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Olivia Jade

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    1. Bianka Guerrero

      I had to get a bag of chips to start reading this comment section cuz jesus christ

    2. Nismo1jz

      i want to say some fucked up shit because i love to hate but your too hot

    3. Roxycorn

      Ngl I actually like her content and yes the whole college thing definitely ruined her image but honestly were any of us really surprised that people bought their way into college? i'm not saying that makes it okay, i'm just saying that the problem is bigger than what it seems and it's the whole higher education system that's problematic and her involvement in this scheme is to be blamed but people are lashing out on her because she's a public figure when I would lash out at the education system (if that makes sense). I'm not saying people shouldn't just forget about everything and go back to being cutesy subscribers, but they should direct their anger to the actual source of it all to spark actual change. However, I do think that she should try to do something to redeem herself like idk start a project to help high school students get into universities but I get how doing so could also make a court think that she's guilty and trying to redeem herself (us viewers are not 100% sure she was involved, and if you say something about the emails then show me proof of said emails). Nevertheless it's also important to remember that she is a child and god knows how this whole ordeal has impacted her mental health, you don't have to like her but don't waste your time or energy on people you dislike, there are so many other productive ways you can spend your time.

    4. Marchiche Abdo

      Pls pls back

    5. Tom Jones

      she is fk beautyfull

    6. joey montesano

      rich queen

    7. joey montesano

      i love you so much you're my idol

    8. joey montesano


    9. tracy shine

      Go away! You sound like a dumb bitch!

    10. Sea Because

      People here are calling her a rich snob but than go on to bully her . Both sides are terrible and hypocrite. But atleast one side isn’t melacious. UPES themselves were corrupt. And a lot of colleges do admit student on donations. Which her family was able to do but they didn’t wanted to make it like she was in because of it. Any student applying their is better of without it. In all fairness she was 17 and her parents whose job is to do the right thing , humble her down, teach empathy, teach the privilege she is living in and put in good ethics. I honestly as a parent think that majority of it like 99.99% is her parents fault. Their personality and ethics doomed them and her daughter. And yes anyone arguing 17 is a young age . Don’t come at me with legal age. Maturity comes from experience and life. Or atleast knowing what it takes to make it in life. Which her parents did horrible job . Please stop with the bullying her. You are not any better than her. Show grace and kindness. Stop with the hatred.

    11. なかもりふじ

      Say it with me, “I’m Sorry”.

    12. NB Frostyy

      Will she be back in a year? Hopefully not.

    13. Brendan

      I like how she's turned off comments on a lot of her videos now. What's the problem you spoiled brat? Can't take the criticism of the fact you're a fraud and your whole family is frauds?

    14. alexandra

      I do not watch "influencers " on LTsel ever and just wanted to see what she had to say. I think she is a disgrace and selfish. Olivia's mother could potentially go to prison for helping her daughter. LTsel is not a priority and having "fans " is not a priority, go be a good daughter and stop looking for sympathy and recognition.

    15. Crystal Feather

      The best advice you can get is this. Do not apologize for this. Ever. Apologizing will only make them come at you harder because they will interpret weakness. Stand like a tree in the wind and focus on positive activities. They want you in the mud with them.

    16. Eden Nolani

      You guys stop being so hard on her. You forget her parents were the one that made this choice for her. She’s just a teenage girl who does not deserve all of the hate she gets, especially now that she’s going through all of this with her family.

    17. Dr flex


    18. mn

      5 Million Views...She knew ppl aregonna hate and still watch..she wanted that money shmoney

    19. Nick Blue

      You really haven't learned a damn thing huh? Smh

      1. Crystal Feather

        I'm quite sure she has, sir. You are the one who hasn't learned.

