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  1. ?.??.?

    That's how are mom talked to us sir

  2. Kpop• Trash

    Is it just me or is it weird the title is “how bts makes and spends its money” and not “how bts makes and spends their money”

  3. Zara K

    Like I feel bad for this guy. I wanna give him a huge and be his friend. He looks so depressed and lost.

  4. Thirsha Jeyakumar

    Jungkook - *steals/borrows money from BTS Jin - YA! It’s been 3 months and you still haven’t paid me/us back 😂😂😂

  5. Kamryn Ociana

    I swear 90% of these comments are "BTS:MilIaNARes"

  6. Conservative Bird

    Well it used to be $5 for a foot long and that’s actually a good deal. Now it’s $10 for a sandwich you probably won’t finish and isn’t honestly worth $10. Bring back the $5 footlong subway and we’ll talk! But I will admit those sliders look good but I am 8 months pregnant so.

  7. ?.??.?

    Way can aylin Cruz Rodriguez peper spray me sir it's not drug free place sir I just want to make a change scream all you want sir

  8. Mrs. Husky Productions

    You think coast guard is hard!? Check out MARINES!!

  9. dakota flemmig

    This narrator is truly awful... what a shame lol

  10. X0xAlpha Wolfx0X

    This really didnt explain a lot can someone dumb it down for my kemosabe ass

  11. Chung Hang Liu

    Oof broke gang where you at

  12. C8 Cheese

    woman cheat more now a days+ higher suicide rates= "coincidence?! I THINK NOT!"

  13. Just ARMY Things

    idk about you but im just here thinking about how jungkook gets to save so much more of his millions because his older brothers pays for him a lot of the time. Like in bon voyage season 4, they go shopping for clothes/socks and the older members pay for everything. Jin also said he could live for a year with the money he spent feeding jungkook. 😂 The privilege of being the youngest who's everyone is fond of.

  14. Nippy Neko

    I love this thanks @ Business Insider for this video. #makingadifference #savealife

  15. polycrase

    People's tastes have changed in the last few years. A desire for healthier and better quality food. Subway sandwiches are terrible for the price. Nothing to do with a pedophile TV actor.

  16. Nicolas

    i like how the ceo guy is soo bs

  17. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Spend More-a at Sephora!

  18. Lara Butler

    Well done

  19. Nicolas

    big thanks to og goat ;D

  20. Shaza Musa

    The fact that people still question the importance of showcasing the black square instead of a religious object in a totalitarian regime makes me sad. Malevich basically did something that could jail him for life and yall out here saying you could do that smh

  21. ShimmyShimmy

    I don’t get it, these bags are not even that pretty

  22. Brent Taylor Art

    Right after you take this cold shower SEAL starts singing “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

  23. 甄祖曦SpeedyXP

    Is just me or you also saw iphone 11 blue

  24. Mina Ise

    In Europe we have ~23% income tax, so not bad for u people.But we can get out more benefits for it.For example healcare is free most cases.

  25. paranoidandroid

    Why can't any media professional pronounce it correctly. It's WAH-GYOO. Not WAH-GOO. "Gyu" as in rhyming with the letter "Q".

  26. Arijit Biswas Makeup

    That guy is so handsome. Hope he ain't straight

  27. Mr. Ant

    Part of your family? One of them is from Alabama so watch out

  28. K P

    I would request a foot massage for 2 hrs long

  29. Duane McMahon

    That's it! i'm getting a Tesla next year!!

  30. Lisa Zhong

    um I can't be tricked into debt sorry apple

  31. President Oscar R. Lopez-Cux

    To be honest, Esperanto sounds clunky because of the words ending in -o and of the recognizable english words in esperanto. (Coming from a former Esperantisto).

