2020 NBA All-Star Draft - Team LeBron vs Team Giannis

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    Paskelbta Prieš 11 dienų


    1. House of Highlights

      2020 NBA All-Star Draft - Roster Breakdown: ltsel.info/video/vaizdo-irasas/g5t6fq2ai3zIoMw.html

      1. Kenreal TEA

        House of Highlights: Me: 🥺

      2. Fleischmann

        @Atrain973 main4life386 "I think" 😅 Sorry Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️😉

      3. Atrain973 main4life386

        LBJ has a better team I think..

      4. gabby foker

        @Fleischmann yeah yeah forgot bout him. I would pick him too bro.

    2. Kimmy Lorgan

      LeBron is a great coach! He can build a team

    3. Brigitte Musialek

      Giannis: I want somebody thats gonna pass the ball Lebron: I pick harden Giannis: That was my pick actually

    4. Brigitte Musialek

      A legend says that lebron is still saying "good call" 7:26

    5. Bethany Suydam

      Aww Lebrons sweatshirt 🥺🥺

    6. Out Box

      wheres irving

    7. EAM0408


    8. EAM0408


    9. John Vargo

      Think LeBron picked harden over young as a favor to Gianni's so he wouldn't have to play with him after the "guy who passes" comment

    10. EAM0408

      Lol Lebron James

    11. Mem3_Lord

      Lebron: gets last pick by default Giannis: that’s a good pick

    12. z a84

      Giannis def could have picked better.

    13. Cornelius Fisher

      Nobody really wanted to take Westbrook

    14. Jacob Hill

      I get the feeling these guys don’t like Russel Westbrook...🤔

    15. Keith Chen

      Yo giannis funny as hell, he should join tnt

    16. T-wee Acehigh


    17. Colty

      Y’all really do Sabonis like that?

    18. BoneZ

      Giannis just sitting there all awkward for the first 3 mins

    19. GuanHua Wang

      why was it not a snake draft

    20. dinosaur banana lemon

      giannis with that notebook looks funny lol he looks like a happy kid

    21. Ginkurosaki 12

      This is the funniest and easiest draft ever

    22. Nieem McLendon


    23. Cooch Killer69

      LeBron: for my next pick Larry bird

    24. Kills You

      This shyt I scripted ain’t no way Giannis is that niave to not pick harden or kawhi 🥴🤦🏽‍♂️

    25. David Zaldarriaga

      Giannis: "I just played him a couple nights ago, uhm Kevin Dura- I, I mean Brandon Ingram"

    26. Limit Breaker

      Nice!! He got the laugh of the goat Wait...

    27. Nelieciamasis

      Giannis is fcking racist " my black african Brother... My african black Brother ...." Imagine ir it was like doncic saying my white European Brother porzingis of whatever

    28. VillaFanFTW

      Why would you be surprised Westbrook was still there? Most players don't want to play with him.

    29. CJ Bongatz

      Ban first before pick 😂🤣

    30. Raymond Acance

      Kyle Lowry ended up being a good pick for Giannis. Didn’t end up with the W but Lowry had a hand in the competitiveness of the game

      1. Joey Leon

        I seen him on the floor a lot

    31. Rico Gordon

      NBA champion Kyle Lowry 🏆

    32. Henry Jhon

      Wala c irving?

    33. Joel Heaney

      Embiid over Leonard lmao

    34. StoneTF2

      They disrespecting James harden hahahah

    35. Schnell

      LeGM back at it again

    36. Milas Reis

      Giannis: With my next pick i will go with my african brother, Angel Di Maria With my next pick i will go with my second african brother, Eminem My third african brother, Donald Trump. My 4th african brother.. My 5th.. My 6th .... .... My 29th african brother, 6ix9ine

    37. Edward Bates

      It was closer than y’all thought huh?

    38. Just Ella

      LeBron wins🥳🥳🥳

    39. Kakashii Hypebeast

      Surprised Kyrie didn’t make it

    40. Belarion A.D.

      Giannis knew what he was doing. They were creating the best all star game ever

    41. Songtae Downes

      Is that Korean on lebron’s sweater??

    42. VIIZION_ Cloud

      Also Giannis: I need Someone that passes the ball I want Jimmy Grappolo LeBron: He isn't in The Nb---- Giannis: But he was my nExT PiCK

    43. VIIZION_ Cloud

      Giannis: tHat WAS MY nExT piCK

    44. P S

      everyone to be busy talking about giannis to notice the starters ended up being East vs West despite the new rules lol

    45. You Thought

      bruh Trae was over picked on but then he saved the game with DAT HALF COURT!

    46. xavier dawsey

      Devin Booker isn't on the reserves but he on team LeBron

      1. RunIt BackTurbo

        He replaced Damian Lillard because he was injured.

    47. Michael Ray Lavarias Banaag

      bullsh1t stream, better sleep it off jerkface

    48. Mike Arima

      Lmfao, giannis is bad

      1. RunIt BackTurbo

        They were competitive and they put a hell of a show tonight. Team Giannis were also very close to winning so they were alright.

    49. Clarkson 6

      Where is my man??Jordan Clarkson?🤔

    50. Jekari Jordan

      12:15 did it sound like he said I like some boners or am I just childish

    51. LazzyBurrito

      I pick Kobe

    52. M H

      @6:51 Giannis was like, "Zeus, Poseidon, Hades if any of ya'll can hear me SEND HELP"

    53. Ben Luke

      Lebron has a lot of experience choosing team mates lol

    54. Raheem Williams

      Hello aye we all whew Aye hey we all move Whew together and light this Gas that morning will come%

    55. Joe Cook

      Nice giannis! Taking my utah boy Rudy gobert!

    56. Joseph Paolucci

      I’m so surprised that Russell Westbrook was left to the very end

    57. MontagnaMagica

      So... It's back to the West vs. the East again? I'm OK with that!

    58. Wood Climber

      Domontas Sabonas was the last pick and Lebron ain’t even pick him. 😂smh

    59. Jeremiah Francis

      how is jayson tatum not first

    60. Irratio Tessay

      Team lebron