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  1. Clyde Davis

    teaching jaylen & tatum how to dribble is bout the only positive thing kyrie did as a Celtic lol

  2. rod brown

    good thing his favorite song wasnt Erotic city or something! LOL

  3. Aria Scola

    Hopefully one day Jaylen and Jayson will lead the celtics deep into the playoffs and knock off big superstars like Giannis and Embid ... oh that's right they already did that at age 20 and 19!

  4. Tharaa Gazzaz

    I really don't understand Grizzile's coach, he pulled Ja morant when the score was 14-18 and bring him back when the difference was 20 points !! Strange to me. However, the Rockets have great techniques, style and harmony. When you play a strong team on their court, you should build confidence in your team in the first Q, Grizzile's coach did the opposite

  5. pablo suarez

    Kanye west and Jesus left the chat

  6. Jester Estrella

    Truelly the GREEK FREAK👏🏻

  7. Dan Diomande

    0:48 Kawhi's 3 pointer sounded like a gunshot

    1. Olladnara

      Bruh that was LOUD 😂

  8. velox

    never going to forget the moment when i opened twitter on the 27th of febuary at 10:43 am saying "Kobe bryant dead"

  9. Niño Divino Cruz


  10. Kim Keang


  11. Sport Fanatic

    As a MFFL, the takeaway isn’t Luka and Kristaps. It’s THJ out shining Wesley Matthews, and DSJ.

  12. 808bboarder

    As an OKC fan I’ll always love Russ, Harden, KD and Ibaka. They gave me some great memories from High School to now being a 26yr old. Also respect to the Rockets ✊⚡️

  13. david freeeman

    I’m looking at the Clippers and the holes in their defense is apparent. The first glaring way to beat them is taking a mid range jumper, they just leave it wide open (that’s the Celtics won with mid ranger shooters like Tatum, Walker, Brown, and Hayward). The separate parts of the Clippers are better the sum of their whole (yes I said that correctly), they get lazy on defense because they think the other great defenses around will pick up the slack and it creates this vacuum of sloppy plays. The Clippers are frauds. But I still love Kawhi

  14. Edward Biak

    Every single shot was a swish. What a god.

  15. Lil Peep

    Clips 18-1 when kawhi shoots 50 percent or better 33-12 when he plays and the highest winning percentage in nba regular season history at 385-127 the dude is just a winner you could say because he was on spurs for most of his career but In his championship season and year after that spurs were only 17-17 when he didn’t play also raptors last year had a good record when kawhi didn’t play but they were under 500 when they played 500 or better teams


    D lo might be the best point guard the timberwolves had in decades

  17. Alex Edwards

    What a cool guy 😎

  18. Jason Jones

    How you gonna get crossed up on a pass? 4:20 OMG😱😂🤤#StoneColdLuka

  19. grucha8585

    Beyonce at Kobe’ s memorial 🤦‍♂️ that’s fucking disrespectful. Fuck that bitch and gay z. RIP Mamba

  20. Raven Romero

    Rest up king 🏀👑💯

  21. Dtay C

    He stays relevant bc he plays the game of today with his style more than just scoring he has handles and selfless with the ball

  22. dev leftali

    The look in his eyes just shows he was going to dominate

  23. Edward Sarinana

    Lillard TY for putting out WestBitchingBrook. 💪🏻👍🏻

  24. Mystic The Goat

    Fuck with luka!!! Lets go!!

  25. Fluids of Fornication

    Rockets just beat the Memphis rockets fans have them making all the way to the finals! As if....

