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  1. Michaelgaming1001

    I'm from Toronto yee

  2. a person

    Does my cat count as my child?

  3. faith over fear

    So that's why I had a beyblade commercial before this video...

  4. Petra Eggert

    Omg I wanna go to Ryerson so badly for Architecture. What average ans GPA do you have it have to get accepted?

  5. Cairo Omar

    5:29 yo is that a real game? If so what’s it called?

  6. The infinity Jacobsen

    Wat the fuck is tis vidio

  7. Marky Boi

    Kumakain nang Jollibee!

  8. Sophie Lin

    who is "she"

  9. Billlbo M C

    Does Dom live in Canada? Isn’t everyone supposed to be like the best although all Dom seems to do is complain about everyone.

  10. BizzBolt5

    I ain’t coming to you dom.

  11. nishina_senpai

    "Why would she be faced down?" /LTsel has left the chat/

  12. Truna Art

    Finally someone said this! when I was at 3th grade, some kids would laugh at me, because I was 1 year younger than them... And because of that, I never judged someone by their age.

  13. Ask Marvel Bruh Marvel Fan boy

    Stop It Domz

  14. a person

    My friend pronounces it as Zay for some reason lmao

  15. Gabi Lontra

    Hey, you saved drawn's mask life!! Thank you domics!!

  16. Jakib_ Playz

    Panga-Nee-Ban Ohhhhhhhhh😂😱😂😲

  17. username k

    Hallo. I from is Russia.Im good your vidios

  18. Noanox

    Dom I just realised we're the same I'm currently 16 yo and lisyening to you is just like listening to myself Sooooo.... when tou talk about your future, are you predicting mine? 😂

  19. Remmark Sunga

    Anyone ever accidently hit their balls when playing pogs or slammers? Lol but yeh I remember having plastic bags full of pogs in school

  20. Dito


  21. Fooziiy _

    I like sweet corn Am Latvian

  22. Gracy loves anime! !!!

    Hey Domics one question, like if you how people other then u in then video do u have a script or do they just say whatever?

  23. siika chicken

    I got ask pretty often Do yOu eaT DoG?

  24. Cuboidal Cake

    I just found out today that I'm in the same Media Arts class you went to. Damn, that feels cool.

  25. XxKJGamingHDxX 13

    Can't cheat If I didn't succeed

  26. Franco Fernandes

    Just say "I don't mind". Ane who don't care about Kingdom Hearts?



  28. xmichealxx wilson

    Domics needs to make a anime

  29. Batwing 70 1

    You will create flashpoint

  30. Jaiveer chana


  31. Niemeration MIL GRAU

    QUEM veio pelo drawn mask?

  32. XX Xeno Appeared!

    Shirtless use mentos coke gun from ur mouth

  33. octar10n

    2:19 *its a load of BULLESHETE*

  34. lien steens


  35. destroyer of minecraft

    If I can run at 100k per hour I would rescue every pupy and kitten

  36. octar10n

    1:51 do i have to go outside?

  37. octar10n

    1:50 do i have to go outside?

  38. Shadow Boy

    Why is dom swearing so much 😁

  39. octar10n

    1:30 *he looks a little thicker*

  40. Harry Edwardson

    *[]* *[]* \___/

  41. Cardboard_Memes _


  42. Aitehs

    Kono Steve da

  43. VIIminpin2GDXII

    ha! sucks for you, I don't DO homework! HAHAHAHha....hahah *cries*

  44. StarFury Niko

    04:22 Asobi Asobase teaches

  45. Yorrito Kun

    Bitches be crazy

  46. Aitehs

    Ah yes, (mob psycho 100) yoh are man of culture as well

  47. Miguel Toddyn

    Vim pelo drawn mask Quem é BR e acompanha o drawm mask flodem drawn masc no canal do domics Façam com q ele conheça o canal do Luka :3

  48. Naruto Fan

    8:16 is funny

  49. Fox Sin_Ban

    0:32 I totally feel you dom My name is Miguel and after I've pronounced it they always say MIG-WEL instead of MIG-EL

  50. [Visible Confusion]

    Domics I just figured out that your old school in saudi was actually IPSA (International Philippine school in Al-khobar) I want you to go back there and meet you alot of students in ipsa know you so we want you to go back and meet us :D

  51. GameTubeYT

    Are kinder eggs illegal in America?

