Anomaly goes to Japan (PART 2)


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    The 2nd part of our Japan trip! Now there's only 1 country left, China! :D OUR 2nd CHANNEL:

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    1. Pectrol

      Imagine making a video where you show of the food you eat

    2. Lil_Squeak

      the owl is so cute

    3. Wiggly Worm

      do you corona now 🤩

    4. Lil Imbecile

      Corona Virus from china: *exist* Anomaly: why china airport empty

    5. Aron Björnvik

      But The True question is did this trip make linda faster at aiming

    6. Project Race

      Anomaly: Let's hope i don't get coronavirus Coronavirus: Let's hope i don't get Anomaly, I'll move to Europe until he gets back

    7. KQLL3

      corona cirus

    8. Zoomin

      linda got sick and had to go to the hospital just to be safe, alright linda is fine but now we are off to china!

    9. Iver Garnes


    10. Ino Egao

      Where is moma

    11. Georgia™

      corornas coming papa

    12. joao pedro para o Brandão campeão

      Alex looks like a big baby

    13. FromThànhLongWithLuv

      6:54 We're going to Shebooyah

    14. Sonic Fan

      Linda has cornavirus

    15. Rypnix

      0:46 warowl before he was famous

    16. Mateo


    17. Kyle Dryden

      For south africa non pro players Go follow us on twitter for non-pro gamer tournament at AMPro Community follow would be appreciated prices are available after winning tournament if you followed let me know plz.

    18. mapping map

      It smells a Coronavirus for me

    19. KIVI

      Your father is so cool😂

    20. Dan Atkinson

      Rip Japan 🐔🤢🤧

    21. the a340 guy

      If you do all these idiot stuff in india You would have stayed in india for your whole life.

    22. BabyDraco

      0:44 me in bed at 2 am

    23. Happy Person


    24. Ömer Baysal

      Anomaly goes to Turkey

    25. Chris Britner

      Damn man , I’m stationed on Camp Hansen , Okinawa , totally would’ve came and met you if I could’ve !

    26. NJizo

      Watch 11:56 Linda got some nice bobs

    27. Joruchi CS


    28. Pogodny

      I want this one with french fries, yes?

    29. Ian McMullen

      papa is the only cool boomer that will ever naruto run

    30. Max Alphega

      GO tu wuhan i dare u

    31. χ ʟᴇᴏ ᴜᴡᴜ

      K o r o n a v i r u s

    32. SprudelMännlich Returns

      Logan & Jake Paul Against Anomaly and Papanomaly fight this friday

    33. zack

      I vry much woud like. Lynda sit on my face thaks you

    34. Filip

      6:15 ahahahahah they dont wanna come

    35. Kiko Reyes

      not gay butt alex is kinda cute

      1. Kiko Reyes


    36. TheSatomonkey


    37. patalliro

      You are Fuck’n Asshole. Don't Come to Japan again.

    38. harld kardika

      Anomaly vs logaan paul confirmed?

    39. harld kardika

      Anomaly + dad is the cutest thing ever

    40. David Blümler

      Linda got Corona

    41. Texaz Ahlbin

      dont get corona guys

    42. Ob1xpala

      Wait... if anomaly was in Japan and he lives in Sweden.......... CORONA TIME FOR SWEDEN

    43. The Matas

      suka blyat got to lthuania

    44. BudyLemons Deal with it

      no dont see that fat gay movie tokyo drift its fucking trash

    45. Alfie Morrisroe

      1:04 American back to school shopping

    46. Vor Tex

      god... ur dad must be the most tolerant person in the world

    47. dueeh nyyu

      Imagine how scared the people are seeing a 6’ 5” 300 pound man.

    48. kalbasa_TV vodka500ml

      did u get carona virus

      1. huttio srreu

        Damn. Nobody noticed the Logan Paul reference on the thumbnail.

    49. anthony vega

      9:06 whatach out, ero senin and chouji on a mission...

      1. huttio srreu

        It's Corona time

    50. anthony vega

      6:08 wtf that was fast as fuck, she was waiting for that

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Phew, thought Linda had corona

    51. GageyyBoyy

      The sushi chefs were golden lol

    52. CU-R5

      9:04 Two autists being chased from the frontlines by a hysterical fat man - 2020 colorized.

    53. vbddfy euuyt

      Anomly: look at this temple! Litterly stones placed on top of eatchother

    54. Warrou

      Lol Corona gonna kill Linda but leave Ludde alone

    55. Sparky

      Nobody: Papa: Yes

    56. Edvard Sjödin

      Jag har coronavirus😀

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        plz dont get corona virus we love you too much/

    57. Edvard Sjödin


    58. JEIKO

      hes gone to china. boys. were losing him

    59. Mark Skates

      Man got coronavirus Said arnold swarch-nword And still got more views than my braincells

    60. Georgios Chatzikonstantinou

      ur girlfriend wore a mask XD