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  1. Kyle Speck

    Thats funny idk if anyone noticed but when he hit the f150 door he hit it with alot of force but when he hit the tesla truck he barely tapped it so

  2. honeymilk1974

    New subscriber by the way 🙌🏼 nice video!

  3. Korfi

    Ever since at&t started this service every call i receive that i dont expect is a spam risk. Woah.

  4. Erik Mochammad

    this a soapbox.. R.i.p aerodynamic

  5. Givy55

    I really think Elon is wrong when it comes to lidar... I think the costs and size will become so low and small that there will be no reason to not include it... I know I would feel safer in a car that uses lidar... I just don't trust that using cameras only will be enough because the climate has a way of reducing visibility to near zero but Lidar won't care about that!! It seems like lidar is winning the self-driving race!!

  6. Paul Tech

    1 year later I got the iPhone XR for $450 at sprint for porting over from AT&T. Lesson never buy a flagship when it’s first released

  7. MI LAU

    Thank you so The Verge posted this experiences video about the skydio 2. My secretary ordered 1 for my birthday gift, but after I reviewed this videos it's caused me to Temporary Stop in here and THINK AGAIN. Skydio 2 is definitely attractive which I love it so much and also looking forward to having one, but those testing people are also correct and I think their review is quit professional enough to let's skydio people updates their software in future in order to make skydio 2 perfectly finished. Thx for the video.

  8. Arctic Dubzzz

    Elon just cussing in front of children when a sledgehammer smashes the glass

  9. Arctic Dubzzz

    *smashes regular door as hard as.he can Door: dents *taps cybertruck Elon: ITS INDESTRUCTABLE

    1. foopyu nooui

      The crowd sound like they’re at gunpoints

  10. Robert Lalancette

    Agreed, almost free as there is very little actual free content. The stuff I want to watch I have to fork out more money! It is like ITunes, but you have to pay for it...c'mon.

  11. Andres Borges

    Not happening. BAN CHINA

  12. mrNACHOOO_ gaming

    Just wait until you damage one tire.. don't be complaining when the dealer tries to sell you 4

  13. MMO Archives

    imagine getting 50 calls per day when you're looking for job interview calls

  14. Are Dub

    maybe not. 201

  15. timone1423

    Isn't it jus easy for govt to instruct the companies not to do????


    Carro do minecraft kkk

    1. foopyu nooui

      1:25 it feels like thank scene in catian america when the hover car crashed to the ground

  17. Landon Holdman

    This truck is stupid

  18. Isaiah Lenz

    Oh yeah?! Have you heard of the hacksmith 😂

  19. SquirrelyBlake

    My adrenaline rushed when the wheel started spazzing and making quick movements. My gosh that would traumatize any passenger.

  20. Kay Kay

    Apple tv plus is a joke. I just logged in and all the movies cost money... Can you imagine you go in Netflix and they charge you money for each movie... What a disappointment.

  21. Noble Six

    Is this and I emphasize this "TITANIUM WATER RESISTANT RING" meant for the pimp of the 21st century trying to adopt the IoT movement?

  22. Mr H

    Like Elon said, there's a room for improvement.

  23. Angel Gonzalez

    Got the 11 pro Max upgrading from the X, psyched about the night mode and the thick battery

  24. Jxshua Yuzn

    You thought i was the drone you always wanted, but it was always me, SkyDIO

  25. Sal Ahmed

    the show could have been more better without breaking the glass!

  26. Black Acura

    thanks for linking none of these watches btw

  27. 寞翱


  28. Alex’s Reviews

    They should’ve released the SE in 2017 instead of the iPhone X because it was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone so they should’ve used Steve Jobs’ design (like the iPhone 5)

  29. Whitnol Burgess

    When I'm playing an online racing game and my wifi goes down to 1 bar

  30. RainForDays

    0:36 I still don’t understand why. I’m looking at the big picture.

