What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. Nugget

    My names aeric

  2. Daniel Hernandez

    3:44 my hero academia reference

  3. kpopcutie 11

    Don't be in a friend group- MAKE A FRIGGIN GROUP LIKE ME! Thank chu😇

  4. Max Vaquero

    Not lying my imagination is crazy


    I have a couch that looks like rocks, I would imagine that I was battling and would get chucked into the couch, and put a matching blanket over me as if an avalanche fell. The difference is in my plays I died in any death spot.

  6. Solomon Pitts

    I’m afraid o sea cucumbers 2! Sorry that sound too nerdy :)

  7. SilverSkyLeaves #27

    At school I will steal food from my friends because I’m like always hungry. Then one day one of my friends asks me, “How do stay skinny because you are practically eating food all the time?” I answer, “I have no idea.”

  8. Lonely Pride

    I like that your voice is deep It really matches this song

  9. tsm_jack_a_boi

    love the pic of bakugo in the background at 2:59 never could go wrong with a little bit M.H.A (until u get copyright claimed).

  10. Windstreak Wolf


  11. cadergator10

    Poor poor adam

  12. Luz


  13. Z3K3 Mohrman

    Dolphins are killas but baby’s .....

  14. MH - 04AK - Brian W Fleming PS (1178)


  15. Munzza Shahid

    My friend learned more history in battlefield then from is history teacher

  16. paul portocarrero

    rice IS flammable and in certain conditions, explosive

  17. SlurpSlushie374

    Most you tuber songs are trash but I think this should hit some records

  18. Viola Landry

    The jump scare needs work just to let you know

  19. Youngjoysinner

    my dad had to go through this shit too and i still hear stories like right after he woke up from the surgery he threw up and they had to take off and rewire everything again

  20. cadergator10

    He totally sounds like markiplier

  21. Nogah

    11:57 OMG NO ¿that's your laptop? D:

  22. Elijah Dincler

    I did the same thing were you used the music and fight in the battle

  23. Iron Bull

    Buckero you missed a censor which means only one thing...

  24. Lydia Smithson

    Bananas are god

  25. Sarah golden

    I love this song

  26. Minecraft facts with PiggmanMason

    dude count:infinite

  27. lollolp01 playz

    that is my dad exept he got his tonslels pulled out

    1. lollolp01 playz

      with all the liqud diet

  28. Splint3rz

    Adam: OH MY GOD AGENT COLLSEN IS ALIVE. Me agents of shield fan : oh your in for a surprise

  29. Pixeled Awesomeness

    Noice I also have 2! Shadow plushies

  30. KaylaTheGachaNoodle

    🐕 Summers, get back here! Sorry, she tends to get out...

  31. Shivver Lets play


  32. Patricia Ayres

    My school banned mr. Rogers

  33. Logan Cryer

    Which is better? Life is fun. Odd1sout Or I'm something else yt?

  34. Blair Faulknor

    when I hear 69 instant reactions googles it instant regrets straight away

  35. Dxmon·Moon

    I wanna hear full version of that is just 👌

  36. James Moore

    We have the same fear

  37. Zimmyshrooms

    Me: hears the realtor in the beginning Also me someone who watches Brandon Rogers constantly: the CEO?

  38. GamiDIED

    kinda cringe

  39. XX_Gamerkid_XX 1000

    0:10 says drink this weed

  40. lethalized 115

    2:11 that face scarred me

  41. Marta Bronshvayg


  42. lemon squad 64

    Holy shit he has no plants


    3:24 lol

    1. CSN_BALCO


  44. LPS Kitten Lover

    Loves demon part lol if you loved like and comment

  45. InstaNerds

    oh you get a tutorial in your dream

  46. h x n e y a m a y a h

    Im telling my future kids this is eminem

  47. NoobyGamer 11

    0:36 Me: youtube is getting demonitized after 2020. Kid friendly vids won't be funded anymore Adam: *stops laughing* WHAT!

  48. Beck h0und

    Eminem: Rap god SomethingElse: OH YEAH?! I'M RAP PRINCESS!!!

  49. garlic

    I'm afraid of heights but I really like going on planes.

  50. Rhizomic

    I love the lyrics, it’s amazing for a day production! Thank you for being something else.

  51. Matt & Cody Moody

    I love you Play gmod

  52. Lilsnake Games1196

    It so amazing at how talented he is 👍🏻

  53. woo oh yeah woo

    *NO, I AM NOT A HUGE NERD, THANK YOU-* This is a joke

  54. trashyartist 01

    Why does Adam look like he can play Michael Mell in Be More Chill

  55. Just_a_çänńøłi _

    Dang I want some chocci milcc now and it’s like.... idk what time it is but I’m in bed and it’s not daytime... pretty sure... ANYWAYS I WANT ME SOME chOcCi MiLcC

  56. Renato Marines

    The animator trio of LTsel

  57. Gracieloo _

    4:02 I think we can all agree that this was us at one time in our lives, or still is...

