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  1. MR GREENE 224

    mine as well

  2. MR GREENE 224

    & yaw still think schools in session? pahahaha


    Offensive foul

  4. David Jimenez

    Lowry just wanted some of that cheese...😔

  5. DoseOfMaurice

    Lowry stay selling in 4th lmaooo

  6. Wayne Smith

    Bucks down by 3🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Isaias Manuel Lopez

    Im also starting my own rdr2 gameplay , I would love for you to check it out !!

  8. Ricky El Diablo

    You can tell by the way Smoove talks that he genuinely is dumb af

  9. CherizaMay RN

    When he handed the 'black panther mask' i was liek whoah hold up dude. It looks very amazing especially when he do the panther 'symbol' dAnG!

  10. Moon’s gaming


  11. Isiah Easterling

    Stephen A. Should lebron be worried? *bucks eyes* Yes I think he should and let me tell you why.

  12. mtlballer IT

    Drake’s curse is back

  13. Romnie April Wayco

    1:25 is that even legal steps?

  14. Joanne Shelton

    I think it's trail blazers not bucks😂😂

  15. Joanne Shelton

    That's some cheese

  16. Dang Khuong Nguyen

    Sweet Chin Music :)))

  17. Benedicto Sanchez

    Cant wait till you meet us in the finals we will reap you apart.

  18. Username8320 Il

    Give that guy a map!

  19. One Man Dynasty

    What's the song that chris smoove rapping on? Shit go hard

  20. xyz kool

    NBA needs to invent a device on everybodys shoes to detect travel.

  21. gaming with naz Mister gamer

    nope no poster on greck freak

  22. Steve Angervil


  23. jthundim

    When thats the title, you know somethings wrong.

  24. Darius The G.O.A.T

    1:22 no travel😭

  25. Sukhaman Pannu

    bucks made it to the playoffs

  26. Sukhaman Pannu

    yeah it was a dunk

  27. King family Shearer

    Black Range Rover just got takeover

  28. Xavier Scanlon

    No because OG dunked it before giannis got there

  29. Metal Mulisha

    OKC vs Trash

  30. Veezo TV


  31. OC Mjrex

    All Derrick did was between the legs every time though

  32. Ignacio Rutabaga D.D.S.

    Was it a push? Of course it was. That's his main move.

  33. Sniper edizz

    Am I the only one that noticed that Giannis did 5 steps to the rim

  34. Kobe Bryant


  35. Jimmy Vo

    Anthony Davis needs some cheesy new hands!

  36. Gavin Medere

    Holy shit u got 50k fans for that

  37. Cute XD

    Rip haters

  38. 4k Danny

    Give that man commando ! 😭😭😂

  39. Lovesickblues Lovesickblues

    Disappointed for aaron

  40. David Loki

    PG traveled across the hole key


    That’s clearly a poster

  42. Román Villaa

    What is the configuration of your camera angle Chris?

  43. CauseThisIsThriller

    Lowry: Tries to go under his defender Me: You ain't Nate Robinson BABY!

  44. ChaseMeNot Plays

    Can you have some Sleep!! Are you New to NBA teams?????

  45. Jaivir Brar

    Ayyyy dont be making fun of my raptors

  46. Antonio Branham

    That was a POSTERRRRR!!!!

  47. Matt Linderman

    His game is rigged to have him shoot non stop 3s

  48. Heno Lewis

    It’s not he tried to contest

  49. dre k

    Bring back let’s plays

  50. Common Flows

    only time smoove talks about raptors is when they do dumb shit

  51. Jack Jacket

    Lowry is clown

  52. 50,000 subs with 0 Videos

    How does Chris snoove only have 5 mill subs

  53. Jayden Salgado

    1:22 biggest travel BALL DONT LIE

  54. Goofy Laws

    125 was a travo

  55. 123adrianMJ23 Sdss

    bucks are only down three

  56. AomineVII

    Jason's going off

  57. Sidhaarth Raghunath

    SMOOVE: LIT! 2017 me: OH YAAA he so cool! SMOOVE: LIT! 2020 me: smh.

  58. Munty LEGEND

    Harden BACK AT IT

  59. Jay Blast

    "Bucks are down by 3" *Give that guy a pillow!*

  60. SeaSide Hutches

    Zion low key reminds of Shawn Kemp dunking...

  61. kemme budhai

    Lmaoo bucks down by 3 think he needs a map 😂

  62. Marques Keyes

    0:26 bucka

    1. Marques Keyes


  63. Lil Savage

    You said bucks only behind by 3

  64. Aneesh Anand

    Even if the playoffs slow down that doesn’t mean the rockets are slowing down. They will keep getting easy fast break points that will lead them to victory.

  65. L33R0Y_J3NK1NZ

    anyone else see the travel at 1:20 ???

  66. Moises Contras

    LeBron dunks on Lonzo not hart

  67. Sisko Lipton

    1:36-1:39 actually he did. gj

  68. Michael M

    A poster is a poster. No?

  69. Musawwir Muzaffar

    1:20 are we going to ignore the travel?

  70. Sixers Playground

    Chris be trippin on 0:25

  71. Alicia Caple

    That was not a poster gannis Came to late

  72. Naruto Is The Strongest Character in the Series

    Can they beat the 73-9 Warriors Record??

  73. FrostyMusic

    That boy Jayson is a problem 😛

  74. Almighty Gaming

    Not a poster but if I was him it's a poster

  75. John Booty

    Chris Smoove you said the bucks are only down by three at 29 seconds

  76. lara momejian


  77. Xavier Allen

    Bucks you mean blazers

  78. Malhar Athavale

    JR not be balling for long

  79. Gabe Itch

    1:21 travle?

  80. Space Magic

    That Giannis travel tho

  81. Dmoney5675


  82. - Caesar

    What was lowry thinking

  83. yehudasam

    chris smoove: give that man a map! also chris smoove: give that man a mannual!

  84. DwyaneMVPWade


  85. Falkirion

    Zion is gonna be special. Shades of a young Shaq in his game.

  86. Johann Leituala


  87. Grind Up Stunna

    refs were shit

  88. Mariama Bah

    Give smoove a map what are you saying bucks are down by 3

  89. DimensionZombie


  90. Jakaiden Jones


  91. DimensionZombie


  92. The Black Circle


  93. Devan Regas

    No way that was a poster

  94. Jake Waterfall

    Caruso is so effortless on a pass

  95. Jack Coulter-Linnen

    giannas got dunked on bad

  96. Jesse Graber

    When the nfl season starts up you should do nfl highlights there aren’t that many games per week so it’s not to much to handle

  97. Tripple A

    I think Donovan Mitchell does the same dunk every 2k

  98. Zach Starling

    kawhi is such a beast

  99. plasmaa go brazyy

    Bru that travel at 1:20 😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Ya feel me

    Harrison barns was def better for the mavs too smh