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    Not Blazers because they need defense and already signed Carmelo who is a (scorer). A starting lineup of Lillard, McCollum, Carmelo, Love, and Labissiere will get torched....

  2. Chris

    Good for him ,played his way into a contract 💯👍🏾

  3. Steven B

    Hold up the clippers are sponsored by Honey. 😂😂

  4. Chris Steven

    Trae Young lived up to his last name 🤣 I'm a fan though

  5. Mohicans

    Tb12 GOAT my @$$. Joe Montana would've been 5 and 0 in Superbowls if San Fran hadn't decided to go to the younger Steve Young. Belicheat can't be the greatest HC,Bill Walsh would've been 5 and 0 in Superbowls if he hadn't given the reigns over to George Siefert. Not to mention two assistant that went on to win Superbowls in Mike Holmgren and Jon Gruden. With exception of Bill Obrien most of belicheat's assistants suck when they become HC's.

  6. Shawn A

    If rather pry away Blake Griffin. Love would help though..

  7. Byron Buchanan

    Stephen A always moon walkin’

  8. Green Tea

    Did jalen really say top.... no pls... jalen... no.... why... pls

  9. Tyler Hudgins

    good thing my left earbud is broken. Cant even hear the audio

  10. Dephlow Dollar

    Jalen is as solid a dude as they come. Anytime a barber gets a shoutout on National TV is an instant boost in business. But the fact the one time the barber couldn’t make it happen, Jalen still shouts him AND two other barbers out so none of them miss that opportunity. That’s solid af.

  11. OGofthecooltable

    I need Dominique Foxworth to stop cutting his own hair or stop getting the "I date white women" hairline

  12. Miklo Wisseau

    Scottie: ...there's no right or wrong decision, I think he made the right decision...

  13. Cerberus2g

    If I want to work and my work sends me home (NFL or not) I will do whatever! I told them I can play/work, if they dont want me to play as they are tanking that's not on me its on them....

  14. Abdulla osman

    never once did kawhi promise a championship Here we are

  15. Jonathan Ezemba

    Nah, Portland needs a versatile wing since Nurkic & Collins are coming back soon.

  16. Jose Torres


  17. Gaming Shocker

    It's a Big NO terrence. your Manager Bob Arum is the one to blame why you can't do the Pacquiao fight.

  18. Keep it 100 All the time

    Tatum use bigen

  19. DystopiaX

    Detroit just won 4 out of the last 5 and Rose and Blake are still not 100%. Team also has other injured starters.

  20. Red Offset

    FINALLY, a LTsel video in the trending tab worth watching

  21. Batman

    Pac-Man >>>>>>

  22. Kanye Rae Jepsen

    I have a genetics final in two hours, guys

  23. Alex Dunn

    I like how Marcus said they should've brought Brees out instead of going for the fake punt. It was 4th and 18 at midfield not late in the game. You would be idiotic if you thought they could convert that against the 2nd ranked defense in the league. The only reason they came close to converting was because the 49ers weren't expecting it

  24. Stephon Augustin

    Of course the Astros couldn't win because Strasburg realized that they were cheating

  25. Bob Heck


  26. Sr Nasty

    DOC muthafuckin RIVERS... Best hairline in the NBA hands down

  27. Maldito Estafador

    Bud pretending an OG..when in fact Pac is a 40 year old now..where this wanna be when Pac is asking him 140..

  28. Daniel Tatum

    He so humble for all he’s accomplished

  29. 78mudd

    Bet Jalen still gets buckets 😆

  30. Brandon Thomas

    5:03 tbh D.J. Augustine line sharper

  31. Monstaro


  32. Boecaj

    Knowing Canadians they will cheer for him SMH


      I think anybody in this case would give him a standing ovation. Except for Knicks fans

  33. omar arreola

    No. The Raptors are locking down every superstar this season with their defense. Great video by bballbreakdown on this. And Kawhi wants to be the greatest, but he moved from the best defense in the league. Yeah, great moves bro😂 you could have won this year again if you stayed.

  34. Zoraiz Bukhari

    *knicks need him*


    They better pay the Man Respect ✊

  36. TTT TTT

    He was a lot blacker then

  37. jon jones

    stephen a smith is a dumb casual

  38. BHO promotion's

    How long is this gonna continue .

  39. Adan A

    Honestly, I'm not going to sugar coat anything here....Max is a fucking sped

  40. meechform kcmo

    I love this show!

  41. Lion Thomas

    When I grow up I hope I don't become like Stephen a Smith😔

  42. josh Litman

    Celtics fans link up here. Let’s stop taking about kyrie and focus on this amazing team!

  43. Hernis De La Cruz

    Clinton Yates is the biggest homer. Finally we let these people say what they feel.


    I had a dream Kawhi gets hurt again injures his knee 😢😢😢

  45. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    54th comment this video way too long. 😭😵🤕🤒📽

  46. Rich Lexington

    PG hairline is still the one to beat

  47. Conor McTapOut

    People be jealous asf of kawhi these days 😂 he’s never once claimed to be the best player in the world and that’s what people hold him up to be Don’t be mad he proved yall wrong and won a ring 🤷🏼‍♂️

  48. Arshdeep Singh

    Yes Kawhi made the wrong choice, Raptors would be favourites right now if Kawhi stayed... but we still love him lol and he will get cheered 😂 💪

  49. Xander Cage

    Max Who?

