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123 GO!

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    If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity.

    Here are some of the greatest, the most creative and helpful tutorials that show you how to turn ordinary items of clothing into something totally fresh and new!
    Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free!

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    1. Laura Kane

      Dress in


      Udgvhvbggbbbfhd+xdffysf a la fin f a lui LTsel de faire un peu de shopping 🛍 a faire une petite sieste 😴 is your time of the year and I love 💕 it is the best eked right next year to be my best to you amp be jxjjdgsjshidgqj day you are my best friend you have a little bit better I know you know that I know you have fun and I have a little bit to do it I have to come back and Rockwell is the Jdhdjfhd de plus juh de faire des Janvier et des gens qui rhum de ma mère et ei qui me dit je Janvier a la tête de la éjectée de ma classe de mon frère qui yeva Ieper was uroe Gh Gh is that the best game I ever had and how much haven was it I was going back to this place and I was going to ask nxdrorru Yryjrn va pas faire la uh🚑🏩🛏🛌🍏🍎🍜🍌🎄❄️

    3. Breezy Gacha

      1:06 but what if we don't have pants like that!?

    4. Cameron Childs

      I I'm a little kid I don't know at make up is

    5. Nichole Gehring

      the shoe hack dose NOT work ...123 go is a lie

    6. Carolyn Jones

      The shoe life hack didn't work for me grrrrrrr

    7. keiry 56


    8. Aishe Nebiyeva

      Who loves vicky

    9. crystal ambrose

      I know they are so cute

    10. Marlene Arroyo

      I try your hacks but they don't work😦

    11. Amin Ebrahimi

      4:22 She has lettuce above her shirt 😂🤪

    12. Divine Uwase

      4:23 she still had a peace of saled stuck in her shirt

    13. Su Luck Cho

      I love

    14. Aisling Muffin

      0:57: gonna run to the bathroom real quick. *runs to the living room*

      1. DDLC Natsuki


    15. Gonzalez Godoy

      You suck

    16. Janeah's TV

      It.s just simple

    17. hugh jass

      Wheres vicky? I miss seeing her in the videos

    18. MD Afnan Qureshi

      Vicky you are amazing 😏😏

    19. Ariel’s Corner

      7:22 Vicky is eating lunch with the teacher in 123 go

      1. Charlene Fisken

        And .🤨🤨

    20. crazy lazy challenges

      Everyone gave her food but nobody helped her up 😜

    21. Josa Ruiz


    22. Beth Johnson


    23. Juwairiyyah Sujee


    24. Betty Plant

      2:13 Man: Rip dress Lady's thoughts: YOU SON OF A BITC*

    25. Sanchamit Lepcha


    26. JoAnn Brown

      At the end, I was wondering,where did the dog go?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    27. JoAnn Brown

      At 8:04,I would've just taken the shirt off under the new shirt she just made.

    28. Nasiha Jukan


    29. Ana Julia

      Stop No 👎 it’s not good no

    30. Ana Julia


    31. Paige and Jaidyn


    32. Paige and Jaidyn

      ( I don’t think they are really but uh yea-)

    33. Paige and Jaidyn

      6:52 yassssss lesbians xD

    34. POE 8222

      Am I the only one who watches these videos but never does the crafts🤔

    35. Stacy Gee

      Lol the dog peed on her and she just covers it dude I would run home and get a new shirt I mean what's more important fashion or smelly disgusting pee on your shirt😷🤒😵🤢🤢🤢

    36. josefin Ocañada

      Yfsrrihftufierughjftkgdffijgijfifjfjkubjfkfjkdfjdks,xxl,c,djdkcksjxjkclshsnckcpduuvfg Hdjgsshdisjeh.liddjllfvklldfkvldofkvzzodfkvdlzzkf,hfs Soakindflkcsdlkjfzdflivjjvkfdzjvzdfkajffdlkjfldjirjferlijfeilrjfeirjffegehttkelosreherwlekrjwlekdkjrewkjrkerjrjterlirjekjerhr Orektrkirjik,th,sire,seriksdyz,eukfhgu,jdfhfgzukd,fghekzfjgherhef.uoitagf.teroiythrstiuhgesrhge RihhgkihfKd.afibhsgghhg.ikxfhgguk.sbgfhgdhfgjkfbhdf.h, Jsoldlrjfidrijgdrugjhrjghgrkhgzdlkifjhljhxlidfjg.olsfdjfdlorjflksrjfrjf.l

    37. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      Brilliant as always wish you a great #2020 💓

    38. Kaylynn Slagenweit


    39. CarełessMintÿ

      7:50 and you still have that same pee shirt on 👀

    40. Roger Romero

      Boy:*steps on foot lightly* Girl:OW Boy:*steps on foot lightly again* Girl:OWWWWWW

    41. beanie boo funny avengers fun

      Which one are you

    42. Zhayne Reyes

      You said it too wrong it's a supergirl costume not superman

    43. _Mojo_Rising_

      I like that when the 2nd hack comes on the boy in the background is whereing a Simpsoins T-Shirt! ;D

    44. Marija Kentrovska

      From 6:22 to 6:28 what is that music 🎼 called? Someone tell me

    45. pLaY rObLoX

      Going for Supergirl aren’t you I know what that means

    46. Jazmyn Ulm

      I couldn't do the first one

    47. Its Gone

      im jus uncomfortable how she left the dog pee on her

    48. Angela Geevaghese

      3:53 me when I find out there's a test!😂

    49. Betty Plant

      I gotta dog just like that

    50. Veliyev Cumwud

      Viki Sen cok iysin seninle gorusmek isterim iyy vudiyolar

    51. Albert Taway

      Viky when she fell i saw a brokoly that is a blooper

    52. naga gregoire

      loue you me tell you one make you fashion naga

    53. Carishiela Caraos

      4:16 theres a leaf on her shirt xd

      1. naga gregoire

        cue naga

    54. Cartoon guy 9000

      4:15 theres a vegetable

    55. grace bollinger

      my cass is 8 15 AM

    56. Diana Mary

      2:37 Bruh you can't fit any of those in. Laptop ukulele Hair dryer Those dont fit in there😑

    57. Dana Felipe

      I like to watch 123go