  52. lien steens


  53. T.I.B. Gaming

    I'mma eat some *mrice bro*

  54. Flamboyat Ediz

    dude im refused from my platonic im said i love you and she said i know but i love another one srry

  55. Умный френк [БЛЕТ]

    NG? Not!! Mmm

  56. jpnb

    Drawn mask

  57. ChazzberryPie

    Domsuke wrecked the hell out of that building

  58. Ana Farcas

    I'm eating I wrote this comment hoping getting likes

  59. Mite 12

    When I came out to my friend one of the firsts things that he did was show me the "pluma pluma gay" song and ask me if it was offensive.

  60. Joel Kennedy

    Americans: Ew I hate it when water splashes on my butt when I poop! The phillipines: *Hold my tabo*

  61. Axel Groove

    Team Moltres? Anyone?

  62. Jewel Rose Lim

    Anyone here in 2019 when Kingdom Hearts 4 comes out? I’m kidding. Kill me with ur key blade.

  63. Ibby Animates


  64. Mauro Padrón

    "Learning in English is difficult" *Laughs in Spanish and English*

  65. BLADER Rafi

    Spam F for Steve.😢

  66. Cronic shooter


  67. William Tillett


  68. Belle

    I'm both!! lol

  69. Tristan Lind

    Is domics dead

  70. Iz_Lazy Chinno

    My name is Nicole Zhang from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  71. Aisha Nausheen Jawid Nazir

    Anyone else watching in 2019 ? no..... only me? ok .

  72. Sella Green

    Argh my bestie cut ties with me with this exact same way :'))))) FUCK THAT BIIIIITCHHHH

  73. XA96 Gamer

    I got an ad for an invisible watch for exams and I never knew the intro was a naruto reference

  74. ashish puma

    "If we were stranded on an island I would not hesitate to build a raft out of your limbs"? Omg! 😂😂😂😂

  75. DishyDish 08


  76. Eunicia Gaming

    Did anyone notice the reference for boku no hero academia? "UA driving school" on the car

  77. Nojus Kiūdys

    Girlfriend: answer me where are u ? Boyfriend: hi Girlfriend: where were you ? 😡 Boyfriend: at funeral Girlfriend: wth ? Who died ? Boyfriend: my feelings for you.

  78. the expert

    Ok Cannibalism would solve over population and world hunger Just sayin

  79. Link *

    California is too hot?....... *i LiVE iN ArizONa*

  80. itsme _neon

    Give a Xbox deluxe edition

  81. John Connor

    *maaaan, fuck you Steve*

  82. pappu 32

    Got my mopoauto license in september so i can legaly drive a atv on the road

  83. Rye Studios

    This video always make me laugh!!

  84. bit the boy

    Hip hop

  85. Alvaro Miguel

    Back in the matter of going back in time if when you come back you lose the lifespan you came back and you win if you move on but you keep your memories aware you can come back the day after your birth keep your memories talking in shape baby will treat you as the most intelligent being as you move forward keep the memories of the time you spent back to your current age so live an amazing life you are welcome

  86. Halo

    how many videos have been sponsored by audible

  87. Ask Marvel Bruh Marvel Fan boy

    :( I am Vietnamese

  88. meihaco

    how many times have the word "like" been spoken in this video

  89. Angelo Jimenez

    When i get mad i just lose control And go *SUPER SAIYAN BLUE KAIOKEN X20* where to the point i started to shake coz my energy overwhelms me and coz of my rage i just run out of energy Then forgeting what just happended...

  90. Fani-Desu Chan

    2:47 when someone trting to touch my noodles

  91. Alfonso Russo

    0:40 Socrate's said, noti sufi.

  92. saturntears

    Reccomendations wtff😂

  93. Naim Syed

    Biggest example of patience When you wait for 2 years for Crunchyroll ads to finish because you don’t want to pay 7.99/mo to get rid of it And that’s why Dom is a lifesaver

  94. Panda somebody

    Okay yeah I did that but with thin metal... things. At one point it was soccer players and then pokemon. The pokemon one was crazy,grades 3 to 6 were addicted

  95. AndreiPlayz PH

    Im pilipino so its easy

  96. 10k subs Without any video

    A gold bar

  97. AndreiPlayz PH

    In Filipino Ng is Part of a Sentence NANG

  98. Zardian Speedpaints

    You should watch parasyte

  99. Mini Bryan

    When I was 5 I was asked and I said.. po po only for da Gun :/

  100. denise joy balonga

    Broo why don't they like the sweet corn ughh