  32. martin de guzman

    truffles in real life are like diamonds in minecraft

  33. GGBABE

    Yeah I'm out, I've had apple products in the past that were shit af , I think I'm ok sticking with its competitors who are more cheaper and have better quality of devices

  34. Ns Tl

    I have respect for this company because they nevert bent their healthy rules and did not sell unhealthy red bull. Nice book about this company Start small finish big

  35. J3on_Xook

    Bts: *are millionaires* Also bts: I got this underwear from a convenience store 😂

  36. Lorraine Mayberry

    A wonderful vision from a wonderful man. I hope his spirit lives forever in the field

  37. Mercury 428

    I watched a 16 mins of screaming instructor, hell naw i'm not signing up

  38. BTS 봄날

    They are millionaires but they would sell eachother for ice cream. Unbelievable...

  39. AdmiralFroggy

    Honestly the Apple stores themselves never really called me maybe it's because I'm not really interested in Apple products.

  40. i DAVROJ

    Regarding sun exposure, my partner spends minimum 30 min to an hour a day tanning and has done so since childhood (often much longer on his days off), but never used any kind of sunscreen. He swears by moisturizing with organic coconut oil from a glass jar both before and after his sun exposure...sometimes during, if he's out for a while. Now in his late 40's the doctor friends of ours all agree he should have seen multiple cases of skin cancer, especially based on his genetics. To me, this proves the sun alone is not the problem; it's the lack of self care. We've lived from sea level to 8000+ feet, so the elevation is not a factor.

  41. Nicole Benny

    Army's. This made me cry. Words do not describe them. Honestly

  42. Lucky Dube in RC

    now soak it in water and hope not to die of the gas the batteries produce when submerged/soaked with water, heavens forbid saltwater or spray.

  43. BTS's Smol Child

    You see though, Suga's boy Holly, he didn't buy him actually, he found him and adopted him TwT 💜

  44. Precious Banda

    Proud 😭😭😭😭

  45. Isadore Gunn

    I love y'all God plan God choosing people

  46. Green Barn Owl Records

    I need gold

  47. BTS's Smol Child

    So basically, they just rob all of us ARMYs until we're penniless. 😂😂😂💜💜💜

  48. Alfa Salisu

    The world would be a different place without these boys especially S.korea

  49. Maxim Korol

    Imagine buying Apple products lmao

  50. plasma ball

    I eat my Himalayan salt lamp

  51. Kevin Avila

    Filipino spaghetti is very very sweet and always comes with ground beef and hotdog bits. Imagine if this was popular in the 40s, Italy would have carpet bombed Manila to oblivion.

  52. Tavisha

    Click click to the bang bang

  53. Cat Woman

    LA Mer is the biggest hoax out there! Expensive Nivea.

  54. MissLilRedRooster

    I forgot how gloriously ostentatious and tacky the late 90s and early 2000s were.

  55. Based God

    I always wanted to go to West Point due to its illustrious history but I had no interest in the army I wanted to be a marine so that’s what I did.

  56. Basirah Halid

    Imagine if we are all taught to celebrate aging as a natural process. We can all age gracefully without the need to live in denial or insecurity.

  57. fishaholic

    2:06 look how the heart pumps one last time

  58. Jerome Tan

    so basically they dont trick u they just are good at business lol

  59. I need some Suga and tae

    Even tho they are millionaires they appreciate every little thing they are given and donate to good causes

  60. Kathy Hallios


  61. David Mays

    Collateral collateral collateral

  62. Rosie Posie

    BTS has a portion of my money and I'm not mad at them 😂

  63. Gabster

    “The real one tastes like wasabi” Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

  64. Alex Reeperbahn

    Are we leaving in the same planet? Just yesterday i bring home 16 kg of avocado.

  65. usabrian

    Hmm...seems like a familiar Costco

  66. Bella EXE

    Imagine being an “expert” for something that doesn’t have strict guide lines lmao.

  67. StandingRoomOnly

    I thought Kim Jong Un was Trump’s bestie. Sounds like Trump got played!!

  68. Alex Reeperbahn

    Puddín Di softy We hate spaniish

  69. riannah轉

    *BTS paved the way.*

  70. Lofi 10,000

    Hes also chinas dumbest man

  71. 先生CherryPepsi

    I spend a crap ton less because I usually go to Taco Bell. Here where I live in Ohio, I can get a chicken quesarito with no sour cream, an order of nachos and cheese, and a small Baja blast for less than $6. Pretty cheap and good.

