This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


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  1. Harry Makongwa

    So this is what you *Colin Furze* has been doing during lockdown..

  2. Eric Kuhns

    He built a basement

  3. TheSuperhuman622

    This man is real life Tony stark

  4. SuperChrisYT

    Who’s watching during coroantine?

  5. Nanuq 83

    He's the kind of guy we all want in our lives, never a dull moment! #furzearmy

  6. Ryan P

    I immediately just thought of my plastic extendable lightsabers

  7. Nob Ed

    Modify the jetpack

  8. Noah Reyes

    10 million subs!!!

  9. Drawing With Ratboy

    Anyone else wondering where this stuff he makes goes after the videos ?

  10. Nanuq 83

    The fridge... what?! I must of missed something. That can't be normal.

  11. dz pubg mobile

    make your on

  12. 차마조


  13. Captain Feathersword

    I LOVE his enthusiasm for his own channel! His excitement in every video is truly genuine (sort of like that of a child) which is not common in most LTselrs.

  14. Prueba Prueba

    *Jajajja, cuando sigan asi le van a poner motor hasta al cubo la fregona para el gato, jajajaja, crei que lo habia visto todo y la verdad es que NO*

  15. G&J R.C.


  16. José Gabriel Rojas Díaz

    You are crazy

  17. Volvo Guy

    Why u didn't try to shoot a gopro 🤣

  18. Chimken Nuggers

    What if Colin made a “gaster blaster”?

  19. Volvo Guy

    If someone wanna ligth a cigarette and say give me fire while this think stay nearby 💥

  20. R • Kshl

    Name one better way for social distancing. I'll wait.

  21. 키다


  22. Amazing Games

    4:00 How did you tap it when the lathe was still spinning Colin?

  23. Elijah Dage


  24. John Travis Stevens

    I believe Colin is secretly Hellblazer aka. John Constantine.

  25. G. Cowdrey7

    airplane with basic tools?

  26. Happyfuz1

    This is what Ripley needed when she was fighting the Alien

  27. Amazing Games

    You should put a jet on the back perpindicular to the big jet on the bottom and have a seperate remote so that you can fly around at crazy speeds

  28. Micha Rebuz


  29. Micha Rebuz


  30. Chimken Nuggers

    This man can do anything!

  31. Pebles

    I just made this for my short gf for her birthday so she can finally be taller than me and shes so happy

  32. Rampant Lion

    no i was thinking when are you going to make one!!

  33. Flatout Meerkat

    Potato Gatling gun like in scrap mechanic survival

  34. Bill Marcy

    How many dead hookers ahve passed through those portals?

  35. Leo Weinheiz

    I think many people woudn't describe him as a serious guy. I'm a simple man, he's wearing a tie I trust him:)

  36. Nicolas Schultz

    The stiffled laugh during the panning shot when the tea maker doesn't work is just hilarious and I can understand why they didn't want to do the whole sequence again

  37. DirtyVertebrae

    9:01, was that a fart?

  38. General Alex

    U didn’t call it the “ICE-ICLE

  39. Tiago Valim

    Boa noite.... Reparei que nessas imagens não existe curvatura.....

  40. SunMin Zaw30

    He can make a snake that will suck dick

  41. Virgle DeBord

    Get a shovel, dig down, than up, hollow out a living space, install a 50 ft tall steal pipe tethered for stabliity for breathing fresh air and good luck the comet hits the ocean maybe 2029 probably 2036

  42. Dan Mongosa

    I imagine Calvin accidentally locking himself inside his bomb shelter during the Coronavirus in 2020 and finally emerging 30 years later in 2050, meeting a woman named Eve, who finds his outdated vocabulary refreshing and overly polite manners charming🤔

  43. Unoriginal Name

    We were thinking about 2 different jet engines

  44. Crimson's Whispering Books

    This is frickin awsome ending I could I would.

  45. Olivier Laramee

    3:49 how you did this??

  46. Overated Stop motion


  47. Olivier Laramee

    you just did a weapon!!!

  48. mnika voli

    Expectation: Back to the future Reality: The Green Goblin

  49. KartoshkaChannel

    Спизжено у советов.

