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    Life is full of obstacles.
    But wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell those obstacles to move 5 steps in the other direction?
    Today, we’re stretching our imaginations to expand our idea of problem solving.
    By telling them to take a minor detour.
    And hopefully, we won’t have more problems than we started with!
    We’re doing the 5-step challenge!
    Wish you could use the 5-step card in real life? Leave your comment below👇
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    1. Ferry Michelle Samson-Smrdeski

      aaaaaallalalqqwwerrtyjil .hcnv. Iksddffgqweqwertyuioasdfghjll zxxcvbbnmm, was.🌤

    2. Crisanto Mendiola

      How about 5 step backward

    3. Elina’s world

      Just don’t listen

    4. Grace White

      viccie is soo mean

    5. khernandez147ify

      How does Jess have to go to the bathroom again🤔

      1. Katy Romero

        khernandez147ify day I will have to go do it and I go do a good time and do not have a great prank on me because I’m not a great time and a great prank I don’t want to play it I mean I’m not a great time to play and play my house with my up to go play and I don’t have a great prank and I’m not a great time going on the go and I have to play it and I have a good day tomorrow at the house I will have a great day and go do it and I have to your go do I want you know if I don’t want you to park you know you have to go do it sorry you have to your time sorry about your house tomorrow please go to play and I use the time I can do that and go play it if I’m in love 🥰 you are a good day and you have a great time and I don’t want you know that I’m going tomorrow sorry I didn’t know if you want me to park in your life I have to park your time sorry about your life I opened my house and I have no time to do so much I want you know what I mean I am going tomorrow to park my house tomorrow at my office I have a you know you have a great year to go to park and go park and I am sorry for the water and I don’t know how much I love to park in my

    6. Desiree Nguyen


    7. Nizam Mohammed

      I love Olive

      1. Nizam Mohammed


    8. Nizam Mohammed

      I do

    9. MiraculousLover Davis

      The people who used the bathroom are the same people in front of the girl

    10. Gabriela Gherca

      They are kinda rude sometimes

    11. gacha pastel loves loves to play

      I love you channel so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

    12. lara the best girl

      I hate olivia

    13. Kitebe Hassan


    14. Yashashree Hajare

      In whole video Olivia was so mean

    15. bilalumar100

      Wait the girl with blonde hair looks like the girl from the LTsel channel named 5 minute crafts

    16. Jill Medina

      I love jessa

    17. Jill Medina

      I hate oliva

    18. eva giouvanopoulou

      If you like123 Go like this comment

    19. Midnight_ Star77

      Why is everyone so mean to olivia its just a vid



    20. Joshua Joy


    21. Senita Begovic

      My favorite is Olivia,Vicki, Jess, Alana,Amy,Sophia,Hellie and other more girls

    22. Eric Batol

      Why is the girl with red hair eyes are so creepy😬

    23. Starlight_Xxx Moon Clark

      3:52 #Karma

    24. Kayla Olvera

      Hey guys are going through a variety . The first one . The first one . The first one . The first time I was a great deal of the

    25. Emerson White

      I know why

    26. Quality Affordable

      Olivia don,t how to play the game

    27. Just TN

      Mnogo qko klip4e

    28. Kimble Moon

      5 steps forward to your happiness 👇🏽🌻

    29. سمر الشاعر

      You have to subscriber to the fun the edu

    30. Zubaidha Mohamed

      I love Vikki more than others l 💖Vikki .

    31. Evelyn Clemente

      Karmaaaaaa bich

    32. Evelyn Clemente

      You guys are disgusting karma butch ha🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖖🖕


      Vikki is so so much pretty very much pretty


      Olivia is so so much ugly

    35. Kim Jaedin

      5:30... How is that unfair? I’d be mad if I had to take 5 steps...

    36. Cecilia Romero

      I hate the girl with the red hair she's so mean


        she not mean!.You are mean!!!!

    37. TiDo

      Why would you bully your friends like that


        it just prank

    38. Ariana Moreno

      how come jess's makeup did fell OG

    39. ام علي رفاعي

      كلش حلو هاذا الفيدو