Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!



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    we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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    1. Luiza Costa


    2. Victoria Beltran

      The girl with short hair really looks like the people in english books

    3. holycrow!

      I'm italian and thought americans are too cold and keep to themselves too much. lol ok. Not going to northern Europe any year soon then.

    4. SandboxArrow

      Extroverts are superior!



    6. Doggy Dogo

      I new it I NEW IT FROM THE START <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1027">17:07</a>

    7. Kora Jo

      the spongebob edit at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> really just had me on the floor

    8. Jotto999

      A reminder that Myers-Briggs (MBTI) is pseudoscience, and you should graduate to using something more empirical like the Big Five Inventory.

    9. Yuliya

      I guess Pews never heard of "Ambivert"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    10. HalfFullMilk

      The amount that people say "like" in this video, is like, so like, annoying.

    11. Gb08nC06Us07

      *I guessed Maya from the start.*

    12. Uncool Pie

      Pewds: I'm introverted and extroverted Me: I'm PERVERTED

    13. aiden arellano

      Drink every time someone says “LiKe”

    14. 正人

      For some reason introvert equals selective mutism to these morons.

      1. 正人

        I have selective mutism and they all seem like super social butterflies to me.

    15. Kayla Molaison

      I was trying to find out which one I was but turns I’m really just depressed

    16. thicc dart boy

      I still hate tiktok

    17. Unknown person

      I’m an introvert, but if I see Felix walking by me, I might say a quick hello

    18. carly woodfin

      Introvert does not mean shy, and extrovert does not mean outgoing. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s wether being around other people gives you energy or drains you.

    19. thecreatorj

      can i get an ID on the girl to the very left, she is so f&cking CUTE BRO

    20. SpartanSoldier117

      Indeed pewds indeed

    21. Aleksandar Bogovac

      the fact that you are ok with silence makes me love you even more. cool

    22. mel

      "iNtRovErts nEveR eArN moNeY"

    23. Amanda Hadley

      Am sure Alex’s is gay

    24. Phoenix Finn

      You can hear pewdiepoe breath

    25. Druzzrin

      Introversion is not Insecurity

    26. hima cloud

      See tiktok girl

    27. Krispin

      6 high people and 1 sober

    28. 1k Subscribers without any videos.

      "We also now have the G-Fuel gay cups." Why did that sentence sound so funny? 🤣

    29. Rybread-321-

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="599">9:59</a> looks like a hippo

    30. SlippinDeepArmy

      I'm outgoing

    31. Grace poole

      Listening to some of them talk gave me asmr vibes

    32. Some Dude

      Lmao Im introverted but I’m confidence af and am straight to the point. This video makes no sense.

    33. Orly Z

      Listen. Introverts have extravert shields and extraverts have introvert recharging stations. We balance off f each other and drag each other into or out of people situations.

    34. Lucky Lemon

      It’s cuz she was F A T

    35. SimplyVibin

      i’m an ambivert to pewds (it’s both introvert and extrovert)

    36. Chloe Bates

      sped up whispering is true horror

    37. Palabow

      pewds: *LEARN HOW TO SPEAK! GO TO SPEAKING SCHOOL* also pewds: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="966">16:06</a> inovert

    38. MyDeathTherapy

      I never fucking shut up when im with close friends or family, but outside I struggle to say excuse me. I also feel like I need a couple days to recharge after hanging out with people.

    39. CDS.Gaming

      jacksepticeye looks like a basketball

    40. RelaxedKoi

      My hunch was right.

    41. KlovborgOfDoomElite

      People trying to be deep and interesting is so nice. I feel so comfortable around them.

    42. Chester Lytham

      THIS is really cringy WTF

    43. jejeAmaris

      I know an introvert who is confident she just doesn't like people and prefers to stay home and hates PE. She is so confident if a popular girl prtended like she wanted to be friends straight up said NO. In my opinion there are different types of introverts and extroverts

    44. Sharjeel Hydri

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    45. Sharjeel Hydri

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    46. Sharjeel Hydri

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    47. D. .B

      Ambiverts exist and Felix definetly is one, most people are actually

    48. verxn

      not an introvert or an extrovert bro im a PERVERT

    49. CreativeDemon

      People believes that I am a 100% extrovert. But in reality is just a self-defense mechanism to avoid feeling akward. I don't like to stay out of my home for extended periods, specially if it on social reunions. I really want to stay close yo my friends but when they stay in my house there is a point where I stop talking for long periods and I feel comfortable just knowing they are there when I need them.

    50. ben allan

      The real challenge here is 6 introverts trying to find the pathological liar

    51. Drew Himmelberger

      Hey don't make fun of us Americans bro. We're friendly most of the time.

    52. Drew Himmelberger

      I'm extroverted, I just can't talk to girls. lol

    53. little giant

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="620">10:20</a> ithink we all agree she likes the word like

    54. Laur Paun

      Man,they really can't talk without using the word "like"

    55. benry gerbson

      Emma looks like bug-eyed bob

    56. It'z Rosie

      It's called a Ambervert when u r both a introvert and a extravert (FACTS BOI) *me; lol XD*

    57. killa_koala_

      Totally, as an introvert I will say very little till I feel confident enough to talk to people, or they say something stupid.

    58. Blu Rain

      It's always the one that looks the least like the stereotype. In this context, I mean the one that looks the least like the stereotype for an extrovert. Or the other way around - the one who looks the most like the stereotype for introverts. They try to trick you.

    59. Hooriya Butt

      I am an introvert I don't like socialising and I feel awkward But I am shy and I can totally talk normally And yes this is what I do watching videos

    60. Howard Ze Alien

      The lady with the bandana hat said the definition of an introvert for her interview

    61. Jonathan Garcia

      Camra pans to black girl "DON'T TRUST YOU"

    62. bangtanftbeebo;

      okay but can pewdiepie take the myers briggs test tho?

    63. dulcet dana


    64. Julian Ramirez

      Lmao speaking school

    65. myles ._.

      He used to look like noen eubanks

    66. Mikayla Leighton

      ambivert ambiWHAT

    67. Pravin Chandran

      This video is just has the amazing plot twist just like in the movies

    68. big pp man

      7 claustrophobic people and the room keeps getting smaller

    69. Sakura Uchiha

      People thought she was an introvert because she is fat

    70. bubblez the bubble

      When he said he's an introvert and an extrovert, I felt that

    71. Hunter Walker

      I knew it she tried way to hard!!!!!!!!

    72. Mandy Reed

      Felix, both at the same time is called introvert

    73. Bunnies Play

      Me: I’m not totally sure where I am on the scale”. Family: Comes in room Also me: feels uncomfortable and waits for them to leave so I can watch PewDiePie and food...

    74. Lizara

      I guessed her from the beginning because it was way too obvious. She was trying so hard to be an introvert with the way she dressed and spoke!

    75. Chloe Eve

      "G-Fuel gay cups"

    76. TheGameMakeGuy

      americans need to stop this jaa shit

    77. TheGameMakeGuy

      youre a midtrovert

    78. Particle Gorilla

      The best drama on lifetime TV

    79. Hi I'm peanut

      Y'all extroverts, me i just sit at home turning oxygen to carbon dioxide

    80. hari Krishna

      sorry bro, your vidoes are kind of lame,you need to get out of that room bro its just boring to see it everytime, iam switching to steezy kane.