Giannis Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids After Bullying Hornets! Bucks vs Hornets 2020 NBA Season


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    Giannis Antetokounmpo Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids After Bullying Hornets! Bucks vs Hornets 2020 NBA Season
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    1. Vibez DeeJay

      Hey guys plz go subscribe to my channel at Vibez DeeJay for goodluck for the rest of 2020

    2. aimthemoon quaytalig

      He gonna be shooing and pooing from trey

    3. Richard Gabel

      Kawhi - "hold my finals MVP"

    4. Ernest Brown2

      Jordan worst owner ever& fucked this team up!

    5. erickrolo

      Kawhi leonard is the kryptonite

    6. Nxc ule

      Imagine if he was a Wideout in the NFL 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Chizzy Fortnite

      Kawhi where u at!?

    8. Grammar Police -

      Giannis needs to block more shots now. That's what made him MVP that he was on both sides now he's let up on defending and thing is that what's would differentiate him from Lebron Kawhi and Luka

    9. Grammar Police -

      GIANNIS "obviously" Antetokounmpo NEEDS TO BE GIVEN EQUITY SHARES IN MILWAUKEE BUCKS . He is the reason that organisation is a multi million company. It doesn't matter whether they get a ring or another MVP. Even if he leaves he's given so much. They need to give him not discount the price. Give him 10% then consider an employee share scheme for any additional equity. LET'S SEE IF YOU REALLY APPRECIATE THIS PHENOMENAL MAN!

    10. عماد ابكر عويص

      The nba need to narf him 😂

    11. Dom Dom

      Hi from Paris France 🇫🇷

    12. Alan Barker

      I want Zion vs Gianis

    13. NamsMvP

      back with narrations! Love it

    14. yrubla

      Giannis would be really good if he join the Lakers.

    15. Hiyuke La Vie

      Wow the hornets are terrible

    16. grizzol

      Finally bringing back the commentary

    17. Alexandre Wenger

      Well it's against the poor Hornet team that don't have a big guy under the rim too lol. Even practice is harder than that for Giannis

    18. Lamar

      🤣🤣 this dude

    19. Snd __

      Yanis ged the boll

    20. AirwaveMusicTV

      1:03 They all look like little kids 😂😂


      What happened and you dont make highligths? Yours were the best.

    22. Absolutely Pro

      Shaq but better

    23. WhispersOnLy

      Shaq + Kevin Garnett = Greek God Giannis 💯 the NBA's Triple G


      Looks like rookie mode

    25. Patty Mills

      Cant wait Giannis vs Zion duel!

    26. Thomas Urben

      Haha who forgot this is what that this dudes voice sounds like lmao

    27. BurritoLoco

      I Know Someone Who Can Stop Him..... Aha.Aha.Aha What It Do Baby! Note: I’m a fan of Giannis so this is no hate.

    28. Marrion Lulu

      0:01 "We know that James Harden travels, on occasion, almost every single games" LOL

    29. KirbyKindaFireTho

      Clive: somebody gotta stop him... *Zaza Pauchila has joined the chat*

    30. Faze Savage

      You going to need juses to guard Giannis I even think that going to stop him

    31. rayybrodie 07

      Voice annoying wtf

    32. Sm00th GAMES

      You trying to be Smoove

    33. jeffery guo

      Bucks cannot win in playoffs if this continues

    34. caca yang

      Idk why teams would put a small line up against the bucks. Their bigs can run with guards.

    35. VT Blank

      Or just a Kawhi, that’s how u stop him

    36. Shawn Michael

      Bro it’s the hornets smh you can’t hype this up lol

    37. Jeremiah Budiantoro

      Indian Chris Smoove with the commentary

    38. John Dogan

      Lol French are watching like wtf am I even doing here? Could be at Europeague. Lmao. Sooo boring! Such a shit association. Hey NBA, here’s an idea, don’t go to France, come a bit further east... we will show you what basketball is about...

    39. Jeremiah Budiantoro

      Bruh this is better than Chris Smoove commentary


      Zaza pachulia is the only one who can stop him.

    41. Lando Munoz

      Who else knew psg soccer team was here

    42. Darth Yeet

      I love ur voice. No homo

    43. G

      The biggest disappointment of this season will be if this team doesn't win the chip.

    44. TheBaronVSP

      Go Bruh-cks!

    45. Gozilla

      you sound like you are reading a cooking recipe

    46. Lance Angelo

      well his a spartan

    47. Anir Yoj


      1. Big Papi TEAPOT

        @Anir Yoj u dont know anything if u think giannis is going to the warriors

      2. Anir Yoj

        @Big Papi TEAPOT do a research u dont know that the gsw has a google the salary cap...and remeaining gsw budget...u dont know anything

      3. Big Papi TEAPOT

        @Anir Yoj they already signed D-Lo to a supermax they cant afford giannis even if he wanted to go to gsw (he doesnt)

      4. Anir Yoj

        @Big Papi TEAPOT JUST WAIT...

      5. Big Papi TEAPOT

        @Anir Yoj hes not going to rhe warriors hes made it clear hes not going to california at all dude😂😂😂

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    49. Buck Fitthy

      Thanos for sure!!!

    50. I walk alone.

      It's so weird hearing someone as humble as Giannis referring to himself in third person like this.

    51. steve ownes

      I be telling these ppl... Core strength is a mother.... Hes got strong hips... Normally being that thin and tall won't create the type of leverage he has... Insane

    52. ima cute

      Kids corner😂😂😂

    53. jmiogo

      “The entire...”

    54. Happy Madison


    55. Matt

      Wow haven’t seen anyone dominate like him since shaq

    56. Phantom Nation24

      You need to stop talkin my guy you ruin it

    57. MedGrower710

      Fuck man your annoying voice!

    58. Marshall Nelson

      Here we have Giannis talking about himself in third person for a couple of minutes

    59. BRue WaVster

      I broke my 2k20 cause of this guy.... Fuckin cheat code. 😄 😆

    60. benrice palasi