  31. kyes artez


  32. Felix3rd

    Where's the follow up for this

  33. Elio and Eliseo Limones


  34. Jason Faulkner

    they have know for a while..

  35. FIGO FR

    i ill buy that for 1$

  36. Ben

    I bet his partner will be really impressed... oh wait

  37. monkey of the night

    Ah, robocalls, the reason for two out of three of my in school suspensions. Don’t ask about the other one.

  38. tac ticool


  39. P99Chan

    Title: "This is the best laptop." "This is not the perfect laptop"

  40. Ricky Mchone

    Star X is a star to planet 9 heaven🙏

  41. Margie Banadera

    No one literally no one *Glass Breaks* Elon:It didnt go through😎

  42. Corey Lewis

    Thank you!

  43. xakynatzed slav

    Minecraft new update :

  44. Count Ravendark

    The Nokia 800 Tough & the Nokia 8110 are the best, no smartphone for me anymore!!!

  45. Chow PlaysYT

    Question who the heck is gonna hit a car with a hammer

  46. A Robinson

    Wheres the SpaceX package?

  47. Kevin Malibu

    Just wait until DJI steals these features.

  48. Ella Beckett

    I'm getting a Echo spot for Christmas!!!

  49. kyndell

    who ever said they draw that when they was 2 years old they lied right or wrong like if i am right

  50. Robert Batiz

    This isn't a New Concept this is an extremely old concept. The concept of two separate screens being able to fold into one device what's introduce over 10 years ago when the foldable phone market first emerged and was being tested. It was a failure for over a decade until we created the technology to be able to bend the screen so we would have one continuous screen instead of two separate screens. I do like the phone but I wish it was one continuous screen that I could separate if I chose to. This product will absolutely be a failure and Microsoft should have known that. Version 2 will have one continuous screen. The 2 i remember are Kyocera Echo Medias W I had an Echo. This is what it reminds me of. Thinner and I'm sure much more powerful looks a heck of a lot better but that's what should be expected for what I consider a long-overdue upgrade.

  51. Bastian

    Love this review format! Drone target demographics are extending way beyond the kind of people who can make and edit a polished LTsel video, so there are so many people out there who never see someone reviewing a drone that they can relate to. In short, I thought Felicia's review was honest, refreshing and extremely useful!

  52. Justin White

    That "routing correction" is a mapping detour. They don't usually take a direct route and instead try to cover some extra ground in lesser known areas so they can have more variety in their mapping.

  53. Mitch Gaar

    I want to be able to control my Drone, not just cameras. I guess it's good if u care about a Drone following you. Not many people are flying a Drone to have it follow them.

  54. Mitch Gaar

    I'll take my Mavic 2 Pro over this any day. The video is awful and shudders, can fly Farr, can't control it well, I have seen test where it losses tracking person. The only think it is good at, is Tracking. Who uses that very much? I never do, and no way it will ever take photos or videos, close to a Mavic 2 Pro. The gimbel is junk, one crash into anything and gimbel would he broke.

  55. Justin White

    Weird seeing my house in a verge video. I've used waymo a few times but not without a safety "driver" in the front seat. I'll let other people test that out for a while before me.

  56. Víctor Alfonso Delgado Pérez

    Yo quiero con Windows Phone qué mierdas eso de Android, Android es la competencia y ios es la competencia si sale a la venta con Android no lo compró

  57. James Langner

    Ironman has nothing on the real Iron man - Elon for president!

  58. Heliix

    When you want to do digital art but only have a phone and $1 stylis

  59. Sara Gibson

    Lol at the beginning they obviously didn't hit the cybertruck as hard

  60. Katherin Canta

    y yo pensando que con esa vaina si sobrevivo al apocalipsis zombie 😂

  61. Uday kumar

    It's all about processor . OnePlus 855 . Pixel3a 645 something 🤔

  62. Czeal Tamahawk

    Sooo Unique! So much so that I wanted to drive NOW.

