A Really Small Pupil

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    1. Ayutsu Rijal

      The turkeys were talking about how they got away from thanksgiving dinner

      1. Joshua Lewis


      2. Joshua Lewis


      3. nerithh


      4. mariam mariamy

        I don't get it

      5. LaShay Chantelle

        Did you see the peacock enter the scene? 🤣

    2. SWEATYfdplayer4 1

      Those Turkeys are saying hey look at that retarded Human ha ha ha.

    3. Mika R

      It's just sad. You can see how the turkeys beaks were cut, it's way too close to the face and must have hurt immensely.

    4. Gabriel Esdrelon

      Turkeys were planning to eat humans for the next thanks giving for revenge

    5. Bowling Ball

      1:07 then they hear a crack

    6. Just a regular person


      1. foopyu nooui

        0:34 Uno reverse card

    7. DorkiaGaming

      The people were running fast as heck

      1. foopyu nooui

        People that dislike deserve to stub there pinky toe on the leg of the table

    8. Mr. Eugene Krabs

      Its 4:20am Help...

    9. Siobhan Mcleish

      Think the Turkeys are fighting who will be stufed for Christmas lol

    10. Grace :'

      Customer : *throws money on the cashier* Cashier : *_Are you challenging me?_*

    11. Rocker- Poop

      The turkeys be talkin yoda style

    12. ryker barnes

      That pupil is coo put it would be cooler if it was my eye color (green)

    13. random• bi•girl

      1:50 they are having the *BEST* conversation befor they get eaten

    14. Mark Alpasan


    15. Kawaii Kate RBLX

      The turkeys are talking about the other turkeys they wanna date

    16. Zach Pulido

      Am I the only one who thinks that eye looks really pretty?

    17. Jason Selvadurai

      How can those people spot one sea lion out of that many with plastic around neck.

    18. ceerw buty

      Missing child Maddie McCann had that eye condition. Hers was not as bad.

    19. Finn PARRINGTON

      the turkeys are plotting the destruction of man kind

    20. George the awesome

      The cashier does realize they have to clean it up 😢

      1. ceerw buty

        Turkey number one:WHY DID YOU SLEEP WITH MY GIRLFRIEND.Turkey number two:she is my girlfriend now

    21. Cristian Zambro

      People that dislike deserve to stub there pinky toe on the leg of the table

    22. MagicalIvan

      0:34 Uno reverse card

    23. evy

      the woman threw the change like that so when the cashier went to pick it up she could run with the bottles

    24. Brydon Brinley

      The turkeys are talking about how to take over the world to end thanksgiving

    25. No WoMeN i CaN't PeNeTrAtE

      1:40 "You lookin' fat doe,you'll be gon on Christmas fam"

    26. Zioddray

      0:33 oops. OOPS.

    27. Andrea A.

      Turkey language is beautiful

    28. SilverHerobrine

      With the cashier and customer one, nobody really thinks about the fact that the cashier most likely had to clean up that mess.

    29. Jaker’ia Martin

      *slides money rudely* Lady: *Oops* Man: *slaps bottle on ground* Bottle: *Im to young to di-* *bottle has been eliminated* Man: *OOPS*

    30. Braileigh Oliver

      What if the turkeys are talking about who is bigger?

    31. Kyrell Gerrard

      😂that cashier would’ve been me fr

    32. ItxAcid

      The turkeys sound like my swings...

    33. A Ver

      That cashier is a savage

    34. Samuel Hur

      The turkeys talking about whos next

    35. Natalie Rodriguez

      Turkey number one:WHY DID YOU SLEEP WITH MY GIRLFRIEND.Turkey number two:she is my girlfriend now

    36. Jay wolf

      I like turkeys

    37. yaliso gioouy

      The turkeys: ‘Oh did you hear Jenny and David are getting divorced,’ ‘I always knew there was something wrong in that relationship...’

    38. Ireland Is da way

      0:47: Me as a kid pretending coke was beer

    39. Bunny Zilla

      3:03 a puffy dog

    40. Hi Bye

      “You gay” “No u” “No u” “No u” “No u”