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  1. Christian Sandoval

    How many of you think the likes on this video were bought?

  2. BeautybyJasmine7

    is this bitch fr right now... ummmm

  3. rgarrison1819

    This girl is amazing, she is nothing but a Product of her Mother's upbringing!,she cares nothing for her Mother,and her Mother helped Create this little Monster!,So the Irony is just Great,She is so full of herself and cant Stay away from LTsel, even though she was told not to go on because it could hurt her Mother's Case,but do You think this little spoiled self absorbed Bitch cares anything about her Mother,They Should not lock up her Mother!,But Lock Up Her,It would be so Sweet to See this Little Spoiled Bitch in a Women's Prison!,For about Ten Years and then get released to Absolutely nothing!and all The Fucking Total Losers that watch and Subscribe to this Ungreatful Bitch's LTsel Channel ,all You Fucks need to get a life!,The Only Reason I'm here is to leave a Comment for her Self-Absorbed Dumb-Ass and to all her loser fans!

  4. Courtney Mar

    wtf happened to her voice

  5. Jenny Haberstroh

    Bye bish

  6. Animal Lover

    Wow their are more hate comments than I have ever seen. I feel a little bad for her bc she has feelings like us I know what she did was wrooooooong but I think she already knows it and has seen enough hate even if it doesn't seem like it

  7. S U

    Honeeyyy that’s not the moral of the story and you know it x

  8. Mel Intham

    Yeah I’m aware what happened but emotions are so fragile so everyone should watch what they say, she’s still so young and everyone makes mistakes and they can range to something small to very controversial, let her take a new page to the book and try again. She’s learned from this Her effort is important, welcome back Olivia.

  9. Nicole Voss


  10. Brittany B

    Wendy brought me here 🙋🏿‍♀️

  11. Amanda Sanders

    As someone who is going into debt to get my college degree, go fuck yourself. We don't care about you.

  12. Mary

    You made a bad decision, but we all make bad decisions. Don't give up. Just continue to move forward even thru the judgmental comments. People are going to judge but nobody is perfect. Just turn this decision into a learning lesson and better yourself.

  13. MountainGoaat

    She bought all those likes.

  14. BeYouBeTrue

    Go away...

  15. Jahzaria Bankins

    Why it look like she was reading a script...

  16. C M

    Why does your voice sound so blown-out?

  17. Erin Collins

    rich people really are the worst

  18. Mars roswell

    Go back to not being on the internet pls

  19. Rebecca Rush

    This is the same girl who willfully participated in her parents bribery. She willingly took away opportunities from hard working people who actually deserved the opportunity and she bribed her way to be there. She didn't care about actually getting an education. She just wanted to party and have the status & success that comes from being associated with a prestigious school without doing any of the hard work needed to get into it. It's a slap in the face to all the kids and all the people working so hard their entire lives just to have a chance at going there. She willfully used money and fame to bribe her way to success while robbing genuine, hard working, intelligent people from their chance to go to that school. It's disgusting and shouldn't just be swept under the rug and forgotten about like that. She still hasn't actually apologised or addressed the mistakes she's made. She's just a snobby rich poster child for corrupt elites using bribery to get their kids into prestigious schools. I hope she stays in hiding.

  20. Victoria Martinez

    The only thing interesting about you is this SCANDAL, I would only maybe watch if you talked about that but you can't, other than that your channel content is so fucking mind numbingly boring and from what I've seen it's just you bragging about how rich you are which is surprising bcuz ur mom is an old washed up actress from the 90s and all I know about ur dad is that they used to sell some of his shit at target. How about don't come back and focus on helping the people u fucked over by taking something that wasn't yours.

  21. Kaylee Kaufman

    OMFG Like what the fuck did she do to you people? NOTHING

  22. 𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴

    I don’t feel sorry for you.

  23. joroi

    Don't come back

  24. Esoteric

    This was super awkward. I dont think she realized that nobody fucks with her or her shady ass family anymore. ... oh well I'll just sit here and watch this ship sink. Hope her parents get REAL prison time.