  50. Watercolor Aanik

    busted .. . ........ and misleading in youtube. this is earning source

  51. Steve Broughton

    I'd love to Colin team up with that other Lincolnshire nutter Guy Martin and see what the pair of them could come up with, c'mon the Yellerbellys. 👍

  52. Ashutosh verma

    Bullet fo my valantine. 🌟

  53. unknown Unknown


  54. sheena curnow

    firework rocket

  55. Strong Gaming

    Apakah ada orang Indonesia?

  56. Bossworld

    8:06 always wondered where those mole grips had gone

  57. XtidalgamesX

    Me in quarantine: aAh pE wiTh jOe hAs taKeN oVer mY YOuTUbe

  58. Hayden Kohlman

    Who else thinks it looks like a Star Wars ship

  59. Bossworld

    I moved away from the East Mids in 2006, this is the first time in 14 years I've heard someone say 'cob' for throw :) Obviously not to be confused with a bread cob...

  60. XtidalgamesX

    Colin : I dont think I can make everything....... us: make something that can make somebody fly..... colin’s next video : mAkiNg a jEtpAck Seriously he is awesome he is amazing

  61. XtidalgamesX

    Next video : 1000 𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚘𝚘𝚍

  62. Not P4TR1CK

    the joker hit him with hes laugh thing or he is the joker

  63. rephill54

    What a waste. Would he donate that much money to charity? What a nad!

  64. XtidalgamesX

    U NEED to build a backyard coaster

  65. SpiderSuit Minecraft

    New TV game and Television game for Minecraft 2 in 2022

    1. SpiderSuit Minecraft

      Me in CRT television: I'm on a bus Bryan on LED television: I'm winning Mario on LCD television: My soda!

  66. nieooj gotoy

    I like how you can see his reflection in the clock

  67. gh0sth4nd

    one day this guy will build a rocket and fly to mars xD

    1. mnika voli

      build an Air Umbrella... they say no one can build it Mr colinfurz: I can

  68. damien downey

    What a looper ur sum class 1 nut job keep up the great work 😅👍👍👍👍btw you should have made the shed look the TARDIS



  71. Павлуха Тимошенков

    Где-то в параллельной вселенной две стиралки запихивают этому чуваку всякую дичь в очко и не дают ему помереть

  72. d games

    If u did this now everyone would go mental because wasting water and tbh score them who cares

  73. ryan mullen

    Oppressor mk1

  74. Majmuni

    No clickbait. I’m pleasantly surprised

  75. ryan mullen

    Oppressor irl lol

  76. RS14988

    Can we get some of these contraptions in Fallout 5 please?

  77. Broglei

    The u l t i m a t e man cave

  78. Emre J.Aydogan

    It honestly felt like the videos you made five years ago were only posted 5 days ago, is this the same with anyone else?

  79. Ventsislav Nikolov

    Много яко

  80. anti social k1d

    Oppressor Mk.3

  81. Rob Nicol

    24 hour challenge in self isolation box

  82. Vince Tanczos

    I love these videos but WHY the bloody awful music all the time. It's painful to the ears. I so wanted to hear the jet engines......

  83. trinity b

    No that's cheating

  84. Ибуки Миода

    Блииииин! Это КРУТО!


    Awesome. No seriously this is ground breaking work @colinfurze. Wow.😀

  86. ol 13io

    It looks like a weird torture tool.

  87. imABoomer :3

    Who else remembers this line "that sounds wonderful"

  88. Nur Faizin

    Nyasar woi

  89. lammy1628

    Where can I buy these machines! Especially the mobility scooter! Absolute riot!

  90. Nicholas Rowley

    Colin's race team👍

  91. Павлуха Тимошенков

    Сколько же в нем экспрессии )) чувак я не знаю кто ты и на чем сидишь, но ты чертовски прикольный)))

  92. Koleś z Gdańska

    This guy's ready for war

  93. EGG EGG

    How much will it be to buy one roughly

  94. stananium

    New free ride mtb looks nice

  95. VFX Blender

    what is the thrust of the engine?


    Nice creativ ...👍

  97. MC Studio

    Increase artificial iron micro-technology 0.5Endure high heat and increase cold vapor fans similar to computer gamers

    1. MC Studio


  98. Chris Laflamme

    Your fucking awesome

  99. Fox 8ball

    How far did you have to go to find the phones again?