  58. antonio417

    im watching this before bed and now i dont wanna sleep

  59. lightning storm

    Imagination: Do what ever u want bc ur a kid... Common sense: don't do anything stupid!..

  60. Ryan Basso

    Where's the music teacher video?

  61. Aki Uchiha2.0

    WTF Adam is bakugo

  62. XxShadowTheWolfWeebxX

    2:59 Bakugo poster on the wall

  63. Minecraft Pro


  64. the two dummies bts

    I like how Adam says frick instead of fu-

  65. Colette Woods

    I think Adam wasn’t using his common sense lol

  66. Tomás Baena Zuluaga

    I felt REAL bad in 3:20

  67. Jack Shoemaker


  68. Veronica Tovarian

    The Giving Tree (The Second Book)

  69. Leo Cristofaro

    Why those he look like tony stark but with black hair

  70. Mariana Beauchamp

    6:56 Bakugou?

  71. Caroline Harned

    ...I get my bills as phone calls. I’m a teenager, and I live at home. I don’t own a house, or a car, or anything I need to pay bills on. I hate robocallers

  72. Delmations

    i dont know how to be myself and i dont know how to be better

  73. Kayla Crotto

    First nught me and my ex haf our first apartment we didnt have a dining table and I caught him sitting on the kitchen floor eating soup

  74. i g g l e

    I had a nightmare once where I was in Reception (yes I’m British) and it was my first day in my new school. For some reason, while we were doing arts and crafts or whatever, a strange whispering filled the air. Immediately, everyone dropped to the ground, and I, being a dumb child, looked around, confused. And then a huge entity did something to me, I don’t remember what but I think that it was picking me up and dropping me continuously from the Cellini to the floor, which I would not have survived. This happened twice before I woke up, because the second time I apparently was the last one to touch the floor. I’m pretty sure it was whispering it’s name.

  75. Ricardo Molina Lemus

    Just imagine if there was no gas in the car

  76. Steph Mcclanahan

    This animation is AMAZING

  77. ximcelagu

    Somone:there's no such thing as a perfect rap I'm something else YT: *hold my underwear*

  78. The fox in the sky

    So lemme get this straight... Ur mom stole ur chockie milk AND prohibed u bananas?!?!? Man what a monster,probably Billy possesed her.

  79. Sophia Imel

    He said, “ like that smash button” 🤣😂🤣🤣

  80. Nayib The Great

    Hey maybe he would eat you

  81. Carter Riggs

    4:14 SCREW YOU

  82. Seth Hand

    I was gust watching that video gust now

  83. Maddie P

    That was so scary! I wanna etheir have a nightmare like it or do the game!

  84. mrdriver91

    "Getting lots of put put put..." -Mind- Don't say pussy, don't fucking say it!!- "potential job opportunitys

  85. oof games

    Rip off 😆

  86. predators skits

    When he said times 6 I imagined puppymonkeybaby times six I almost had a sirzure

  87. Jayson Riggs

    You’re ripping off James and jaiden!!! Plz don’t hate it was a joke

  88. Zero The Short Potato

    I was drinking chocolate milk while this was playing- oh and I was making a red tail-

  89. The_ Anonymous _ Feather

    I work alone on mostly everything I don't trust people to handle anything I ask of em' so whenever we do group projects I say 'fuck you I'm doing this alone' get it done and there. I'd say from personal view I'm in between, I always take naps in class and all that but when I take naps I don't actually fall asleep unless we had a free day or I was at lunch, so when there was work that needed to be done I got it done with good grades and the effect of mass confusion of the kids around me who deemed me ' the dead kid ' by how much I sleep in class.

  90. Xxi 364

    Ha look at me I will

  91. Yagya Parihar

    rong channel sorry

  92. Fire And Ice033


  93. Yagya Parihar

    i m now a super martian since i tapped the bell

  94. Teriyaki BLINK

    mari ji wana

  95. Ruby Parish

    *hears that one of the first songs he learned is I'm Yours by Jason Mraz* ...........Hey, I know that song! *gets my OWN guitar* Alright, let's go. Now I'm trying to learn how to play I'm yours by Jason Mraz XD I've always wanted to play, but have never had the time, INSPIRED AND THANK YOU

  96. Shrek in crocs

    WHO IS HERE IN 2020 (I’m not I’m in 2019)

  97. DjToXiC119

    this is fire



  99. Carsaadi

    Go to a hardware store and get wood glue. You'll have a table again in no time!... that is if you haven't already bought a new one