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Life of Boris

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    Cooking with splitting axe:
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    Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.

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    1. One-Eyed Babylon

      I don't see what's so special about this. We always make gulash like this in Hungary.

    2. Pubertetski princ

      Hey! My brother is name Boris but is Serbian not Russian!


      Ха 😀

    4. drbkovia

      you cook gulas for at least 3 hours ... cooking meat for 25 min is sure not enough, all that meat fat needs to dissolve into water to give it full flavor and consistency. That was just overboiled onions with pieces of potato ... trust me, start with meat and onions, add everything you want later, then cook it on minimum/low fire for at least 3 hours, while you add water every half hour.

    5. Danielandre

      make some food with just hands like chop some vegetables with a punch

    6. Deny Syafrony

      Iam like you slav :-)

    7. Winning хз

      Oi boris can you show your face pls :>

    8. Martin Mölder

      Water from Chernobyl: *appears* Me an Estonian: *BLYAT I HAB SEEN THAT!1!1!1!*

    9. Martin Mölder

      Next video: *Boris making кровяные колбаски* (blyat boris just make them ik you can)

    10. Kocsis Károly

      Why dont you make goulash with a REAL RUSSIAN DRUJBA!!!!?!?


      Cooking with drill. do it or babushka will die.

    12. Chi Chi

      I dare you to do this in public

    13. Abran Juarez

      This is why *WE* love boris

    14. Nouer Gamer1st

      Russia lives

    15. Slavinatorr

      For next video make blins with bricks

    16. Grga 1000

      Try coocking whit a machet or sword or spoon....... or bottle of vodka.....

    17. WouldYouLikeSomeCoffee ?

      Boris: cooking Qarantin: Im joke for you?

    18. MEGA ALEKS

      Интересно, а борис настоящий русский или американский шпион?

    19. GodHelpMe

      Next time cooking with weed whacker

    20. mexcono man

      cooking with AK-74

    21. Antas M

      Boris say I leaving

    22. Cristian Balint

      Cook goulash with vodka.

    23. This Is No Ordinary Planet

      I found this channel by putting ushanka in the search bar and then found how to make an ushanka for your cat Got to his channrl then searched for life of artyom

    24. MemeBeam 21

      Cook with brick

    25. Cheez0818

      S O S I G

    26. dakurlzzmask

      Im gonna need to watch some more Russians

    27. God

      He is a seperate species entirely, it's name?: Stereotypicalus Slavicus. A relative of the Russianus Wannabeus.

    28. Eli Scott

      Me making dinner after playing doom eternal for 6 hours

    29. Jan Fröhlich

      Do cooking with AK next

    30. GreyViper

      Do Cooking with scissors it wil be more harder

    31. Ultimate

      Oi blayyytt

    32. SlowlyCash

      can i be a christian slav?

    33. Reymine

      Make borsch with brick? Somehow chop vegetables with a sharp brick.

    34. Alex Fighter

      Привет из Германии Борис

    35. River Mayer

      Gingerbread with boxing glove I dare you SlavKing

    36. BY_THE_POPE Hi

      ah yes, Doom Guy's Russian cousin, Boris Guy

    37. D3m0nicKitsune

      Cooking with a plate...cuz why not

    38. MoxInaBox

      Next episode: Frosting cakes with a katana 😂

    39. Deezy

      didn't know doomguy had a cooking channel

    40. logan walker

      Cooking with a brick. You asked for it

    41. Peter Henry

      Boris: "wait for your neighbor to burn into flames" Me: good job! You just burned your neighbor

      1. Peter Henry

        dear people who is gonna say "Peter you fool its a joke" i know its a joke

    42. IaruSLAV Popopoly

      How to slav Your computer

    43. William c

      Butterbrod with potato peeler


      Next Episode: Making bread with a katana

    45. The Crusader

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> That explains everything... Even why Russians act like... well... Russians

    46. boike boike

      my mom walked in when he was cutting stuff with the chainsaw and i just said 'don't worry he's a proffessional debiel!' and she just left...

    47. beep boop

      I have a suggestion. More crossout. I can't be the only one right?

    48. Timofey Voropaev

      почему я здесь? зачем? непанятна...

    49. Josef Mengele

      Make a cooking with mayonnaise.

    50. SlowlyCash

      play roblox comrade

    51. AlmightyBanger

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> Arachnophobia to one or two tiny spiders in your room

    52. András Kocsis

      next cooking with an infantry spade maybe?

    53. Ty Loudon-Wiese

      Next Video: Cooking meal on Lada engine.

    54. Alex gaming's

      Cook something with anatoli blayt

    55. Veeti S

      pls giv lik xdd

    56. Artemius551

      Boris: Man babuska will be proud. Me: Man my babuska died last year.

    57. Unusual Divided

      make dinner with gun

    58. maximus maximus

      bro i know you are russian

    59. Kenny Wild

      *Gordon Ramsey cowers in fear*

    60. Geometry Dash Player

      This recipe make me starve Idk

    61. Dawid Bartczak

      Siema Borysku

    62. neil

      Does Boris Know That Half Of His Views Are From Western People??

      1. neil


    63. tasumi222

      My friend hate communism he used to love it but now le ove shrek i love shrek as well but communism first What do i do His name mirnes

    64. Humayra Morshed

      I was always embarrassed and felt weird about my taste in food, the mayonez with everything and excessive live for cheese and tomatoes......and then Boris happened....I've made it in life, thanks papa Boris! :')

    65. Соня

      How's Cameraman Sergei doing?

    66. Botond Horváth-Kelemen

      Hi! I am a big fan of you, I am also a Slav. And I became addicted to the Slavs and the Ushanka! I want to write to you because I want to help Weslav. We have a laser cutter so they could make keychains for you too, I love and I can sew so they could make ushanka. This is how we could make a Hungarian Wesalv

    67. Eva Salustino

      Boris, don't yell at babushka! She will hit you with her gps-guided wooden spoon

    68. Parker Sampson

      I want to see boris try to cook with brick bylt

    69. caleb mountz

      after watching this i watched the how to make doctors sausage video and made butterbrod and blin it is good

    70. Samuel Guimarães ribeiro gomes

      Knife is for americans

    71. Francesco Barbieri

      This worked too well. Will only cook with chainsaw from now on.

    72. alexa radnic

      Me: enters the video Add: Gordon Ramsey Me: what the blin are you doing here???

    73. Ernest Trinkle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="553">9:13</a> shaking hand boris i think you need somthing xD

    74. warbeast560 1

      Make shashlik with blyada engine

    75. Lục Thị Lê

      Cooking with your hands

    76. Polski-Maniak-RM


    77. Mat Stuff

      Brick,? YES

    78. Uncle Furkan

      true slavs never waste food BORIS!

    79. stefan dobias

      Pls next pancakes with a brick

    80. Ahmad Labeeb

      Chainsaw massacre before killing people was invented