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123 GO!

123 GO!

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    There are all kinds of life hacks. But for us ladies? There are a whole mess of girly hacks out there that serve us way better.

    Whether it’s makeup tricks, fashion short-cuts or DIY hair-care, us girls can use all the help possible!

    Be sure to share these hacks with your friends and subscribe to 123GO’s LTsel page for more helpful videos like this one! Catch ya later!

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    2. Maria Isabel Gonzalez

      It took her 1 hour to get a fire extinguisher?!?!?!?

    3. Rajesh kumar Maurya

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    5. Gacha Alice plays

      This is so fake!...

    6. Joshua Flores

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    8. sopheap sao

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    14. Tech Branch

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    15. Mina Thapa

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    19. Jayded Beauty

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    22. Mubina Khan

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    23. Alex Sena

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    25. Sydney Gunn

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    26. Cydney Jones

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    28. daley1297

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    29. Laura Garcia

      I tried them all and 1 of all the are scammers in one of the videos my little sister tried putting hair dye in our brush and she was crying after the results. It looked like unicorn poop

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    38. Ffion Mason

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    39. student Mika Escarcida

      I saw Kassies video AKA Glooms and its total Clickbait none of these work

    40. Michele Chouity


    41. Chloe Ossi

      3:53 POV: u r my mirror watching me and my sister as we fight over the mirror

      1. Faith Avery


      2. Alex Sena


    42. Chloe Ossi

      3:31 *brushes one strand of hair* wOoOw HeR hAiR iS bLuE

      1. Faith Avery


      2. Faith Avery


      3. mehernosh you are so cool poonawalla

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    43. Chloe Ossi

      1:33 it took that girl an hour to get the fire extinguisher

      1. Celso Pirir

        It took 55 minutes so sofa can get the fire !! Hurry up dumm

    44. STG Reactive

      Nun of these work 😡

    45. Pamela Lash

      Does that rainbow stain your hair & please answer 🤔

    46. pony unicorn

      If you use water it gets worse

    47. Terry Anderson

      Is NOBODY gonna mention that's a fuckin compressed air canister in the thumbnail not a hairdye spray can?

    48. Μαρουλακι Κπουγια

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    50. Christian A Hoper

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    51. #bellbells H

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    52. Myrna Simborio

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      1. melvin a mclaughlin

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    53. Myrna Simborio

      3:01 lilly is laughing

    54. It's Amy The GachaTuber

      0:44 If my hair turned into Amy's, I'd faint.

      1. It's Amy The GachaTuber


      2. Luz Carabbacan


    55. Angela Null

      Thos curls look dank

    56. Slavishduck & Alxyai

      3:10 why do u need to ruin a brush just to dye your hair, just use the spray like it’s suppose to be used.

      1. Ǥⱥchⱥ_Cøøkie

        Lesa Deleon rude!

      2. Lesa Deleon

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    57. Justin Dejesus

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