    20. Whitney Young

      y’all hate way too much. it’s people like you guys that make others not want to live. leave her alone and let her live and grow and make changes to her life. she’s trying. guaranteed over half y’all have done more fucked up shit fr fr. keep popping off sis and doing what you love. you are strong and you’ve got this beautiful ❤️❤️

    21. no Nah


    22. Ivan Jurkovic

      Find life your self ,help other people do something with your life ,you are telling crap 💩

    23. seeriu ciihy

      Your privilege isn’t getting you out of this one baby

    24. Emily Forkin

      Hi Olivia. I've been watching you for a while. So over the years I've seen you're incredibly hard working. Of course the circumstances are really unfortunate, but I'm so glad you had the courage to come back. I really admire you for that. I wish you all the best for the future

    25. Karzy5

      Imagine being open about how much you don’t care about college but then spit in every hard working students face by faking into college because you were born with a silver spoon.

      1. Crystal Feather

        Imagine being 17 years old and trying to bear under your mother's insecurities, not feeling allowed to say no, and losing the career you built over something you never wanted to do in the first place. Your irony goes over your head. You are the ones hyper focused on money to the point of dehumanizing a teenager. I'll wait for your green eyed rage retort.

    26. April E

      She should sing she sounds croaky like Garce vanderwall wow

      1. seeriu ciihy

        everybody hates you, you silver spoon little brat who stole the college away from a kid that really deserves it and wanted to learn ! You self-centered narcissistic little witch why

    27. big boo

      At first I was enraged with this whole thing. And then I realized.. forgiving someone is harder than hating them. Forgiveness is a gift from God , and I remember there's a quote Dog the bounty hunter said in his show that he quoted from the bible , " where mercy is shown, mercy is given " And I reflected upon myself with that quote after days of being mad at this whole loughlin thing. If I want God to forgive me one day for all my sins. How can I sit her cursing off Olivia along with most of u? Let's change ourselves ladies and gentlemen. Let's show God were not hypocrites Let's forgive and forget Olivia jade and everyone in our lives that wronged us Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best path to take , sometimes it's not .

    28. fassabil

      You should transfer to my school... they have great scholarship opportu..... oh nevermind

    29. Taylor C

      “Moral of the story is I missed you guys”. That’s just a way to say I missed having the attention and I don’t know who I am without people commenting or liking my videos.

    30. Andrew Giles

      I support u

    31. sotuur aeei

      If you’re legally not allowed to speak on this, what are you actually doing rn?

    32. Seeled

      What exactly did her mother do wrong?

      1. Crystal Feather

        Basically nothing. That's why they had to make up b.s. charges like "wire fraud."

    33. Meaghan

      People are so fucking dumb. Her parents are in the middle of a legal battle to prove their innocence and you want her to come on here and apologize and be remorseful? That would be detrimental to their case. Of course she’s not going to do that. It’s clear she wants to move on and get some semblance of normalcy back in her life, and since she’d been on LTsel long before the scandal, getting back on is a step in that direction. If you don’t like it, why are you watching?

      1. Mr. White


    34. Vanessa Montgomery

      I haven’t seen one positive comment lmao. Olivia, if you see this, I’m sure over all this time you have taken the time to think and reflect and all you are looking to do is move on. It won’t ever be the same, but like you said there are many people who have been waiting for the day you come back and some came to hate but others came to support and forgive. Nobody has heard from you so they are living where you left off. Don’t react to the hate. You are not obligated to talk about something that one is illegal to publicize and two that you are trying to move on from. I hope you find happiness in creating for your channel again and that you stay strong. You’re human. We all make mistakes. Some worse than others. But we learn.

    35. Julissa Corado

      If your kid doesn’t make it to college don’t bribe the college then you’ll have to except the consequences

    36. Ana Debeljak

      Maybe you should try modeling instead.

      1. 11swallowedinthesea

        What about becoming a camgirl?

    37. Kate Russell

      The way everyone finds okay to speak to a human being in these comments is actually insane. How is this the way to fill the world world with good, love, and kindness? Lets leave the punishing in the hands of the people who’s job it actually is and focus on better things with our lives. I’m not saying that what happened is ok. But spreading negativity and hate is a waste of time and not ok.

    38. Cindi


    39. Ash Sparks

      Did she really say “the moral of the story is I’ve missed you guys so much and excited to be filming and uploading again”?!?!? That’s not the moral of the story girl

    40. MLGDr.Phill

      Fake ass bitch #zerobraincells

      1. 11swallowedinthesea

        Fake ass bitch #zerobraincells