  26. Lilgingie VEVO

    They shoulda kept everyone and took only durant

  27. Jabo Williams

    Great Gm from my Wiz Almost choked the game away after having a big league early lol smh but we pulled it out at the end #WizUp #DcRising

  28. Scott Shields

    It’s disappointing that most white people dont age as well as black , Latino , or Asian . When a white guy hits late 40’s into his 50’s . 98% of the time you can see it clear as day 😂. I’m 41 and really dreading the next 9 years . I want the “stay young looking” genes ...but I’m white 🤷‍♂️ Jason is 44 or 45 and he looks about 10 years older than me . Lol but a lot happens in 3 or years so I guess I’ll find out

  29. Valentin Torres

    I wonder when Robert Edwards will be back 🤔

    1. Free Bnutt

      Valentin Torres fuck he talkin bout 🤣 I think he meant Carson and rob

  30. ok kookkai


  31. Aether Z

    1:58 yo 😭

  32. Don DP

    These announcers are so chill 😂

  33. Dtclw3 Wilson

    Ja son of Westbrook perfected early million likes

  34. Red88Rex

    as someone living in the Akron, OH area all my life, I was very disgusted by this all at the time, but I've forgiven him and it's nice to watch this again.

  35. Mikhail Washington

    I'm a nfl fan i've never heard someone say fifthyburger

  36. Dawn Bee

    Rockets look 🔥

  37. Noah Taylor

    This mf is one of the worst interviewers I've ever seen..J Will showed alot of patience with this clown.

  38. Rujhat Omer

    Fuck kd ruined lebron career

  39. C W

    Thank you LeBron James for beating Jason Tatum in that last Lakers game when Celtics should have won, because the sleeping giant that is Tatum is FINALLY awoke

  40. Mina Eldiwany

    I could see my Rockets getting the number two seed and winning the NBA Finals.

  41. Matteo Bernini

    Aaron:360 between the leg from half court Judges:45


    Ja Morant minutes though🤔

  43. Orlando Andreas Jr.

    J Smooth mama there goes dat man beast mode

  44. C W

    When a rookie Tatum dunked on LeBron and almost won in a Gams 7 Eastern Finals......I was like nope...he not leaving Boston

  45. Rage Booncoon

    Who else forgets about Gordon Haywood at times😕 Lol i said Haywood..Hayward

    1. soundbyhasani

      lmao why would you edit this comment and not just change it

  46. Kyle Huntsman

    11Rebs not 10

  47. DeathEgg94

    She’ sucks. Should of gotten a better singer

  48. Proppa Music

    *Damn Houston Torch Grizzlies*

  49. Isaac Guan

    I like how Celtic are all round with their starters

  50. Emme Ya Moore

    Yesssssssss queen, this entire performance gave me chills

  51. Tobey Maguire

    she sung for michael jackson, and now for kobe...

  52. Test Fortester


  53. George Couvson

    I can definitely see Luka leading the Mavericks to a Championship in two to 3 Years

  54. LA Rider

    5:21 GTFO!!!!!!!!!

  55. Hector Pac

    This will be the hardest year for kawhi in attempting to win another ring, he and the clippers have the world against them Vs LeBron and the Lakers. Everyone wants LeBron to win it for Kobe, the media and the league is pushing that same narrative. It's going to be a very interesting playoffs it almost seems like LeBron is a sure winner to win it this year.

    1. yneone

      Dame Dolla didn't give a shyt and still dropped 50 on em, and this was right after Kobe`s passing (God rest his soul)! Kawhi wants the chip. The big question is, do the rest of the team want it?

  56. Ball-Chinned Kid

    Lonzo went before him?

    1. eric choi

      Ball-Chinned Kid you can look at it that way but they got Anthony Davis for an aging Lebron that needs to win now so the trade off doesn’t seem to bad at the end of the day but I agree for the future it would’ve and should’ve been Tatum with that pick

  57. Stika Beats

    Rip Spurs playoff streak

  58. Stika Beats

    I already can’t wait for the playoffs

  59. Stika Beats

    Miami blowing leads at home 😬😬

  60. zOOm saLad

    6:13 DADDY GREEN

  61. Stika Beats

    Rockets been ballin 👀👀

  62. Proppa Music

    *Heat been super trash since the Iggy pick up*

  63. Johnny Basily NBA

  64. Blaze Escamilla

    Tatum been playing with that mamba mentality lately

  65. Johnny Basily NBA

  66. Johnny Basily NBA

  67. every day we Lit Jones

    This man something special NO CAP.

  68. Skeeter Doo

    Wow. Just wow!