  50. B Neck

    She’s a good interviewer

  51. frank brown

    Love is one of worst players in NBA. No hustle on either end.

  52. JJ

    SAS might be the most negative person on this planet

  53. vandean

    Jack taylor scored 138 pts

  54. The digital_dave

    Not even impressive lol. Man took 33 three's on a court smaller than an NBA court. Come into the NBA and do it against a team that can actually defend and then talk to me.

  55. Rishard Woody

    Joel Embiid hates three people Hassan Whiteside , Karl Anthony Towns , Andre Drummond

  56. ELO 2K

    Glad he came to the clippers 😊

  57. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    33th comment 😠☹️😤

  58. Nassim El Ansari

    What about Paul George's tho

  59. The Future Is Here

    People go on and on about how smart LeBron is Meanwhile, Kawhi is way smarter than him


    Aikman is 💯% right ...

  61. Coffee Jazz Motos

    You're the real MVP Rachel.

  62. Donna Dunbar

    AD is better than Lebron💯💯

  63. david villa

    I See that video Three times

  64. James Steed

    They kyrie haters won’t even cluck the video

  65. dayoungsta94

    Joe Dumars is one of the worst GMs in history

  66. Mena Rudo

    Steven A is right about wanting to dominate

  67. armin38822

    I usually don't like the jersies that have a cartoon look but the Grizzlies and Raptors did it perfect.

  68. Jordy Hatcher

    Lost 10 lbs? What kind of flu is that?

  69. Analog Clock

    This shouldn't even be a question, why not leave the Raptors to go straight to the crib in LA

  70. Bjhustle 87

    The media just want Giannis to leave

  71. raofficial gaming

    everyone hating on a dude who shot over 50% and most importantly WON THE FUCKEN GAME.

  72. TheMrdwade

    Trae the clown

  73. Andrew Garcia

    I think this girl does a good show

  74. JayKnowsBest_

    Bro he is WAYYYYY to chill for me. I don't feel no energy when he talk.

  75. idontseecolors

    That Blake layup is not a dunk.

  76. Elijah Speller

    I swear Dominique and KD have the same barber..

  77. Polar Quint

    She looks like Megan thee stallion

  78. wabenzy *

    you see all angles ..... pause

  79. kingX777

    Paul George has a clean hairline too lol

  80. TheMrdwade

    Trae just standing in defence.. And he is furious on his teamates?! He is pathetic


    With the flu, I wouldn't want to be anywhere but bed.

  82. Niko Gambino

    Reserves is a bronsexual!Anybody who is a huge fan of Lebron James or dickriding LeBron James. They become fans of any team LeBron James plays for. These type of individuals thinks that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.Jun 10, 2015

    1. Aleandro Mirabal

      He is

  83. Smooth Operator

    Mark should of been had a job and honestly he set up that first Warriors dynasty and didn’t get any credit for it

  84. Jermaine Boyd

    Bud is a MMA fighter trapped in the WWE.

  85. Phillip Jones

    The best ever to suit up 🐐 passing through Who dat lets get 1. More Superbowl

  86. Jared Lewis

    Lake show 💯💯💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥 Lets go! This team is dangerous

  87. Jonathan Saylor

    1on 1 Mike kills him all the way

  88. Eddie Pleasure

    When the fans stop paying to see the Cowboys games then Jerry will get out the way and go play golf.

  89. Marion Lamarca

    Carwford said he's proven more than any of those in 147 fighters, FYI crawford. Pac has 4 lineal championship. 8 championship in 8 different divisions. 3 time Fighter of the year. Fighter of the decade. Former pound per pound king. Thank you.

  90. Jay 14

    Do you hear that Boston fans now STFU

  91. Rekklezz Ent

    He compared kobe to curry in 3 pt shooting oh wow

  92. Her Too

    His family was in town and they wouldn't let him play so they say f it...lets go bowling!

  93. Tom Ross TV

    If a black coach was cheating Stephen A would care..

  94. Matt Milli

    😂😂😂 Love these guyd

  95. NBA Instagram

    They don’t all leave. Lowry and Derozan stayed.

    1. NBA Instagram

      John Johnson Lowry and Derozan did way more for Toronto than Tmac and Vince ever did.

    2. Albert Sarpong

      John Johnson chill out he just means in terms of great players playing in Toronto and they certainly do count in that aspect

    3. John Johnson

      Lowry or defrozen don't compare in any way to tmac or vc tf wrong with you

    4. Albert Sarpong

      NBA Instagram Lowry bout to leave in 2 years

  96. RealBlessed

    Should have stayed, they would be so dominate in east right now.

  97. Niko Gambino

    The Right choice was not joining LeHelp James

    1. Aleandro Mirabal

      Funny you mention help because he was going to join the Lakers if they didn’t trade for help lol...

    2. Jay Styles

      Youre cool

  98. mcharp13

    Cole Paxton Severino German Tanaka That is fucked

  99. John Smith

    When bellychick didn't let Malcolm Butler play in the Superbowl after he made the play to win one I knew then thats a grimey low-down, dirty sumbitch there

  100. LeBron the GOAT

    Personally I think he should’ve stayed just one more year, run it back and if you lose then dip. If you win, stay another year and go for the three peat.

    1. Gabriel Lyles

      LeBron...we know it's you.😂😂😂

    2. John Johnson

      L off ur name alone