  25. Liza Holly


  26. jadefox33445

    You bought your way into school. You are a rich self centered brat. GET BENT!

  27. wendy

    This chick is so annoying & desperate for pity, she only has a following on here bc her parents are rich and famous, otherwise people wouldn’t give a shit about her, like what the fuck does she even do other than record herself being being rich? That’s a serious question lmao what does this the fuck does she even do?

  28. Grey Matters

    Honestly, I didn't even know about you until this happened #publicity. Your mom got you caught up in something she got caught up in and your complicity was your only offense. Follow your dreams and disregard others' jealousy and envy. Welcome back! #overpriced-worthless-fake-educations-to-get-underpaying-monotonous-jobs.

  29. yikes dude

    lol get bent

  30. Brock Meeks

    You’re parents are going to jail for trying (wrongly) to do the right thing for you and you didn’t even want it or care. Too busy with LTsel to study at an elite private high school.

  31. Brock Meeks

    Feeling worried like the lowers? Sorry about that. Maybe you should have studied at that $40,000/year high school and gotten into a decent school on (some) merit.

  32. Brock Meeks

    You are nameless Formless You have no power here Go back to void from whence you came

  33. u kiss 4 eva

    Jesus hell you people are completely untethered from reality. Buy a clue with all that cash. Damn.

  34. heeey Devon

    Mom's going to jail>dad disassociates with mom and throws her under the bus> mom asks her to stay off social media until trial is over... Comes back to LTsel anyways because she doesn't want to lose her subs 😂

  35. heeey Devon

    Imagine being so privileged that your parents bought their way into fucking someone else out of university? Good thing the comment section is here for a reality check

  36. Madison Hoover

    You all know that LTselrs get paid by the views and not the likes or dislikes right? If you have such a problem with her, why are you even watching her video? And don’t tell me it’s because you wanted to hear what she had to say. And you all act like this college scandal is the first to happen in the history of the world. It happens every single year by the same A-list status people. Just give her a damn break. She’s trying to get better and make things right. I know she can’t change what happened, but she’s doing what she can to be accepted again. Plus, she might lose the most important people in her life. So put yourself in her shoes for once and think what it would be like to lose the people you love. Let her do what she wants to do without all this drama.

  37. Leena

    Rich kids making excuses

  38. This is a name

    You’re content wasn’t there to begin with. Just leave while you have your parents millions.🤷🏻‍♀️

  39. sunny Sunday

    She is not to blame for what her PARENTS did!! I’m sure she feels like her life is ruined. Mind ya business Leave this girl alone Her parents need to apologize for themselves That’s not for her TO DO!!!!!

  40. JohnM398

    Notice how her video has more dislikes than likes 😂

  41. Flora LovesHorror

    If your parents asked u not to talk to social media till everything is over. Tells u right there what kind of a person she is .. sorry ppl work hard to get into college like my son . U know dam well what was going on . I don’t feel bad for u at all. The justice system has to make an example out of these rich ppl who think they can buy their way into everything.. I went to college myself and worked hard to get in . Just disappear from LTsel. Come back in 20 yrs

  42. Bun

    Damn y'all, she misses filming herself talk about herself while showcasing herself living her lavish, spoiled lifestyle. We got to let her come back. She's a true talent with a "passion" for her craft who's "missing a part of herself" without it. Wow.

  43. Suzan Bkr

    Why are people still subscribed

  44. Kate Stocks

    your life was just handed to you by your mom

  45. swhl

    You're not even that pretty. It can't save you. Sad.

  46. Bun

    I'm guessing she didn't turn off comments/likes because as they say in the business, there's no such thing as bad publicity. The best way for her to actually get what she deserves is for her to fade into obscurity, irrelevancy. But unfortunately that won't happen any time soon.

