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  1. Refin Kwantoro


  2. Arga Tristyawan

    This music is so good and enjoyed

  3. vinay singh bhati


  4. Patrick Rio

    What a time to be alive! This music give me goosebumps.

  5. kwlcx

    JUSTINEEE ❤❤❤❤

  6. Adrienne Brody

    2017 seems so long ago. I think I had a crush on a girl back then who broke my heart. I also like that in 2019 there are still people enjoying this song. In this day and age, it's all that tick tock bullsh*t crap rap and this dumb fuck called juice world. Learn how to spell idiot! Ate his drugs like the black guy from the movie say it ain't so where he eats a bag of weed, sticks and all. That's all I thought when I heard this unknown idiot died. Good music in a sh*tty world.

  7. Elvis Van

    _🌤️10AM Dec 14 2019~_

  8. Adrienne Brody

    It was SO BEAUTIFUL until the 1:00 minute mark. After that the song sounded like crap. The beat and tone it had up until then was PERFECT. It made you think about life, want to get in a car and Drive, not knowing where; only feeling that deep sorrow beat. Then you get hit in the face by some bullsh*t tunes! Jesus! I hit repeat as soon as it hits the 1 minute mark.

  9. bangkit perkasa

    Helo name is bangkit

  10. Koh Siong Song

    B.... E... S.... T.

  11. Aviva Godfrey

    Just had to make me cry, didn't you.

  12. thisissooolegit

    Holy crap I didn’t know this existed but it’s soo good

  13. Akash Chandrashekar

    The 2.2K people who gave it a thumbs down have no fucking clue what good song writing and fantastic videography look like. This one is 🔥.

  14. Jesús ESPINOZA C


  15. Gülsüm Sincar

    Dj çalan kızın adı ne

  16. Gulab Khapare

    I like 👍🏼

  17. Euclides António

    I love this song

  18. C10 Music


  19. MIA- SKY


  20. Omanji sinkala

    Great beat

  21. Omanji sinkala


  22. muhammad endy


  23. illuminate the mainstream

    I love this song! How does a "sad" themed song make me feel so good lol

  24. Chelsea Crane



    So good music i love it 🔥

  26. Mama Febrianyasah

    Gryffin Feat.Katie Pearlman & Issac Tobing Nobody Compares To You Ost.GGO Football.wav

  27. Elma Daga


  28. Brandon S

    Dam she really let herself go huh

  29. Dody Riyanto

    ditunggu di dwp

  30. Geovãnio Amorim

    Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷🤔

  31. Honey Bear

    This will never ever get old - just stopped here for the 27th time on my Endless Journey through the Universe !!

  32. Taylor Neilson

    did you know its harder for you to see if you smile? . . . . jk it's just because im crying and smiling while watching this

  33. Lipe Gabriel

    Thanks, Spotify.

  34. Andy Doxel

    Is Billie Eilish dancing in 0:41?

  35. Laillag.

    No se si algún día escuches esta canción por casualidad, pero si ves este comentario, quiero darte las gracias, por regalarme tantos bonitos recuerdos a tu lado.

  36. Carlos Aguilar


  37. RANDOM Michielio

    Really good song Bro!

  38. тень мёртвого увечья

    я единственный русский здесь.

  39. Ashish Patel

    FeeeeeL GoooooooooD !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ashish Patel

    MaaaaaSt Raeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ashish Patel


  42. Saras hapsari

    Hello im from bekasih !!!

  43. Mochoo Indonesia

    I thought the singer is a dude. Shocking!

  44. حسن العتمة

    The Ideal Portrait on your website 💖💖

  45. אינור לאוז

    i LOVE this song my sisters are all weys mean to me and this song makes me happy

  46. Abdul Dilla

    Amazing music 2019 now

  47. koy fajardo

    Dec 12 2019 just for a moment staring this kind of music.

  48. Bicky Lai

    I want the merch

  49. Raving Gaming

    Good music

  50. Nadia Ahmad

    So magical

  51. Rika Cho

    I just cannot not appreciate the visual directing in this music video. I keep coming back to this when my eyes need nicely visually directed video for healing.

  52. Kristen Mikes

    Life sorry

  53. Kristen Mikes

    I love this music video because it has the same couple from 10 to 70. I love how they were the perfect couple and were together there whole love.

  54. Sartika KyloRen

    Hailey Baldwin is that you?

  55. bongkrex crew


  56. bongkrex crew

    KUY!!! www.wik-wik.com/2019/12/tempat-wisata-terbaru-di-lembang-bandung_10.html

  57. Lanceuk Ipar


  58. Verayani Dewi

    Im a big fan of calle lehmann voice 💞

  59. Michael Christie

    This is actually my fiancé’s and I first dance song. November 2020😳😬

  60. q- 3zx

    i love it so much cry cry

  61. Wsj UwU

    How you call it in English that white costume suit?

  62. Til_What?

    Banger detected.

  63. William Lott

    if yall love miss carly rae, watch my new skit based all around her and charlies angels ! lol ltsel.info/video/vaizdo-irasas/l5-tiW9fnqW9lZ0.html

  64. きりんれもん

    from Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Delyght.

    What genre is this btw? Sounds like future bass

    1. Patrick Haen

      its called dubstep

  66. Yoyon Anthoni

    another sounds from heaven . this song is too beautiful. 👍😭

  67. Vedant

    Who’s that asian girl? (At 1:39)

  68. Drum Emberrre


  69. micojj23

    Thank god my dog feels this way

  70. Db subba Db subba

    I love you gryffin

  71. vargav jr

    Fof gaan bonesa aku buji paua nai

  72. vargav jr


  73. Vanessa Li

    Gryffin is ❤️

  74. Trumoa J

    This song has given me the courage to stand up against the justice system! Stealing our children by making false pretenses

  75. ecks4586

    I already bought my ticket for new years, I cant wait to see Gryffin! All you need to know is that 2020 is gonna be a great year

  76. Sourav Barmon

    Wow mind blowing!!!!

  77. Lulu Sperow

    I can listen to this song on repeat 🥰🥰🥰😍❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  78. Fatima Vargaz

    Que estupenda rola

  79. syz i

    this song is so addicting!!

    1. Drum Emberrre


  80. Yumi Tsu

    I cannot get over the beauty of this song. Incredible❤️

  81. Robert Lavers

    awsome song and vid of REAL LOVE... when its TRUE LOVE<3

  82. Yousef Muhammad Saeed

    Listening in the kitchen.

  83. ryan ng

    No shame, talk like a dope.

  84. ryan ng

    We automatic think for you, now you said do not like the way, then why care of the world so long never complain a thing, accept life as it is, rely the world.

  85. ryan ng

    Automatic think for you, why you bother about us, fly here and murder my talking, i would think for you, now have art, how about that?

  86. Asura

    oh. my. god.

  87. Mariana Zuniga

    Aloe Blacc make the best duo with the best Dj'S!!

  88. Dharam Gandhi

    This is literally a huge ad for Electric Forest, like why would I not want to go to this?! 😂

  89. 小島亀


  90. asror farxodov

    клип говно но .

  91. Dave Dy

    I thought this was EUPHORIA by Jungkook at the beginning I was shook

  92. JC DG

    Dec 2019

  93. Longtiba Jingru

    Thanks for such a beautiful song...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍big love from nagaland

  94. ChipyChupa Gaming

    Semoga gryffin diundang ke djakartawarehouseproject

  95. Surya Falah

    lagu pes

  96. Khanh Dam

    It’s perfect

  97. Jiilaani Adan Marayare


  98. snehal v.



    Bro you are great

  100. Johan Rodrigues J

    Where's illinium???