  69. cahser

    The warriors fell apart and broke up shortly after that moment

  70. Julien Forletta

    Ja looked a little lost out there tonight . I think he feels zion creeping up for that ROY. It’s getting in his head .

  71. Joseph underwear smelly Smith

    Jazz should relocate utah sucks💩💩💩

  72. Timmy Boston

    Tatum last three games 33 on 65% shooting 36 on 63% shooting 41 on 60%. shooting Kobe 🐐🕊 left us in good hands !!!

  73. Jermaine Jones

    Why in the hell is she in the way 😠

  74. Kinghines

    Get Duncan Robinson out the line up

  75. Kinghines

    Jimmy butler fucking sucks

  76. Stop Dripriding

    Hopefully Anthony Edwards Gets Drafted By The Hawks Trae Young And Edwards Would Be A Nice Dynamic Duo

  77. Stop Dripriding

    Jayson Tatum And Donovan Mitchell The 2 Best Players In The 2017 Nba Draft Class

    1. TDC101

      Stop Dripriding That 2017 draft class is loaded with talent.

  78. Anya K

    He was remarkable,a basketball player,and an amazing one of kind man. I miss him so much it just breaks my 💔 in half that he went down in that crash. I salute u Kobe I salute u. 😢😢 Just writing this comment makes me tear up

  79. Iwon


  80. Young Among

    Tatum stood up and took this team to the promise Land

    1. ahmed sysun

      Young Among what? I think a ring is the promise land

  81. wojomojo

    Fucking Embid is hurt again?!

  82. Andy Velasquez

    What happened to the best player in the world???😂😂😂😪

  83. Kallie

    Awful performance. Just doing it all for show anyways that’s what the whole fucken celebration of life was a big tv put on

  84. Mike 2400

    Rockets small ball assault continues led by Harden and Westbrook. This team has started to take off now, and this is with EG in and out of the lineup. Shout out to Austin Rivers who's been balling since his thumb heeled up. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  85. InsomniaMusicGroup Films

    These niggas play each other every week

  86. NoName718

    A lot of their matchups Kobe was hurt. I just went through like 2 other matchups when he was hurt, and I remember that broken nose game when Lebron was on the Heat.

  87. J J

    This dude was so dope. That uncut.


    Kyrie Who?

  89. darrion yust

    Ja Morant is the future

  90. farrellcityking1

    The series where the mythical lore of Lebronto began.

  91. Andy Velasquez

    Celtics whooping nothing but ass on this trip! Should of got that Lakers game too if not for the refs always helping them!!!

    1. C W

      Tatum went crazy because of that lost



  93. Zac Minotti

    Me when I shoot a basketball “Kobe” my kids “Why you say Kobe when u shoot” Me: “a legend to be remembered”

  94. John Doe

    I was the only person in Philly that said the sixers should've drafted Tatum over fultz I also said they should've taken Ingram over Simmons sixers would be such a better team for it.

    1. Mc Reacts

      John Doe Simmons is good he just needs a jumper. It took Ingram more time to adjust then Simmons but I still can’t side with Ingram yet I’m not sold on him yet.

  95. Will Zulu

    Why the hell was the arena so empty?

  96. General G. Washington

    Tatum is like Paul George. #Talent

  97. Cold Flames

    Tatum has gained his confidence and there's no looking back.

    1. C W

      Thank the Lakers for that one

  98. S D

    It’s a no sis

  99. LeKobeBeanJames#23#24#8

    Hey Celshits fans remember when my lakers beat u in the 2010 nba finals and metta world peace said goodnight to BC. We hate u Boston. We hope u loose every game. And I hope Milwaukee beats the Celshits in the playoffs again this season. FUCK U BOSTON. We hate u, we hate u, we hate u. Again we hope u loose every game. Celshits first round exit against the pacers with oladipo of all people. FUCK U BOSTON. Fun fact I was 9 years old when that happened. Now I’m 18. But I didn’t become a fan of the lakers since I was like 12.

  100. What 3ver

    6:55 what did Drake do? Bring some bitches