  47. Danielle Ruzicki

    Bullying is so 2005. I don’t know what my opinions are on this, but I do know she is a young girl going through a hard time. She isn’t a mastermind criminal who deserves to be berated. Every comment you leave is money in her pocket so if you don’t like her then stop watching her videos and inherently supporting her.

  48. Kat Wilson

    fuck you

  49. Poppy Popper

    No sweetie! You can't come back! Accept your responsibility and apologize if you want to

  50. GoAwayImDrawing


  51. Princess Pea

    127k likes? Wow. Society really LOVES to reward narcissistic behavior.

  52. Think4YourSelf

    The 127k likes are faker than her personality.

  53. Owen Chiu

    How come this video has comments enabled. And the other videos are not

  54. Aarav Rahtole

    I'm gonna tell you how I got till here So I have subscribed to a channel named Thoraya Mo... (idk the full name) then on a video where Harvard students call their crush, there's a girl named Sienna Santers who is also happened to be youtuber, So I hopped to her youtube channel watched a MOVE IN video in Sophomore Year in Harvard, then I wanted to see more video like that, then I searched on youtube the same and got Sienna Santers Freshman Year's Move in Video, in the comment section of that one year old video someone commented "Olivia Jade left the chat" So I searched Olivia Jade on LTsel and got this video and I was like after 9 months, she posted a week ago, what what what then watched this very video, read some comments, searched google this time whats the matter of not posting anything, and idk why I want to know this and I dont know this girl existed half an our ago, then came to know the full Lori Loughlin and her husband full fiasco and the're still fighting the case I guess. THATS LTsel WHAT A HUGE PLATFORM and its 4:23 am in here in India lmao The moral is dont read comments of a video

  55. dis myaccount

    How do people say she didn’t know or have anything to do with what her parents did of course she knew she’s grown she knew damn well. also the way she talked about how uninterested in school she was throughout her videos kind of says alot to 🤷‍♀️

  56. Élise

    I'm just here again to reiterate that you can go to hell

  57. Alyssa Ortega

    This video is a middle finger to all the kids who worked hard in school, but still got denied to go to their dream school because some rich kid was able to pay their way through. If you really want to come back, take responsibility and give your money to the kids who can’t afford to pay off their school debt

  58. I hate Being right

    The real moral of the story should be that there’s a big difference between making a mistake and committing a felony, also the best you could do is just apologise instead of taking photos showing the middle finger

    1. biggyunit

      I hate Being right Exactly. But people want to keep labeling it as some small mistake. A lot of gullible people in these comments.

  59. franchesca a.

    she literally deletes all of her negative comments on her instagram ... shes so tone deaf

  60. missclotheoverbros

    People are so mean damn and definitely really jealous of her. I mean she has trouble so that make you all happy... what a life ! She was rich and privilege before that and no one complain before. Jealousy makes people ugly

  61. Mari

    stop with the "i MiSsEd YoU gUyS!!!11 I mIsSeD fIlMiNg" it's disgusting and fake. Do you even understand why people are mad at you? The ones who actually want to enter a college to follow a carreer study for 5-6 years or even more just to try and have a chance on entering on a good college so they can work and MAYBE have a better life, and give their loved ones a better life, and then there's you who openly said that you just cared for the parties? i'm not saying you shouldn't go to parties by all means we all deserve some fun but did you really had to do all this shit? please stop thinking about you for once in your life and try to think about everyone else you and your other buddies screwed over because your rich mommies and daddies didn't believe you guys were smart enough to actually go to a college without cheating.

  62. A S K

    Not everyone who is successful went to college. You could've avoided this by pursuing your true interest. You just proved just ONE major issue with our college system.

  63. Sophie K


  64. ari is baby


  65. martina fuentes

    likes: 127k dislike: 140k

  66. Spooky Doo

    The moral of this story is you’re a privileged little girl who will always be protected by that Aunt Becky money. Dead ass, it isn’t your fault. I really feel bad for you. Some people are working their asses off to afford higher education because they come from a background that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to afford such a thing AND YOU DIDNT EVEN WANNA GO, so you got to fake your way in?!?? I don’t want you to apologize, you really don’t have to. That being said, both of your parents deserve to be in jail for quite a long time. But, the rich and the privileged would never have to deal with that because they have the money to keep whole communities afloat. I hope you learn that you truly deserve nothing in life and how I wish poverty would strike you so you’d actually understand how truly fucked up and evil of an act this was. Thank you.

