video: this girl

  55. kallin vandenberg

    The animals were cute tho

  56. Lucky Clover

    If your story is real what’s your bakery called?

  57. Leaner Boot

    Horroro Chan?????🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. L1GHT1NG G4M1NG

    2019:I married a tree 2040: I married the ground

  59. Om Leakhena

    You are spyco

  60. adela licayan


  61. * Sushi *

    Ok this is the bonus story……… YOU ARE AN UNGRATEFUL BRAT

  62. kallin vandenberg

    Not realistic but hilarious because of how dumb it is

  63. king furry

    Crya soooooo sad I want to cry for her

  64. adela licayan

    That was me

    1. adela licayan


  65. Samruddhi Nayak

    The title is a lie .... Your mom's didn't do anything

  66. Rosemarie Tyndal

    You ruined his life you are a awful person

  67. Ian Place

    I hate you all

  68. Kićo TV


  69. Gabriella Chen

    So ive seen.. Tee tee Fee fee Lee lee And Cee cee Wtf

  70. Wales Rebel

    You got oxygen though, so not that bad to marry a tree

  71. marquelr1

    9:11 man this is fire

  72. Nolan Pawluk

    “I wanted to kill her because she didn’t give me a free billion dollars so I can live my live like Paris Hilton”

  73. Riley .sweetie

    2019: got pregnant by swimming 2020: got pregnant by kissing 2022: got pregnant in the shower with the water

  74. Helena Youtube

    No you are not ugly no one it ugly you are unique and pretty

  75. Angela lorin Oracion

    Second story : she's a piece of sh*t she's a spoiled brat

  76. preeti chopra

    yes i did..

  77. Jelani's Gaming

    Damn girl wtf u lieng for? Tell me if it doesn’t sound unrealistic

  78. CaptBackwards

    For a million dollars you wouldn't marry a tree?

  79. uniquewesley220

    I want to try sometime those look good

  80. BD-2008-Killer

    The second story is a spoiled brat

  81. marquelr1

    6:23 drops yet again

  82. Gacha Sarah

    "my bf is asexual" Bf: I'm gay Me: so he's not asexual he's homosexual..... Why they say asexual then? Don't they know the difference?

  83. ליאור כהן

    OK it was a cold , but why she needed to stay on the plane and taken to the hospital , and 2 doctors were busy on her all time long? just for a cold?. that some extra bs story. you can be half dead and doctors would not care that much of you. maybe one doctor after he finished his lunch and coffee ofcourse.

  84. NotEunicee

    The bonus story...STUPID GIRL. I literally hugged my parents and sister after this bonus story . . . Life lesson: cherish your loved ones..once they’re gone..u can NEVER get them back.

  85. Denise Astilla


  86. EGirlEmma brookes

    Wait if the room didn't have any windows I am pretty sure that causes hallutinations and it'd bad for your health.

  87. marquelr1

    4:54 that beat dropped thought

  88. Khophi Turner

    That girl in the last story is just dumb

  89. Naiya And LeiLei

    Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that in 4:45 the girl relied on a mouse(brownie) to save her from a cat🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  90. Grace and Fam

    Do more

  91. Bu Denise

    Bonus story, the girl is a brat

  92. Celina Bourdon

    We are all beautiful people, inside and out

  93. Heartless Mimi

    No one is ugly. This world just shows everyone should be up to other people’s expectations. One thing I learned in school. Don’t let them see that they get to you. Be who you are. Don’t try to impress people you don’t even know or like. Don’t try to look like every other person, don’t try to be like society’s dumb standards. Do you. Nothing in this world is ugly. Everything is different for a reason. For significance. And for humanity. :3 :D

  94. Diamond Lenard

    This click bait though

  95. Lan-Nhi N.

    She did this because she was like being a little kid “I felt like a SPY”

  96. Eo12 124

    Grandma is very sexist.

  97. 0 Subs with No video challenge

    Nurse: Want some ice for that

  98. Kolab Chü

    To be protect is to use umbrella

  99. Adam Haris

    Her brother:I am the second Luis Suarez

  100. Eo12 124

    2019: I married a tree. 2021: I married a flower. 2026: I married an elementary school kid.