  72. Phoebe Domingo

    Imagine buying an apartment worth of millions and then pay it in CASH!!!! i could literlly never🤣

  73. Honour

    I've never entered an Apple store because I can't afford Apple products! lol

  74. Jamie Wilson

    Why are they so expensive? Because they're a scam, duh.

  75. HWTag2

    it wont be that jesko that reaches 300 MPH it will be a different Jesko that will have less down force as this one has to much down force to reach 300 MPH but Koenigsegg has said there will be a variant called maybe Jesko 300 or Jesko Ambition 300 and it will have a different wing package, smaller front splitter and different arrangement in front bonnet for roof this will be able to hit above 300 MPH while the track car cant.

  76. rVnsunshine

    THEIR money. Please fix the title 🥰✌️

  77. Chinh Nguyen

    which disney land is this?

  78. bangTAE boys

    3:20 "bong" 💀 isn't it pronounced "bang" ?

  79. Alexander Rose

    Jesus! He’s very talented but I have 1 bachelor, 1 master and I am still paying my student loans...

  80. Shiloh Lee

    How BTS spends “its” money?!? They aren’t objects. “They” would be much nicer, especially if you’re using their name for clout

  81. bangTAE boys

    bts: millionaires jungkook: we should buy a sponge to shower with and wash the dishes at the same time

  82. Creepzer178

    I don’t think it should take 5 seconds to become a millionaire.

  83. SilasChapman

    Subway still going strong in U.K.

  84. Jung Hoseok

    Why do I suddenly want to rob them...

    1. Jung Hoseok

      Guys i’m only joking😂😂

  85. xeditsbykeirax

    how they REALLY spend their money: tae:buys the whole gucci store suga:buys the whole supermarket jin: buys the whole ramen store rm: buys books jhope: buys clothes jungkook: buys billie eilish merch jimin: buys mochis

  86. kayemen415

    Orion ... Not Eurion

  87. FlexWheeler2nd

    I am loyal to Apple (7 year old MacBook and 5 year old iPhone) but I’m not charmed by all the bells, whistles, and shiny lights. Make the products durable and dependable and I’ll give you my money.


    Rly.. A airline just to have clevage...

  89. NotAnAutisticDoodler !

    hmm hard choice, about 60 1k anti-aging creams or A max mac pro 2019 cheese grater with xdr monitor and an overpriced $999 ‘pro’ stand... *I think I’ll opt with broke.*

  90. BelowAverageLuke

    "And I'm just here on my Samsung s8".

  91. Justin Ferguson

    What a joke North Korea knows we would blow them off the face of the earth, so no more false flag wars or slow indoctrination of the public, war is a racket, as the military complex and private world central banking cartels are the only ones who profit from these engineered wars.

  92. Kenzie M. Mohammed

    bruh I learned more from this video then a whole day of school

  93. M j G

    I'm from L.A. my favorite Apple store is the London Regent Street store. There are always really interesting events going on in there (random fashion shoots with models in the store windows, local musicians giving free concerts, outraging shoplifting incidents where the security just comes out of nowhere). Also the people watching inside that store is fantastic. So much eye candy, from the people, to the events, to the gadgets, to the hoopla. It's SO exciting in that store. Whenever I'm in London, I usually find myself at that store. Also the Apple Store Opéra in Paris is one of the prettiest and well planned Apple stores I've ever seen. The 5th avenue store in NYC, is too much of a clusterf**k experience.

  94. XxSnowManXx MineWiz

    *I feel sorry that they half to protect Trump*

  95. super freddy

    In france it's cheap as fuk

  96. christian blouw

    Imagine the cost of the car insurance and road taxes for this car collection 😅😅

  97. Bear 24

    There is no formula for leadership. You can either do it or you cant

  98. sumaima alvi

    I just eat vitamin A by multivitamins and castor and almond oils are best for anti aging

  99. Umar Shah 67

    why is everyone saying gay