  67. Kaila Nicole

    Nope, GTFO

  68. martina fuentes

    ok, but why does everyone have to make a deal about something that happened months ago it was messed but she was still very young her mom was in jail that's punishment enough.

  69. yoshifalls

    someone took an apology lesson from james charles.

  70. Lisa Olson

    Yes she may be a spoiled brat, but remember it’s how she’s been raised! She doesn’t know any different. Just be kind and don’t be mean.

  71. Katie Creamer

    Looks like you’re paying for likes too... smh

  72. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    When are your new videos coming? We miss you

  73. Thor Swenson

    This brat obviously doesn't get it. It's also apparent she has no idea what the phrase "moral of the story" means. She doesn't even have morals to begin with.

  74. xxlilliexx

    Missed you!!!

  75. Margaux Amateis

    welcome back :)

  76. Johnnywhatagentleman

    My vlogs are better: change my mind

  77. katie curran

    Olivia- ignore people and their hateful comments, you’re just a young lady trying to learn from mistakes. So tired of people bullying people because they made a mistake or were influenced into making mistakes. People are humans and the live and learn. This is what is so wrong with society, it’s not ok to hate on other people.

  78. Sailorzee

    I’d give you some advice and stay off LTsel. We don’t need another LTselr who won’t take accountability.

  79. Poppy Frog

    All I heard was nothing and no apology

  80. Izzy M

    Go away you’re not remorseful, you want to come back for yourself and don’t care about what you have done to others by your actions. Grow up and apologize if you want people to start to accept you again.

  81. Jared Noche

    Did she really monetize her 2 minute non-apology? She should give every cent from this video to students who actually need the money.

  82. UmakeMeSmile127

    Pretty sure she only misses making money to spend on major expensive shoes and handbags.

  83. vulcan2050ful


  84. Sana

    "I don't know when I should come back to LTsel" never. Get a job and try not to buy your way through life sis 😒

  85. YomarM YT

    The only way I can look at you with any respect, is seeing you go to community college. That will help. Other than that you’re a spoiled brat that has been given everything in her life.

  86. alex

    Rich priviledge personified, lol


    Honey you need to go!

  88. William Ryan

    Yall are really are hating on a girl who may have not known anything fraudulent was happening. Yall need some compassion.

  89. Audrey Mason

    Your answer is no, you should never come back to LTsel. We don’t want you

  90. Beautiful Reading

    Yeah no, you’re still a spoiled little brat.

  91. Milena

    I didn’t feel one ounce of sympathy for you, you’re so spoiled and privileged and you don’t even realise. it’s sad, hope u grow up one day

  92. gee by snsd

    i hope you never come back

  93. michi

    Bye again

  94. What Kathy Thinks

    You are a criminal. Your sister is a criminal. Your parents are criminals. Go away.

  95. Piccard Madoff

    Glad you're stepping out from under the dark cloud your mommy created! You'll be fine after all of this settles out as America loves the comeback story! BTW, any thoughts creating a line of makeup for women in jail?

  96. Abby Velazquez

    Continuing your career on youtube would be nice, but as you haven't learned, you can't always get everything you want. Can't you see that this is no longer a good fit for you? Get a career in something else. Move on.

  97. Hit Da Dougie Douglas

    Privilege is leaking through her skin hurts knowing you can work hard as fuck and some one parents with a lot of money can just buy everything you did and get in with your status

  98. Bailey Peterson

    Does she not know what moral means? The lesson she learned is she likes making LTsel videos? Get outta here with that sh*t

  99. teagreen 2

    You've clearly learned nothing... what a shame

  100. Abby Wittman

    leave again