  63. Firelord 91021

    1:25 it feels like thank scene in catian america when the hover car crashed to the ground

  64. Russell Mania

    how about don't give your number out to everybody like Facebook and Google

  65. Elwin de Witte

    I've genuinely never had a robo call... And hardly get any scams, maybe just a handful a year. Is this just Europe (or the Netherlands) being absolutely on it? Or America just terribly messing it up?

  66. Daniel Herrera

    Amazing! The cat part was the best out of all!

  67. Damnmari o

    Being useless maybe..

  68. kubilay91 9

    The crowd sound like they’re at gunpoints

  69. ITZLIT

    I am going to miss seeing my dad responding to spam calls by threatening them

  70. Benno Reuter

    Das Auto sieht aus als hätte jemand eine Stunde Blender gelernt.

  71. Adrian Sieber

    "Down to the cm" 😍 … you're getting there! 😉

  72. Erik Stronghold

    Give that 3 year old buddy his own drone review LTsel channel! 🤣

  73. Denny Lewis

    Bring back Chris Zeigler

  74. Galaxy Gamers

    u can get money from them

  75. Lasombra

    I'm starting to get spam text with groups of people

  76. Galaxy Gamers

    We are farmers bum bum bum bum bum bum

  77. DJRosted

    i hate the verge

  78. Fran Detrovi

    Is this a truck from cyberpunk game?

  79. Cameron Harris

    Until they have one that extends and retracts I'm not interested

  80. sai varun annadata

    LTsel is getting wierder

  81. IYeet dog

    iPad , iPad iPad iPad

  82. Ketelpan.

    The racket hits the Dome and falls back to earth,that is what they constantly trying bombing. But no way out of The Dome guys . Wake up..

  83. Dean Crow

    Where is the detail of how you do it. This is of little value on the how to meter.

  84. Tomatoe Master

    A custom skin from Gran Turismo in PlayStation.

  85. jay t

    Edge and bing work fine.. The chromium version is. Etter than g chrome and uses less resources and take all plugins.

  86. GamerVid Reacter!!!

    Have fun destroyer that MRBEAST

  87. cristian cartes

    wea falsa cuando le pega con el martillo, con la parte que le pega a la puerta blanca es de acero, y la parte que le pega al cybertruck es de goma y le pega mas despacio basuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  88. Casper Frank-Stender

    Why does the video contain like 90% of your face and max 10% out of the front window and the actual driving experience? You wouldn't have to describe it, if you actually showed it. Very odd choice.

  89. D4NK 2

    While watching this I got a scam call lmao.

  90. Bram C

    People in the comments saying: i DidNt gEt aNy CaLLs, like the man didn't specifically say 'Americans' within the first 20 seconds of the video.

  91. Roger Blake

    At the time of this video, I would need multiple hands to count the electric vehicles available. LOL

  92. Lon Denard

    Wait, what's with the title of this video? The title is positive but the video seems kinda negative... Other than the Beacon, the Mavic 2 Pro absolutely kills this drone!

  93. チキンナゲット


  94. Josh Christopher

    cool, where to buy one?

  95. richard heilweil

    Does face unlock really work for authentication on bank apps?

  96. Elaine Golladay

    This is a very good, comprehensive, useful review. I really appreciate it and I’m glad I discovered you folks. I don’t feel the need to look at any other reviews. Every single consideration was objectively addressed here.

  97. angelonewarrior

    I totaly understand the value of such a thing. The lightsaber is the iconic sci-fi weapon and is a clear sign of words "to be entertained". To made a identic replica is much more important that to buy an expensive car, house or picture on the wall. people who disputing it simply missing something what we enthusiast have and I mean something spiritual.

  98. kid

    they need to do this with someone like freddie mercury

  99. Nanu Arora

    The next gen will never experience the pleasure of driving. BTW Tesla's AP>Waymo

  100. Sean R

    Still waymo work to do