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  1. _Enttäuscht_

    Why am I watching this while eating.

  2. Camryn Leann

    i adore how everything you see in the thumbnail is at the beginning of the video.

  3. Unique

    no one: camels: * casually eating a cactus *

  4. Eliza Eckert

    0:25 The dog on the right is a literal bear

  5. Calico Chips

    The turtle: Come here, young one.... The turtle: I have a amulet..

  6. Dog Sings Lalala

    Poor Horse.

  7. Mhx Air

    That boarder going 70mph is gonna have a real "NANI?!" moment when a rock or something gives him the death stare.

  8. The Extroverted introvert

    "theres nothing more relaxing than the beach!" The beach: *"Nah man"*

  9. Tyler Curtis

    Nah, that's the antenna. That owl is a robot.

  10. Fredbear

    i thought the dogs were actually frozen in time, like ice.

  11. xxAkira Johnsonxx

    Leafy is that you?

  12. Ian Mills

    Poor roger

  13. Gaming with Devansh

    1:45 isn't this the place from Steven universe The one near Steven's house , where Steven meet Connie

  14. zeeik

    damn that seagull's vibin so hard he pushes the fish away

  15. mackk123

    wasnt this like a conspriracy a few years ago

  16. Luminous X

    Ok, this is getting too random..

  17. Pine Opple

    So.. no one is gonna talk about the one video with a plane doing cartwheels in the back?

  18. Pleasii

    1:00 the guy who jumped of the cliff was German.Because the camera man said packst du junge wich means you can do it

  19. Laxer Gregg

    Everybody gangsta, until the BÀĞ starts walking

  20. Truth Spreader TheRealNibba

    Why the hell does that brown horse look so fake

  21. George Frideric Handel

    Dog goes woof Horse goes neigh Cow goes moo Bird goes tweet Sheep goes baa Cat goes quack

  22. Iman Ram

    happy bday🥳

  23. MrRandom_ Player

    0:16 the guy with the sunglasses was so smooth

  24. Reid Rainey

    For anybody wondering what that ocean animal was it’s a dugong

  25. The Gaming Ghost

    So is nobody gonna talk about the horse that literally barely had a neck

  26. Zaiden Ganados

    The first one is cute

  27. Endless Infinity

    1:23 this is explains your friend

  28. Roxeii

    Seagull: *It's just like a t-rex, don't move and it won't eat me*

  29. Mike Kennedy

    Didn’t we always wanted the northwest passage to be open?

  30. Ragingsquirrel Gaming!

    We all know what we thought when we first seen the thumbnale.

  31. abdul malik

    3:09 tobu : higher

  32. Sam SavsG

    By accident

  33. JustExor

    Later: House Attacks Homosexual

  34. Krangles

    cat:sees social media posts about it so it scrolls up me :"i wish i could do that to my cringey memories."

  35. Ismael Tosun

    *Good Doggo

  36. Orrin Gregory


  37. Blake Animates & Gachas

    Where can I get that box of chocolates 😂

  38. 1,000 subs with no vids

    00:11 *_1 second has passed_*

  39. Mangle the pírate fox

    My dog had kennel cough, he didn’t need have a respirator. I am mad.

  40. ZePlex Titan

    That owl is just like me!

  41. Beqa

    0:15 be like: *Yahoooooo*

  42. Verxor 1


  43. João Lucas Galdino

    Hello everyone, this is our daily dose of internet.

  44. Infinity Blade

    Those are some good doggies

  45. Ole Wissen

    So ein Tiger wiegt doch locker ne Tonne oder? 😂

  46. Fionn McManus


  47. Mineta minora

    That looks like poison when it's on the burger it turns brown almost red like a Apple

  48. Swordeaser

    An enemy stand !!

  49. Waviest Sphinx74

    1st video: JoJo Fans: ZAWARUDO!

  50. i man

    Za worda

  51. Eck Ack

    *I think I'm overdosing on internet*

  52. Matt Kendal

    This is a box that will give you diabetes

  53. Astra

    that teacher is definitely a hamon user

  54. NotSnow_ii ツ

    dog: *barks* human: *barks back* dog: *wait thats illegal-* i hope nobody did this oop-

  55. a x o l o t l

    Most of these are So wholesome

  56. Amarii UwU

    I misread the damn title

  57. no life No0b

    DDOD: Puts a guy with a giant bug on his face in the video Everyone: But why, why would you do that?

  58. Kirtsuna

    1:04 you sounded sad when you said perfect. You jealous of the weather?

  59. 국이Mya

    When those dogs suddenly ran off, for some reason I shat myself and almost through my phone off my bed🤧lmao

  60. Kirtsuna

    0:39 he got run over 😂

  61. Krangles

    2:26 this box is heaven

  62. Sergio Morales

    Those dogs!!😍

  63. Wolfie

    They aren’t frozen

  64. French Fry

    The last one i thought it‘s a wing suit 🤨

  65. Frosted

    Thumbnail looks like a dick

  66. music maker

    Happy birth day tomorow keep it upp

  67. Robel Berhe

    Anybody else like how he NEVER clickbait like NEVER and when I mean NEVER I mean it

  68. Niski

    0:27 OMG U scared me soooo muchhhh

  69. Mr Lion

    that girl stealing pigs car 😂😂

  70. Mr Lion

    You kn how many people die from shaking vending machines 😂

  71. a x o l o t l

    I love the little "later" he does at the end

  72. M B

    Aye-aye captain...

  73. Diamond GamerYT

    0:17 me and the boys when we hear a gun shot

  74. Beau Bodman

    Happy birthday man you’re great

  75. music maker

    Happy birth day keep up the good vibe you are one of my idles i love you keep it upp

  76. ZaP Icicle

    they need to make a slinky out of nitinol

  77. Sweetheart Cyanide 32

    1:10 No the tree is burning on the inside because the Keebler elf’s oven caught on fire

  78. memessuplier

    Love you so much you never fail to make my day I stay up everynight waiting for a new episode keep it up

  79. Emerald Frostii

    I love cupcake

  80. Bora tarcan

    Happy birthday

  81. Pockettes

    I just got a notification for this 1 hour ago.... youtube

  82. cos mic

    Homeboy did not need to flex stick that hard, but damn is it lookin fresh

  83. RVN Justin


  84. leslie tolentino

    He wasnt itching Me: **Why do i have a Dirty mind**

  85. ThatOneGuyJames

    ZA WARUDO time has begun to move again

  86. C N

    I love democracy

  87. Draak

    "Here's a box that's more than just a box" Yeah, it's got some diabetes in there. "This little cuttlefish wanted to say hello to this giant finger" Hopefully that's one of the harmless variants and not the extremely "ouch what the he- *dead* " varieties.

  88. Gamer Panda

    Were do I find this box

  89. Justin Sur


  90. Miles Brewer

    When you’re walking through the jungle, and nature does what it does

  91. Илона Шевякова

    1:00 when will people stop being mean

  92. Hadlee Locker

    Talent that’s what i call talent

  93. Pete Barton


  94. Ayden


  95. XoXo Diamond


  96. Tiger Puppet


  97. skrttt skrttt

    Me when i started the video "Oh he is so cute he will not attack him" Me after he attack him 👀👄👀

  98. Илона Шевякова

    1:26 why did he record it???

  99. NMOProductionz 020 7

    I’m an animal lover so... Dog: *barks* Me: :O A fluffy doge

  100. Ripz51M