Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  1. Latrell Enriquez

    We don't need to reach 6m subscriber you can see his ears here in this video

  2. BatangX


  3. Caleb Wan


  4. Elvis Bencic

    The like are 296.699!!!!

  5. no

    The color of the bass and strings remind me of Chi Cheng's bass, bless his soul.

  6. Brian Lomame

    6:06 Japanizing beam

  7. Ãrgùm Jïsâs

    I always watch his video till the end just to get his slap...👋🤣😂

  8. Душа Урала

    Нормально так

  9. Hieu Ngoc Vo (Peter)

    omg headphone reveal

  10. TCGamerOfficial

    3:30 He’s so good.

  11. Philtoid

    Just when you thought Amy Winehouse was dead and gone

  12. Turtle Quinn

    But can you do it with guitar strings

  13. Turtle Quinn

    No strings

  14. Max Volume

    Just subscribed and slapped like. I was a classical guitarist and now a convinced 6-string classical bassist. CHECKMATE!

  15. Chrisselia Louise

    Btw her name is Shara Lin an artist from Taiwan

  16. Mr ditkovich

    davie504 i bet u can't play air guitar

  17. Stiv Gamer

    Epic 🅱️ass

  18. Mansur Babaev

    I never see you without your headphones )-_0)

  19. Irham Kenway


  20. Santiago Ros

    I speak Spanish 😳

  21. Legendary Orange

    Damn dats similar to a filipino cuisine they just put grahams instead of italian biscuit

  22. Edoardo Tavoni

    ma quanti ca"zo di bassi hai!?!??!??!??!?!?!?!?!!?

  23. Yash Singh

    Didn't think he'd come to India, guess I'm commenting now

  24. Math M

    1:43 Not sad enough sry

  25. Aeron Castro

    We see your ears

  26. Dear Ukulele

    Tasty ❌ Davie504 ✔️

  27. Sean Sidney Holman

    Fouls kuraket...

  28. Benjamin Lee

    Did you film this in Taiwan ? :D

  29. Chicken Invader

    Mind blowing Slap like or he will call the fbi

  30. Jonathan Swarnapati

    Megalovania and Golden Wind!

  31. Nam Nguyen

    4:49:25 ears revealed 😆

  32. PandaBoy27

    Io preferisco polvere al caffe sopra.

  33. Fajar Alisina Wibowo

    Piccolo acoustic guitar,like a regular acoustic guitar

  34. Creepy Crasp


  35. Insane killer16


    1. Insane killer16


  36. Gagà 2K20

    Epic Tiramisù

  37. Joey Lazo

    Can I? 😅

  38. FaFar

    eating expired pizza reveal at 6m sub😂

  39. Carlos Obispo Ricapa

    Tecnically this is 6 million headphones off reveal

  40. prometeo Divino


  41. Crispy Boy TM

    Yesterday I ate tiramigiù

  42. Dexter Rahm

    You miss sweden

  43. Stiv Gamer

    5:38 to 6:00 no sound

  44. gamez Shutya



    Nanimo naniyo


    Yamete kudasai

  47. olop tv


  48. Better OTP Win

    TIRAMISUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Dexter Rahm


  50. E. A

    You only can play 1 music That's what my ears say

  51. Maria Villems


  52. Русик Пех

    Пистолетова посмотри😂

  53. Updating Yourself with Me

    Now teach me how to cook a bass

  54. Stiv Gamer


  55. shin wolford

    I love it when davie does cooking content

  56. Joshua Aguila

    Yes very important part of fridge.B A S S

  57. b0gl extra

    Always wondered how to make tiramisu but never bothered to google how to make it. Now I know. Thanks.

  58. Ezekiel Gaming

    No one: Davies fridge containes the ingredients of that italian dessert...OMG!!!! SLAPP!!!

  59. Alex Sarmiento

    Well, if someone really wants to see his ears.. You can just look at his videos years ago.. Lol checkmate!

  60. rhbdpy

    "This is my favourite dessert" No, that not panna cotta, that's tiramisu.

  61. Yixiang Sun


  62. ovavivo rezzu

    00:52 if you want to SLAP right away

  63. Gustavo Tardan Pasche

    Overdriver Duo from Brazil. ❤

  64. Chara-cter

    the 2.8K likes that wants to take away ur pp xD

  65. Tekeon

    Advance Happy 6m subs Davie

  66. Lexxo2x

    Yeah, but this music is german...

  67. Ethanbloodytail

    Cursed you say🤔

  68. John Mattew


  69. Gabriel T.

    Pavê ou pacumê?

  70. JustTurbo 06


  71. Danil Tim

    Молодец, Дэйви. (из России с любовью) :-D

  72. Hiếu Hà

    1:58:13 Free Headphone take-off reveal without waiting to 6mil subs

  73. 톤스퀘어

    I don't want to say this but... HJ the weird HENTAI guy is actually KOREAN. cuz i'm korean... :/

  74. yetisuncle

    this was back before Davie was replaced with a look a like alien replacement that just does stupid ass "reveal" vids instead of jamming. i miss these GOOD vids

  75. James Andrew

    Hahahaha. I always watching your videos and enjoying it even if i don't have my own bass guitar but i have six string bass. Can you please give me a bass guitar. Can i have the old one. I just love playing bASS💜💚💛💙

  76. Gabriele Collini


  77. RS OTT

    Play big iron with a gun

  78. Branson Coburn


  79. Mika Baxter

    Do it now

  80. Rovan Correia

    Me: who was saying nothing Davie504 : nice

  81. CHARLIE_MTB 12


  82. Roongprad Tony Limthongthang

    Did you guys just watch this to see if he had a pineapple in his fridge

  83. Eldrich Aaron


  84. Dylan DualSport

    Iv said it once il say it a million times. Your fucking funny man. You really make my day with your videos. Slap like everyone or els I will sue you for copyright rights to your pp

  85. Raffaele Perri

    Nessuno : Davie: this is disgusting Persone italiane: ma muori seppellito vivo mentre bruci

  86. Juven Bernardo


  87. Little Bastard

    Do a fish reveal

  88. kia Qwerty

    Omg 70k subs more to get 6 million subs,EPICO!!!

  89. Alessandro Bendazzoli

    Non era più comoda una mokka?

  90. Diego Lombardozzi

    Best collab ever

  91. Justin Toledo


  92. sichiko kun

    CHECKMATE! guitarist 0:48

  93. Garrett [REDACTED]

    Davie saying every bite is disgusting reminds me of my mom saying that about desserts and tasty foods to prevent me from trying it. PTSD

  94. Marge Bodino

    Davie reveals his eating oof

  95. Alessandro Bendazzoli


  96. Neko Chan

    BASS me up when September end

  97. XYZ Da2

    369k likes lmao

  98. King playz

    From bassist LTselr to chef LTselr

  99. Toxic Mango

    7:55 plz help me!😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Black。